It’s time for the reveal

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Ok, we had plans on how to build the suspense but to be frank, after the last couple weeks we are pretty drained so we will get right to it. Well in a round about way, come on you know us LOL!!!

In our last update we mentioned we had pulled in at the New Horizons factory and parked in front of the shop to have a couple warranty things taken care of and have a new topper put on our bedroom slide that a small branch managed to slice for us and the guys in the shop did a great job and had us done with those things lickety-split and moved on to the next project of taking out the 8 AGM batteries we had and installing 8 Battle Born Lithium batteries.

OH, so now you are thinking WOW, all of this build up JUST because they are installing lithium in the coach right??? Well let us finish our sentence, They installed the new lithium batteries for the NEW OWNERS. There, does that change things again?

Yup, we sold our home on wheels. We placed an ad in October while we were in Cortez Colorado and within two weeks we had a nice deposit from a nice couple out of Colorado. Part of the deal in the sale was that we had our winter stay planned from November to April and we didn’t want to interrupt that and by the people buying our coach being willing to wait until April to pick it up we offered to take it to the New Horizons factory and have any little things done to it that might need to be done at that time. OH, and we almost forgot, it also gave New Horizons time to build our NEW home on wheels!!! ((We will splatter just a few pictures in this update)).

That’s right, that’s the big reveal, even though the New Horizons we had been living in the last two years was a great coach the floorplan was such that we just never REALLY felt at home. I mean we felt at home but it just didn’t fit our, I don’t know how to word it, it just didn’t fit like a good broken in pair of jeans.

I think our biggest thing was that we just never seemed to be away from the kitchen with that floorplan and with our new floorplan we can sit in our living room and really never even notice the kitchen, there is just great separation and it feels more like a small apartment than it does a RV.

So, We arrived on Friday evening and hung out until Monday and the shop took care of our needs by mid day. At the end of Monday we then parked our old rig outside a bay where our new rig was having some finishing touches done to it, the factory closed down and left the bay door open so we could start moving things in knowing that we were on crunched time for the new owners of our old rig to drive away with it and told us to lock up when we were done. We worked until 9PM before hitting the close button on the shop door that night. That was SO great of them to allow us to get a head start on our move.

Tuesday was our scheduled start day for our orientation on our new coach. When you have New Horizons build you a coach when it comes to delivery time they have a process over a 3 day period you go through which starts with a meeting between you, your sales person, the go between person you communicate with during the build that keeps you up to date on the process and status of your build and any changes you may want to make along the way “of course it’s best if you can avoid that” , Harold who does the 3 day orientation with you to go over every last system in your unit and the gal who you will do your final paperwork with once everything is settled. This starts at around 10am.

While we were in the meeting they pulled our new coach outside and staged it next to our old coach pretty much door to door to make the move easier.

After the meeting we spent the rest of the day with Harald going through everything inside the coach while making a list of ANYTHING you come across right down to a fly laying dead on the floor if that’s something that bothers you and Harold will make a note of it and have a crew come out to take care of anything on the list the following day if not right that second.

Our time with Harold on Tuesday was pretty easy because we owned a New Horizons already so we were familiar with the systems in the coach and because we had accsess to it the night before while moving things in we had already gone through and started a punch list so we were well ahead of the game.

We were happy we did the inside on Tuesday because the weather was wet and chilly outside and once we finished with Harold we started moving things into the new coach again, everything except he basement stuff because I knew I would be doing the outside walk around the following day with Harold and didn’t want to block any of the components in that area and our mattress and bedding.

Once we finished moving everything we could we headed to our old coach to spend our last night in it and called it a day with the plan to meet up with Harold Wednesday morning at 8am to talk about anything new we might have found inside and to start our outside walk.


Wednesday morning Harold showed up at our new coach at 8am sharp as planned, we went over a couple more things we came across while moving our stuff in and by 9am we had a crew of about 4 people in our unit taking care of our punch list items and 2 extra guys that moved our Tempurpedic mattress from our old coach to our new one.

Then it was time for Harold and I to start our outside walk and that’s when Diane excused herself and went into the customer lounge to, well lounge LOL!!! She had no interest in walking around outside in the cool light drizzle we had going on.

And about then the fellow we had scheduled to transfer all of our Dish Network stuff over from the old coach to the new one showed up and he also went right to work. We had dealt with him before and were very comfortable with what he would do so we just let him do his thing.

OH, and the new owners of our old coach showed up a day early and we tried to spend some time with them as well so we were like the juggler at a circus spinning plates on long poles. It really was a crazy crazy day and we were pretty happy when it came to an end LOL!!! But we knew we still had a long road ahead until we would be all done and on the road.


Thursday we pretty much just let the guys in the shop do their thing and work on the punch list with me popping in now and again to see if anyone had any questions but for the most part we spent time with Ed & Karen “the new owners of our old coach” and just tried to stay out of everyone’s way.

At the end of the day we took Ed & Karen to La Fiesta for dinner and drinks and then called it a night. after giving them one more walk through and answered any last questions they had and giving them the title to the coach.


Friday morning as we were having our coffee we say Ed & Karen pull out with their new home on wheels. We sure hope they create some great memories in it.

Then because we were pushed back a bit by punch list items we finally got around to hookup and test drive day. Once again because we had a New Horizons before we were familiar with most everything so Harold mainly just stood back and listened for any unusual sounds or motions of the rig while I hooked up and then we were off towards the grain elevator to get weighed as our first stop. We will do a separate update on weights and a few other things, we just want to go over he basics at this point.

As soon as we left the lot we heard a unfamiliar squeak that we determined was coming from the head of the 5th wheel hitch and king pin which was a bother but after we both walked beside the truck as the other moved forward we decided it was nothing that would stop the test drive so we continued on and that squeak is still a mystery at the time of me writing this update and I have a couple things in mind for when we hook up next to test.

The test drive went well other than the unusual squeak or scraping sound now and again and we headed back to the shop. Once we got back to the shop we developed a issue with the two front jacks on the Bigfoot leveling system and a couple guys worked on that until the end of the day with no positive results so the decision was made to just get us level and they would call Bigfoot Monday morning and attack it again.


As far as the weekend goes Diane and I just puttered around mainly, organizing stuff in drawers, organizing the basement and the likes and I spent a little more time crawling around under the coach checking hoses, brake lines and whatever else I could lay my eyes on. Oh we also made a trip to the town of Manhattan to check out a couple furniture store’s looking for a swivel rocker. We ordered our IMG couch and loveseat from Arizona Leather and had them made in Norway and then shipped to New Horizons but have a area just perfect for a small swivel rocker but we had no luck so we have a lawn chair sitting there now LOL!!!

Oh, and Sunday a fellow came buy to buff a few areas on the coach that needed touching up and man did it turn out nice!!!


Ok, Monday rolled around and about 9AM we had a couple guys out working on the jacks again as well as a small hydraulic leak we found and changed out a shock that had a bent end. The jacks turned out to be a formidable opponent but they finally licked the problem around 2pm. WOW, those guys were itching there heads and Bigfoot gave them some ideas but nothing that really helped so my hats off to them for sticking with it without getting frustrated.

This took us to the completion as far as the pickup process goes so we went in and talked with the lady in charge of doing the paperwork and told her we were ready to finalize things which we scheduled for Tuesday because we had another little project to take care of and would be around anyway.

What Project you ask? Well when we first ordered the coach we ordered it without a generator because with the solar we had on the last coach we hardly ever used the generator and we had plans of adding solar to this unit as well AND we don’t dry camp as much as we did when we first started this fulltime life style so we figured solar and a small 2200 watt Honda portable would be just fine. But then opportunity knocked.

A buddy and fellow New Horizons owner was having weight issues on his coach and was having his 2 year old lightly used generator removed because like us he gets by with the solar he has on his coach. So when we heard this we struck a deal to buy it from him and have the shop here at New Horizons install it in our new coach. He made a easy sale and we saved a bunch of money so it was a win win. The install was scheduled for Tuesday at 7AM.


Tuesday rolled around and we were up and had the slides in by 7am so they could come by with the forklift and drag us to the shop and start work on the generator.

Once they had us in the shop they went right to work and had the job completed by 2PM. The project was much easier because we had the generator prep done during the build just in case something like this was to happen, we just didn’t figure on it happening this fast LOL!!!

Once the generator was done we just had to pay the bill and we were free to roll but because it was late in the day we opted to spend another night in front of the shop.

Ok, that’s a lot for one update and we know it was a bit abbreviated AND we know we didn’t share any completed pictures or details on purpose LOL!!! We want you to come back for more details and the finished pictures once we get settled and write the next update. AND we want the blog update to be live at the same time our walk through video goes live on our YouTube channel. In fact it might go live first, I’m trying my hardest to get everyone to subscribe over there LOL!!!

We also want to mention that we are New Horizons Ambassadors and what that means is that we have volunteered to show our rig to anyone interested in a New Horizons RV but not in the Kansas area and we are willing to talk with people about our experiences either by email or phone. So if you have any questions feel free to ask, we are a open book.

That’s it for now.


**Any colored text or product image in a post is an affiliate link as swell as the items listed in our sidebar under ”Products we use and support” and the “Amazon” link under the “Search Amazon” section will simply take you to Amazon for a full product description and where you can purchase if you feel the need. As an Amazon Associate we could get a kickback from qualifying purchases but the price is no different than what you would find if you didn’t go to Amazon through our link. We would really appreciate your support! **

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Travel to Kansas

Wednesday (3/31) rolled around and with it a travel day. The first travel day in 5 months, gee wiz!! I was up at 4am but Diane sleep until about 5:30 so I guess we both were ready to roll.

We took it pretty casual and had the truck hooked up and started rolling at 8am which was 1 hour earlier than our normal departure time on travel days, I think because we were thinking we would travel just over 400 miles and make it to Alamogordo New Mexico before stopping but as it turned out we held up short at 336 miles and found a wide spot in the road outside of Las Cruces New Mexico and spent the night there.

It was as simple as any travel day could be because all we did was get on I-10 and follow our nose. Not our preferred type of road but we just wanted to make time so it worked.

If you remember in our last update Diane made a stew for us to have for our trip to Kansas and boy was it good!

A fun note, we were just cruising along on the freeway and all of a sudden I saw what looked like the rear cap of a New Horizon 5th wheel. Now New Horizons only makes about 35 rigs per year so you don’t just bump into them everywhere so it had me curious.

I had the cruise set at 68mph and we were slowing creeping up on the rig ahead and then we finally got close enough and I could tell that it was in fact a New Horizon!!! Eventually we ended up passing it and we ended up knowing the driver.

As luck would have it there was a rest area just ahead so we pulled in and so did the other New Horizon and it was our buddy Hans!!! Hans picked up his New Horizon 5th wheel at the same time we did 2 years ago.

We have bumped into Hans a couple times over the last 2 years and keep up with each other on Facebook but this oh so unplanned meeting was pretty cool. We visited for just a few minutes before parting ways but we will be seeing each other at the New Horizon factory because he is also headed that direction. It really IS a small world.


(Thursday 4/1) After a not so great night of sleep (neither Diane or I could really sleep for some reason) I was up at 5am and Diane was up soon after, we had a casual morning and then hit the road at 8am again. This day our goal was to make it to Tucumcari New Mexico, another just over 300 mile day so we headed out on I-10 then switched to I-25 in Deming and drove that for about 10 miles until we reached HWY 70 which we then jumped on and drove it to Alamogordo New Mexico and then switched to HWY 54. We drove HWY 54 until we reached I-40 and then took I-40 to the Flying J Truck stop just outside of Tucumcari where we spent the night. Not as good a spot as the night before, truck stops are not normally our thing, but it served the purpose.

Al least well over half of our day was pretty much backroads but we sure hit a lot of construction so it seemed like a longer day than it actually was. Poor us LOL!!!

We were off the road by 2:30 but that afforded us the chance to grab a spot on the end of a run where we could run a slide out and have our MorRyde steps out without any fear of a truck getting to close. We also were able to park Diane’s car next to us so it all worked out.

Speaking of those MorRyde steps, we have mixed feelings about them. They sure are sturdy and they look good but they sure can dish up challenges in certain parking conditions. I think we have a solution to that and we will be sharing that with you soon. I think I might do a video on that as well LOL!!!

We pretty much just kicked back, had another bowl of Diane’s great stew, watched a little TV and got ready for another travel day. From Tucumcari we only had 500 miles remaining until we reached our destination at the New Horizon Factory which we figured to break up into two travel days.


Friday morning (4/2/21) after a pretty solid nights sleep filled with truck engines and refer van coolers running we rolled out of bed “me about 5am and Diane at 6” and went through our morning routine and had the wheels rolling at just about 8am with our minds tuned on a 288 mile travel day to Dodge City Kansas.

We jumped on HWY 54 and followed our noses to Minneola where after missing our turn and doing a quick manuver to get back on track we switch to HWY 283 and continued a few miles to the Loves Truck stop.

Once we reached Loves to our surprise it was pretty full and there were no spaces left that would allow us to have our MorRyde steps out without being in the parking slot next to us not alone have a slide out so that was a issue. That darn MorRyde step, I mentioned earlier that we really like it for what it is BUT it sure has it’s draw backs as well, we will fix than and soon!!

Not only was the parking situation not perfect but dang the place stunk. Now I’m a old farm boy and I don’t mind the smell of money, I mean cow shit but MAN this place was a bit much so we decided that after having a bathroom break to roll about 16 miles up the road to Spearville and check out a small truck stop there.

Once we reached the Spearville Truck Stop the wind was howling and the dust was so bad that neither of us even wanted to step foot out of our rigs so after just communicating through the walkie talkies we decided to just keep going and look for a spot along the way to hunker down for the night. After all it was only around 2 in the afternoon and neither of us were tired.

Well let me make what turned into a long day into a shorter story, as it turned out we just kept driving and driving and ended up making it all the way to the New Horizon factory in Junction City Kansas before we called it a day LOL!!

Yup, it turned out to be a 500 mile day but we are all tucked in in front of the service bay and ready for our Monday Morning appointment.

The plan for the weekend is to wash the coach after our travels, do a good inside cleaning, I have a couple video’s I want to shoot and otherwise just chill until the fun begins Monday morning and BOY do we have a full week ahead that we don’t think you will want to miss. It’s going to be CRAZY!!!!!

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It’s time to leave our winter playground

After 5 month’s at the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort it’s  time to lift our jacks and roll away.

It was tough coming to a resort like this and paying full pop with so so so many events and activities cancelled but we understand why and we probably would not have attended many of the events if they were to happen due to the COVID situation. AND we certainly don’t have anything to complain about compared to so many.

At least we had Pickleball to occupy our time almost every day and we did get to see many of our friends that we only see during this time of year. But it’s unfortunate that so many could not travel for one reason or another that would normally be here as well, maybe next year.

Once we and a few of our friends received our COVID vaccines we at least felt a little better about getting together in very small groups to play a few games and have a couple meals. In the picture above we were playing Quixx, a new game for Diane and me, which was proceeded by a game of Sequence with our friends Drew & Becky.

We reserved a room big enough for 200 people but we felt relatively safe by doing so LOL!!!

In the picture above everyone brought their own meal and we all sat at different tables and ate and then had a Mexican Food desert fest before sliding a couple tables together for a game of Swoop, the first gathering this large we have had this season. It felt good and strange at the same time.

And for our last hoorah a few of us got together and headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings where we grabbed a table outside on the patio and had one last meal together before heading back to the resort where we reserved a big room so we could have a surprise Birthday Cake for our great friend Becky and followed that up with a game of Swoop.

It’s funny because a number of times this season we just felt cheated by not being able to really spend quality time time with fiends but having these last few small gatherings was sort of like playing a horrible round of golf and then getting to the last hole and having a couple great shots and birdieing the hole and thinking, I love this game LOL!!

The last few days of our stay we slowly tossed in a few chores like putting away patio items, checking air pressures in all the rigs and the likes so we didn’t interfere with any social activities we had lined up LOL!! We had to squeeze in everything we could ya know.

On our very last day I went out early to take care of the RV tires while it was cool and so I could go play Pickleball at 9AM one last time before we leave. Diane also went over at 9AM to play with the girls one last time before we roll.

After Pickleball Diane made a stew for us to eat on during our trip to Kansas while I washed Diane’ car and filled it with gas and filled one propane tank and wiped down the truck. I was going to wash the RV but figured we would be a mess by the time we hit Kansas and I’ll just wash it once we get there.

The sad time of saying our see ya down the roads this season has come and we must go but at the same time we are excited about what we have in store for this summer. We have a few great hikes planned, there are a couple towns we plan to stop in that has Pickleball and it’s always fun to play at different places and of course we have some big changes coming during our visit at the New Horizons factory which will be the first business at hand when we roll.

OK, it’s time to roll. We imagine the next update will be coming from the New Horizons parking lot LOL!!!

We will mention again that if you have not checked out our YouTube channel give it a look see. It’s actually growing slowly and the comment section has been pretty active which has been enjoyable. At the time of this update we have reached 300 subscriber’s and the graph showing view’s is steadily going up and we are getting on average 150 to 300+ view’s per day and that number is steadily going up as well as the watched hours and unique viewers. Of course as we add more and more videos all of those things should keep going up which is exciting to me but Diane really want’s nothing to do with it,,,,, so far LOL!!!

Of course our goal is 1000 subscribers so feel free to share the channel with anyone you feel may be interested.

Here is a link to the channel and of course it’s free to subscribe but just by doing so helps support the channel and us. Even if you never go back to watch a video just subsribing helps our channel grow.

Ok, that’s it for this video. We will see ya in Kansas!!!

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Time is winding down

Our time at our winter playground is sure coming to an end quickly. We now find ourselves scheduling days or at least small blocks of days to get the little things done that we have either put off or that we need to do right before leaving but we schedule things so that it doesn’t interfere with our Pickleball schedules or our social calendar and that can be challenging lol!!!

 We scheduled time to have our taxes done, oh joy, we took a drive out to Maricopa to visit our favorite meat shop in the area called The Meat Box and pretty much filled our freezer, we made one last trip to the Phoenix area for a Costco run AND the big one is we got our COVID Vaccines!!

 We were very fortunate because our time in this area is so short now to have been able to get the J&J vaccine so we could be ONE AND DONE. And we are happy to report that neither of us had any noticeable side effects. 

 We also took part of a day and went out to Skydive Arizona to watch some skydiving. I know we have done updates on Skydive Arizona before and because I was more focused on shooting video for our YouTube channel this visit than I was taking pictures we will provide a link here to that update in case you care to have a look. It’s pretty detailed and probably more detailed than I care to type out again so it’s probably best anyway. Here is the link,

 And for those of you that care to check out a short YouTube video it will be aired soon on our YouTube channel and here is a link to our channel

 It also seems now that more and more of our friends have gotten the COVID vaccine that we have just started to have a couple small gatherings outside, not the gatherings we have had here in years gone by but some sort of normality none the less. Heck we even ate inside a restaurant with Drew & Becky once LOL!!! We all wanted to try the newer BBQ joint in town called CGQ BBQ and planned to sit out on the patio but it was in full sun and it was a pretty warm day so we broke down and ate inside.


We even got together for a couple games days but of course still opted to play outside and be on the safe side. 

Of course I came in last place like I always do when we play Mexican Train LOL!!! But I’ll take being able to be together and play and be in last place compared to not being able to gather and play at all any day.

 We also got together for smoked ribs at our friend Kathy’s place, just a small group of 5 but again, we were happy to at least have a gathering and the food was great as well. 

 All of us had been vaccinated and even made the coment at the end of our visit as we waddled towards our cars how it almost felt like the old normal even though there were no hugs or physical contact. Hey, we were just happy to be able to gather and feel comfortable about doing so. 

 Ok, that’s it for this update. At the time of this post we have just over a week before we lift our jacks and roll away but before we do we still have a few things to take care of and a couple small gatherings to have.

 We are sad to leave in one way but excited about what is ahead for the summer AND about a huge change of events that will be taking place in just two weeks!!!! This will be something that nobody see’s coming we think. And even though we have left a few bread crumb hints not one person has made any comments about them.  

 Everybody stay safe and well.


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Fly in Breakfast at the airfield

The first Saturday of each month at the Coolidge Army Airfield they hold a Fly In Breakfast that normally I would attend every month during our winter stay down south but due to COVID I opted to not go until the very last first Saturday of the month came around before we leave the area so we just HAD to go.

  The Coolidge Lions Club starts serving breakfast at 8am and continues until 10am or until they run out of food. For $8 you get all you can eat pancakes, egg’s, bacon, sausage and coffee. Not a bad deal at all!!

 While eating breakfast we get to enjoy watching planes come in for a landing and taxi in and then after we finished eating we walked around the planes parked on the tarmac and you can talk with some of the pilots if you want.

 You just never know what type of planes will show up but in years past we have seen some fantastic warbirds, bi-planes, experimental’s and a variety of other’s.  But this year because of a couple reasons the amount of planes was less than impressive compared to other visit’s we have made but it was fun non the less.

 Between COVID and the forecast of strong wind starting mid morning I think a lot of pilots just decided to not show up, and we get it because once the wind picked up it REALLY picked up and it was a solid line of planes headed out.

 We will insert a link or two to other events we attended in years gone by AND this visit I tended to shoot more video for our new YouTube channel that I did pictures so we will provide a link to that as well in hope you will check it out.  

 Here is a link to a blog update of the Fly-in.

Here is a link to a blog update of a visit.

 I guess thats it for this update and we are sorry for the lack of pictures but I guess I have really been focusing on video lately and have just forgotten to take pictures. I may need to get Diane more involved behind the camera LOL!!




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Our winter at Palm Creek Part 2

Our time here at Palm Creek is about to come to an end so I guess we had better get in gear and get up to date on the blog before we lift our jacks and start moving again. The good thing about trying to catch up is that we have not really none a lot due to Covid but then on the flip side the bad thing is that we have not done a lot due to Covid so catching up should be pretty easy lol!!!

Of course some of the same things as mentioned in our Palm Creek Part 1 update have continued, we play Pickleball as much as we can but because of a knee injury my time on the courts this year compared to others has been cut back a bunch I an effort to let the knee rest more and heal but Diane has been hitting the courts hard,,, hmmmm,,, maybe to hard and literally LOL!!

  Yup, she came riding her bike home one day and rode right by me on  her bike as I sat in a chair on the patio and then went right in the RV with only a “hi” which I thought was odd. And I thought it was also odd that she was still wearing her “covid” face mask but then it was a bit breezy and she at times says she doesn’t mind wearing it on windy days so I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.

 After a few minutes I also went inside and found her doctoring her lip, chin and knee. Yup, she hit the courts hard that day but with her face LOL!!!! her tooth went part way through her lip, she skinned her chin and knee, hurt her wrist a little and thinks even moved one of her teeth a bit. She took about 3 days off from playing and then was right back out there.

 Our normal Tuesday night Two-for-one wing nights have continued with a very small group of just two or three couples and we always enjoy that. Diane has still been playing Mahjong with 3 other ladies on Wednesday afternoons and she has gone out golfing with them a few times as well AND we went golfing one time outside the resort at the Tierra Grande Golf Club located a few miles outside of town.

 So, even though we haven’t been doing much compared to previous stays in the area we have been able to get out and do a lot more than some that have been stuck on the freezing snow in many parts of the country so we count our blessings.

 We also made another trip up to the Phoenix area to do a little shopping at a fabric shop called “By The Yard” for a upcoming project but we will get into that in a later update LOL!!! Hmmm, furniture stores a couple updates ago and now fabric stores,,,, our shopping habits sure have been odd lately.

  Oh, we did drive down to just outside of Tucson to meet up with our friends Dale & Ruth for a hike followed by a late lunch that was a lot of fun.

 We hiked the Brown Mountain trail that was right at a 5 mile hike ON the hottest day of the season so far LOL!!!

 And then afterwards we went to the Growlers Tap House for drinks and a late lunch / early dinner and enjoyed some more catching up. Always fun to bump into Dale & Ruth.

Oh hey, we have mentioned before that we have started a YouTube channel and we shot some video of our hike on Brown Mountain and posted it there so in case you care to have a look here is a link to that video.

 The plan is to start shooting more videos of our travels and putting them to YouTube and we really hope that some of you tag along there as well. And if you opt to if you subscribe to our channel it sure would help our channel grow.  

Oh, one last thing. I’ve had a couple comments about my beard lol!!! Back on May 1st 2020 I decided to grow what’s called a “Yeard”. For those of you that don’t know a Year is letting a beard grow for 1 year without trimming it. Well for me not trimming the length anyway, I couldn’t handle not trimming my mustache, I can’t take having it in my mouth.


 I realize that most of the pictures of me with a beard have been outside during activities so not groomed but what say you, stay or go after the one year mark gets here which is May 1st. 

 Ok, that’s it for this update. We have maybe 2 more before we leave here on April 1st so be sure to come back and check them out. Stay well. 


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Our 8th year full timing analysis

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but with your help we can make it grow so go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.
Hey, it’s free to go take a look and it’s free to simply hit that subscribe button so please show your support.
**We will scatter a few random pictures in from throughout the year just for fun**
We have now gone past our 8th year of fulltime RVing !!! Can you believe we are well into our 9th year!!?? Actually July of 2020 marked 8 years of “living” in a RV but November 2020 marked 8 years actually traveling fulltime. We celebrate the actual traveling part as our full-timing Anniversary but do our budget update on a Jan. thru Dec. basis.
While we researched the possibility of living a fulltime RV lifestyle we found it very helpful looking at what others experienced cost wise while on the road. So we try to pay the favor back by sharing some of our expenses and changing thoughts while on the road in hope it might help others that are researching this way of life.
You will notice there is no real talk of insurance costs,, health or auto listed in the update because they can vary way too much from person to person. Lucky for us we have not experienced high medical costs to this point. But that certainly needs to be taken into consideration. And for the Record we go through Miller Insurance to help us with all of our auto insurance needs.
You should note that the categories we have listed we consider areas that most everyone will have while on the road. But you should think about storage fees, a maintenance fund, License and registration fees, clothing and entertainment, vet bills and pet food if you travel with a pet and the cost of any hobbies you may have. All of these are also way to variable from person to person so we won’t talk much about that in our expenses for this update.
RV Fuel,
First year = $3787 or ($315.58 per month on average)
Second year = $3287 or ($273.91 per month on average)
Third year =  $2908 or ($242.33 per month average) you just have to love the lower fuel costs!!
Fourth year = $2056 or ($171.33 per month). Hmmm, getting lower each year but I think that will change again in 2017 (higher).
Fifth year = $2956 or ($246.33 per month)
Sixth year= $3967 0r ($330.58 per month) Our spur of the moment run to New Horizons in Kansas then Oklahoma back to Kansas and back to the west coast certainly added roughly $1500 so if we take that out of the equation we were pretty much on track with previous years). We will have to think about how we want to keep track of fuel expenses next year with a truck and 5th wheel. I will probably just keep it simple and not separate towing from casual driving.
Seventh year=  $3385 “in the truck” (282.08 per month on average) ( It will be hard to put a number to it this year because we switched to the 5th wheel and we use the truck as an everyday driver at times but not as much now that we also have a car.
Eighth year = $788.72 “in the truck” (65.72 per month on average) we actually budgeted $2525 but because of COVID we didn’t travel nearly as much as we had planned.
Jeep Fuel,
First year = $2310 or ($192.50 per month on average)
Second year = $2109 or ($175.75 per month on average)
Third year = $1822 or ($151.83 per month on average)
Fourth year (part Jeep & part F150) = $1487.49 ($123.95 per month on average)
Fifth year (all F150) = $1669.62 ($139.13 per month on average)
Sixth year= $2049.22
Seventh year= $544 (CRV fuel) I guess because we now have the truck to pull the 5th wheel AND use as a daily driver some but very little AND a car we will just log the CRV fuel here. And put a comment on what we spend total on fuel between the truck and CRV which is $4004
(Let’s put this in perspective. If we add all of the fuel we used between the motorhome and whatever toad we had together for the first 6 years it totals $30,408 which averages out to $5068 per year. With that in mind our $4004 in year seven wasn’t bad)
Eighth year = CRV fuel, $673.71 ($56.14 per month on average)
(Let’s put this in perspective as far as comparing a motorhome and toad and a 5th wheel, truck and chase car. If we add all of the fuel we used between the motorhome and whatever toad we had together for the first 6 years it totals $30,408 which averages out to $5068 per year. With that in mind our $1462.43 in year 8 wasn’t bad but COVID had a lot to do with this of course). BUT if we add in what we had leftover in our budget for fuel for the truck and CRV it only takes the total to $3773.43, still below the average of our motorhome years. Sorry, that’s how my mind rolls LOL!!

Don’t Cheat!!!

Food in (groceries),
First year = $4420 or ($368.33 per month on average) we budgeted $350
Second year = $4893 or ($407.75 per month on average) we budgeted $350 per month
Third year = $4829 or ($402.41 per month on average) once again we budget $350 per month
Fourth year = $4603 or ($383.58 per month on average) this year for budgeting I raised the budget to $375
Fifth year = $5189 or ($432.41) we have noticed over the years that food prices are higher in touristy towns and in towns where maybe the average income is higher. We are probably stating the obvious here LOL!!
Sixth year=    $5657 or (471.41 per month on average) This year it seems we started buying a little heathier foods and unfortunately by doing so also means paying a premium price for many things. It’s easier and cheaper to eat unhealthy which is just wrong. But because we bought a little less junk food it evened out nicely, not as enjoyable in front of the TV at nights however LOL!!
Seventh year=   $4842 or ($403.50 per month on average).
Eighth year =  $6659 or ($554.91 per month on average) We ate in a lot more due to COVID and let’s face it, food is getting more expensive.
Eating out,,
First year = $2639 or ($219.91 per month on average)
Second year = $2890 or ($240.83 per month on average)
Third year = $2677 or ($223.08 per month on average) we budget $300 per month
Fourth year = $2707 or ($225.58 per month on average) our budget this year was $2950
Fifth year = $3041 or ($253.41 per month on average). With the amount of new towns we visited this year it makes perfect sense our eating out amount was so high because we love to try at least 2 restaurants and new breweries at each location.
Sixth year= $2332 or ($194.33 per month) we ate out less this year than any other since hitting the road. I think a lot of it was my dieting and staying away from Breweries a little, well a lot actually. Those beers add up money wise and calorie wise.
We were $239 over our combined eating in & eating out budget for our 6th year.
Seventh year= $3489 or ($290.75 per month). In the time between selling our motorhome and picking up our new 5th wheel we ate out every meal and the best I can figure that accounts for at least $500 more than we normally would have spent during that time.
Eighth year = $2087 or ($173.91 per month) We ate at home a lot more due to COVID and most of our eating out was take out. Plus we had 2 months that we spent with friends that were WAY HIGH so this certainly could have been much lower. Combined eating in and out we were $821 OVER budget for food and our waste lines show it LOL!!!
Campground fee’s,,
First year = $8515 (1 month at Lazy Days with no campground fees)
Second year = $6487 (3 months at Lazy Days with no campground fees)
Third year = $10,511 (DANG, we need to be better during our 4th year. When we hit the road we set a budget of $25 per day which makes our yearly budget $9125. That makes us $1386 over budget for the year.)
Fourth year = $7753 (well under our $9125 budget. Hey we are $1372 under budget and almost      negated the overage we had last year to the dollar LOL!!)
Fifth year = $11,024 (WOW!!! 2 different years we have been east of the Mississippi and both years we blew our budget out of the water. But in fairness we stayed at some of the top rated resorts in the country this year).
Sixth year= $11175 (crap, once again our highest since hitting the road. But we make absolutely no effort at all to stay and the least expensive spot in an area, in fact I think it is safe to say that we probably stay at the highest priced campgrounds in all of the areas we visit)
Seventh year= $9827 (I’m so happy that we at least got this a little lower than the last 2 years. And in reality knowing where we will probably be staying for or winter location at least the next couple years I would say if we can stay under $10,000 we would be happy enough.)
Eighth year = $10,467 ($872.25 per month on average) our winter location is not cheap AND they raise their rates every darn year (like everywhere). If we ever really needed to save money we could cut a couple thousand off this area with no problem.
Average cost per night,,
First Year = $23.32
Second Year = $17.77
Third year = $28.79
Fourth year = $21.24
Fifth year = $30.20
Sixth year= $30.61
Seventh year= $26.92 (this is a little funky because we spent a couple weeks in hotels while we went from Kansas to Indiana to get our truck and back to Kansas so with hotel prices being higher our number could have been lower. But on the other hand we spent a couple weeks in the New Horizon lot so I guess it really averaged out)
Eighth year = $28.67 ( I think unless we toss in more boondocking during the year or cut our time shorter at our winter resort location staying under our original budget of $25 per night will be tough.
All years combined = $25.88 (I guess we can’t complain because this number is just above the $25 budget we set when we hit the road a little over 8 years ago.) We certainly notice that prices at campgrounds are a lot higher the farther east you go. And prices have gone up everywhere since hitting the road period. And to be honest I think we have gotten a little pickier when there are options to be had and we tend to gravitate toward the nicest in the area and don’t concentrate on price like we did when we first hit the road. I think for us it was a novelty to see how cheap we could live when we first started our venture but that has changed, we lived comfortably before we retired and see no reason not to after retirement.
Direct TV,,
First year = $760
Second year = $1014.89 (We switched to HD plus lost a $10 per month discount we were getting in 2013)
Third year = $1197.27 (We were getting so tired of paying this much for TV that I made a call to Direct TV mid-November and had a chat with them. By the end of the conversation I had our monthly bill dropped from $108 per month to $73 AND kept the same programing for the next 12 months. That will be a savings of $420 for 2016 from our $108 per month cost and should drop our yearly cost to $876. It all adds up.
Fourth year =  $880.59 (Looks like that phone call last year worked out as planned. Still too darn much to watch TV but I think this will be a number we will just have to deal with. The only way I can see it getting any lower is IF we find a spot to hang out for a couple months at a time that has free cable and we can put our account on “vacation mode” if that’s even available. I guess it’s worth checking out).** NOTE!! If you will not be using your DIRECTV service and would like to temporarily suspend your account, you can do this at no charge by calling us at 1-800-531-5000. You can say “suspend services” at the voice prompt and the automated system can complete your request.
Requirements for putting your service on hold.
•Zero balance on your bill
•Customers with only 1 account are allowed a maximum of 2 suspend requests every 12 months
•Customers with 2 or more accounts are allowed a maximum of 4 suspend requests per account every 12 months
•Total time with service suspended per 12 month period cannot exceed 6 months
•The minimum time for an account suspend is 30 days
Fifth year =  $987.52 (I really wanted to put Direct TV on hold for a couple months during our winter stay this year but Diane didn’t want to lose the option to record shows on our DTV box so we didn’t).
Sixth year= $1042.53 (this will be our last year with Direct TV, when we get the new 5th wheel in April we will be switching to Dish. We have pissed and moaned enough about DTV, it’s time to give someone else a chance to piss us off LOL!! To be honest it looks like we will save a little money each month, at least for the first couple years) by switching to Dish, not a lot but a little.
Seventh year= $936.54 (this is a combination of Direct TV and Dish. We had DTV the first few months while we still had the motorhome and then we switched to Dish with the new 5th wheel so there were a couple start up cost’s involved.)
Eighth year = $1174 (dang it!!! Switching to Dish did not safe us ANY money.)
Phone & internet,,
First year = $1764
Second year = $1873.80
Third year = $1937.87 (this is another expense that really should be lower and I hate to pay this much for. We took advantage of a special offer Verizon had over a year ago and have a 30GB data plan plus voice and unlimited text and have a Verizon Jetpack for our internet access which we pay a $20 line charge for that makes our total cost per month $161.47.
Fourth year = $1778.63 (I hear Verizon has come out with a few new plans so maybe we need to revisit what they have to offer. We sure would like to trim this back a bit. If we stopped or cut back on the blog we could certainly cut our plan back and I have honestly pondered the idea the last few months).
Fifth year = $1596.02
Sixth year= $1692.68. We did need to get a new phone this year so a small fee was added to our bill for a few months to pay for it. And as of late November we switched to the newest Prepaid “True” Unlimited plan offered by Verizon which from the sounds of it will save us about $20 per month AND give us unlimited and un-throttled data (the jury is still out on this but so far so good). If this turns out to be a good switch it just might be a way to save a little on our Direct TV bill (well Dish) in the future but we are not just going to jump right in to that.
Seventh year= $1492.40 (So far the ”True” Unlimited plan for data has been working great. And we did add another phone to our family for Diane but we did not add it to our Verizon account, we went with a cheap $30 phone and service through Total Wireless.
Eight year =  $1816.64 Diane’s phone has added $34 per month to this area.
Mail service,,
First year = $210
Second year = $200
Third year = $210 (and we will roll about $20 of remaining postage into next year). Next year our base fee will raise from $120 per year plus postage to $150 per year plus postage. If we were wanting to save pennies we could stop a couple magazines we receive and lower the postage cost and just view the magazines on line I bet).
Fourth year = $190
Fifth year = $230
Sixth year= $210
Seventh year= $230 (Our mail forwarding service was sold and the new owner is upping the rate so this will go up next year, I think $25)
Eighth year = $230 (We pay $150 per year for our service and spent $80 for postage)
On the actual spreadsheet we keep for all of our expenses we have columns for storage, auto and RV insurance, auto maintenance, RV and auto registration, RV maintenance, fuel, Health Insurance, Propane, Dish TV, Food in, Food out, Phone/Internet, Campground Fee’s, Campground Electric, Misc. Health/laundry, Mail forwarding, RV clubs, RV goodies, Clothing, Entertainment, Household, additional auto parking fee’s and Other.
You can see why we don’t share the numbers in some of those areas because they are so individual. For example we spent $343 in 2013 on clothing, $564 in 2014, $970 in 2015 (new hiking boots and sandals each) and $855 in 2016 (we each got new tennis shoes to the tune of $110 each) in 2017 we spent $1321 (I never should have visited the 2 Duluth Trading stores LOL!!!) and in 2018 we spent $703.93 and if it wasn’t for going through Pickleball shoes we could have been a couple hundred less than that for 2018 and in 2019 we spent $750 on cloths (over $200 just for Pickleball shoes LOL). And in 2020 we spent $789 on clothing and again that was with close to $300 just in Pickleball shoes LOL!!!
Taking into account ALL of the categories we keep track of (not just what we share) we were well under budget in a couple areas for the year of 2020. And $4200 under what we had budgeted as a total. But keep in mind we had set our budget BEFORE COVID set in and changed our plans.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

A few comments
1st year comment: We have a washer drier on board our RV so that helps with laundry costs. Even though I didn’t list the cost of soap ECT. Some of the laundry mats are pretty proud of their machines and charge accordingly. Plus they are a hassle in our book.
2nd year comment: No change here either. We would not own a RV without a washer and dryer (while living fulltime in it). But that’s just our personal preference. A lot of people would rather have the added storage space and less weight. We would rather have the freedom to be taking a walk, watching TV, chatting with friends or anything while cloths are washing rather than going to a laundry mat and being tied down. Plus the thought of using machines that have been used for who knows what is not appealing to us.
3rd year comment: Our feelings will never change on this topic. It is so nice to be able to do a load while sitting around home instead of planning time at a laundry mat. And we know what’s been in our machines.
4th year comment: Still wouldn’t be without our washer & drier. Hours not spent at a laundry mat = PRICELESS!! We do however take advantage of laundry mats now and again when convenient to wash large things like blankets.
5th year comment: Our feelings will never change. For us having a washer & drier on board is priceless and I think we would be miserable not having them on board, but that’s just our opinion.
6th year comment: Still love having a washer drier on board, in fact the new 5th wheel we have being built will also have a stacker washer drier.
7th year comment: Still couldn’t imagine living this life style (or any other) and not having a washer & dryer.
8th year comment: We would never want to fulltime and not have a washer / drier on board.
1st year comment: We treat this as a life style and not a vacation. If we treated it like a vacation I’m afraid we would be broke pretty fast and our fulltime RV lifestyle would come to a premature end.
2nd Year comment: No change here. We don’t go,, do things,, every day. We have our share of stay home days. If we are in a place we find interesting for a week we might tour for 3 or 4 days and stay home the rest. But staying home always include walks and bike rides and the occasional social hour. And touring does not always have to cost much money, there are lots of things to do for free.
3rd year comment: We feel we were in vacation mode a lot more than we were the first 2 years and it sure showed expense wise. We had far fewer “kick back at home” days and even though it didn’t bother Diane as much it started to burn me out a little. I couldn’t keep this pace up and enjoy it year after year. But because we spent a lot of time in areas of the country that were filled with National Parks and Monuments it really did make sense to take advantage of it. I think we will slow down a little in year 4.
4th year comment: It seems we slowed the pace down a little compared to 2015 just like we hoped and didn’t have the constant vacation mode feel we had most of 2015. Yet we still saw lots of new country. I think we could slow down even more and still be very happy but I don’t think that will be the plan for 2017.
5th year comment: We were right in our comment last year concerning this year, we went back into vacation mode 100%! But we are happy we did, we sure covered a lot of ground “for us” and saw so many things. I’m pretty sure we will slow down some in 2018, at least as far as how long we stay in each spot.
6th year comment: Other than our crazy fast and on a whim trip to Kansas to visit the New Horizon factory we did in fact slow down our pace. And our plan for 2019, other than our trip to Kansas to pick up our new 5th wheel and a trip to Indiana to pick up our new truck, will be to slow down a bit as well. Thinking about it as I type going to Kansas, Indiana and to Texas for a rally slowing down may not be a good description for 2019 LOL!!
7th year comment: It was another rather crazy year, sold our motorhome, hauled a U-Haul trailer to Kansas and dropped it off at New Horizon, drove the F150 to Indiana to pick up our new truck and sold our F150, drove back to Kansas to pick up our new home, went to Texas for a rally and to visit friends, then back to Kansas for a rally, then to Oregon and back down to Arizona for the winter.
8th year comment: We slowed down this year due to COVID and we STILL had a great year of fun and travel. No regrets.
1st year comment: We travel pretty slowly. We feel it allows us to really experience an area while we are there. So our fuel costs may be a little less than those that like to cover a bunch of miles each month. When we hit the road we budgeted 1 tank of fuel in the motor home per month on average and have not gone over that. In fact we are well under that on average.
2nd year comment: We still prefer to travel 100 to 200 miles and spend a week however after leaving Florida we did pick up the pace a little in order to reach Oregon by June for doctor appointments. And we did stay put longer in one spot while visiting family and friends while in Oregon and only moved 5 times between June and October.
3rd year comment: Once again our travel days were pretty short all year. We did have a few more stops that were in the 5 day range rather than a week but miles between the stops were still short, normally well under 200 miles and a number of them under 100 miles. And once again we were well under our yearly motorhome fuel budget. When we hit the road diesel was in the $4 per gallon range so we set a budget of $400 (1 tank per month) and even though prices have dropped we just stick with the $400 number but as you can see we never come close to the $4800 budget number for the year. We really just keep the 1 tank per month in the back of our minds mainly so we don’t fall into the “drive to many miles and in turn right by things of interest” trap. Plus being under budget on fuel builds in a buffer that helps offset the line items we go over budget on like FOOD LOL!! It’s all about the bottom line.
4th year comment: Even though we had our share of short travel days it seems we have turned it up a notch and traveled a few longer days (to us) and far fewer travel days under 100 miles. I think we started to think more about destinations rather than just stopping at any old small town along the way.  At one point this year I told Diane we better put pen to paper and decide what things we want to see in each state so we can focus on that a little more because at the rate we have been traveling over the last 4 years we may not be on the road long enough or have the life span to hit them all LOL!! Even with that statement in mind we stayed under our fuel budget for the year and we even lowered the budget for 2016.
5th year comment: Last year’s comment was “we better put pen to paper and decide what we want to see” and we did that this year and went into vacation mode. What does that equal, well we were able to check a number of things off our bucket list, we saw some great country, we stayed at some top notch resorts, we ate some great food, we covered a bunch of miles, we had some long travel days, we met some great people, we spent too much money, it plum tired us “me mainly” out AND we had a GREAT YEAR!! But we (I) could not keep that pace up year after year.
6th year comment: If we take our crazy and fast trip to Kansas and Oklahoma to visit the New Horizon 5th wheel plant and a DRV dealer out of the equation we did in fact slow our pace this year compared to our 5th year and it felt pretty good and we still enjoyed seeing plenty of new territory.
7th year comment: We feel a slowdown coming, I hope but probably not in our 8th year, I foresee a 7000 mile towing year coming up.
8th year comment: Because of COVID we traveled far less miles than normal BUT surprisingly we really had a great year of travel and fun. Mainly because we did more hiking while avoiding people.
1st year comment: Just like while living in a house and working you can only spend what you have so budgeting is important unless you are one of the lucky ones with unlimited income,,, we are not LOL. And we only live on the income we have each month. We have made the decision to not touch any of the money we have in investments and to leave them in place for when we want or need to get off of the road.
2nd year comment: No changes here. We still have not touched our investments to support our traveling life style yet.
3rd year comment: Once again we have not touched our investments to support our life style. But we did dip into our savings account to buy our new bikes this year. When we first hit the road we set aside about 2 years living expenses in a saving account separate from our investments as an emergency fund. Up until this year we had not touched it but did this year for the bikes and new tires for the Jeep.
4th year comment: We still have not dipped into our investments to support our life style (the stock market itself does its share of dipping however without any help from us) but again this year we did make a small dint in our savings account to buy the truck.
5th year comment: Even though I felt we went a little crazy in some categories this year spending money we still lived within our means and did not dip into our savings or investments. BUT, we did decide it was time to have some dividends start coming our way from one of our accounts so that we could increase our budget just a little each month. That started in October of this year. Is that a smart move, we don’t know, was it necessary, no but there is no guarantee of a tomorrow so we decided what the hell.
6th year comment: Living within our budget still held true this year but with our decision to switch to a high end 5th wheel and buying yet another truck I’m positive we will dip into the bucket a little during our 7th year. Well we can’t take it with us as they say. But by selling the Jeep, our motorhome and eventually the F150 it won’t be too bad.
7th year comment: Well we broke away from the mold this year, new 5th wheel, new truck and all the accessories that came with the switch, that was a big number. BUT taking into account that we sold our motorhome ourselves for top dollar and sold our Jeep and pickup which were both free and clear the difference wasn’t as bad as you might think or as bad as we thought it might be. But we won’t be doing that again any time soon. I don’t think. BUT 1 more year and I will start drawing Social Security!! We will be getting a raise!!
8th year comment: If we look at EVERYTHING in our spending for the year we were $4200 UNDER our total budget.
Here are some interesting tid-bits.
* The 1st year on the road we stayed at 57 different camping spots.
**   The second year on the road we stayed at 36 different spots. Between being stuck in Florida until April of 2014 and staying in Oregon as long as we did visiting family and friends the number went down some but felt good.
*** Our third year on the road we stayed at 49 different spots and have a feeling we will try to cut this back just a little in 2016.
**** Our 4th year we stayed at 41 different locations. I guess we did stay a few less places than we did in 2015 like we thought but not by much.
***** Our 5th year on the road we stayed at 52 different location. Considering we spent the month of March in Casa Grande, the month of May in Grants Pass and Nov. & Dec in Casa Grande again we moved a lot the rest of the year. In fact too much.
****** Our 6th year we stayed at 42 different spots. This also includes 7 1 night stays while traveling which we hadn’t really done in previous years. If we take those 7 1 night stays out of the equation it shows that in fact we have slowed down a little.
**** Our 7th year we stayed at 32 different locations and that number includes the 6 different hotels and 1 night sleeping in the cab of the truck while getting our truck in Indiana. But we did cover a bunch of miles between stops this year.
**** Our 8th year we stayed at 15 different locations. COVID sure played a big part in why we moved so little.
* The 1st year our shortest stay was 1 night and our longest stay was 17 nights.
**   The second year (not counting our stay at Lazy Days while buying our new coach), our shortest stay was 1 day and our longest was 60 while visiting friends in Oregon.
*** Our third year our shortest stay was 1 day and our longest stay was 30 days.
**** Our 4th year our shortest stay was 2 days and our longest stay was 78. The 78 days is part of our 3 month stay in Casa Grande Arizona. 15 days of our 3 month stay will roll into 2017.
***** Our 5th year our shortest stay was 1 night and our longest was 60 (which was the last 2 months of year 5 at our winter spot in Casa Grande. 30 of our stops this year were less than a week.
****** Our 6th year our shortest stay was 1 night and our longest stay was 64 days (which was part of our stay at our winter spot that will roll over into our 7th year).
**** Our 7th year our shortest stay was 1 night and our longest was 90 as we finished our winter stay. Other than that we did have 3 other 1 month stays this year, something we had not done before that many times and I think we will start seeing more of them. We actually had 4 different spots that we stayed 1 month or more at this year.
**** Our 8th year our shortest stay was 1 night in 2 different spots as we traveled to Kansas and our longest was 158 nights as we extended our stay at our winter location due to COVID. Other than that our longest stay was 32 nights in Pagosa Springs.
* The 1st year our cheapest stay per night of course was while boon docking at $0 cost and our most expensive was 60.96 while visiting Nashville. And it wasn’t even the nicest park we stayed at (location, location, location).
** The 2nd year our cheapest stays per night were boon docking at a $0 cost (I guess that goes without saying). And our most expensive was $65 in Borrego Springs, Ca. (Our New Year’s treat to ourselves) and the second highest was $51.55 while visiting New Orleans. And once again neither were the nicest place’s we have stayed (location, location, location holds true yet again).
*** The 3rd year of course our cheapest stay per night was boon docking at a $0 cost (We should just stop stating the obvious but we won’t LOL!!). And our most expensive was $73.14 at the Polson Motor Coach Resort in Polson Montana (our 4th of July treat to ourselves). And the second most expensive was $56.23 at the Portal in Moab Utah where we stayed 2 weeks. Both Polson and the Portal were pretty nice spots but still really too much money and we shouldn’t be paying that much.
**** Our 4th year our cheapest stay per night was $0 while boondocking and the most expensive was $65.58 while staying at Tiger Run in Breckenridge Colorado. The second highest was at the Portal in Moab Utah.
***** Our 5th year our cheapest stay was $0 while boondocking and the most expensive was $81.42 at Traverse Bay RV Resort in Traverse City Michigan.  Traverse Bay RV Resort has now jumped into the top spot for the most expensive spot we have stayed at and that is even with it being a weekly rate.
****** Our 6th year our cheapest stay was $0 while boondocking of course and our most expensive was $61.76 at the Bend/Sisters RV Resort in Oregon.
**** Our 7th year of course our cheapest stay was $0 while boondocking and our most expensive was $53 in Canon City Colorado (we won’t use any of our hotels stay’s in this)
**** Our 8th year our cheapest was $0 while boondocking and our highest was $56.69 at La Junta KOA in La Junta Colorado.
* 1st year comment: At the end of 12 months our average cost per night was $25.52. We are pretty happy with that I guess. We budget $25 per night. Campground fees in the eastern states are way more expensive than the western states.
** 2nd year comment: The average cost per night of our second year on the road was $17.84. And our overall average cost per night for the 2 years on the road is $20.69. When we first hit the road we set a budget of $25 per night so I guess even though we have certainly been over budget many months our primary goal is to be at or below our budget at the end of each year. And we have so far been able to do that with a mix of boon docking, staying at the average campgrounds and throwing a few resort type spots in for the now and again pampering LOL!!
*** 3rd year comment: Our average cost per night for our third year was $28.79. And the overall average cost per night for 3 years in $23.29. Hmm, I just realized that I elaborated about this above so we won’t repeat ourselves here. But we are happy that after 3 years we are still under the original $25 per night budget we set when first hitting the road.
**** 4th year comment:  Our average cost per night our 4th year was $21.24 and the overall for all 4 years is $23.04.
***** 5th year comment: Our average cost per night our 5th year was $30.20.
****** 6th year comment: Our average cost per night our 6th year was $30.61
**** Our 7th year: Our average cost per night our 7th year was $26.92
**** Our 8th year: Our average cost per night our 8th year was $28.67
* 1st year comment: We have found state parks to be our favorite places to stay. And they are best mid-week when most everyone has gone.
** 2nd year comment: We still like state parks the best but we have certainly found a couple privately owned parks scattered around that have been very very nice. And we do like a good mix of little or no creature comforts and the more plush parks. If all we did was one or the other I think we would get tired of the life style pretty quickly. Variety is the spice of life they say. And if they don’t we do LOL!!
*** 3rd year comment: We still like a mix of State Parks, boon-docking and private parks. But state parks are still our favorites for the most part. We did find a new admiration for at least a couple larger parks that we stayed at this year by taking advantage of classes they offered and tons of activities and will more than likely keep them in the mix now and again.
**** 4th year comment: It seems we stayed at fewer state parks this year and we only boon-docked 47 days in 2016. Hmm, I wonder what can be read into that.
*****5th year comment: Even though we still like to mix it up some I think we have both started liking the active 55 & older campgrounds or resorts a bit more. I think we have found there is far less common courtesy in “campgrounds” as well as fewer things to keep us occupied if we feel like sitting in one spot for any length of time.
****** 6th year comment: Our 5th year comment hold true.
**** 7th year comment: Once again our 5th year comments hold true. I think we are in a pattern. If we sit at any one spot for any length of time we like to have activities at the RV Park. And when we say longer periods we are talking about longer than a month like during the winter. Because we don’t do large cities by the time a month has gone by we have hiked the trails we want to hike, seen what we care to see and have eaten where we want to eat and the repeats start happening which means we want activities at the park or at least nearby to keep us busy like Pickleball for example.
**** 8th year comment:  Our 7th year comments hold true again.
* 1st year comment: Large RV parks with all the bells and whistles mixed in with the park model type structures have been our least favorite places to stay. We just don’t use or need all that stuff. And being mixed in with all the park models takes away from the feel and look we like. We are talking places with 400+ sites with the lap siding type park models (No offence meant to anyone, it’s just not for us). But we have found that we like the more pampered feel now and again of a resort setting. When we first hit the road we just wanted to boondock and live as cheap as we could. But we have decided that variety is a key factor to our happiness.
*** 3rd year comment: We still feel the same way about the really huge parks but have found a couple that are very nice and after moving so often over the last 3 years have started thinking about finding a park with all the amenities to hunker down for longer lengths of time during the winter. In fact we did stay at two parks this year for a month and had a pretty darn good time.
**** 4th year comment: State Parks are still our favorite places to stay but as we mentioned in our 3rd Year Comment we have found an unexpected admiration for a couple larger parks. In fact this year we actually stayed 3 months in one location at a LARGE resort in Arizona during the winter and must admit we enjoyed having a little structure during that time and bonding with people longer than one week at a time was a nice change. Could that grow into longer stretches, maybe. Can we see ourselves settling down in one location again long term, LETS NOT GET CRAZY HERE (just yet)!!!!
***** 5th year comment: Our 4th year comment still holds true. We still enjoy the travels but I think we are starting to think more and more about having maybe 2 spots in different parts of the country that we can sit for longer periods of time to break up our year and those spots will have to have activities like Pickleball and other activities to make us happy. Neither of us at this point still have any desire to own another “traditional” home. When we say 2 spots to sit for longer periods we are thinking maybe 3 months at each and travel the remaining 6 months of the year.
****** 6th year comment: Our 5th year comment holds true again. Except maybe we are thinking more like 4 to 5 months at a winter spot and 4 months at a summer spot and travel the remainder of the year. I’m sure our thoughts will change with the wind on this topic. Now we just need to find that perfect summer spot.
**** 7th year comment: Our 6th year comment holds true but we are having a hard time finding the perfect summer spot. We are so wishy washy on the summer thoughts but finding places to sit for at least a month are high on my list, less high on Diane’s list I think.
**** 8th year comment: Our 6th and 7th year comments hold true except we found a spot this year that we feel we can go back to during the summer and stay very occupied between hiking and Pickleball for more than a month at a time. In fact we have 2 months booked for 2021. Not because of activities in the campground but because of the area.
* 1st year comment: In our 1st year we found our food budget to be the hardest to control
** 2nd year comment: In our 2nd year we continue to find that our food budget is the hardest thing for us to stay within LOL!! It could be that we simply didn’t set a realistic budget from the beginning. Or it could be that Diane buys too many name brand products, or it could be I buy too many expensive snack foods LOL!!
***3rd year comment: That darn food budget is STILL hard to keep in line LOL!! But this year the campground fees were way out of whack and took the number 1 spot on the hardest to control. Staying in campgrounds around National Parks made it hard to find places we wanted to stay at without costing an arm and a leg. Maybe we are just too spoiled and refuse to stay at dumps I guess. But the food budget was over again this year. We are wearing the same sized cloths so we are at least working off all the food we eat LOL!!
**** 4th year comment: Yeah!! This year if we combine our food in and food out budgets we were $140 under budget. This year we were a little over on motorhome maintenance because of a front window blind motor going bad and our HDMI splitter for our entertainment center. It will always be something.
***** 5th year comment: This year our campground fees were by far the biggest thing over budget. But to be fare I set the budget before we decided to head towards Michigan so I didn’t take into account the cost of campground fee’s over there and didn’t change the budget number once we decided to head that way. Once I set a budget and it’s under way for the year I choose not to make changes on the go.
****** 6th year comment: Campground fees are starting to be the biggest culprit in our going over budget category each year. We know we can control that by doing more boondocking or staying at lesser quality campgrounds but we live this life to enjoy it and we tend to enjoy the nicer campgrounds so we will just need to adjust our budget numbers and deal with it. With that said we have certainly noticed campground prices going up. And with the increase of people “living stationary” at more and more campgrounds and in many cases bringing down the appearance we choose to gravitate more too the higher priced places to avoid that look and feel.
**** 7th year comment: This year other than buying the new 5th wheel, truck and Diane’s car (as if those are not enough LOL!) we were over in health cost because of Diane’s dental work and our auto insurance went up a bit with our new rigs which we knew would happen but didn’t know exactly how much when I set our budget. But for the most part we were spot on with our budget this year.
**** 8th year comment: As far as being over in an area once again it was FOOD!!! It seems every single year food pops up as a hard area to budget for.
*1st year comment: It’s easier to say “follow the weather” than it really is. But within reason,, doable.
** 2nd year comment: No change to this comment. You’re still going to get caught in some rain or a storm now and again but just knowing that overall you can stay in areas with good weather is priceless.
*** 3rd year comment: It’s simply impossible to not get stuck in some sort of bad weather now and again. But in this life style you can sure decrease your chances of being in long stretches of it like being in a sticks & bricks in tornado alley or some place you are sure to get snow for months on end every year.
**** 4th year comment: What can we say, how can you really predict the weather. But we do know we ended up in Arizona to early this year and will maybe postpone getting here by a couple weeks in 2017, assuming we do Arizona again next winter but I’m sure we will.
***** 5th year comment: We learned our lesson and arrived in Arizona 2 weeks later than we did last year and even just that short amount of time made a difference. Another thing that came to mind this year was the amount of storms places like Florida and Texas went through and got us thinking about just how bad we really want to see more of those area, maybe not so much.
****** 6th year comment: Weather is so unpredictable that all we can do is try our best and use whatever tools are available to stay in warm & dry areas but it’s literally impossible to always have the weather you want.
**** 7th year comment: We spent a bunch of time in the middle of the country this year and puckered more than once with the weather. I think even though this coming summer we will have to be in Kansas a bit we will start avoiding the tornado alley states.
**** 8th year comment: We were pretty lucky weather wise this year even with spending time in Kansas. We DID get snowed on while in Creede however.
* 1st year comment: we don’t miss all the,, stuff,, we had while living in the house for the most part. Diane does miss working in the yard,,, WHATS WITH THAT!!!
** 2nd year comment: the same holds true now but I certainly do not hear Diane say she misses the yard work as much now.
*** 3rd year comment: we still don’t miss all the stuff but I have picked up a couple new toys along the way, we still need hobbies. But the things now are smaller and cost less.
**** 4th year comment: We still don’t miss all “the stuff” but we are talking more about having a spot for a home base where we can set up a few more things outside while we are there. What does that mean about our long term future fulltime life style, we don’t know. But nothing will change for at least another year I’m sure or at least until we get the northern states under our belts.
***** 5th year comment: Our 4th year comments still hold true even though we might see something like maybe a nice classic car or even a nice larger RC plane and say, “if we had a house again I could see owning one of those” but nothing to the extent that it bugs us at all. It’s nice to know that if we ever really wanted those things we could get off the road and do it, which in some way makes it easier just knowing we could I think.
****** 6th year comment: Our 4th and 5th year comments still hold true.
**** 7th year comment: Once again our 4th and 5th year comments hold true.
**** 8th year comment:  And again our 4th and 5th year comments hold true. This year buying a ice-cream maker comes to mind as a “stuff” item. Otherwise as we racked our minds we come up with a bike cover and patio mat that could fall under “stuff” but we really use them so I guess they are not just “stuff”.
* 1st year comment: we packed way to many cloths to bring with us.
** 2nd year comment: Even after purging a few times since we have been on the road we STILL have cloths with us that we have never worn. How can that be??
*** 3rd year comment: as amazing as it may sound after 3 years we STILL have cloths that we just don’t wear. But everything we do have fit’s in our closet and drawers so no harm no foul. No clothing is stored in totes in the belly of the coach any longer.
**** 4th year comment: Same as our 3rd year comment.
***** 5th year comment: Once again the same as our 3rd and 4th year comment but it seems the closet and drawers are starting to bulge a little so a contribution to Good Will might be in order. I went a little crazy when we came across a couple Duluth Trading stores and Diane followed suit at a couple other stores it seems and we have not worn anything out or outgrown anything (which is a good thing).
****** 6th year comment: We still have too many clothes with us and I think that will always be the case. But as long as they all fit in the closet and drawer space we have allotted I guess it really does not matter.
**** 7th year comment: Our 6th year comment hold true.
**** 8th year comment: Our 6th year comment hold true again but we did purge again this year and donated some cloths and were under in our clothing budget. It’s funny because the biggest part of our clothing budget really is Pickleball shoes.
* 1st year comment: we like small town America compared to larger cities.
** 2nd year comment: this is probably even truer after spending some time on the east coast.
*** 3rd year comment: No change, I just don’t like large cities. Diane is more open to them than I am but she is not a huge fan either.  A town of 50,000 to 60,000 people is about the max in size but even smaller is our preference. There are tons of towns out there with populations far less than 50,000 that have everything a person could possibly need in the way of shopping, restaurants, activities and medical care without the craziness of large cities. Life is too short to spend it being pissed off at traffic every day.
**** 4th year comment: Same as our 3rd year comment. The only change might be that the first 3 years we were very content stopping in very small towns with really nothing to offer and I think we have grown a little bored with the extremely small places for the most part. But still have no desire to tour large cities.
***** 5th year comment: We broke the golden rule by staying in a couple large cities this year like Milwaukee Wisconsin and Madison Wisconsin which just fortifies our comment’s in previous years that big cities are NOT OUR THING!!!
****** 6th year comment: We did a good job of avoiding big cities this year. Looking back I think every town we stayed in had a population of less than 100,000. Most of the towns were well under 30,000. I think the largest town we stayed in was Yuma Arizona with a population of 95,000. There are a couple places we have pondered visiting that have larger populations like Colorado Springs that we hear good things about for summer fun but we just can’t seem to make the commitment.
**** 7th year comment: Our good friends Drew & Becky convinced us to visit them in Austin Texas this year and we are glad we did BUT that is something we never would have done if it wasn’t for them offering to be our personal tour guides and offered to do the driving when we went out for big tour days. Other than Austin the largest town we stayed in was Eugene Oregon with a population of around 168,000 and that was just for 4 days. Everyplace else was 55,000 and less. And the 55,000 is in our winter location of Casa Grande.
**** 8th year comment:  Small own America is what we like best. The largest town we stayed in was at our winter hang out with a population of 55,000. After that everywhere we stayed was well under 30,000. And this year with COVID that worked well.
* 1st year comment: we put too much stuff in storage. Need to purge some.
** 2nd year comment: after our 1st year we condensed down from 2 storage units to one. We probably STILL have too much stuff in storage but we are content with it at this time.
*** 3rd year comment: We still have one storage unit and don’t really see that changing in the near future.  I guess that will change when and if we ever decide to get a winter home and we move stuff to that location.
**** 4th year comment: Same as our 3rd year comment. And we did receive a notice that our storage unit costs will jump about $20 per month for 2017.
***** 5th year comment: Ok, we have spent $7515 for storage fees since we sold our home in mid-2012, JUST HOW STUPID ARE WE ANYWAY!!! Granted, we had 2 storage units for the first 18 months we were on the road until we knew for sure that we liked this life style and then condensed down to 1 but still we are paying $1250 per year to store (other than the Jeep) stuff we may never use again. I don’t see me getting rid of the Jeep so because of that we will need to keep a storage unit at least until we do something like lease a RV site in a park someplace where we can store it while not there, so I guess we will just keep paying and complaining LOL!!
****** 6th year comment: Things change, in our last year’s comment I made mention that I didn’t think I would ever get rid of the jeep yet this year I did in fact sell it. I think our plan next summer might be selling a few more things out of the storage unit if we return to Oregon this year and condensing to a smaller unit and saving a little money each month. But no doubt we will still have some sort of storage unit.
**** 7th year comment: We looked at getting a smaller storage unit this year but it was only going to save us about $25 per month so we didn’t feel the hassle was worth it. We will just stop thinking about having the storage unit or get rid of everything and not have one at all. It’s $110 per month so it’s not breaking the bank.
**** 8th year comment:  Yup, we still have the storage unit LOL!! This is almost stupid at this point.
* 1st year comment: we don’t seem to,, want,, stuff like we used to. We don’t just buy because we can.
** 2nd year comment: Still holds true even though we seemed to loosen our belts a little and not be so tight with our money. For example we bought our new motorhome, we bought the Quad-Copter, we purchased new tire and front windshield covers and we bought our new Keurig coffee maker.
*** 3rd year comment: This year the new bikes come to mind, that sure blew the “not just wanting stuff” statement LOL!!
**** 4th year comment: This year the truck comes to mind but that was partly a comfort thing (with the intention of possibly buying an ATV to toss in the back). Other than the truck the only things we bought were the Instant Pot and the Breville Toaster Oven and a new RC plane. We certainly could have done without the Instant Pot and Toaster Oven (and plane I guess lol!!) but boy have we enjoyed both and use them often so money well spent in our book.
***** 5th year comment: No big purchases this year other than the new Camp Chef outdoor stove, a new point & shoot pocket sized camera for Diane, 2 new higher priced kitchen knives and we had lights installed under the motorhome which none are really “big” purchases. Reading our 5 years’ worth of comments concerning purchases makes me chuckle when thinking back to our previous life, now kitchen knives are big purchases worthy of mention when before it might be something like a $50,000 sand-rail. Boy things have changed LOL!!!
****** 6th year comment: No big purchases again this year. When we look back at what we noted as larger ticket items things like a new Pickleball paddle, a pair of earrings for Diane, a new pair of glasses for Dave and 2 new pillows were noted LOL!!! Hardly earth shattering purchases. Even though we do have a new 5th wheel and truck coming those items were not actually paid for this year but will certainly be huge purchases next year. Well, the truck was paid for on second thought.
**** 7th year comment: Like we said in last year’s comment, the new truck and the 5th wheel where big purchases that we knew were going to happen. Other than that Diane’s car was a bit of a surprise but we again knew that would happen within a couple years, just not this soon LOL!!
**** 8th year comment: As far as our normal day life goes, no big purchases this year. The most expensive individual item we bought this year were shoes LOL!!
* 1st year comment: we meet some great friendly people while traveling. We have met less grumpy people in the year we have been on the road than I would deal with in just one month while I worked. Or maybe we just don’t pay the grumpy people any attention now LOL!!
** 2nd year comment: Still holds true. Most people we meet in campgrounds are like minded and are just trying to enjoy life and are not wound so tight.
*** 3rd year comment: No change here. People in campgrounds for the most part are just out to have a good time whether they are traveling the country or just getting away for the weekend.
**** 4th year comment: Again no change from previous years, we just continue meeting great people along the way and adding to the snowball effect of friends that we bump into along our travels that we have met during our journey. I will say that while living in a house in one location we all tend to run in circles of friends that are like minded and while on the road and meeting people that isn’t always the case, this election year really was what made me think about this. BUT if you are smart and can keep politics, religion and a couple other touchy topics out of conversations OR be willing to just shake your head and keep your trap shut when topics wonder off in the direction of those topics it does not need to be an issue. Of course keeping my trap shut is not my strong suit and I DO like to stir the pot now and again just for fun.
***** 5th year comment: It’s nice that amongst all of the crazy s*#t that is going on in this world that as we travel we just keep meeting great people that seem to always be willing to lend a hand when needed to fellow rver’s which in most cases are complete strangers.
****** 6th year comment: Our comment is a repeat of our 5th year comment.
**** 7th year comment: Every year we just keep adding new friends. I’m sure we would if we still lived stationary in a sticks & bricks but I’m certain nothing like we do in this life style. And you know what, Pickleball also has a lot to do with that, we meet so many people on the courts.
**** 8th year comment: All of the comments above hold true. This year however politics and personal thoughts on mask wearing sure topped the list of things NOT to talk about, good grief.
* 1st year comment: I wish I had left work sooner instead of waiting around trying to make life easier for others. The world moves on with or without you.
** 2nd year comment: No change of heart here!! I will say that even though I was plagued with thoughts of my old job far longer than I thought I would be once we hit the road, I very seldom think about the place now. And when I do I don’t think my blood pressure rises as far as it used to LOL!!
*** 3rd year comment: What??? I had a job?? Hmmmmm
**** 4th year comment:  I don’t really think about the old job any longer. It’s much better to live in the present and not the past. We started this journey to make memories, if I wanted to live in the past we could have pulled up a rocking chair and sat on our porch the remainder of our lives staring into our back yard just reflecting. I’m not saying we don’t ever think about or bring up the past but really not that much.
***** 5th year comment: The trend on this topic continues. As 5 years of being retired has now come and gone I find it hard to be enthused when someone asks me what I did in my working days. When I first retired I found myself getting all pumped up talking about the challenges and rewards that I was so passionate about back then. Now it’s normally a short sentenced answer and I move on. In fact I don’t think I will even comment on this topic in our future yearly updates LOL!! Diane has always had it right, her job was not her life, rather just a means to live her life.
****** 6th year comment: Our 5th year comment hold true except now it has been six years since I (Dave) retired.
**** 7th year comment:  Our 5th year comment holds true.
**** 8th year comment: Our 5th year comment hold true.
* 1st year comment: we miss our family and friends but think they are all happy for us.
** 2nd year comment: This still holds true and it was great getting back to Oregon for our visit after being gone for 18 months.
*** 3rd year comment: Of course we still miss the friends we had while living stationary in the sticks & bricks but with social media it really seems like we have never left in certain ways.
**** 4th year comment: All of the comments from previous years still hold true and in fact during our last visit to Oregon everyone was so busy that we hardly had a chance to all get together but with social media we still knew what everyone was pretty much up to. However we did feel a little more “outside the circle”. Maybe we were holding onto the thought of things staying the same a little too much. I know we are not alone with this happening, we have talked with a number of full-timers that feel the same way when they return “home”.
***** 5th year comment. We are so thankful for social media, sometimes I think we stay closer to friends with us being hundreds if not thousands of miles away than some of our friends do that are just a few miles apart.
****** 6th year comment: Our 5th year comment hold true.
**** 7th year comment: And again our 5th year comment holds true.
**** 8th year comment: Yup, our 5th year comment hold true again.
** 2nd year comment: If you are a recycler and travel around you could become frustrated with the lack of recycling in some parts of the country. And if one person of the pair is more of a recycler than the other be ready for the possibility of conflicts LOL!!. Diane is the big recycler between us. I will recycle but it needs to be convenient. If a park does not participate in recycling I have no problem tossing stuff in the garbage. Diane however is more inclined to bag things in hope that our next stop may recycle. So if I start finding recyclables hidden I get frustrated which in turn creates tension. It is what it is, I don’t like clutter and Diane wants to save the earth.
*** 3rd year comment: I have actually seen Diane walk to the garbage and recycling area with 2 bags and come home with one just because they didn’t recycle a certain material. If it were me I would have just tossed it in the garbage. I just shake my head and shut up, I’m sure there MIGHT be something I do that she just doesn’t get, MIGHT be I say.
**** 4th year comment: Not much more to say on this topic. I don’t mind recycling if it’s convenient and Diane does not mind packing recyclables around for weeks until we find a spot to drop them off. It’s just a topic we disagree on and deal with on a regular basis and I’m sure always will LOL!!
***** 5th year comment: Our 4th year comment holds true.
****** 6th year comment: Our 4th year comment hold true. But since China no longer takes our plastics it has gotten even worse trying to recycle. I think we will purchase a Berkey Water system setup for our new 5th wheel in an effort to cut back on plastics.
**** 7th year comment: We did in fact purchase a Berkey Water system and not only has it provided us with excellent drinking water it has also relived a BUNCH of pressure that was associated with recycling. We wish we would have done this when we first hit the road. Now how can we deal with cardboard better LOL!!
**** 8th year comment: Our 4th year comment holds true and as we stated above our Berkey Water Filter has certainly relieved some of the stress while providing us with better drinking water.
* 1st year comment: I don’t think, no I know that we could only live this life style as long as we stay in motion. Meaning we keep traveling like we have and not staying put in any one spot for extended lengths of time.
** 2nd year comment: I could see us spending a month or maybe even 3 or 4 in one spot during the winter when the nice weather (we consider nice weather as warm) is restricted to the southern states. Or even 2 or 3 months while visiting family and friends back in Oregon. But if we had to stay put any longer than that I’m afraid we couldn’t do it. That feeling might change in the future, who knows.
*** 3rd year comment: This still holds true but we did stay put in one location a couple times this year for 30 days and did just fine. We have even tossed around the idea of maybe 3 months in one spot next winter to test the waters but have not committed to it yet.
**** 4th year comment: We still feel there would be no way we could stay put in one spot long term and live in an RV but we are starting to talk about finding a couple spots around the country ( 2 or maybe 3 in different areas) we can stay put for 2 or 3 months at a time and travel the rest of the year. In fact we DID stay for 3 months this winter in Arizona and didn’t have much trouble but the place had lots of activities. If we had not gotten involved with activities we would have gone bonkers I’m sure.
***** 5th year comment: Our 4th year comment still rings true and we continue to keep our eyes open for those 2 or 3 special places we would feel comfortable staying put for a couple months each during the summer and a spot we might stay 4 months at during the winter. We thought we found one of the summer spots in Michigan this year but I think we both feel staying more on the west side of the country when the time comes to have those spots might be best if we continue spending winters in Arizona.
****** 6th year comment: Our minds are still thinking as we did in our 4th & 5th year comments. But we still have not found those perfect places.
**** 7th year comment: At this point I think we are happy spending a few months during the winter at a very active 55 & older resort in Arizona but continue to look for a couple perfect spots to spend longer stretches at during the summer months. Physical activities are a must for us at a park so we don’t HAVE to go out of the park every day to get it.
**** 8th year comment:  Our 7th year comment hold true but we did find 2 spot’s this summer that we stayed at for 1 month each and most if not all of our activities were outside the park and it worked out well.
We are pretty happy that we really for the most part have stayed within our planned budget since hitting the road. But I’m afraid if we didn’t keep a spreadsheet keeping track of expenses like we do it would be very easy for us to get carried away. It’s a simple tool that keeps us in check and one we didn’t use while still working so it didn’t come naturally.
Before we hit the road while talking or reading about people that had been on the road fulltime for 2, 3, 5, 8 or even more years we thought, how the heck could you do that!! But now that we have been on the road for over 8 years we understand how. Time really does go by quickly and there are so many great things to see and experience that we would have NEVER seen just going on vacations 2 or 3 weeks a year.
And while planning the life style we thought long and hard about being away from friends and being loners while traveling but it is amazing how many new friends you make along the way. And it’s even more amazing at how often you run into the new (traveling) friends in different parts of the country. And it’s a snowball effect, the longer we stay on the road the more and more friends we gather which in turn increase the chances of seeing them where ever we are. We have used the term, it’s a small world, more times over the last 8 years than we ever used it in our previous life style.
Yep, it’s a pretty darn good life. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can stay put, live off of solar power in the middle of the desert, eat cheap and stay away from people if you want. OR you can move around all the time, stay in high end resort type RV parks, drink expensive wine and eat steak every night and attend every type of social event known to man. Or do as we have and mix a little of everything in. I’m sure this life style is not for everyone, and we are darn glad it’s not because we would have one heck of a time finding a spot to camp LOL!! All I can say is don’t knock it if you have not tried it.
To put it simply, if you have a desire to fulltime and the means we would certainly recommend giving it a chance. You only live once with no guarantee just how long that will be so you may as well enjoy it.
We hope this format of reporting our year end results isn’t too long and drug out but I find it interesting to read our own thoughts from one year to the next and we hope you do as well.
We are really pretty much an open book so if you have any questions on topics that we might not have covered in our update please feel free to ask and we will try to give any insight we can.
Ok, and to be frank it took HOURS to recreate this after my computer crash and it was a huge undertaking and at this particular moment I’m of the mindset that this will probably be our last yearly analysis posted to the blog and that I might just do them on our YouTube channel from here on. We will still be keeping track of every penny but just not put forth so much effort on this type of update. Let us know how you might feel about that.
**Any colored text or product image in a post is an affiliate link as swell as the items listed in our sidebar under ”Products we use and support” and the “Amazon” link under the “Search Amazon” section will simply take you to Amazon for a full product description and where you can purchase if you feel the need. As an Amazon Associate we could get a kickback from qualifying purchases but the price is no different than what you would find if you didn’t go to Amazon through our link. We would really appreciate your support! **
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Our winter at Palm Creek part 1

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Ok, it seems the last update turned out OK doing it the new way because of my computer crash. The main reason of the new way is because before I had Microsoft Office installed on my computer and it was that way for years but now everything is turning into a subscription type  deal and I just refuse to do that OR you can do it trough the “cloud” and so far I’m pretty clumsy with that “been toying with it” and can’t say I don’t get frustrated so far every time I use it that way BUT it’s free LOL!!!

Alrighty,,, onward with this update!!! Actually being behind on the blog has turned out pretty well because at least we were able to do a few updates about things BEFORE we arrived at our winter playground because our activities here this year have sure been lacking compared to other years, of course we still paid the high resort fee’s WITHOUT all of the resort activities being available.

In previous years we would normally have a group game night 1 to 2 nights every week, but not this year. In previous years a group of about 12 to 17 people would get together every Tuesday night and head to Buffalo Wild Wings for 2for1 wings,,, but not this year. In previous years I would spend an hour at the gym 4 to 5 days per week,,, but not this year. In previous years the resort would hold movies in the park, dances, plays, concerts, art shows, quilting shows, car shows, balloon glows, food events and on and on and on,,,but not this year. Well you get the idea and I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing so we aren’t telling you anything that you haven’t experienced this season as well.

And even though there are a few things a person could participate in Diane and I have been playing it pretty cautious and picking and choosing just what it is we feel comfortable doing due to COVID, and everything we have done has been outside activities and in a very small circle of people.

Probably the riskiest thing we have been doing is playing Pickleball but there are pretty strict rules in place at the courts, masks are required whenever not on the courts, there are bottles of hand sanitizers all over to use, after every game the ball used gets put in a bucket of soapy water and a clean ball is used and of course when on the court you are normally automatically social distancing but it is also mandatory when off the courts. And everyone wants the courts to remain open so everyone has been sticking to the rules pretty much. Even the COVID non believers are being good because they also want the courts to remain open.

For those of you that have followed the blog you already know that Pickleball is a huge part of our winter activities while here, and actually during the summer as well so if the courts were to shut down we would really struggle with sitting here for 5 months. And there were a few cases of COVID pop up with a couple different pickleball players and each time we thought, oh no, there go the courts but each time they remained open so all was good and those that did come down with COVID survived.

When Thanksgiving came around instead of getting together with friends we just picked up a small turkey and did it in our Breville and had a quiet dinner at home alone.

And when Christmas came and New Years came we picked up a Honey Backed ham and we again spent them quietly at home alone just to be on the safe side but we have never really done much on Christmas or New Years so that wasn’t a big deal for us.

Hmm, I guess we have talked a lot about what we have NOT done but we have still remained petty active. We have still had our traditional 2for1 wing nights every Tuesday “well almost” but we have ordered them to take out with curbside pickup and have brought them back to the resort. Each couple would grab their own table by the softball field for social distancing. This has been mainly with one or two other couples so very small groups.

And we have gathered a couple times outside on someone’s patio for a ice-cream social or maybe a Bloody Mary. But again never more than three couples.

About the only event the resort allowed or put on was a Halloween golf cart parade and heck, even the Wicked Witch from the West and Dracula wore their masks LOL!!!

And during some of our down time we got to watch them spray the field of cotton right behind our site and harvest the cotton which was pretty entertaining. That was the same crop that we watched them plant right before we left last season.

We also made a trip up to Phoenix to check out some furniture, hmmmm what could THAT be all about. Well more on that at a later date.

And the sunsets, oh the Arizona sunsets, how we have been enjoying them.

Ok, that pretty much gets us up to date to New Years anyway so we will call it good for now. In our next update we will be posting our 2020 expenses and then in the next update after that it will be time to wrap up our winter stay and start the reveal of the big change we have eluded to a few times so be sure to come back and check all that out.

OH, and the YouTube channel has been slowing growing so that is something else that has been occupying some of my down time. We have grown to 196 subscribers at the time of this update so thank you to those of you that have helped make that happen, your support is much appreciated.

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Headed to our winter location

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but with your help we can make it grow so go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.
Hey, it’s free to go take a look and it’s free to simply hit that subscribe button so please show your support.


Well bare with us because after having a complete computer crash I have decided to try something a little different and I’m not sure how it will work out but here goes.

As mentioned in our last update Sunday (10/25) we lifted our jacks and headed towards our winter destination .

We headed south out of Hollbrook on HWY 77 until we reached Show Low and then continued south on HWY 60/77 to Globe and then on through Claypool, Miami and Superior until we reached the HWY 79 turn off. At that point we drove 79 to just shy of Florence and headed west a short distance on W Hunt HWY to Attaway Road where we turned south for a few miles and then turned right on HWY 287  and took it through the town of Coolidge and on through backroads until we crossed over I-10 and into Casa Grande until we found our way to the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort.  Well they have now changed their name to Palm Creek Resort & Residences which I think indicates the direction they plan to head with this place and will I’m sure will eventually push a bunch of us RVers away. But time will tell.


As you can tell and if you have followed our blog very long, we like he backroads and pretty much avoid freeways unless we really want to cover some ground but todays drive was only 150 miles so we sure wasn’t in any hurry.

Once we rolled in we checked in and were lead to our site which was sort of funny because it was appearant that our guide was a little confused and after correcting him twice we just split away from him and made our own way to our site because we knew where we were going. At one point I glanced out the side window and saw our guide stopped a couple streets over just watching us LOL!!!

Once we lined up and started backing into our site he showed up again and just watched which was perfect for us.









With the covid thing going on our stay has certainly been much different from prior years which we fully expected BUT because this is a new way of creating the log due to the computer crash we will get into our stay in our next update. I would hate to create this and figure out that it has turned to crap doing it this way. So keeping it short just seems right, I’m sure you understand.

Ok then, that’s it for this update and if this turns out ok visually we will have out next update posted very soon!!!


**Any colored text or product image in a post is an affiliate link as swell as the items listed in our sidebar under ”Products we use and support” and the “Amazon” link under the “Search Amazon” section will simply take you to Amazon for a full product description and where you can purchase if you feel the need. As an Amazon Associate we could get a kickback from qualifying purchases but the price is no different than what you would find if you didn’t go to Amazon through our link. We would really appreciate your support! **


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Finishing up in Holbrook

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but with your help we can make it grow so go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.
Hey, it’s free to go take a look and it’s free to simply hit that subscribe button so please show your support.


Ok, it’s time to finish up on our stay in Holbrook.  Other than a few pretty uneventful driving tours the only thing we have to mention, which is really very much worth mentioning is getting together with our friends Ruth & Dale who we had no seen in some time. In fact I think the last time we saw them was in the Bend Oregon area in 2019.

Yup, unknown to us when we arrived in Holbrook Ruth & Dale were staying at a campground at the Homolovi State Park just 30 miles down the road so there was no way we were going to leave the area without a visit.

We decided that the campground Dale & Ruth were staying at was a MUCH BETTER place than where we were staying for a visit so on the very last day of our stay we drove out for a great visit. It’s always good to see them and it always seems to be too long between visits but that’s the way the nomadic life style goes at times.

Before we arrived in Holbrook we half way thought we might just see about extending our stay in the area before moving on down to our winter location but after dealing with the dust at the RV park we were in and because we really saw pretty much everything the area had to offer we decided to call ahead and see if we could arrive early at our next stop.

Our reservation was to start November 1st at the spot we spend the winters but because of COVID and the lack of Canadians coming to the United States this winter it was no problem at all to arrive a week early. So on Sunday, (10/25) we lifted our jacks and moved on but we will pick up from here in our next update.


**Any colored text or product image in a post is an affiliate link as swell as the items listed in our sidebar under ”Products we use and support” and the “Amazon” link under the “Search Amazon” section will simply take you to Amazon for a full product description and where you can purchase if you feel the need. As an Amazon Associate we could get a kickback from qualifying purchases but the price is no different than what you would find if you didn’t go to Amazon through our link. We would really appreciate your support! **

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