Our new normal “coronavirus” routine

A couple updates ago we mentioned that some of our summer plans had changed and that we had extended out stay here at Casa Grande and cancelled our stay in Grants Pass and one of our stops in Washington and that we still had reservations starting April 30th in Eugene but that has also now changed.

Yup, we received notice that our 2 week stay at the county park in Coburg, just outside of Eugene, had been cancelled. Something that a lot of RVers have been hearing lately.

So as it stands now our first reservation will be in the Bend / Redmond area mid-May if it continues to stand. It is also at a county ran park so we are actually a little surprised that it hasn’t been cancelled yet but I sent them an email and it in fact is still honoring previously made reservations at this time.

To be honest with everything going on in the country, well world actually, we wouldn’t be to upset if our reservations in Redmond / Bend cancelled. That would free our schedule all the way through May and into early June and even though we don’t cherish the idea of being here in Arizona as it gets hotter, staying in one place does sound safer and has its advantages.

We have never been in Arizona any later than April 1st so we can’t speak to being here in the heat of April and May but we are guessing we would be hunkered inside during mid-days. One thing seems certain, we will at least experience April in Arizona at this point.

As I have mentioned before Diane is pretty foot loose and fancy free and just floats along whichever way the breeze blows her and isn’t too concerned about what goes on this summer which makes it nice for me in some ways, except it’s left up to me to figure out where we will, or should I say CAN be LOL!!!

Our original route had us going in a clockwise circle and at this time the reservations that have been effected are all on the left side of the clock face so I guess if that pattern continues our route will morph into a half circle or maybe even just a pie shape, who knows.

There is one chain of events that we have planned that we are really watching, we have 3 weeks reserved on the west side of Yellowstone, 1 week just north of Yellowstone and then another week in Cody on the east side of Yellowstone. If any of those things become effected or if for some reason we don’t feel comfortable going to those areas when the time comes that we leave Arizona we will just blow up our entire summer plan’s and just wing it this year and attempt to recreate this year’s entire route next summer. And to be honest that sounds good to me right now.

And it may be what I just make that happen and not worry about it anymore. I think we will decide all of that by the end of April. We are not due to be in the Yellowstone area until mid-July and a lot can happen by then.

The other thing we have planned is a New Horizon Rally in Creede Colorado followed by some warranty work at the New Horizon factory in Kansas but that’s not until September so I’m pretty sure that will still happen.

But for now we are just going to kick back and enjoy what we have going on at the present the best we can.

Just what have we been doing? Well a basic day now seems to be a mixture of these things and some days ALL of these. After a casual morning we usually make our way to the Pickleball courts to do drills for an hour or so followed by a couple games of singles before heading back home.

The courts are still very active here at the resort and even though there have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus in the area we have decided to play it safe and just play alone, the two of us for at least a while.

After our drills we like to go do a perimeter walk around the resort which equals 3 miles, that isn’t all that far but enough to get some exercise anyway.

Even the statues here at Palm Creek try to remain safe.

There are a number of cactus scattered throughout that park that we make a point to pay attention to as they share their beauty.








































































And outside the park there are a few burrowing owls to be found in a vacant field just across the street from the entrance to the resort that are pretty neat to check on.

Another fun thing we were told about is a hummingbird nest located right behind our friends Bill & Debi’s place that has a couple babies in it. Again, pretty cool to check out.

After our walks I can usually still talk Diane into a bike ride but not always and there have been a couple days, especially if the wind is blowing, that we might forgo the walk and just do a bike ride but regardless we try to get a few hours of exercise each day.

We have recently tossed golf in our mix of activities. So far we have gone out in the late afternoons and just played 9 holes. Once with our friends Drew & Becky, once with our friends Kara & Chuck and the other times just the two of us.

Golf is another sport that can be played and still practice good social distancing and you only touch your own equipment, we don’t even pull the flag when putting to avoid that unnecessary contact.











I think Diane and I have decided to try and get at least 4 or 5 rounds of golf in each week the remainder of our stay. Oh by the way, Golf is free now that everything in the resort is closed down and unmanned. And it is private to the resort, no outside players allowed on the golf course OR Pickleball courts.

Even though our group Tuesday nights out for wings has gone to the weigh side because of the Coronavirus we do still try to get together at least once per week “safely” but the look is certainly different.

Like in most parts of the country Take Out food has taken the place of eating inside restaurants so everyone takes their own car to whatever restaurant they choose to order from and we get together at the pavilion by the softball field, we each get our very own table which keeps every family at least 6’or more away from the other and we eat & visit for an hour or so before heading in our different directions.

We of course try to keep this group to no more than 10 to stay within the “no large gathering’s” guidelines. We are not hoodlums after all LOL!!!

I guess that’s it for now. Everyone stay safe!

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“When the dust has settled we will survive” help support the CDP support fund

Ok all you Pickleball followers and players, here is a great chance to get a cool shirt and support those fighting against the Coronavirus.












Pickleball Rocks, Selkirk and Coach Me Pickleball have worked together to design and make available these “When the dust has settled We Will Survive” shirts and all of the profits will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, specifically the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) has launched the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund to support preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities for those affected and for the responders.

The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund will focus on supporting nonprofit organizations working directly to respond to the pandemic among the most vulnerable populations in order to help build their capacity for response. These will include social service organizations focused on supporting hourly wage earners, workers in the gig economy, immigrant/New American populations, older adults, people with disabilities and other communities vulnerable to the physical health, mental health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

So click on the Pickleball Rocks link in the sidebar to the right and show your support, and get a cool shirt to boot. I have mine coming.

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Our (almost) 1 year update about our Berkey water filter

We were going to wait until June to do an update about our Berkey water filter after having it for 1 full year but with the state of the nation and the growing difficulty of finding water in the stores we thought it might be a good idea to move the update up a couple months.

We ordered our Berkey in late May 2019 and started using it in June 2019 and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

First off we have not bought a single bottle of water in almost a year. What does that mean, first off and some might argue the most important is that we have lessened our carbon footprint by not adding more plastic to the landfills.

Secondly, (and I might argue the most important LOL) by not having those bottles to deal with Diane and I don’t go round and round because of our differences in just how far we need to take recycling.

Thirdly we have saved roughly $100 to date (probably more but at least $100) by not buying water at the stores.

Fourthly we have saved roughly $54 to date by not buying Brita Filters like we used to.

And if all of those things are not enough, we are drinking better water!!!!

Now, what would we have done differently when we bought our Berkey, the only thing is that we would have bought the priming device at the beginning, I was just being my normal cheap self by not ordering it right up front LOL!! It’s only $25 if ordered from Berkey.

While researching I read that when you order a Berkey it comes with a small device that you can use to prime the filters by using it and pressing the filter against your faucet in order to prime the filter, well that didn’t work for us and it might be because of our faucets.

Borrowed picture from the web







So I thought that if I just installed the filters and filled the reservoir that the water was bound to penetrate the filters eventually and start the filtering process, well not so much. We let the water sit for 24 hours and was lucky to get a cup of water. Considering the Berkey we bought is rated to filter roughly 1.5 gallons per day it was obvious this method was just not going to work.

After ordering the Berkey primer from Amazon and using it to prime our filters we were off and running!! Keep in mind, the primer isn’t just a one-time use thing, you will want to use it each time you clean the filters and that will vary by the water you are actually filtering. We have cleaned ours twice in just under a year. You will know when it’s time to clean the filters when they simply start filtering slowly.

Borrowed from the web

Anyway, for us the Berkey has been one of the best purchases we have made since hitting the road and actually knowing what we know now we should have bought one when we had the sticks & bricks.

Here is a link to the update we did when we made the decision to purchase our Berkey and there is a lot more info and the thought process that took place in that post. https://wp.me/p2Dund-49T.

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Pickleball Rocks

We are guessing that anyone who has ever read our blog has figured out pretty quickly that we love the game of Pickleball and play every chance we get. And we know a lot of our followers and friends are Pickleball players or maybe know someone who plays Pickleball so we have something to toss out here.

Those of you that have been following our blog, some of you for years, know that very seldom do we take time to promote a particular item or product line but now and again we come across something we really like and give out a shout, well this is one of those times and this time it’s a company.

We have been Pickleball Rocks supporters for a couple years now and for a couple reasons, #1 we like the product, #2 we know the company founder and #3 because we admire what Pickleball Rocks does for the sport through various clinics (many directed towards kid’s), bootcamps and donations to organizations like Parkinson’s, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, American Red Cross and the USAPA Community Grant program.

There are a lot of Pickleball vendors that set up a tent at a tournament, peddle their good’s, pack up and move to the next tournament or pack up and stow it away until something else local pops up and that’s great, but Pickleball Rocks takes it much much further as you can tell by the above comment.

With that in mind we have become a Pickleball Rocks Affiliate and have created a link on our blog’s sidebar that will direct you to the Pickleball Rocks website where you can buy product. Everything from clothing to paddles, ball machines, games and more.

In full disclosure if you click on that link and go to the Pickleball Rocks website and purchase product we do get a small kickback BUT going there through our blog does not add anything to the cost’s to you.

So hey!!, if you were going to purchase any Pickleball Rocks product anyway why not just do it through our blog. This includes Selkirk, Pro-lite, Engage and Gearbox paddles!

One of my male partners and I rocking our Pickleball Rocks shirts at the Robson Ranch tournament.

Rocking one of my Pickleball Rocks shirts on the podium at the Duel in the Desert with my female partner



And better yet if you are not familiar with Pickleball Rocks why not check them out, do your own research about the USA based family owned business and give them your support. Especially in times like these.

That’s it, Pickle Responsibly.

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Some changes to our summer plans already.

One of the key things we learned and one of the many things we like about being fulltime RVers is being flexible, something that I wasn’t necessarily good at for so many years during my working days. Diane however has always been one of those low key easy going types.

Yup, about two updates back we talked about how we hadn’t planned to make any changes to our summer plan’s, then in our last update we mentioned that we did cancel 1 reservation in Washington but didn’t have any other changes planned but were still open to the idea, well now we have taken all that a step farther.

Our original plan was to leave our winter spot at Casa Grande April 1st, then boondock at different locations for the next 9 days until we reached Grants Pass Oregon where we planned to spend 3 weeks visiting friends and taking care of our “real life” stuff and then move on.

Well, taking into consideration that our “real life stuff” this year consisted of routine Dr. and dentist visits, nothing that REALLY needs to be taken care of urgently. And taking into consideration that gathering with friends would no doubt be restricted. And taking into consideration the state of the country regardless of where you are as far as restaurants and places of interest being closed we figured it didn’t really matter where we were so we decided to extend our stay in Arizona.

At least where we are we have a huge RV site that gives us plenty of separation from any neighbors and that separation is growing every day with people leaving the area. And with people leaving the area it has to make it even safer we think. And maybe even easier to get things at the store, again we hope.

Even though the Pickleball Club has stopped all organized play the courts do remain open and a few close nit friends I’m sure will get together and play a little and I’m sure Diane and I will go down together to do drill’s. We have our own balls and will use disinfectant to make things even safer.

Along with Pickleball the office to the golf course in the resort is closed but the course remains open for people in the resort and at no cost so we will probably take advantage of that.

There is a nice putting green and a driving net to use that will help occupy some time as well.

The fairways and greens are still being maintained by workers and even though it’s free there are very few people out playing which is great for us.

And walking around the park for exercise even though not like being out on trails isn’t a bad thing either with some nice greenbelts throughout.


















And for those that are into Lawn Bowling and have their own gear, that area is being maintained as well.

Taking all of this into consideration I think we made the right choice to hunker down here instead of at some park with tight sites and absolutely nothing to help occupy our time. Nothing is 100% safe but we do feel pretty safe here.

So for now we have reservation right here through the end of April but as it stands now we have reservations in Eugene Oregon starting April 30th so if we keep that we will need to leave a few days early, time will tell.

After our 2 week stay in Eugene we have reservations in the Redmond/Bend area and that’s where we have plans to meet up with a bunch of Diane’s side of the family for a visit so we are hoping that can still happen. But a lot of factors will weigh in on that so again, time will tell.

That’s it for now, everyone stay healthy!!!

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We continue trying to stay normal as the world gets crazier.

We have been trying to keep life as normal as possible even with all the crazy stuff going on but it’s obvious it’s impossible to do.

I still go down to the Pickleball courts in the morning and play a few hours but because of the mass exit from the resort, mainly by Canadians trying to get back across the border, the amount of players has certainly decreased.

And Diane still plays in the Organized Round Robins and we hope that continues but I would not be a bit surprised if that comes to a screeching halt as well, then we will both be restricted to the challenge courts and even though that’s what I prefer, Diane will not like it.

That’s Diane in the blue. See, fresh air and plenty of separation.



















I guess we shouldn’t complain because as of now the courts are still open while almost everything else has been shut down, even the swimming pools. And not just here, I read that it’s happening at resorts all around the country.

Diane practicing Social Separation

Some of you may be thinking that playing Pickleball isn’t living up to the social distancing practices that we are being asked to practice BUT if you think about it Pickleball is pretty darn safe even during times like these.

You see a Pickleball court measures 44ft long and 22ft wide with a net across the middle and a 7ft deep area on each side of the net that is called the none volley zone that is seldom stepped in during most play (we now jokingly call that the Social Distancing zone).

So if you also take into account that it is common practice for players to stay apart just far enough to where if they reach out towards their partner their paddles will just touch, meaning they will most likely be at least 6ft apart almost all of the time it makes it even safer. And we play outdoors in the fresh air.

There, I don’t know if we have justified ourselves to you but we have re-justified it to ourselves LOL!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, we do take this virus seriously, I fact wen Diane goes out and about she has to be tested before she can get back in our safe area LOL!!!

Ok, t looks like you can come in

A group of us got together one afternoon for what might have been the last larger gathering of friends for the season and this happened just before this Coronavirus social separation thing went full bore.


















We gathered this time to see our friends Carrie & Carl’s new home they purchased here at Palm Creek and of course have a little happy hour.

Drew & Becky

What a nice place they found and we hope they have many years of enjoyment together.

In our last update we mentioned that we hadn’t made any changes to our summer plans but were a little concerned that our plans took us into Washington State, well after a little thought we did in fact cancel one of our reservations in Washington and still have one reservation in place in Kennewick that for now we plan to keep, but time will tell.

To be honest I think if we hadn’t made so many plans in advance this year around wanting to spend 3 weeks in Yellowstone that we just might hunker down right where we are for another month or two and let things shake out but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I tossed that idea out to Diane but it landed on deaf ears LOL!!! But think about it, the resort we are at will all but empty out April 1st so what better place to be hunkered down. But time will tell, anything can change.

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It’s a crazy world

It only made sense that the Coronavirus would effect us in some way other than just being more aware of our surroundings. Yup, the resort we are staying at (in fact all of the Sun Resorts) has temporarily suspended all sponsored events and all indoor areas have been pretty much closed off until April 30th.

In reality this will effect others a lot more than it will us because we don’t normally take part in most of the indoor activities but for those that use things like the wood shop, sewing room, pottery, stained glass, dances & show’s, card and game rooms and countless other activities, they will not be happy I’m sure.

Because mostly what we care about is Pickleball, bike rides and walks as well as getting together with friends we won’t really notice a big change I’m guessing but even play at the courts could be hampered some I guess.

We have carried on pretty much as normal except I guess we pay a little more attention if anyone sounds a little ill while out and about and try to keep our distance. I have been a “fist bumper” while at the courts for years so adapting and using that more widely has been an easy thing to do but now avoiding any contact at all seems more appropriate.

A couple weeks ago we made a run to Costco in Chandler because we were getting low of toilet paper and had our first run in with the paper good hording thing which was a surprise, there wasn’t a single roll to be found when normally there are pallets of it stacked up, wow.

We didn’t really need a bunch else so we just chalked it up to a Sunday drive and headed on home with a stop at Walmart and as it turned out their isle of paper products were empty as well, “WHAT THE!!!” I guess we should have been paying closer attention to the news rather than spending time having fun with our heads buried in the sand LOL!!!

A couple more days went by and we needed milk so off to the store we went, to Fry’s this time. After getting a few items we made our way to the paper goods isle and I’ll be darned if it wasn’t almost completely empty as well except there were a few packages of toilet paper and a few happened to be the “fast dissolving septic safe” type that will probably be ok for the RV so we just grabbed 1 package of 24 rolls and like good people LEFT THE REST ON THE SHELF FOR SOMEONE ELSE IN NEED.

I’m sure by the time we post this update every one of you will have experienced empty shelves at your local grocery stores, isn’t it crazy!!?? Lucky for us we don’t really need a lot to survive so I think we will chill, continue our daily routine for the remaining 2 weeks we have left here at our winter playground and let the world pass us by.

I know one thing for sure, the next time we do go to the store it will be at 5am to avoid the crazy people and hope that we can beat the hoarders to what might have been stocked overnight.

At this point our summer plans have not changed but because we have reservations at places like Yellowstone and a couple other very touristy hot spots AND in Washington where the Coronavirus seems to have hit harder than most areas I have to admit that we are paying attention to the trends and are not beyond changing our plans and taking whatever hit’s come along with that. But we are not ready to fall under the “Sky is falling” umbrella just yet. How about you guys, are you changing any summer plans?

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