We have started our 1 month stay in Grants Pass

 We have been in Grants Pass for a little over a week now and I think everyone that lives here after the unusually wet winter they have had owes us great thanks because it is obvious we brought some sunshine along with us from down south, it just took a few days for it to catch up with us. But looking at the forecast I think that’s about to change.

 We have tackled a few things on our list of things to get done while in Oregon so far, we have been researching a new camp stove to carry with us and we made that purchase (a Camp Chef Explorer 60X Pro) and I ran an ad on Craig List and sold the Green Mountain Davey Crockett grill we have carried with us the last 2 years. I think after we use the new stove for a few weeks we might do a more complete update on why we chose to do this but so far after making about 7 meals consisting from everything eggs & bacon to pork chops & steaks I can say we enjoy it so far and I’m having fun learning a new cooking technique.

A couple of nice steaks were the first thing we did on the BBQ box.

A couple of nice steaks were the first thing we did on the BBQ box.

Chicken fajitas on the flat top and tortilla's warming on the grill.

Chicken fajitas on the flat top and tortilla’s warming on the grill.

After going through a couple seasoning burns the first meal on the griddle was just bacon and this was our second.

After going through a couple seasoning burns the first meal on the griddle was just bacon and this was our second.

   And we picked up a new phone to replace the old Samsung Galaxy 3 we have had for 5 years that has been giving us huge grief for the last year and just dealt with (the new phone is a Samsung S8 that is a HUUUUUGE improvement over the 3 as you can imagine), we also had our yearly meeting with our financial advisor so that’s out of the way, and we stopped by the Ford shop where we bought our pickup last year to show them a slight upholstery issue on the moon roof cover and scheduled a time to have that fixed and have a service done at the same time.

 Because we will be sitting in one spot for a bit we also had our mail sent to us, nothing exciting about that except Diane had a Jury Duty notice that she was supposed to report to in mid-April oooooppps LOL!!! Surprisingly enough when she called them to explain they simply said “no problem it’s all taken care of” and that was that. Dang, when I had my last notice I thought they were going to come haul me off before I could get them to agree to push it off to a later date.

 And we made a trip out to the storage unit. We had a few things we wanted to put in and a couple things we wanted to grab. And most important was the Jeep had not been started for a year now and I wanted to fire it up and run it around a bit. I’m happy to say that after hooking the battery up it fired right up like a champ. I sort of miss the ol girl.

 I will admit that I had thoughts in the back of my mind the last few months of possibly putting it up for sale during this visit because I just hate leaving things with a motor sitting in storage but after caressing her & letting her wrap herself around me and hearing her purr during our brief encounter this visit I decided I just can’t let her go. Hmmm, I think I just might be able to write a entire romance novel just about the Jeep LOL!!   

 Like always, because we are in Oregon “a no sales tax state” we tend to make a few more purchases like the new camp stove and I picked up a new pair of tennis shoes, Diane bought some new tops and a few other items, Diane’s also looking for a good small point & shoot camera to replace here old “not so good” camera and we bought the new Mavic Pro toy “drone” and I put my old DJI Phantom 2 on Craig’s List. “We will do a more in depth update on the new Mavic at a later date but it’s an amazing new machine and it is so much more compact and has so many more features that it’s bound to create some great video & grab some great photos for us”.

Everything in the boxes fit in that small case on top. It's so much more compact than the DJI Phantom 2 that's it's crazy.

Everything in the boxes fit in that small case on top. It’s so much more compact than the DJI Phantom 2 that’s it’s crazy.

That's both units condensed as small as possible in order to haul them around and have everything in 1 case. Obviously the Phantom to the left and the new Mavic to the right.

That’s both units condensed as small as possible in order to haul them around and have everything in 1 case. Obviously the Phantom to the left and the new Mavic to the right.

The backpack on the left hold the old toy "The Phantom" and is what I would strap on my back to hike in to get shots and the pack on the right is what I will need to carry with the Mavic. So question,,,, which would you rather lug around LOL!!

The backpack on the left hold the old toy “The Phantom” and is what I would strap on my back to hike in to get shots and the pack on the right is what I will need to carry with the Mavic. So question,,,, which would you rather lug around LOL!!

 We haven’t even gotten to the fun stuff like Dr. and dentist and other appointments yet but they are scheduled LOL!!

 Speaking of fun stuff our good friend Jim stopped in one morning right after we got here for a short visit and we got together with him and his wife Sue for breakfast at the Train Depot one morning which is a yearly thing. We enjoyed our visit enough that we sat in the restaurant long enough that the breakfast crowd went through and I think some of the early lunch crowd started to roll in LOL!!! (Once again no pictures)

 *We will toss some random pictures in now*

 We did take a little time one day to make a run down Hells Canyon to see how the river looked after such a wet winter.

 When living here going down through this area was one of our favorite things to do to just get away for even a couple hours to take in just some of the beauty in the area and once again we were not disappointed.

 Diane’s brother will be coming down next Saturday from Portland and plans to camp at the Valley of the Rouge State Park until Monday and her sister from California will be coming up Wednesday and has reservations at a hotel just down the street and plans to also stay until Monday. It’s been 2 years since we have seen Diane’s Sister and 1 year since we have seen her brother so it will be nice for everyone to get together again.

 I guess that’s it for now, the first week flew by pretty quickly as I’m sure the next 3 weeks will do as well.

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A short but sweet stay in Eugene Oregon

**Of course we are behind on updates so this is a catchup.**

Well we have been settled in at Eugene for a few days now and if nothing else it has been a great time to check for leaks in the RV and truck because there sure wasn’t a shortage of water falling from the ski LOL!!! In all seriousness if all we had to do was sit inside we don’t mind the Oregon rain now and again, it’s a little refreshing after all of the dry, warm, blue skied days we have experienced over the winter down south. *** (Imagine that screeching sound of a needle scrapping across a record and I’m assuming most of our followers are old enough to have experienced records) *** WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SAYING!!!! It’s damn miserable LOL!!!

(4/25) As we mentioned in our last update we didn’t do much Monday other than travel to Eugene and pretty much chill the rest of the day but Tuesday we ventured out. I stopped in at Freightliner and set up an appointment for early Friday morning to have service done on the motorhome, I called to have our mail sent to our next stop, I actually contacted our next stop and moved our arrival date up by 3 days because we figured there was no real good reason to make a short 3 day stop between here and there and have to set up and tear down in the rain just to be stuck inside, and we went out for a drive around town because it looked like the best weather day to do it. Other than that we can call Tuesday a 1 paragraph day LOL!!!

Wednesday (4/26) after being woken by heavy rain beating on the roof we chilled around home until about 11am when we headed over to our friends Lee & Coleen’s house for a visit. When we got there our mutual friends Jimmie & Ted where also there to join us for a great Taco lunch and a short visit on their way to Hood River for a getaway.

After lunch while sitting around visiting Deana (One of Lee & Coleen’s daughters) stopped in to say hi. She had hoped to make it for lunch but she is one of those top notch realtors and of course they cater to the customers schedule and wasn’t able to make it in time but there were plenty of leftovers so she didn’t go un-feed.

After lunch and visiting Jimmie & Ted and Deana headed off to do their things and Coleen & Lee and Diane & I dove into a game of Chicken Foot. Out of all the times we have played Chicken Foot together I had yet to win a game until this time, I think they were just feeling sorry for me but hey, a win is a win LOL!!

As always we had a lot of laughs playing and afterwards sat around catching up and telling stories until we looked up at the clock and realized it wasn’t far from 8 o’clock!!! Damn we were all going to turn into pumpkins soon so we said our (see ya later’s) with a plan to meet the following day for lunch and away we went headed for home. A great day.

Thursday (4/27) even after a good night’s sleep I woke up in a lazy mood, and Diane, well I think she just woke up in her normal lazy morning mood LOL!!! So it was a good thing we had nothing planned until 1pm when we were to meet Lee & Coleen and Deana at Papa’s Soul Food & BBQ joint for lunch.

Lee & Coleen introduced us to Papa Souls last year during our visit and everyone enjoyed it so much that it just made sense to eat there again this year. And just like last year after everyone (well that we thought was everyone) arrived we were surprised by Deana’s daughter (and of course Lee & Coleen’s granddaughter) Bailey joining us.

I can’t remember what everyone had but I had the fried catfish with fried okra & yams and it was very good. Diane also had the catfish but had beans instead of Okra and enjoyed hers as well and we both had leftover catfish to take home.









After lunch we said our “see ya later’s” to Deana & Bailey and jokingly set another lunch date for the same place & same time next year LOL. Heck why am I laughing, it will probably happen.

It so happened that Lee & Coleen and Diane & I all wanted to go to a World Market store just up the road so we all said our “see ya later’s” there after our huge shopping sprees (NOT).

We all know each other from when we lived in Grants Pass and Lee & I have gone on a number of day rides and week-long boy’s rides on motorcycles so it’s always fun to get together. We will be looking forward to the next time.

After lunch we headed over to Café’ Yumm’s so Diane could pick up a couple jars of their Yumm Sauce. It’s one of her favorite little things and we just can’t get it anywhere else in our travels so it’s a must when we are in the area.

There wasn’t anything else we really wanted to do in the area so we just headed home and putzed around the rest of the day. I took the bikes of the back of the motorhome and mounted them on the pickup in preparation for our service appointment the following morning on the motorhome and I disconnected the water I septic hose so I didn’t have to mess with it Friday morning and we could make a quick & early 7:15 departure with as little to do as possible.

 Friday morning (4/28) we did our morning routine at a faster than normal pace, lifted jacks about 7:15 and headed to the local Freightliner shop for our appointment to have the engine serviced on the coach. And as you RV owners know having service done on a RV is a far cry from just driving through a quick lube LOL!!

Oh, you might remember in a couple of our previous updates we talked about a Freightliner recall on a brake pedal spring that we were really not having a problem with but decided to have the recall done anyway just in case only to THEN have the problem rear its ugly head. Well we asked this shop to have a look at that issue as well.

After dropping off the coach I figured best case scenario we would have to kill time at least until noon so we started out by heading to an Elmer’s Pancake House for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed over to Cabela’s (Cabela’s is ALWAYS a great place to kill a little time) and then Diane went into a couple other shops at the mall while I waited in the truck.

From the mall we just headed back to freightliner and chilled in the truck, Diane did some reading and I wasted time by walking around looking at trucks and whatever else I could find to do. I also had a talk with the shop manager about what all happened with the brake pedal.

About 1pm we saw our home roll out of the shop so I made my way to the office to square up. While doing so I was told that the Freightliner shop that did the original recall work on the brake pedal had routed the return spring the wrong way which in turn didn’t pull the pedal all the way up like it’s supposed to when released so they re-installing the spring and that was all that was needed.

Once we finished at Freightliner I drove the coach over to the fuel station and filled up and hooked up the truck and headed south 142 miles towards our next stop in Grants Pass.

We rolled into Jacks Landing in Grants Pass a little after 4pm and got all set up in the same site we have camped in while visiting the area the last 2 times. We sort of like this site because we have sort of a private side yard on our driver’s side and no neighbor. But we make up for that nicety by not having much of a patio on our passenger side.

And we have liked this site in the past because it provided enough space to park the Jeep and Diane’s Prius and the trike when we got here and took them out of storage but now that they have been sold it’s not as big a deal so the next time we come we may just try a different site (if we stay here at all).

In all honesty Jacks Landing is the noisiest and tightest campground we have stayed at in the last 12 months (and we have made that same statement every time we come here) but it is just convenient for taking care of the real life stuff we come here to do like doctors, dentists, financial advisor appointments, going to the storage unit and going out to dinners and visiting friends so we just deal with it.

And in the past it was only $430 per month plus electricity here at Jacks so compared to the state park located 14 miles outside of town where we would certainly stay if we did not stay at Jack Landing that costs $26 per night with just electric & water (and dump station) it was a great deal. However Jacks has new owners and now it costs $530 per month plus electricity for the first month so even though still cheaper than the state park it has certainly changed our thoughts on the place. And to add insult to injury when I tried to pay with credit card they asked for cash or check LOL!! Damn,, no kickback for us.

Anyway, we are all set up and have started taking care of things on our list and have appointments lined up periodically throughout the month so let the real life stuff roll LOL!! And of course we are itching to see friends which is the best part of coming to Grants Pass.

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Travel day, a short stay in Yreka and another travel day.

Sunday (4/23), another travel day. Yup after a short 2 day stay at Washoe Lake State Park it was time for another move.

We were ready to roll out of our campsite at 8:30 and rolled down the road a piece to a large gravel turnout where we hooked up the truck and was on the road at 9. ** (note) For those of you that have stayed at Washoe Lake State Park and experienced the lack of water guess what!!?? We actually saw a person skiing on the lake today LOL!!! How is that for a change?

For many of my old riding buddies our route today will be very familiar and one that Diane and I have ridden or drove dozens of times at all times of the year and have always loved it. In fact I think I might have mentioned in one of our updates that I told Diane that when I die she should spread my ashes along parts of this route LOL!!

Once hooked up we made our way to HWY 580 and headed towards Reno where we switched onto HWY 395 headed towards Susanville Ca.. Once a few miles beyond Susanville we switched over to HWY 44 where my favorite section of the run starts and we finally get into the trees once again Awwwww.

We drove 44 about 52 miles to Old Station Ca. where we switched over to HWY to HWY 89 and drove another 80 miles or so through McCloud Ca. and on to I-5.

With all of the rain this part of the country has seen this winter there is water in places we have never seen water before. And probably water where there shouldn’t be water but man oh man did it make for a beautiful drive. In fact I told Diane she was lucky that we were not just driving it in the pickup or on a motorcycle because I would have stopped more times than you could shake a stick at for pictures. But we had to settle for the memory and pictures out the windshield.

Along this route is where I knew there were side roads into the tree’s that we might swing into to spend the night but they all looked pretty wet and tacky so with visions of us buried up to our axles I thought better of the idea. There were a couple gravel spots right along the highway that we could have spent the night but I wasn’t much into that idea either.

Another idea I had was stopping at a campground in McCloud that we have seen dozens of times while riding by but as we came across it we noticed it wasn’t open yet for the season so that was another idea shot dead LOL!! Ok on to our 3rd possibility, a campground in Yreka Ca.

Once we jumped on the I-5 Freeway all the fun was over and Diane grabbed the phone to call ahead to the Yreka RV Park to see if that had a spot for us to spend the night and they did. So she told them we were about 50 miles away and would see them soon. They told Diane the office would be closed until 2 so just grab any site we wanted and square up when they opened.

We rolled into the RV park at 1:30 and went directly to our site after unhooking the truck and was all settled in by 2. Another long travel day for us of 280 miles but it seemed to go by pretty quick with all the great scenery we were able to enjoy.

Today’s run had that, I’m home and on familiar grounds feeling. You know what we mean.

Diane went up to the office once we were all set up and then we just relaxed a bit (meaning I took a nap and Diane did some reading) before jumping in the truck to do a driving tour around town.

We have been through Yreka numerous times on the freeway with maybe a stop at the Black Bear Diner for breakfast or a piece of blackberry cobbler but have never taken the time to wander the side streets of town.

Yreka sits at 2,500 feet elevation in the Shasta Valley, south of the Siskiyou Mountains and north of Mount Shasta and has a population of just under 8000 people.

In March 1851 Abraham Thompson, a mule train packer, discovered gold near Black Gulch while traveling along the Siskiyou Trail from Southern Oregon. This discovery sparked an extension of the California Gold Rush from California’s Sierra Nevada into Northern California. By April 1851, 2,000 miners had arrived in “Thompson’s Dry Diggings” to test their luck, and by June 1851, a gold rush “boomtown” of tents, shanties, and a few rough cabins had sprung up. Several name changes occurred until the little city was called Yreka, apparently taken from a Shasta Indian word meaning “north mountain” or “white mountain,” a reference to nearby Mt. Shasta.

Another story of how the town got its name goes like this. A stranger was wandered around camp and happened across a bakeshop with a canvas sign which had not yet been put up but had been painted and stretched too dry in such a way that the word BAKERY, all but the B, showed through and was reversed. The stranger read it wrong end first, YREKA, and supposed that that was the name of the camp. The campers were satisfied with it and adopted it.

Yreka isn’t very big so our driving tour didn’t take very long but we sure did enjoy looking at some of the old homes and we thought it was very cool that most of them had plaques showing the date they were built and a lot of them were pre 1900’s. Every house in the pictures we are sharing are pre 1900.

Remember the Black Bear Diner we mentioned earlier? Well while driving around we drove by it and I said to Diane, (boy wouldn’t we make my buddy Rich envious if we stopped in and had a piece of Blackberry Cobbler!!). Her response was, (well not really because they now have a Black Bear Diner in Grants Pass where he lives and he can go whenever he wants). Well damn, I knew that but I thought it just might work, my luck Diane was on her game and caught me LOL!!

This is believed to be the first log home to be built in Yreka in 1853.

This is believed to be the first log home to be built in Yreka in 1853.

After our driving tour we headed home ad spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV.

Monday (4/24) was another travel day. After just one night in Yreka it was time to lift our jacks and make another move.

**note, we drove through one of the other campgrounds in town and can say if you need a spot to lay over for a night in Yreka you should use the Yreka RV Park, it was easy off & on I-5, sites where ok sized and all were pull throughs (we are 65’ hooked up so we needed to disconnect the truck but if you are a little shorter you wouldn’t need to).

We were ready to roll at 8:30 and after hooking up the truck we were headed to the freeway at 8:45 headed north 220 miles towards Coburg just north of Eugene.

We had high hopes for a relatively dry travel day but certainly didn’t have our hopes set to high which was a good thing because once we rolled into Oregon we had some stretches of downpours. One section in particular was downright horrible and wouldn’t you know it, it was right were road construction had things torn up pretty good and the lanes squeezed pretty tight with concrete barriers (no pictures of that area, I think we both had our eyes closed).

I was speaking my peace pretty freely by this time about our decision to visit Oregon in May and told Diane that the next time I mention coming to Oregon in May to grab the biggest and hardest thing she can find and smack me right upside the head hard enough that I won’t even wake up until June. About then is when she told me to shut up and drive LOL!!

We rolled into the Armitage County Park Campground about 1 and promptly got set up and settled in. Neither of us felt much like going out in the rain so other than a short jaunt over to Cabela’s (looking for a new camp stove setup) we just stayed around home. But I’m thinking if we want to do anything at all over the next couple weeks we will need to dig our webbed feet out of the closet and buck up.

That’s it for now, we will be here for 4 nights before making another move.

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Another visit to Washoe Lake State Park on our way north

Friday (4/21) rolled around and with it a travel day. Only being in this spot for 2 nights we didn’t have much to put away (like we ever really do) and we were packed up and ready to roll by 8:30.

We drove north on HWY 95 just a few miles until we reached the outskirts of Schurz where we veered of onto ALT 95 and stayed on that until we reached Silver Springs where we jumped onto HWY 50 and drove it to Carson City. At Carson we hit HWY 580 and drove it just a few miles outside of town to exit 44. At exit 44 we turned right on Eastlake BLVD and drove just a few miles farther to Washoe Lake State Park making our travel day 110 miles.

If these tree's had leaves it would be pretty I'm sure.

If these tree’s had leaves it would be pretty I’m sure.

We unhooked before going into the park because we knew it was a rather narrow single lane one way loop where we were going and I hate unhooking in places like that and have someone pull up behind us unable to get by and I’m sure they like it even less LOL!! After unhooking Diane took a drive through the campground to scout out a spot.

A short time went by and Diane returned, rolled down the passenger window and said, (you better get in and go for a ride because there are only a couple sites left and I’m not sure we will fit). Well dang, we have stayed here a couple times before and never saw it more than ¼ full so between that and the cold forecasted nights and the dump station being closed due to high waters we didn’t think it would be busy at all. I guess we should have come on Thursday instead of hanging around Walker Lake an extra day.

After our little tour we went back to get the rig and headed to a site I figured we would fit in if we got the shoe horn out. It was a little tight backing in but not all that bad and after getting set up we had plenty of room, life is good.

After getting set up and having a little lunch we headed out for a walk to the lake and man what a difference from our other visits!! There is so much more water that it took away a lot of the walking trails but we enjoyed it none the less. It was just different.

After our walk we jumped in the truck (ya know I still want to say Jeep LOL!!) and took a drive down to a wild life observation area and then to another day use area to take in the sights. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Diane is enjoying a little different view than we have seen in months. Tree's, water, snow capped mountains, we really are more at home in this setting.

Diane is enjoying a little different view than we have seen in months. Tree’s, water, snow capped mountains, we really are more at home in this setting.

Once back home we kicked back outside a bit and then took a stroll around the campground and yacked with a couple of our new neighbors before making dinner and chilled the rest of the evening.

The Wind Bunch

The Wild Bunch

Saturday (4/22) after a breezy and cool night we decided to take a drive towards Cabela’s in Reno and Scheel’s in Sparks to pay 2 of our favorite outdoor stores a visit, it seems we do that every time we are in the area.

4 wild horses not far from our campground

4 wild horses not far from our campground

A wildlife observation stand.

A wildlife observation stand.

By the time we finished up (without buying a single thing I might add, but we did see the new BBQ setup with our own eyes instead of on-line that we are going to buy when we reach Oregon) it was well into the afternoon and we decided to have a late lunch / early dinner while we were in town and Diane decided to hit the buffet at the Atlantis which surprised the heck out of me because she really doesn’t like buffets all that much.

When we pulled into the parking lot we were floored, we have never seen the parking lot this full and I have been to the Atlantis literally dozens of times during my working days. It turns out there was a girls Volleyball tournament going on and all 1000 rooms at the Atlantis were full and we were told about every casino in town was the same way.

After stuffing our bellies (and I mean stuffing!!!) we waddled out to the truck and made our way home. By that time some clouds had rolled in and a good breeze picked up dropping the temp a little, enough that Diane had enough of the outside and unless I wanted to break down and get out some long pants I wasn’t feeling much different so Diane buried herself in her book while I just putzed around not really doing much of anything useful.

We certainly didn’t need to eat any dinner after gouging ourselves at the buffet so we just killed time the rest of the evening and thought about our travel day on Sunday a little. We really don’t know where we will head and all we know is that we have one night to kill before our reservations in Coburg which is roughly 500 miles away.

It looks like tomorrow will be the last sunshine we will see for close to 2 weeks so we are a little in the dumps about that but we will survive. The worst part is tomorrow will be the last dry travel day we have for a while also and that really sucks so I think with that in mind we might just take off and drive until we don’t want to drive any more stopping just shy of rain at some wide spot in the road in hope of cutting our undoubtedly wet travel day on Monday to a minimum. We know that not much of a plan but it’s all we got LOL!!!

That wraps up this update but here are a couple updates we did about our last stay in this area and they provide a lot more information because we were in tourist mode in case you are interested.




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Travel day to and a short stay at Sportsman’s Beach

Wednesday morning (4/19) after lifting our jacks and waving so-long to the Wine Ridge RV Park and after filling up with fuel we were on the road at 9am headed to one of two spots, which spot was undecided).

We headed north out of Pahrump on HWY 160 until we reached HWY 95 which we then jumped on and continued northwest. The skies were blue and the wind was calm so it was a perfect travel day.

Our thought for the day was to drive to Millers Rest Area about 10 miles west of Tonopah and make a decision of staying put or continuing on, wind being the key factor. That particular rest area actually has 5 camp sites complete with picnic tables and fire rings as well as a large open area to camp in case the RV sites are full, and the real kicker is that commercial trucks are not allowed so it’s really a pretty peaceful spot to spend the night. Note, there is a 18 hour time limit on stays so you can be pretty certain to find a spot of some sort.

After 177 miles we reached the rest area at 12 noon and pulled in to make our decision and to at least have lunch and stretch our legs. But before I even set the brakes I think we already decided because of the lack of wind we would make it a short stop and continue on which we did after a cup of yogurt each and a short walk around.

By continuing we pretty much committed to another 127 miles until we reached a nice little spot outside of Hawthorne Nevada that sits along Walker Lake that we have stayed at before. So we continued on HWY 95 through Mina and Luning until we reached Hawthorne where we filled up with fuel again before continuing about 15 miles to our new lakeside home making our travel day just over 300 miles of pretty nice 2 lane roads (with a couple sections of road construction), 300 miles!!!! Let’s not make a habit out of that!!!

Speaking of filling up with fuel, while I was standing outside I couldn’t help notice the abundance of honey bees but didn’t really give it a bunch of thought until I went inside and while standing in line some workers came running in talking about the truck load of bee’s outside at the pumps. Yup, at the pump right next to our coach!!

It’s probably hard to see in the picture but this flatbed trailer was full of boxes of bees draped with a thin net that certainly did not contain all the bees. Even after it rolled away as I was finishing up it left a bunch of bees behind flying around. Well believe me I didn’t bother washing the front windshield this time LOL!!!

Once we reached our site and settle in we broke out the chairs and enjoyed the view until it cooled off enough to chase us inside where we had a nice (pre-made the day before in our Instant Pot) Pot Roast dinner before settling in front of the TV the rest of the evening.

Thursday (4/20) rolled around after a great night’s sleep with one exception, it got a little colder during the night than we have been used to!!! We overcame that pretty quickly with a simple flip of the ol Aqua Hot switch.

We didn’t really have a plan when this day rolled around so I put it in Diane’s hands to decide if we were going to lift our jacks and make another move today or stay put for 1 more night. After listening to the cogs turning in her head I got tired of all the squeaking and grinding so I decided to jump on the weather app on my phone and call out some temperatures for here in Hawthorne and for Carson Nevada which will probably be our next stop. Well calling out the temps was like getting out the can of WD-40 because when she heard the difference she called out “STAY PUT” faster than the best auctioneer you have ever heard could talk. (I’m sure I will pay for those comments).


Because we have been to Hawthorne a handful of times we really didn’t see the need to do any touring so we spent a good chunk of the day sitting in our chairs soaking up the sunshine just knowing that in a few short days we would be rolling into Oregon where this sunshine will just be a memory for some time to come from the looks of things.

About 5 we decided to jump in the truck and make the 15 mile drive into Hawthorne to have pizza at the #2 overall rated restaurant and the #1 rated pizza joint in Hawthorne called Old Nevada Pizza. (Note, I think there are only 2 Pizza places in town and only 10 restaurants all together LOL!!).  All joking aside the place is pretty darn small but the pizza was pretty good.

After dinner we rolled on home and that will wrap up our short 2 day stay at Sportsman’s Beach outside of Hawthorne for this trip anyway. We will certainly be back here again if we pass through again.

Oh, here are a few links to our other stays in the area, some are more informative about the area in case you are interested.





Our plan for tomorrow (Friday) is to travel about 125 miles to Washoe Lake State Park about 10 miles outside of Carson City Nevada and spend a couple days. We have stayed there before and enjoyed it and we hear the water is very high in the lake so it should be totally different from our last stay when the lake was basically empty.

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Headed to Pahrump Nevada

Friday morning (4/7) we lifted our jacks and departed Mesquite headed to Pahrump Nevada. We had a couple options on routes, one would take us right through the middle of Las Vegas on I-15 to HWY 160 and was the shortest route but also the route with the most traffic and the most road construction. The other route was about 30 miles longer and had us getting off of I-15 before Vegas onto HWY 215 which would take us to HWY 95 north and eventually to HWY 160 and into Pahrump from the north.

Well you know us, we of course opted for the slightly longer route to avoid the traffic through Las Vegas. Even though we certainly avoided road construction and the god awful big city traffic that I hate I might have preferred the snail’s pace stop and go driving to the windy as hell, almost white knuckle drive out through the open country. Either way I guess we were just destined for a PITA travel day, it happens.

** We will also take a moment to make a comment about GPS’s. We bought a Rand McNally GPS designed for RV’s 4 years ago that has been a real pain to update and even when I do a update it seems to be out of date and our built in GPS in the motorhome that is now a couple years old has proven to be not all that reliable. Technology, a true love and relationship. Where are we going with this, well that is as unclear as the directions we get from our GPS’s I guess LOL!! But I’m pretty sure it will come up again sooner than later. **

Even though it was only a 170 mile travel day it seemed much longer because of the wind so after getting settled we didn’t do much the remainder of the day except for our usual drive around the area even though we have been to Pahrump about 4 times now.

Oh, as Diane was checking us in and I was unhooking the truck a motorhome drove by with a guy leaning over the steering wheel as far as he could just waving away, It was Bill, one of the RC fliers and Pickleball players from Palm Creek in Casa Grande!! Once again we say “It really is a small world”. Bill and his wife Paula came by for a visit later in the afternoon which was a treat. I’m sure we will see more of them before they leave on Tuesday.

The entrance to the park.

The entrance to the park.


There isn’t much to talk about as far as Saturday (4/8) goes, it was just too darn windy to do much of anything and enjoy it. We ended up driving out to a golf course community and touring a few model homes and finding the RC Airfield at the edge of town but of course nobody was there because of the wind. Other than that and a couple short walks it was a do nothing day.

Once again I curse Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort for getting us so used to doing something active every day, then when we are places with not much to do it kills us LOL!!


Sunday (4/9) was a lot nicer day, it was just a little hazy but the wind had all but gone away. From what we had heard 9am was the gathering time for most of the Pickleball that is played in the park so of course we walked down to check it out.

By the time we got their games were already going on. It didn’t take long to figure out that the players here like to smash the ball and very little dinking at the net was going on so Diane decided to play spectator instead of the game itself but I on the other hand did play.

For only having 2 courts we had a good crowd of people playing, probably  16 of us so there was a lot of rotating players after each game but they seemed to have a system down. Diane got tired of watching after a short while and decided to go for a walk in the desert while I played until close to noon before heading home.

We chilled around home the remainder of the day with just a couple walks mixed in until after dinner and then Diane and I went down to play a little Pickleball just the 2 of us until after dark when we headed home and killed the rest of the evening in front of the TV.


Monday (4/10) was another beautiful day weather wise, blue skies and no wind and temps got up close to 80.

This park offers a free breakfast 6 days of the week, they skip Sunday, so we made our way down at 8am for waffles, mmmmmm. The park is far from full at this point but there was still a good gathering, not as many as we expected with free food involved but still a good bunch.

We sat around eating and BSing until close to 9 before heading home. At that point I grabbed my pickleball paddle and headed down to the courts, Diane opted to not play again but did walk down later to watch for a while.

Once again a good crowd showed up to play, I would guess close to 20 this time. As it turns out there are a few people that live in a neighborhood outside the park that pay $25 each to have access to the courts and come over to play in the mornings but from what I noticed when a larger group is hanging around to play some disappear pretty quick and the revolving of players goes pretty smooth. In fact once again I played from 9am until 12 and I think I only sat out 3 games which I didn’t mind at all.

After Pickleball I headed home where Diane was sitting outside in the sun reading a book so I joined her and enjoyed some of the great weather we were having. We have been checking weather along the route we intend to take back to Grants Pass and for some reason after seeing the miserable weather up there it makes the weather we get to enjoy just a little bit sweeter LOL!! But that will come to an end pretty soon I’m afraid.

A random shot on our way to breakfast. This is also where they have the Happy Hours.

A random shot on our way to breakfast. This is also where they have the Happy Hours.

The lower and deepest pool.

The lower and deepest pool.

The lower and seldom used pool.

The lower and seldom used pool.

After a while we decided to go in and have a light lunch before jumping in the truck and heading to good ol Walmart to pick up some groceries, one of our favorite things to do, OH SURE, yup. Then after Walmart we headed home and kicked back until 5.

At 5 we headed to the clubhouse for dinner, they were having $1 chilly dogs with either hotdogs or bratwurst.

After eating we went out to a grassy area where the park holds Happy Hour and Game night on Mondays at 6. We were the first to arrive and within seconds a member from the campground brought out 4 beanbag toss boards and some type of Frisbee toss game immediately followed by an oblong metal bucket filled with ice and cans of beer (Budweiser)!! As she walked away she said “if you go through all that I have more inside”. Well now that’s the way RV parks should treat their guests LOL!!

We played games and yacked with fellow campers until just after dark before calling it an evening. I forgot my phone when we headed to dinner so no pictures but we had a great time.


Tuesday (4/11) after getting up and killing some time we headed down to the clubhouse for our free scrambled eggs, sausage and English muffin breakfast. Our friends Bill & Paula were leaving so we enjoyed breakfast with them before saying our “see ya down the road”.

After breakfast we jumped in the truck and headed to the Pahrump Valley Model Aviators Airfield to have a look see. This time there were 5 guys at the field but only 2 flying, once again it was not a perfect day for it.

Not knowing if we would find anyone out there I didn’t have any batteries charged up but I still managed to kill well over an hour chewin the fat and breaking the ice with the guys LOL!!

Now that we have started our slow roll north we have been paying even closer attention to the weather along our route and DANG it hasn’t been pretty. We had hoped to go to La Pine to visit friends before going to Eugene and then Grants Pass but because of the weather we let them know that we were going to skip our visit and maybe do it on the way out of Oregon in June so we could drag our feet a little more while heading north.

The upper and main pool area.

The upper and main pool area.

In tune with our statement about weather I went into the campground office and extended our stay another 3 days in a feeble effort to wait for better weather. I’m afraid 3 days isn’t going to help a whole bunch. But instead of leaving Friday the 14th we now plan to leave on Monday the 17th with a backup plan of extending even longer and maybe canceling our reservations in Eugene and just head straight to Grants Pass when we leave Pahrump, we will see.   

We managed to putz around and kill the remainder of the day with a couple walks and other oddball things not worth mentioning until 5pm rolled around. What happened at 5 you ask, well Taco Tuesday of course LOL!! Yup, Tuesday night the park has $1 taco’s so once again it was a great way to ,,,, not cook. After dinner we sat around outside a bit and then retired inside for the evening.


Wednesday (4/12), what can we really say about Wednesday. We went down to the clubhouse for our free waffle breakfast, shot the bull with some fellow campers, went to Home Depot to pick up a few PVC parts and new glue so I could alter my RC plane rack to work better with the new plane, took a short walk in the desert and otherwise just wasted the day because the wind had kicked back up again and other than being sunny and warm it just wasn’t that great of a day. BORING!!!!

Anyway I guess the other thing I did was continue planning out route for this summer’s travel. Yes you read that correctly, planning. This will certainly be a different travel year for us because we have actually made about 7 reservations at RV parks in Wisconsin and Michigan.

We have not toured Wisconsin or Michigan and have always been told that because of the short camping season it’s hard to find spot’s in the spur of the moment so because we have been told that numerous time’s we decided to do something totally out of character and plan in advance. Dang, that’s almost even hard to say let along actually do. Oh well time will tell how this will all work out but we are certainly looking forward to the adventure.


Thursday (4/13) brought another breezy day so after our free egg’s & tortilla’s breakfast we wasted a little time at home and then headed out for a drive which in turn landed us at the casino’s to see how much damage we could do. After only a couple hours we surrendered, luckily Diane was having better luck than me and was enough ahead that we only walked out $5 behind LOL!!!  Once again we just wasted the day around the RV Park after the casino. OK this wind stuff is getting old but at least the sun is out and it’s dry.


Friday (4/14) brought a much nicer day with very little wind. So what do we do first??? Well go down to the clubhouse for our free waffle breakfast of course LOL!!!

Having a free breakfast is nice of course but even better it’s a great place to meet and yack with people. This morning for example Terry sat down at our table with us and as it turns out he recognized our rig and our sign in the front window from when we stayed at Palm Creek in Casa Grande last and has read our blog a few times.

Terry and his wife Diane are also Tiffin owners and have been fulltime for just over a year now and are enjoying the life as we do.

After breakfast during our walk home we stopped to yack with a fellow RVer and Tiffin owner that was cleaning on his new ATV side by side. It turns out he just retired 2 weeks ago and him and his wife just started their fulltime RV life style. I also noticed that they had a 2 burner Camp Chef stove with a griddle and BBQ box sitting outside which is exactly what we intend on buying when we get back to Oregon (need to avoid sales tax ya know LOL!!) so I was anxious to ask how he liked it but they have not used it yet, new full-timer’s with new unused stuff, how fun.

It’s always fun to talk with people just getting started out in the fulltime lifestyle because they are always so excited, not that we aren’t still excited after 52 month but of course it’s different.

Once we finally made it home I changed into my court shoes, grabbed my Pickleball paddle and headed to the courts to play while Diane opted to stay home and putter around.  There were roughly 15 people that showed up to play so with 2 courts it gave people a chance to catch a breather between games before rotating back in.

It's nice being around a little green.

It’s nice being around a little green.

After playing for about 2 ½ hours I headed home where we chilled for a bit before deciding to grab our golf clubs and headed towards the driving range at Mountain Falls Golf Club. It’s been a couple months since we touched our clubs and it certainly showed. To be honest I keep trying to get Diane to agree to leave our clubs in Oregon this year but just can’t seem to get her to agree. We might play 1 or 2 rounds of golf per year and to me it’s just not worth having them with us for that but she sees it otherwise, so I guess we will continue dragging them around LOL!!

After the golf course we headed home and just killed the rest of the day doing a whole lot of nothing other than charging batteries in preparation to a RC Fun Fly at the airfield on Saturday.


Saturday (4/15) started out as another perfect day with little or no wind and today’s free breakfast at the park was donuts & coffee so we opted to skip it, neither of us are big donut people so dang, we had to fend for ourselves.

I was happy the weather was cooperating because we planned to spend some time at the RC Airfield at the fun fly with the local RC club (Pahrump Valley Model Aviators).

We headed towards the airfield about 8:30 and after a few introductions Diane was settled in with the ladies of the group and I was in the air.

Diane in the blue shirt with her back to me sitting with a few of the ladies.

Diane in the blue shirt with her back to me sitting with a few of the ladies.

The Pahrump Valley Model Aviators RC Club is a relatively small group with only 35 members and I think 17 showed up for the Fun Fly along with a few of the wives.

A couple of the guys brought out BBQ’s and they grilled hamburgers & hotdogs and a few brought side dishes and we were invited to dig in right along with them, mmmmm.

Come and get it!!!

Come and get it!!!

This was the largest plane at the field and this pilot has been flying for close to 30 years if I remember right.

This was the largest plane at the field and this pilot has been flying for close to 30 years if I remember right.

Do you notice the different shades of color on the runway? Well the entire thing is carpet!!!

Do you notice the different shades of color on the runway? Well the entire thing is carpet!!!


Like at most airfields it was a great place to meet new people and everyone was very welcoming and invited us back if we come back through next year, and you just never know, we might.

OH, here is a link to the clubs web-site in case you’re interested http://pahrumpvalleymodelaviators.com/




We hung around at the airfield until close to 2 o’clock before packing up and heading home.

Once we got home we just relaxed for a while, Diane got out her current reading material (Paul Newman A Life) and I bounced between my Lazy-Boy inside and the recliner outside trying to sneak in a little nap, zzzzzzzzzzz.

About 4 Diane came outside to sit for a bit and asked where I was taking her for dinner, hmmm I guess the cook is on strike. HOLD ON HOLD ON I’m just joking, we both cook so that was not a sexist statement LOL!!!

As we were sitting there looking at Trip Advisor on the phone trying to figure out just where we wanted to eat Diane & Terry stopped in with their 2 little dogs for a chat. During our chat they mentioned that the restaurant next door to the RV Park (Symphony’s) was probably the best place in town to eat but not cheap.

After Diane & Terry left we contemplated a bit and knew that just food alone for us at Symphony’s was going to be at least $50 plus drinks and decided we just wasn’t hungry enough to do that today so we opted to eat at the Golden Harvest Café inside of the Nugget Casino where our final bill was $21 for the both of us including drinks (minus tip) and we were both stuffed.

Now to have full discloser by the time we made our way from the café to the front door of the casino our little dinner outing still cost us $60 LOL!!! Oh those stupid machines just HAD to call out our names.

Once home we took a short stroll around the park and then settled in for the evening. A pretty good day, minus those stupid machines at the casino.


Sunday (Easter) was a Ho-Hum day for us. I woke with a sore foot which I couldn’t really figure out but I walked down to play Pickleball just the same thinking I might walk it off but no luck. As I approached the courts it was still hurting so I just kept walking and returned home where we pretty much stayed all day.

Temp’s reached 86 so we sat outside some but also hunkered down inside watching some off-road racing (motorcycle and truck). Not a overly exciting day.

Sunday was also supposed to be our final day in Pahrump but after checking the weather again along our path to Oregon we decided to extend our stay once again for 2 more days, now we plan to leave on Wednesday. I think we have really decided to wait until June next year to return to Oregon and maybe not make our usual 1 month reservation at all and just wing it.


We can almost fast forward through Monday (4/18), I went down for the free waffle breakfast, went home directly after to switch into my court shoes and grab my pickleball paddle, played Pickleball for close to 3 hours, went home and did some cleaning on the truck and motorhome, Diane did some cleaning inside, we took a couple walks, watched some TV and there ya have it, another pretty ho-hum day LOL!!! I think we are ready to move on.


Ok, Tuesday (4/18) has rolled around and I’m pretty sure we will actually call this our last day in Pahrump and make it through the day without extending our stay for the 3rd time even though the weather is perfect here for at least another week with temps forecasted in the low 80’s for high’s until the weekend when it starts to reach 90 and lows in the mid 50’s. But I think we have timed it to where we will at least stay dry until we actually roll into Oregon and hell if we wait until we might stay dry in Oregon we could wait long enough this year for us to turn into roasted morsels down here in the south LOL!!

Leaving on Wednesday gives us 6 days to travel 850 miles to where we actually have reservations on the 24th , not the pace we normally like to travel but we have traveled this route before so I guess a couple 1 night stays along the way won’t hurt. So far in over 4 years we have spent only 1 night at a stop 11 times and 3 of those were in RV repair shop parking lots so you can tell we don’t do over-nighter’s very often.

Anyway, not much planned for the day, we went down for our free egg & sausage and English muffin breakfast but the wind has picked back up so it’s too windy to do much of anything except the very basics.

Our plan Wednesday is to hit the road at 9AM like normal and if the wind picks up we will make it a shorter day and stop at a dry camping spot about 10 miles outside of Tonopah Nevada making it a 175 mile travel day. But if everything is going smooth and the wind stays relatively calm we might continue on to one of our favorite dry camping spot’s along a lake just outside of Hawthorne Nevada which would end up being a 280 mile day which really doesn’t sound all that great to me but it would eliminate the need of at least 1 one nighter.

That’s it for this update, in case you are interested here are a couple links to our other stays in Pahrump.





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A visit to Snow Canyon State Park

 Thursday (4/6) was our last day in Mesquite and the sun was shining and the winds had died down a bit so we decided to make another run to St. George to mainly hike a couple trails Diane researched and found online.  

 This time we wanted to get a little earlier start so I didn’t go to the airfield and Diane rushed her morning routine a little and we were off like a herd of turtles at 9AM, which was really 10AM in Utah LOL!!! Not such an early start.

 Once we reached St. George we headed directly to the Snow Canyon State Park. Snow Canyon State Park was designated as a Utah State Park in 1958 and was established to protect the federally listed desert tortoise and its habitat.

 The park is open all year round and has an entry fee of $6 per car but if we were locals we would certainly by an annual pass for $24. There is a campground in the park but the length limit is 35ft so it certainly won’t work for us.

 The park is made up of volcanic cones, sand dunes, deep red sandstone cliffs, and twisted layers of rock. The scenery is so spectacular it has been the backdrop for Hollywood movies including The Electric Horseman and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

 There are a number of trails in the park ranging from ½ mile to 8 miles and from easy to difficult, add in the endless scrambling to be done on the rocks and you can stay busy for some time. Plus if you are into Technical Climbing there are over 170 designated routes and you can get permits to do some canyoneering if that’s your thing.

Lava Tube

Lava Tube

 For us we just wanted to hike a few trails and do a little scrambling on rocks so first off we headed to a trail called the Butterfly Trail  which is a 2 mile trail rated at moderate that sent us winding along the west side of Petrified Dunes and provided some nice views.

Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

Do you see the squirrel standing up on the rock in the middle?

Do you see the squirrel standing up on the rock in the middle?

 Next we did the White Rocks / Lava Flow Overlook trail that was 4 miles and also rated as moderate that took us through lava flows, juniper stands and once again offered up some great views of West Canyon.

Doesn't that rock look like a elephant from the front?

Doesn’t that rock look like a elephant from the front?

Can you see a eye and a elephant trunk in this picture?

Can you see a eye and a elephant trunk in this picture?

See our little friend?

See our little friend?

 Then we headed to a trail called Pioneer Names that was a ½ trail rated as easy. This trail lead us pioneer names written in axle grease on the mountain walls dating back to 1883.

 And last but not least we then headed to Jenny’s Canyon which was another ½ mile trail rated as easy. This trail took us to a narrow slot canyon and also a path that lead up to a scenic overlook.









































After we spent a few hours at Snow Canyon State Park we headed into St George and had a bite to eat at Georges Corner Restaurant & Pub.

 Back in the day Georges was called “The Big Hand Café” that was an icon in the area and a stopping place for tourists as they traveled through Southern Utah. The Greyhound bus would make its one stop in town at the Big Hand and each time it pulled in the waitresses would holler “bus in”, and they would get ready to serve the hungry travelers. So with its history it just made sense for us to eat there and have an adult beverage before heading back home.



 That pretty much takes care of our stay in the Mesquite area. From Mesquite we had originally planned to have a couple longer travel days with a couple 2 or 3 night stops so we could make it to La Pine Oregon to visit with some friends before working our way to Eugene to again see some good friends before making our way to Grants Pass for a 1 month stay but mother nature changed our minds.

 We decided to just travel 160 miles to Pahrump Nevada and hang out for a week in hope some of the cold & wet weather would clear out before we make our way north, but I think mother-nature is not done changing our plans. We will go more into that in our next update but at this point we are scratching our heads and looking at alternatives.  

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