Our stay in Gold Canyon Arizona

 We have finished up our week in Gold Canyon, whew, what a difference from what we have experienced all summer. A good chunk of what should be the hottest months we spent at high elevations in Colorado in the tree’s but dropping down into Gold Canyon we said goodbye to the tree’s AND the cooler temps. Even though not horrible the daytime highs here stayed in the low 90’s and the night time lows were in the high 50’s. We loved the 5am to 11am and 8pm on times of the day LOL!!


 Our typical day started with me walking to the gym around 6am where I spent 1 hour on the stationary bike or Elliptical (or combination of both) before walking back home. At that point some mornings Diane and I would head out for a 2 mile walk or a longer bike ride before returning home for showers and breakfast.

 Because we are always in search of the perfect place to call home during the winter months we had a list of RV Resorts in the Gold Canyon, Mesa and Apache Junction area’s “that word resort is used so loosely it’s crazy” so on a couple days after our morning routine we would venture out to just tour.

 On a couple other days we ventured out to pay visit’s to a few ATV shops around the area to have a face to face with salesman, planting the seed that we are possibly in the market for a new toy in hope they will keep an eye out for a lightly used unit that might fit the bill and give us a call. We went to Ride Now Power Sports in Chandler, Apache Motorcycles on the other side of Phoenix (dang that was a drive through traffic that we didn’t enjoy LOL), Apache Motorcycles in Mesa and Ride Now Power Sports in Apache Junction. They seemed to be the main players in the area.

We told each of them that we will be within 100 miles for the next couple months so if anything comes up we are within an easy driving distance to take a look. Time will tell if we planted seeds in the correct fields. We plan to plant the same seeds in Casa Grande and Tucson when we get closer to those areas. We would certainly rather save a few dollars by buying a good used one but are not opposed to new if the right numbers were tossed out. We are in no hurry and heck we may end up with nothing this year.

 On another morning after our normal start we headed to the Mesa Market Place. We visited it last year and remembered it was pretty large so we had to go again. Of course there is nothing that we really needed but we bought a pineapple corer/slicer that we have talked about getting ever since we saw our friend Karen use hers and a device to make getting the Pomegranates seeds out easier. We always steered away from fresh pineapple and pomegranates before but no more!!

 Well boy howdy, wasn’t all of that exciting LOL!!! Because we didn’t really do anything great this visit we will provide a couple links the our visit last year when we did more exciting things in case you missed them or care to take a look, here they are



That sums it up from Gold Canyon, Saturday morning we will lift our jacks and make another move a little further south.

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Travel day to Gold Canyon Arizona

Saturday (10/8) when I woke up I didn’t hear any raindrops hitting the roof like I half expected to and when it finally got light enough that I could see outside there were just scattered clouds. And by the time we were ready to roll at 9am the sun was actually peeking through.

img_1585 img_1586

 We mentioned in our last update that we would let the weather dictate what route we would take on this travel day, so because it was dry we opted for the shorter scenic route that took us through a number of 6 and 7% grades along with some twisties and we are so glad we did because it was a very pretty drive.

img_1592 img_1595

 As soon as we pulled out of our campground we jumped on HWY 60 which wound its way down through the Salt River Canyon and back up the other side and eventually lead us through Globe and Superior and finally merged with the Superstition Highway and right to our new home for a week.

img_1608 img_1611

 Once we were assigned a site we worked relentlessly for an easy 30  minutes to get leveled with very little luck which was very surprising because the site was deceivingly un-level from side to side and front to back. Before we finished I had used every piece of cut up plywood that we carry and every single leveling block we had and we still had one rear wheel off the ground, Geeez. Keep in mind we have been used to temps in the 70’s and it was in the low 90’s here, I was dying LOL!!!

img_1617 img_1618

 Finally I gave up and because the area of the park we are in has about 40 sites and other than us there was 1 rig so I decided to ask for another site. I was amazed when it actually became a challenge to make that happen. They even asked if I was using blocks but I’m sure they deal with all levels of experience when it comes to Rvers so they had to ask. I politely told them that we had been traveling fulltime for 4 years and have been RVing for many more years so we were not unfamiliar with leveling in challenging spots and we were finally granted permission.

 By the time we moved and got set up I was spent, I think between only having ½ a honey dew melon for breakfast and not having lunch yet and the heat it just got me (hey, have I mentioned that I have lost 30lbs since leaving Oregon!!??).

img_1622 img_1620

 Anyway we both decided to retire inside with the air-conditioners running and decided to wait until it cooled off to hook up water and septic.

 After having half an apple each and some cheese we chilled until we finally decided to go out for dinner instead of cooking. I think Diane was feeling sorry for me because we went out to Chinese, my favorite!! That might have been the first Chinese meal I’ve had in 4 months.

 Another travel day down. We will be here in Gold Canyon for a week before making another move a little farther south.  

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Our stay in Show Low Arizona

 Tuesday (10/4) rolled around and our wheels started rolling again as well. We lifted our jacks, jumped on I-40 West until we reached Holbrook Arizona where we hopped on HWY 77 south until we reached Show Low Arizona and eventually our destination at Venture In RV Resort at the edge of town. A nice 148 mile travel day with no wind and no rain!!

 After getting settled in we jumped in the truck and did our normal exploratory drive of the area. I must admit that I didn’t expect Show Low to have so much. I guess because the population is so much less than the population of Gallup NM and Gallup had so little to offer. I was so disappointed in Gallup that my expectations were lowered I suppose LOL.

According to a legend, the city’s unusual name resulted from a marathon poker game between Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark. The two men were equal partners in a 100,000-acre ranch however, the partners determined that there was not enough room for both of them in their settlement and agreed to settle the issue over a game of poker (with the winner taking the ranch and the loser leaving).

After the game seemed to have no winner in sight, Clark said, “If you can show low, you win.” In response, Cooley turned up the deuce of clubs (the lowest possible card) and replied, “Show low it is.

 So in tribute to the legend Show Low ended up being the name of the town and main-street is named “Deuce of Clubs” in remembrance. Pretty cool way of a town getting its name I thought.

 Show Low is at an elevation of 6,345 feet and in the summer highs average approximately 85 ° with an occasional day above 90 ° they say. And when the sun sets in the summertime temperatures drop sometimes upwards of 30 degrees making lows typically ranging between 50 °F and 60 °F. Still a little warm for me during the days but about right for Diane. However records show Show Low has only reached 100 ° twice, once on May 31, 1969, and again on July 14, 2003 so it at least doesn’t get crazy hot making it a spot to keep in mind for summer months for us.


 During our stay the temps remained in the low 70’s during the day and mid 40’s at night, PERFECT!!!  

 The population is just under 11,000 people so size wise it fits AND it seems larger because the town of Pinetop Lakeside is just 12 miles away and the boundaries sort of mold together like in so many places.

 For being such a small population there are all the major players shopping wise, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Safeway, Bed Bath and Beyond and others but you get the idea. Plus all the major car dealerships, a bunch of nice places to eat, a couple very nice golf courses along with gated communities with upper end homes (so it does not seem to be a depressed area at all), a hobby shop, a casino and on and on. And the places we mention are nice newer buildings so the place really has impressed us for the size.

 There doesn’t seem to be a lot attraction wise in the area so I can’t imagine tourism being a big thing but I would think it’s location in comparison to the Valley towns like Phoenix (and surrounding communities), Tucson and the likes would make it a popular place to escape the heat during the summer and maybe a place to play in the snow during the winter with the average snowfall being just above 20 inches a year which isn’t really that much (but is too damn much for me LOL!!). But for Arizona people I guess it may be a lot.


 The RV park we stayed in closes down November 1st and had already pretty much emptied out by the time we showed up so I imagine the town overall has experienced the same thing making it nice for us while touring around, no real traffic, no waiting to get a seat in a restaurant, no lines at the grocery store, no one to share the gym with in the mornings and such.

 Because we were only in town 5 nights we stayed pretty busy each day. We took a drive out of town about every way possible between 30 and 60 miles to check out the surrounding area. We drove west on HWY 260 35 miles to Heber-Overgaard, we came into town on HWY 77 but we drove back out that way to check out another RV resort that we had heard about called Juniper Ridge RV Resort, we drove HWY 60 south probably 45 miles which provided some pretty scenery and we drove southeast on HWY 260 and 273 60 miles through Pinetop-Lakeside to Big Lake which was our favorite drive by far.

img_1567 img_1569

 There are actually a number of lakes out beyond Pinetop-Lakeside direction to explore but we only stopped at Horseshoe Cienega Lake and Campground, Sunrise Lake, Crescent Lake and Big Lake.

 Other than the driving tours I used the gym every morning, we went to dinner one night at Licano’s Mexican restaurant (nice atmosphere but just ok food), we hiked a very short trail one day and we went to the Casino for just a short while. Only a short while for a couple reasons, #1 it was just too darn smoke filled and #2 we lost money so fast it made our head swim, well my head because Diane was the smart one and didn’t gamble LOL!! And I was finally able to wash the coach, it has been a mess since driving over Wolf Creek Pass back when we left Creed and headed to Ignacio.


 Now THIS REALLY kills me, I finally JUST got the coach all washed up and looking pretty good and the forecast is for rain on Saturday, our travel day!!! What the heck did I do to deserve another wet travel day!!  Maybe I need to say 3 Hail Mary’s. Oh well, we plan to have the coach washed and waxed when we reach Casa Grande in a couple weeks so we will deal with whatever.

I would say that we would stop in Show Low again if passing through but after 5 days it’s time to make another move. This next move will drop us from the nice cool temps we have grown accustom to at higher elevations down to the 1900ft range where the temps are sure to be 20 to 25 degrees warmer. (Warning: I will be wining in the next update I’m sure LOL!!).


 Tomorrows travel day will either be 172 or 136 miles depending on the route I choose. The shorter route is mostly single lane and I guess has some pretty good grades and hairpin turns and the longer is a more-mellow drive and has a bunch of 4 lane roads. I think I will let the weather decide. If it’s not raining we take the short route and if it’s nasty we take the mellow route. That’s better than flipping a coin.

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Our stay in Gallup New Mexico

 Thursday (9/29) rolled around and it was time for us to lift our jacks and bid farewell to Colorado. We spent 8 weeks in Colorado and it was our first visit since hitting the road in our RV and we can safely say that we will be back to spend more time. It was one of our favorite states so far and we only scratched the surface of what it has to offer.

 As almost always we lifted our jacks and was rolling at 9am on what proved to be one of the wettest travel days we have had. Not that every travel day we have had in our 4 years of travel have been beautiful we can honestly say that most of them have at least been dry, not all but most. However this travel day had times that I had the wipers on high and almost wished we had yet a higher speed LOL!!

 From Ignacio we drove HWY 318 to HWY 550 that took us into Colorado and into Farmington. In Farmington I screwed up and continued west on HWY 64 instead of going south on 371 which added about 10 miles to our drive but hey, it’s all new territory and we ended up in the same spot eventually so no real harm.


 Anyway we continued west on 64 until we reached the town of Shiprock where we then headed south on HWY 491 and drove it all the way to Gallup New Mexico. Once in Gallup we jumped on I-40 for 4 miles and then jumped off and drove old Route 66 to our campground (USA RV Park) where we had reservations for 5 nights.

 We felt fortunate that the rain had slowed to a drizzle once we reached the campground but just as we finished hooking up it started to pour again so we decided to just hunker down and relax the rest of the day and stay dry.


 So how did we decide to stop in Gallop New Mexico you might ask, well we have reservations farther south on October 15th so we drew a line on a map from point “A” to point “B” and just broke the distance down to equal parts so we could spend 5 to 7 days at each spot and Gallup so happened to be in the way and was someplace we had never been. Plus because it sits at just under 7000’ we figured it would still be cooler than dropping down a bunch in elevation just yet.


Gallup was founded in 1881 as a railhead for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad and was named after David Gallup, a paymaster for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. It remains a VERY busy train area, I overheard one storekeeper say that they have roughly 85 trains go through town a day!!! And I think we heard every last one every single day AND NIGHT!!


Gallup is also known as the “Heart of Indian Country” because it is in the middle of the Navajo reservation and home to people from many tribes like the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and other’s from what we have read. We certainly was a minority as we toured around but everyone was very friendly that we came across.

 Speaking of touring one of the attractions is the historic El Rancho Hotel & Motel that has hosted a number of movie stars over the years including John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, Gregory Peck, and Burt Lancaster.


  The rugged terrain surrounding Gallup was popular with Hollywood filmmakers during the 1940s and 50s for the on-location shooting of Westerns. Actors and film crews would stay at that hotel during filming.

 Some of the films made in Gallup include Billy the Kid (1930), Pursued (1947), The Sea of Grass (1947), Four Faces West (1948), Only the Valiant (1951), Ace in the Hole (1951), Escape from Fort Bravo (1953), A Distant Trumpet (1964), and The Hallelujah Trail (1965) and I’m not sure I have seen any of them.


 We also visited the Gallup Cultural Center. Standing in front of the building stands a sandstone statue of Chief Manuelito sculpted by Tim Washburn.


 And just to the side but still up front is a 12 foot tall bronze statue of a “Navajo Code Talker”. The Navajo Code Talkers played a major role in winning the war in the South Pacific during WWII by providing an efficient code that the Japanese never cracked. The monument was done by Navajo/Ute sculptor Oreland Joe and was the first monument of its kind dedicated to the Navajo Code Talkers.



















 Inside the Center were displays of weaving, sand painting, Historic Route 66 memorabilia, handmade jewelry and a bunch of art pieces. Admission was free (donation box) and was certainly worth a look see if in the area.

img_1551 img_1550

This shows what plants were used to get the colors to dye the thread.

This shows what plants were used to get the colors to dye the thread.


Sand painting

Sand painting


Sand panting

Sand panting


















And Trading Posts are huge in the area so we had to take a look at what they had to offer. They had more jewelry made of turquois and silver than you could shake a stick at and Indian Blankets, well at one shop we had to be escorted into the blanket room so I knew we were in for a treat and they were beautiful but much more expensive than we were willing to even consider. There were blankets in the $5000, $6000, $8000 and up. Of course you can find small Navaho blankets in the $200 and $400 range as well but we were not really in the market so we didn’t spend a bunch of time looking after being in awe of the more expensive ones.

That's my star.

That’s my star.


 Other than those things we didn’t do a whole lot, we went to Wal-Mart and did some shopping (once again we did this on a Saturday which we always ask ourselves WHY DO WE END UP AT WAL-MART ON SATUDAYS!!! We are retired and can shop mid-week when it’s slower but nooooo.) We checked out the Casino (but didn’t gamble, just looked) and otherwise just killed time. To be honest we booked 5 nights and after only 2 we were counting the days before we could lift our jacks and move on.

Get it??? Rock Concert LOL!!

Get it??? Rock Concert LOL!!

 Our final day in Gallup was Monday (10/3) and we had planned a hike but it rained and blew most of the night Sunday and the wind continued to blow all day today (Monday) so we never left home, just hunkered down with a few short walks.



 The only thing I did of importance all day was talk to insurance companies. Our RV and auto insurance is coming due in November and of course like every year the cost is going up so instead of just absorbing it and bitching about it like I do every year I’m getting quotes from 3 different companies (as much as I hate the process). Well one of the 3 is our current insurance agency (Miller Insurance) who we have been with the last 4 years. They seemed a little put out when I informed them that we were comping them with others LOL, but after a 40 minute phone conversation realized they needed to re-quote us with another insurance company or simply lose our business. After all that IS what they do. We still have 30 days on our current policy so it’s not urgent yet but the next thing you know I will procrastinate until it IS urgent and I have no time to shop around and be forced into absorbing the new inflated price again like we have done the last few years, NOT THIS TIME!! And please don’t tell me that I’m the only procrastinator you know.

 That’s it for this update, tomorrow morning we will lift our jacks and make another move. Unless I make the wrong turn again it should be a 140 mile travel day.  

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Another short stay in Ignacio Colorado

Ho-Hum, not every stop can be exciting. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we don’t have to stay active and tour all the time and our stay in Ignacio this time was a prime example.

 We rolled in on Friday (9/23) after a somewhat miserable travel day so once we settled in we chilled for a while before walking over to the Casino for dinner and a little gambling and then home again where we hung out in front of the TV the rest of the evening.


 Saturday morning (9/24) we jumped in the truck and rolled into Durango to have the first oil change done in the truck. Normally on a new vehicle I like to do the first oil change at 3000 miles but we have not been anyplace near a Ford dealership and it’s just to inconvenient to do it myself on the road so the truck rolled up to 4300 miles before it got it’s first. They even gave it a free wash which was great because it was a mess after our travel day over Wolf Creek Pass in poor weather the day before. For the record it was a nice clean shop with friendly staff in case you are in the area and in need of a Ford shop.

 After the oil change we took a drive through town just for fun and stopped at Tacos Nayarit Mexican Restaurant for a light lunch before going to Home Depot. We needed a shower head holder to replace the one that broke in the motorhome but dang, that was the messiest home improvement store I have ever walked through AND they didn’t have a holder in stock. To be honest, coming from managing home improvement stores for many many years it down right bugged me to even walk through that store, that’s probably some sort of disorder I will never get over LOL!! That manager needs to call a couple work parties to get that place under control.

 After Depot we headed to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping and they had a shower head holder in stock so we should have just gone there first. After Walmart we headed home. Even though we really didn’t do a darn thing we managed to kill a good chunk of the day so when we got home we once again just kicked back the rest of the evening. I told you it was a pretty uneventful stay.


 Sunday (9/25) of course was football day (Way to go KC!!). Diane took advantage of the laundry room at the casino to wash some of the bigger stuff and I, as planned, pretty much watched football and gave some thought to where we will go after we leave this spot.

 Other than football we went for a short walk and called it another exciting day LOL!!


 Monday was another uneventful day, a couple mile walk in the morning (oh look a playground!!! We just can’t help but act foolish when we come across an empty playground), a little time in the casino in the late afternoon and of course the Presidential Debate in the evening. Days like this make me wonder why I’m even doing an update LOL!!!  In fact I’m surprised anyone has read this far LOL!!.


Play a pretty song for us.

Play a pretty song for us.





















Tuesday (9/27) after spending some time in the gym at the casino and a shower we walked over to the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum that is just a short distance from our campground.


 For such a small community the Cultural Center & Museum is amazingly nice and well thought out and with admission being FREE (donation jar) you simply can’t go wrong.

 We probably spent close to 2 hours reading literature and listening to the interactive displays scattered throughout the museum before we finally wandered away. And once again instead of us trying to describe everything we will provide a link to their website that can do a much better job if you are interested. http://www.southernute-nsn.gov/

What are you doing in there Diane?

What are you doing in there Diane?

 After the museum we headed home for a late lunch, Diane did some reading and I made reservations for our next stop and otherwise putzed around aimlessly until we decided to head over to the casino to try our luck before returning home once again for dinner and an evening in front of the boob-tube.


 Wednesday (9/28) our last day in Ignacio before making another move. After an hour in the gym and breakfast we decided to walk over to a trail we saw the other day and hike (walk) it to Scotts Pond.

The only snake we saw on the trail was the picture on this sign.

The only snake we saw on the trail was the picture on this sign.


 It really wasn’t much of a hike but it was a nice stroll along a stream and the pond did have a little wildlife to watch, geese – ducks – fish & turtles that occupied our time for a while before walked back.

thumbnail_20160928_1104141 thumbnail_20160928_1103461 thumbnail_20160928_1115391

 After Scott’s Pond we saw Bear Trail and decided to walk it a ways but it fizzled out pretty quickly so we turned around and headed home. All together it was roughly between a 3 & 4 mile walk but enjoyable just the same.


 We chilled the rest of the afternoon and then went over to the casino for dinner and a little more gaming fun before calling it a day once again.

Ohhh that water is deep,,,, ohhhh I can't swim,,,, Ohhh this thing is rockin!!!!

Ohhh that water is deep,,,, ohhhh I can’t swim,,,, Ohhh this thing is rockin!!!!



 Thursday (9/29) we will lift our jacks and move a little farther south and into New Mexico and stay at an elevation of just under 7000ft so we will not be dropping into the heat just yet.

 We hope this update didn’t put you to sleep LOL!!  

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Final days in Creede Colorado

 Ok, we mentioned in our last update that the internet service at our campsite in Creede simply S,,, ok I’ll keep it clean,,, was pathetic at best so we will bundle the last week of our stay together into one update.

 We also mentioned in our last update that we drove the Bachelor Loop and we enjoyed it so much that we drove it again, this time during the evening hours in hope we would run across some critters.

img_1461 img_1464

 We must have seen 15 or more deer but the highlight was a moose spotting. It was laying down when Diane spotted it but after saying MOOSE she immediately said, No I think it’s a stump. By that time I had stopped and also had a hard time telling if it was a stump or an animal, it was roughly 75 yards from the road and was dead still.

 So I grabbed my camera and got out, left the motor running and the door open and slowly walked in its direction. After I walked about 20 yards it turned its head and proved that Diane was right in her first assumption of it being a moose. As soon as I took one picture it stood up and amplified its proof of being a big ol moose!! About then I retreated before snapping another picture LOL!! It didn’t seem to mind us being there too much and never showed any aggression but we were not about to be the next You Tube sensation gone viral so we admired from afar and then continued on our journey as did the moose.


 On two other days we drove to Lake City, a nice small town 52 miles northeast on highway 149. Why make the drive twice you ask, scenery is the answer. On our first drive over the weather was not the greatest and even though the leaves were starting to turn colors we knew they would turn a whole lot more before we planned to leave the area so we decided then that we would drive over again.

img_1497 img_1496 img_1495 img_1494

 During our first visit we walked the streets of town and ate lunch at Southern Vittles that we had heard was the place to eat. Diane had Catfish and I had chicken fried steak. I thought my meal was pretty good but Diane wasn’t overly thrilled with hers. But I will say that while we were there 80% of the people were eating catfish for what it’s worth so they must be known for it in the area.

img_1373 img_1374 img_1379 img_1369

There are more ATV's used to get around than cars in some towns.

There are more ATV’s used to get around than cars in some towns.

img_1388 img_1387

 On our second trip to Lake City it was our intension to take in the views once again and drive what we could of the Alpine Loop that starts just outside of town. We had read that after a few miles the loop turned into an ATV or 4×4 road but we still wanted to drive it as far as we felt comfortable.

img_1359 img_1360

I love the choice of seating in Lake City

I love the choice of seating in Lake City

img_1475 img_1476 img_1478 img_1479 img_1480 img_1489

 We drove roughly 12 miles on the loop before finally turning around even though we could have gone farther but the road was pretty slow going for us and by the time we turned around about every other vehicle on the road was either a side x side or some other type of off road rig so we figured turning around wasn’t a bad idea. I guess you can drive that road all the way to Silverton or Quray, but not in our rig. It was one of the times we missed having the Jeep and OR having an ATV,,, hmmm.

 On the way home from that day trip we stopped at Freemon’s General Store to try one of their hamburgers that we heard so much about. The building is very old and reminds me of a place we might have gone while growing up on the farm back in Iowa, no frills, a little bit of everything not a whole lot of anything but a spot you just like to go that has real friendly people behind the counter.

Freemon's General Store

Freemon’s General Store

 Diane had a cheeseburger and I had a bacon burger and both were really good. It lived up to the hype as far as we were concerned right down to the beer battered French fries and the sautéed onions on the burgers.

 Let’s see, I guess we are talking about food so let’s continue. While in the area we also had to try the pizza joint in town called Elevation 8852 that we were told about. The pizza was really good and the young lady running the place and her husband manage 5 different businesses in town, a couple restaurants, an ATV rental outfit and a cabin rental business and I don’t remember the other. They run the shops for owners that are just owners and are hands off in the everyday operations which makes it nice for the couple. They run the shops 5 months out of the year then close them down and travel the remainder of the year. Damn, why couldn’t we find a gig like that while still in the work force?

 And yes, we did more than just eat, we toured the Creede Underground Mining Museum one morning with Debbie & Steve before they left town. Like the Last Chance Mine Tour the entry fee was $15 each and lasted a little over an hour I would guess.

thumbnail_20160911_1035411 thumbnail_20160911_1023311

 You can do a self-guided tour with headsets if you want but we opted to do a tour led by a retired miner that added a little something to the tour we felt and he did a great job of explaining the equipment on display and different methods of mining.

thumbnail_20160911_1052221 thumbnail_20160911_1105021

 Instead of going into detail here is a link you might find interesting. http://www.undergroundminingmuseum.com/

We did the tour on a Sunday so right afterwards we rushed home to watch Kansas City play a fantastic come from behind game on TV. GO CHIEFS!!!!

 Another fun event was an annual car show. For a small town it was a pretty good show and roughly 150 cars were in attendance.


Car show in Creede

Car show in Creede

 We spent a good part of the day checking out all the eye candy and sitting in the sun in benches watching the event.

Car show in Creede

Car show in Creede

img_1431 img_1434 img_1435

 The car show was on a Saturday and on the following Sunday was a Fly In at the airport just across the street from our campground.

img_1440 img_1442 img_1443

 Everyone flew in, had breakfast, visited for a while and flew away. It was a short event but long enough to walk around and check out the planes and watch them all take off. Pretty much all of them did a low fly over as they left the area.

img_1451 img_1452 img_1453 img_1454 img_1440

 To top it off the next day we had a herd of sheep go down the road next to the park LOL!!! A car show, an air show and then a sheep parade, how can it be any better LOL!! It was fun watching the dogs work.

Watching the dogs work the herd was fun & interesting

Watching the dogs work the herd was fun & interesting


We mentioned in our last update that after only 2 days we decided to extend our stay from 1 week to 2 weeks but in order to do that we had to change sites. Our new site was right on the Rio Grande River. The nose of our coach was about 30’ from the river’s edge which made for a great place to just relax, listen to the water and enjoy a little down time. On those “down days” we took a couple walks and chatted with a number of RVers that had been coming to this campground for years and we can see why.

That's out site to the left of the brown deck

That’s out site to the left of the brown deck


 The town does have a number of events each year like a ATV Poker run in early June, an annual 4th of July Street Festival, a Woodcarvers Rendezvous, a Rock & Mineral show, a Hot Air Balloon Festival, Salsa Fest, a Quilt Show and of course the Car Show and Fly In and a few others. All in June July and early September. Plus the park has hiking group, a group that goes golfing each week, an ATV group and it sounds like there are a number of gatherings on top of everything else so a person could stay pretty busy and it all sounds like fun to us.

img_1403 img_1404

Damn those Beetles!!

Damn those Beetles!!

They are working on cutting away a bunch of the dead tree's closer to the roads it seems.

They are working on cutting away a bunch of the dead tree’s closer to the roads it seems.

That pretty much sums up our stay in Creede. We are already talking about reserving a site here for next summer, maybe for the months of mid-July to mid Sept. but I think that will hinge on if we end up buying an ATV like we have talked about. We really like the area but ATV’s and hiking are a big part of the draw to this area and we are not sure we could just hang around that long otherwise.

img_1396 img_1400

 We had originally planned to head a little east and then start our migration south when leaving Creede but because we stayed an extra week we decided to just start a slow move south so we wouldn’t need to pick up the pace any. Plus the temps were starting to get pretty cool at night (low to mid 30’s) and high’s during the days were low 50’s to mid-60’s during the daytime. Nit horrible but a chance of snow popped up on the forecast one day and that was the final straw LOL!!


North Clear Creek Falls Between Creede & Lake City

North Clear Creek Falls Between Creede & Lake City

So on Friday (9/23) we lifted our jacks and drove back over Wolf Creek Pass and on to the Sky Ute Casino where we will spend a few days. The drive wasn’t bad except for the ice buildup on the windshield LOL!!!  I think we need to drive a little faster south.


I took this from our campsite.

I took this from our campsite.

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Hanging around Creede Colorado


We have been in Creede for a week now and in our last update we mentioned driving the Bachelor Loop along with our friends Debbie & Steve so we thought we had better elaborate a bit more on that because it is one of the most popular areas around Creede.

The loop is a seventeen mile drive that takes you high into the hills above town and through Creede’s former mining district. Scattered around the mountainsides are numerous old mines and ghost towns.

img_1230 img_1236 img_1239 img_1243

NOTE – We would recommend a stop at the Visitor Center before taking the drive and buying a $3 guide map that will give you some history about certain numbered sites along the way.

Another note – If you are like us and you visit the area you will hear a variety of opinions about the road itself on Bachelor Loop. We heard everything from “I drove my Prius around the loop” to “We barely made it in our Jeep Cherokee”. Well let me set the record straight. We probably would not drive a Prius over the entire route only because about the first 2 miles would be a challenge but if you drive the route in reverse I would do it in a Prius except for the last 2 miles.

There is a section at the beginning that is a steep climb and in our pickup I did put it in 4 wheel high and had no issues at all even though there are a few rocks that light cause a low clearance rig some problems but if you pick your line correctly you will not have issues.

As you drive the route the old mines are bound will spark your imagination about the struggle of miners digging ore in the steep cliffs above Creede. And about what life would have been like back in the day.

About half way through the route we came across the Last Chance Mine, another key spot to visit while in the area. As soon as we pulled up we were guided to a parking spot, asked to gather around and was told a story that went something like this: img_1275


















img_1271 img_1273


** The Last Chance Mine would likely have become just another forgotten Creede mine had it not been for Jack Morris. A Missouri native, Morris became interested in mining and minerals via an unusual route. As a professional trucker, he had hauled heavy equipment to mines in Missouri’s lead belt, Arizona’s copper belt, Illinois and West Virginia coal mines and Missouri iron mines; where he met many miners and began collecting minerals. In 1995, to further his interest in minerals and mining, Morris began spending his month-long annual vacations in Creede.

Of all the historic Creede mines, the Last Chance most intrigued Morris. The owner of the Last Chance was Nancy Granger Schallen, the granddaughter of Ralph Granger, one of the businessmen who had grubstaked Theodore Renniger’s successful 1891 prospecting trip. Over the years, Granger had passed sole ownership of the mine to his son Paul, who eventually passed it on to his daughter Nancy. When Morris contacted Granger Schallen to learn more about the Last Chance, she asked if he wanted to buy the mine. After thinking it over, Morris replied that, yes, he was interested, but he couldn’t afford it.

When asked why he wanted the mine, Morris explained that he planned to open it to the public, generate revenue from the sale of the Amethyst Vein dump material, then use that money to restore mine buildings and preserve the mine’s history. Hearing that, Nancy Granger Schallen offered to sell Morris the Last Chance for nothing more than its assessed tax value.

Morris purchased the mine in 1995. In 1999, Jack moved to Creede and he then began the full-time restoration of four mine buildings. In 2005, he opened the Last Chance Mine as a fee-collecting site and historic attraction. **

After hearing the story we all (Debbie, Steve, Diane and I) decided to pay the $15 entry fee 14330865_10202147548246435_719928106_n1and take a guided tour of the mine.

Our guide “Fish” made the tour interesting and certainly was filled with knowledge but I will admit it was a little less than I had hoped for. But even though we have done a number of cave tours during our journey’s we have only one mine tour to compare to and that was the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee Arizona and it really isn’t fair to compare the two because Copper Queen has been doing tours for years and the Last Chance Mine is in its infant stages. Oh, here is a link to our tour of the Queen Mine in case you are interested and didn’t see it before. https://daveanddiane.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/our-visit-to-bisbee-arizona/


Come to think about it the cost to tour the Queen Mine was $13 for a much more extensive tour. Oh well what’s $2, plus taking into consideration the expansion that is in progress at the Last Chance Mine by the time we return next year (if we do and I think we will) the tour should be pretty exciting AND SCARRY from what Fish told us.



After the tour Steve really had a hankering to get down in the tailings and look for some treasures and of course Diane was totally on board with the idea. So they both went to sign a waiver saying if they fell and broke something the mine was free from any blame and away they went.







Visitors that do not bring their own equipment are provided with a bucket, rock hammer, and plastic spray bottle filled with water and safety goggles. The charge to take material from the mine dump is $2 per pound.


img_1277 img_1281


Debbie and I opted out of the hunt and settled out on the deck and shot the bull while Diane & Steve beat the heck out of rocks looking for something cool.  After about an hour they both came up with what they thought were great finds but ended up tossing them over the edge when the excitement over lol. Better luck next time.

img_1289 img_1287 img_1266 img_1265 img_1264


Debbie & Steve are into Geocaching so here they are after finding there 1 shy of 1100th cach if I remember correctly

Debbie & Steve are into Geocaching so here they are after finding there 1 shy of 1100th cach if I remember correctly

After the mine we continued our drive until eventually we ended up back in town and found our way to Tommyknockers Tavern where we shared an order of chicken wings and adult beverages and talked until well after dark.

img_8973 thumbnail_20160910_1839521

After Tommyknockers we all headed home with plans of meeting at 10am the next morning and visit the Creede Underground Mining Museum.

14330877_10202147545006354_1816649959_n1 14328926_10202147549006454_1342386622_n1 img_1262 img_1254 img_1257

I will say again that the internet in this area just sucks so we will fall behind on the blog by design because I just don’t have the patience to toy around with f and on again connections. Life is too short to be frustrated by the little things LOL!!



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