Things are coming together yet still in turmoil

 Time for another update.

 Things have calmed down a little from our last update yet we still have not been able to get into the routine we had envisioned like we did last year.

 Starting with me, my bout with vertigo has seemed to have gone away and so far is staying away.

 We read and have talked with people that had reoccurring episodes with vertigo for sometimes a couple months before it totally went away so even though I don’t feel lucky that I had to deal with it at all I do feel fortunate that compared to many my experience did not linger, so far at least.

 So, I’m pretty much back to my old routine of Pickleball every day (well almost, we have had a couple interruptions and most of them worthwhile which we will touch on in a bit), bike rides, walks and whatever else pops up. One thing I have not gotten back into yet is hitting the gym on a regular basis but my plan is to start that right after a Pickleball Tournament I’m signed up for in Tucson on December 8th. I don’t want to start working muscles that may not be used to being worked that might hamper my play, I’m hampered enough as it is..


















Diane on the other hand is still dealing with pain daily, well all the time as far as that goes, with her arm / shoulder ordeal.

 In our last update we left off described how the suggested visit to a neurologist went and that Diane decided to heck with that and made another appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon to inform him she wanted to bypass any testing with the neurologist and to take care of the known bone spur issue first and go from there instead of chasing possible ghosts. We have this appointment scheduled on Wednesday (12/5)

 On to another subject, here is where we stand in the selling process of our current motorhome. First off before we reached Casa Grande I placed an ad on Facebook and we had a number of hits on it but as you can imagine by us being a moving target as we bounced around every week it made it hard for anyone to really have a look. Plus we advertised that we wanted to maintain possession until April 1st so I’m sure that turned a few off as well.

 Once we reached Casa Grande we placed an ad on and as well as on Craigslist in the Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson Arizona areas.

 From our experience the Facebook ad certainly got a lot of attention and a lot of requests for more information and pictures but nothing solid ever came from them mainly because people were from all over the country and not necessarily near us at all. But exposure is exposure and you just never know. And of course it was fun to have that “glimmer of hope” moment now and again LOL!! and each generated a couple leads but nothing that seemed very solid but no doubt both were to be credited with the call’s we started getting from a few RV dealers around the country wanting to take it off our hands for a “fare” price LOL!!! Of course we are being facetious.

 Even though the numbers they were throwing around were not overly attractive a couple of them were not downright horrible and were numbers that IF we found ourselves in need of selling it when it came down to the wire of picking up our new 5th wheel, we could live with. Even though we could buy the new truck and 5th wheel and put the motorhome on consignment somewhere it’s not something we cherished the thought of.

 Craigslist on the other hand generated more local leads and leads that turned out to be much more solid, even though a couple turned out to be flaky as well of course.

 One lead in particular turned out to be a pretty good one, Jack and Lisa initially contacted us through Craigslist which turned into a couple emails which turned into a phone conversation which turned into 2 visits to tour our coach (each visit roughly 3 to 4 hours, (these are the worthwhile things we talked about that took us away from Pickleball and our normal routine lol) and to haggle on just what would come with it and price and then a 3rd visit after we agreed on a price for an actual test drive and to drop off a deposit check.

Whew, this selling stuff while full-timing is a hassle. Now I remember why we just did the trade-in thing when we bought this coach. I sure wish New Horizon would have taken it as trade because it certainly would have been much easier.

 Because we will keep possession and live in the motorhome until close to the 1st of April we will not be totally cashed out so now it’s just a moving money game to pay the timed out installment’s for the new 5th wheel during the build process and to pay for the new truck sitting in Indiana which has to be paid for by the end of the year. We probably have our financial advisor climbing the walls about now LOL!!! But everything is penciled out and has gone as planned so far so we are just rolling with the flow and he will need to as well.

 Oh, did I mention truck, well I guess that’s a perfect lead in to talk about where we are on it right now.

 Because this entire truck purchase and build out has been done completely over the phone and internet Tom, the owner of Classy Chassis, has done a great job supplying pictures and keeping us up to date on how things have been progressing.

 Buying a truck and having all of the things done to it that we are without ever seeing or touching it in person is completely out of character for me and I myself can’t believe we are doing it but Diane on the other hand was ok with it from the get go and she has kept be from going bonkers a few times.

 We had done a ton of research before going through with it and with all of the research and all of the people that we have talked to either in person, over the phone or via e-mail not one of them had one single negative thing to say about Tom, Classy Chassis or the product they put out which also was a huge deciding factor for us to move forward like this.

 Anyway, the truck and conversion is basically completed at this point and we just have to fork over the remaining balance by mid-December and Tom has agreed to keep it safe & sound for us until we go pick it up in April. LOL!! A new truck and conversion totally paid for sitting 1800 miles away that we have not even seen or touched in person, are we flippin crazy!!! Well our moto is “Throwing Caution to the Wind” after all LOL!! I think we are still living up to that.  

 That’s it for now, we have been here in our winter spot for just over a month and still have 4 months remaining before moving on (probably with all of our worldly possessions in a U-Haul trailer behind the pickup LOL!!) Truly homeless.

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Rough sea’s

 OK, we will try to stay on point and not get to wordy in this update but we have had a rocky start to our stay down south this year and I’m afraid I can’t promise not getting wordy LOL!!

 We will start with the basic & fun stuff, I of course have been playing as much Pickleball as I can (but there have been some interruptions which we will be talking about), Diane has been playing some Mexican Train and Mah Jong with the girls a couple days a week and she has been volunteering at the New Member sign up desk one day per week, we have been getting some walks and bike rides in and we have attended a couple Happy Hours and a Solo Cup event that the RV park put on.

 The Solo Cup event was pretty darn good, we paid $5 and for that we were given a Sloppy Joe sandwich, fried pickles, a small potato salad, bag of chips, a brownie and a water (adult beverages were available to buy).

 The event was held out in a nice green grassy park and live music was provided. In fact this particular band was probably the best entertainment we have heard here at Palm Creek since coming here, they were flat good!! The band’s name was “Hillbilly Deluxe”

 One of the other gatherings was a Thanksgiving Pot Luck. We didn’t know over half of the people that showed up but it was a good time to meet some new people and of course eat some great food.

 I’m guessing about 25 people showed up and we had all the Thanksgiving fixing’s you could want, and more.

 It was a great Thanksgiving, Pickleball in the morning followed by a great meal followed by football. Life is good.

 Ok, life is good but not that good all the time I’m afraid. We have said this before, just because we live what some would look at and say a (vacation lifestyle) we are not exempt from issues.

 The next little bit of this update will not necessarily be in chronographic order but it will be easier to talk about and follow by keeping it to one topic at a time I think.

 Let’s start with Diane’s arm & shoulder issue we have talked about in prior updates. In our last update we mentioned that Diane had an x-ray of her arm done and had a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon but he wasn’t able to determine what the problem was from just an x-ray so of course he wanted a MRI scheduled.

 We scheduled the MRI and had it performed which ended up being about 10 days after the meeting with the orthopedic surgeon. Diane’s a pretty tough old bird but because of the way they had to extend her arm during the MRI she was pretty red eyed when she finally finished up from the pain it caused, poor girl.

 After the MRI we of course had another appointment scheduled with the orthopedic surgeon to go over the results and that appointment was 7 days after having the MRI done, dang, things just seem to be stretching out.

 In the 2nd meeting with the Dr. he said that Diane has a couple bone spurs in her shoulder area that are pressing on muscle and that even though she has no torn tenens they do show some wear and inflammation no doubt caused by the bone spurs.

On top of the bone spur issue he thinks that some of the shooting pain she is experiencing may be caused by possible nerve damage and wanted her to make an appointment with a neurologist to have things checked out. Crap, the neurologist must be yet another family member needing work kicked his way.

 When trying to make a appointment with the neurologist we were told that he was booked out over 3 month’s but she could get in to see his nurse practitioner for a preliminary appointment in just a few days so of course we jumped on that, anything to help move things along even though we didn’t expect a lot of help to be had from that visit.

 When we had the meeting with the neurologist’s nurse practitioner we could tell by her facial expressions that she wasn’t thinking the pain Diane was describing necessarily matched up with nerve damage and said so but of course started talking about a few tests they could run to make sure.

 It started out something like this, we can get you in for another MRI and also run some lad tests. Then we would stick needles into your muscles to help measure the muscle response. And then we would do a test (I forgot the name) to electrically stimulate your nerves so we can measure response. HOLD THE BUS!!!

 About then we both looked at each other and could see getting wrapped up in the medical whirlwind chasing something that might not and probably is not even a problem when we know for certain (well we didn’t actually see the MRI showing the bone spurs but I would hope we could trust the Dr.) that she has bone spurs that are a problem and could possibly take care of all of the problems.

 At that point after a short discussion with the nurse practitioner we decided to go make another appointment with the shoulder Dr. and let him know that Diane wants to move forward with the bone spur issue and IF there is any other issues remaining after that she would address them. We figured if he didn’t want to perform the procedure we would just move on to a clinic we were told about in the Phoenix area.

 It’s no wonder this country has such high insurance costs, doctors working with doctors to run tests and rack up bills for things that probably are not even a problem. Take care of known problems and then see if there really are more issues.

 At one point while talking with the practitioner and after she mentioned all of the tests they would want to perform and we started to obviously fade away she started removing tests one by one that we could start with as if to take items off the menu to find a level we would bite into to. I hate being so untrusting and Diane gives me a hard time now and again for being so but I’m sorry, I can’t help it.

 We have our next appointment with the orthopedic surgeon next week.


 Ok, now on to another stretch of rough road aside from Diane’s issues. One day after playing Pickleball during the morning for a couple hours I headed home to lend a hand doing some cleaning in the coach, because of Diane’s issues it’s hard for her to do some things.

 After everything was all done and we were just about to walk down to take the garbage and go out for an extended walk I had a funning feeling in my head and about the time I thought, hmm what the heck was that, the room started spinning and I was more or less just thrown into the closest chair I could find. It turned out that I spent about the next 9 hours in that chair unable to focus on anything and even just trying to lift my head off the headrest sent me into heaving convulsions, thank goodness we keep a small bucket handy inside the coach because it sure came in handy that night.

 After the 9 hours in the chair I mentioned before with Diane’s help I made it to our half bath so I could relieve myself (but trust me I thought long and hard about just using that darn bucket because it took me over a half hour just to get set up straight long enough without vomiting to even attempt standing up).

 Once I made it to the bathroom every time I would look down do make sure my aim was good (sorry ladies) it would cause me to vomit. Luckily the half bath is somewhat small and I had walls close by to lean on because things could have gotten pretty ugly pretty darn fast LOL!!

Once I made it back to my chair I spent the remainder of the night there with Diane sleeping on the couch to keep tabs on me and I stayed in that chair with my head spinning the remainder of that night and the entire next day.

 Now granted about 15 hours after the start of this episode the spinning slowed down enough that I could at least focus on an object but I was still very effected any time I tried to stand or even move my head side to side very quickly at all. And I had trouble off and on to varying degrees for the next couple days. In total this episode pretty much controlled my life for 3 solid and almost 4 days.

 It turns out from what we can tell I had my very first run in with Vertigo and holy crap I hope I never experience it again.

 I won’t go on and on about my little issue but will pass on what friends on social media shared with me about a couple exercises you can do if you ever have a run in with Vertigo that actually helped me, mainly after my initial bout and when I was having the recurring bouts over the next couple days because I’m not sure I could have made myself even do them the first night to be honest.

 The 1st exercise is called the “Epley Maneuver”. ((The Epley maneuver or repositioning maneuver is a maneuver used by medical professionals to treat one common cause of vertigo, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo of the posterior or anterior canals of the ear. It works by allowing free-floating particles from the affected semicircular canal to be relocated, using gravity, back into the utricle, where they can no longer stimulate the cupula, therefore relieving the patient of bothersome vertigo)).

 The 2nd exercise is called the “Brandt-Daroff Exercise” and is the one that I found to be easiest and one that you could use if you had a bout while out and about, heck during my recovery time I actually dropped the tailgate of the truck and did this in a parking lot while Diane was in for her MRI when I was having a relapse. Aren’t we a pathetic pair LOL!!

 I won’t go into how to do these exercises but we will provide a link to a page that will describe the exercises and even a couple others in case you are interested. If nothing else at least make a mental note of these in case you or someone you know ever encounters a bout of Vertigo and pass on the information like it was passed on to me, they really do help and will probably be what a Dr. will do for you if you go in for a visit.

 Here is the link


















Ok, this update is starting to get a little lengthy (and maybe depressing) so we will stop now even though we have some other new stuff to talk about like the progress on the truck, where we are with the build of our new 5th wheel and the progress with selling our current motorhome (we have had a couple showings) and so on but we will get into that in our next update.  

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1st couple weeks under our belt

 We are well past our second week (half way through our 3rd) of a 5 month stay here at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort and time is going by quickly as we figured it would. Unfortunately not as quick for Diane I’m afraid with her arm issue.

 So far Diane had an x-ray of her arm done and had a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon but he wasn’t able to determine what the problem is from just an x-ray so of course he wanted a MRI scheduled. We hear so many times that someone goes in for a x-ray only to need a MRI done so why he heck don’t they just do MRI’s in the first place, is it to help keep brother Guido in business?

The golf course is green and open for play here at the park. They had reseeded right as we arrived so it was closed for a while.

The golf course is green and open for play here at the park. They had reseeded right as we arrived so it was closed for a while.

 Anyway, Diane called to make the MRI appointment only to find out she couldn’t get in until November 20th!! That’s something like 15 days from the time she had the DR. appointment which seems crazy to me for such a small community. I guess there are too many of us old farts here this time of year with frail bones needing MRI’s LOL!!

 This is why Diane’s time is going by a little slower than mine, she is in just enough pain and has such limited use of her right arm that she is very limited in what she can actually do, heck I even have to put her hair in a ponytail for her at times because she can’t move her arm enough.


 She is able to get out on bike rides and walks and gets together with the girls to play Mahjong and has started volunteering at the Registration Desk at the Pickleball Courts to occupy some time but I know she is very disappointed that she can’t play. Aw hell, getting old ain’t for sissies.

 I on the other hand, even though feeling a little guilty, have been playing Pickleball almost every day for 3 to 4 hours along with whatever else. And I have signed up for 2 different Pickleball Tournaments, one in Tucson and another just up the road here in Casa Grande and have plans to sign up for at least 1 more and maybe 2  so I have been getting as much court time together with my partners as possible.

It's early in the season so it's a small group but these are beginner Pickleball players taking a orientation class. They hold these classes once per week and it's not uncommon to see over 20 new people every week through the season.

It’s early in the season so it’s a small group but these are beginner Pickleball players taking a orientation class. They hold these classes once per week and it’s not uncommon to see over 20 new people every week through the season.

 Even though the skies have been blue it has been what we will call chilly the last few days and windy with temps in the mid to high 60’s during the day and dipping into the 40’s at night. I think we have turned into pure sissies thinking that temps in the 60’s is cold LOL!! But the forecast is for temps to go back up to the mid 70’s this coming week so all is good again.

 I don’t think there is anything else very news worthy other than we had the slide topper re-installed and it’s looking good and we have continued the Tuesday night 2 for 1 wing night ritual with our friends Drew & Becky which is always a treat.

 I guess this will be a short and sweet update. Until next time.

 Oh, I guess there is one thing, we spoke with New Horizon and it seems they want to push up the start date on our rig by a couple weeks so that is a good thing. We were a little worried (and maybe still should be) that our rig would not be finished in time to make it to the New Horizon Rally we signed up for in Texas in May. This might take some of the pressure off, time will tell.           

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We arrived at our winter home

Monday (10/29) we lifted or jacks and drove away from Yuma and headed 185 miles east towards the Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande Arizona where we will spend 5 months this winter. Yes you read that correctly, 5 months. It even seems funny to type 5 months in one spot LOL!!

I know we have said this before at some time but when we first hit the road 6 years ago we never thought we would spend anywhere near 5 months in one location and certainly not in a RV Park the size of Palm Creek but never say never.

We have found for us that after traveling and spending months doing mainly one week stays and playing tourist we are enjoying the longer stay at one location that has more activities available than we could possible participate in and being more socially active with a group ( a growing group) of friends here at Palm Creek.

Just pulling in.

Just pulling in.

Heck as soon as we pulled in the gate and rolled up to the staging area to be lead to our site we saw Drew and Becky just in front of us with Drew standing in the middle of the road waving hello. Then as we were checking in we bumped into two other couples that we play Pickleball with and fly RC planes with. Then as we walked out of the office we saw our buddy Steve Fisher. Then as soon as we backed into our site we had 2 other friends, Steve’s wife Karen and then Debbie roll up to say hi almost before we even got our slides out LOL!! Fun stuff.

Once in our site and all set up inside I only did a partial setup outside because we had a wash & wax scheduled for the motorhome the following morning so no sense putting stuff out and then have to move it out of the way.

I don’t even remember what we did the rest of the afternoon at this point but I do know that by 5PM I was at the Pickleball courts getting ready to play in my first Round Robbin of the season where of course I bumped into a number of people we have not seen since last year.

Diane came over and played spectator because of her injured arm but ended up staying the entire time I played (a little over 2 hours) because she kept bumping into friends and stayed busy catching up with everyone.


Tuesday (10/30) morning about 7:30 the crew from Dave’s RV Wash showed up about 7:30 to wash & wax our RV so I decided to hang around and take care of business instead of going over to play Pickleball that day.

After a few hours they had finished up and I started dragging things out of the basement and finished setting up what I didn’t do the day before.

All clean

All clean

All clean

All clean

Because we don’t normally set that much up outside during our usual 1 week stay’s our basement is never as empty as it is during our long stay at Palm Creek so I took advantage of the moment and got the vacuum out and touched up while I had the chance.

By this time I was on a roll so I got out the good ol 303 product and gave all the seals a once over as well.

We pretty much killed the remainder of the day with a shopping trip and a bike ride which took us to 5Pm when it was time to meet friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for two-for-one wing night.

Last year our friends Drew & Becky got us hooked on the Tuesday night two-for-one wing nights and we started making it a normal thing and from the looks and sound of it we will pick up right where we left off LOL!!  Our mutual friends Ray & Barb also came along and all had a great evening.


Wednesday (10/31) I started the day with about 3 hours of Pickleball before heading home to shower so we could get Diane over to a spot in town to have a x-ray done on her arm, something the orthopedic surgeon has required before her meeting with him coming up on the 7th.

We also had an awning guy come over to give a price on replacing a slide topper on the RV but after we looked at it he decided the topper itself was in great shape and that we just has a couple seams come loose that could be repaired and save some money.

So the plan is for him to come out next week to remove the topper and take it to his upholstery shop, re-sew the seams and re-install it. By doing this we will save a few hundred dollars compared to doing a total replacement and he said the material itself should be good for a few more years easily.

The remainder of the day was spent with bike rides and playing catch up with people as we came across them.


Thursday (11/1) was our actual scheduled time to arrive at Palm Creek so we felt pretty good that we had already been here a few days and were ahead of schedule getting things done so it just turned into a play day.

Of course I started the day out with about 3 hours of Pickleball and it was followed up by bike rides and visiting mainly followed by a BBQ and some down time. A pretty simple and normal day.


Friday (11/2) after “you guessed it” about 3 hours of Pickleball I headed home for a shower and a short nap before driving about 47 miles south to meet up with our friends Bob & Karen for a late lunch / early dinner at the Circle S Saloon in Mariner.

Bob & Karen were only in the area 3 days so we all wanted to make sure to at least get together once for a visit. If you have read the blog long you will have certainly seen and read about Bob & Karen numerous times. We make it a point to bump into each other as much as possible.

While we were sitting in the parking lot waiting for Bob & Karen to show up an Ambulance and a fire truck rolled in with lights flashing and about 6 guys went inside with a gurney. About that time Bob & Karen rolled and we all had to question Karen at how she picked this spot.

You would have had to been on the ride just trying to find this restaurant in the first place because both Diane and I and Bob & Karen thought our GPS’s were crazy and there couldn’t be a restaurant in the area it was located, and then to get there only to have a fire truck and ambulance show up with lights flashing as well, it was sort of funny to us at the time.

Anyway we all went inside and avoided the poor guy stretched out on the floor with medics all around him and made our way to a table. One thing was for sure, we didn’t want to have whatever that guy on the floor had.

The waitress was pretty rattled about the whole ordeal but once we got passed here heightened adrenalin levels things calmed down and we enjoyed our meal and visit.

Bob, Karen, Diane & me

Bob, Karen, Diane & me

We enjoyed it enough that before we knew it the place was getting pretty busy and when we looked at a clock we realized we had sat there close to 2 ½ hours. Time flies with good company and friends.


Saturday (11/3), of course the morning was filled with Pickleball. I hit the courts at 8 and played to about noon before heading home to get Diane and head out on a bike ride.

Afterwards we needed to hit the grocery store to pick up something for a Happy Hour planned for the following evening and to stop by Home Depot to pick up a new hose to flush out our black tank.

We paid some pretty good money for a hose while up in Washington for a new hose but holy cow was that money wasted. I normally buy a hose called “The Pocket Hose” from Home Depot, one of those hoses that expands when you run water through it and it normally lasts a couple years because it lays out in the sun most of the time. But while in Washington when the hose gave out we were not near a Home Depot so we bought a Ames brand that we actually paid more for that was a pure piece of crap and only lasted about 3 months. So back to the Pocket Hose we go.

While we were out we also stopped in at the “Clean Freak” car wash. While in Casa Grande we always sign up for a $16 per month car wash program. It allows you to run your rig through the automatic car wash up to 2 times per day for just $16 a month and because the water is so hard at the RV Park the only way the truck gets washed is by going to a car wash so it’s really not a bad deal. Heck the truck stays cleaner while in Casa Grande than any other time of the year LOL!!

By then it was time to head home to BBQ up some dinner and chill. Oh, I think here might have been a nap tossed in there somewhere as well LOL!!


Sunday (11/4) was a little more of a laid back day. After a slow start we took a 3 mile walk followed by a bike ride and the rest of the day was filled with watching football until 5PM. Sort of a “give the body a rest” day. That’s right, no Pickleball LOL!!

At 5 we gathered up the Pineapple Upside Down cake Diane made and our beverages and headed over to our friend Clair’s house where she was hosting a “Welcome Back” Happy Hour.

It was a nice gathering of about 11 people and we had a great time catching up and making up some plans for different events throughout the winter stay.

The girls were talking about going to a movie that some of them have been wanting to see and getting the Mahjong games going again along with Pickleball as well as planning for a few concerts that are being held in the park. And Drew and I talked about getting involved with a weekly poker tournament.


Monday (11/5) was back to full on activities it seemed. I went over to the Pickleball courts and started playing at about 8:30 and played until 1. Then headed home for a light lunch and a nap until Diane headed over to the courts with friends to be a spectator. It’s been rough on her not being able to play with her injured arm. We sure hope the Dr. can figure out what’s wrong on Wednesday.

This crop duster works the fields just outside of the park and we watch him often. This is a shot from our RV site as he was headed to the fields.

This crop duster works the fields just outside of the park and we watch him often. This is a shot from our RV site as he was headed to the fields.

After Diane took off I jumped on the bike and went for a ride and returned home in time for Diane to get back so we could have a light dinner before headed back over to the courts about 5:30 where I played again until about 7:30 I guess.

While I played Diane went down into a different court and tried to play with her left hand, she is determined to get some Pickleball in however she can. He friend Becky went and batted the ball around a little with her and one of the 4.0 players also stepped in to give her a hand I noticed.

By the time we finished this bout of Pickleball I was plum beat and ready to head home for a shower and to watch a little Walking Dead we had recorded.

Another darn good day.


That takes us through our first week here at Palm Creek and it was pretty much what we had expected. We figured we would get off to a mellow start and we did but I’m sure things will start rolling pretty strong soon.

Oh, last year when we rolled in on November 1st you might remember that I weighed in at 235lbs and had a goal to get down below 200. I’m happy to say that I weighed in at 195lbs this year on November 1st so I have been able to keep the weight off so far.

I have sort of set a new goal however, I have a Birthday coming up in 3 months and I want to be down to 185lbs. I’m not sure I will want to stay at that weight but I want to see how it feels. I’m pretty darn happy with 195 and feel strong at this weight but what the heck. If I don’t like it I know I won’t have any issue packing back on 10lbs LOL!!

Let’s see, what else? OH YES!!! We got a few more pictures of the progress on our new truck.

It’s coming right along but still has to have the bed liner sprayed in, the auxiliary fuel tank installed, the 5th wheel hitch installed, the spare tire and stainless steel tire cover installed, running boards put on, a few more light installed as well as a few other little things but it’s coming along very nicely.








This is the latest photo, it shows the fold down steps under the front compartment have been installed and the rear backup sensors as well. Looks like they might be getting ready to install the running boards.

This is the latest photo, it shows the fold down steps under the front compartment have been installed and the rear backup sensors as well. Looks like they might be getting ready to install the running boards.

As far as the new 5th wheel, well not much to talk about there yet. I will say that I’m a bit unhappy with the communication we are getting from them at this point but we will see if that changes as we get closer.

I guess that’s it for now, by the time we actually get this posted we will be well into our second week and things are going pretty much as the 1st week, Pickleball, bike rides, walks, visiting, Tuesday night wing night, temps in the low 80’s and forecasted for the high 70’s this next week, all in all another good week taking shape.

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Headed farther south

 Saturday (10/27) we lifted our jacks and moved away from the Wine Ridge RV Park in Pahrump Nevada and had 2 possible landing spots in mind to end our day at.

 The first would be a 264 mile travel day to a boondocking spot in Quartzsite Arizona and the second would be a 340 mile travel day to the Carefree RV Village in Yuma Arizona.

 Well, because it was supposed to be in the low 90’s in Quartzsite and because Diane was planning to watch the world-series which meant I would be left with absolutely nothing to really do because I’m not a baseball fan we decided to make it to Yuma.

 After all, the park in Yuma has 8 Pickleball courts and I needed something to do LOL!!

 Not much to talk about for his stay, it went something like this. We got to the park about 3PM, got set up and had a late lunch / early dinner. The baseball game started at 5 and I was at the Pickleball courts by 6 and found some good casual play and played to about 8:30. Not much else to talk about for Saturday.

 Sunday (10/28) after breakfast I made my way to the Pickleball courts about 7:30 and found some pretty competitive play and hung around until 10:30 before heading home to watch the Kansas City football game (way to go KC!!) followed by a shower and a short driving tour around town but we had to be home by 5 so Diane wouldn’t miss the baseball game on TV LOL!!

 Unfortunate no one showed up at the Pickleball courts Sunday night for some reason so I just spent the evening working on the blog and going out for a number of short walks in hope that someone, ANYONE would show up at the courts at some point, but no luck.

 That’s really about it for our short Yuma stay. Monday morning we plan to lift our jacks once again and make another move. Let the winter fun begin!!

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A little time in Pahrump Nevada

As we mentioned in our last update, Saturday (10/20) after a night in Beatty we lifted our jacks and had a whopping 75 mile travel day to the Wine Ridge RV Park in Pahrump Nevada.
Between hanging around in Beatty as long as we could and stopping for fuel we managed to hold off our arrival at Wine Ridge until 11:45 which turned out to be about perfect because check in starts at 11:30, that’s earlier than most places around the country tend to be.

We were fortunate enough to get an end site that gave us an unobstructed view out into the desert. We had the site right next door once and liked it but this is even better.

Because we had been to Pahrump a few times we didn’t really have a bunch planned, it was really just a hold over spot to kill a little time before continuing on towards Casa Grande, our winter spot, but we managed to stay pretty active.

Of course Wine Ridge has 2 Pickleball courts so I managed to go down and play a couple hours every morning. Most mornings we had between 10 & 12 people show up to play but one morning we only had 3 so we just did some drill’s and played a 3 man cut throat game.
And I made it to the gym a few times as well to spend time on the Elliptical.

Poor Diane did something to her arm a few weeks back and has been trying to wait it out in hope it would just heal itself but that does not seem to be happening so she wasn’t able to play at all. She does have a DR. appointment set up in Casa Grande to have it checked out. We hope it isn’t anything serious because that would be a real bummer, she has really been looking forward to a bunch of Pickleball and golf this winter.

The park used to offer a “pretty much” free breakfast 6 days a week but now they offer a waffle breakfast 3 times a week so we of course made it to each of those which was a nice break from our normal yogurt breakfast we have at home.

Along with the free waffle breakfast they used to offer a free oatmeal breakfast and a couple mornings they charged $2 for a 2 egg’s & sausage or bacon breakfast with coffee & juice but for some reason people were not showing up for oatmeal or the egg breakfast so they stopped doing them which is to bad. Where can you go to have an egg breakfast for $2 now days.

And on day we took a road trip down into California to pick up our Mega Millions ticket one day. It’s very odd but Nevada does not sell Lottery tickets, go figure. On the same outing we looped around and visited the China Hat Date Farm, something we seem to do every time we are in the area.

We started the hike at the far end of the green you see.

We started the hike at the far end of the green you see.

We like the date shakes at China Ranch and I always buy a small loaf of Date bread while there and we enjoy taking a hike while in the area as well. The down side this time was it was in the mid 80’s and there is no shade to be had and there wasn’t a breeze at all. so it was a bit warm so we didn’t hike as far. But we enjoyed it just the same.

The last time we walked by here the walls were still standing so they have fallen since May. Sad

The last time we walked by here the walls were still standing so they have fallen since May. Sad

Here is a links to one of our visits to the China Hat in case you are interested so we don’t have to re-type everything again. I guess I’m lazy.

And on another day we took a drive to Las Vegas to do a little Pickleball shoe shopping but had no luck so ordering online it will be. That little trip to Vegas also took care of my big city driving for a while LOL!!! And we were just on the outskirts of town.

Other than that our time in Pahrump was pretty mellow, we did a little grocery shopping and went out to eat a couple times, we took care of a couple real life things like renewing the insurance on the motorhome and truck (even though just for 6 months this time instead of a year because of the switch about to happen) and scheduled a wash & wax for the motorhome when we arrive in Casa Grande. We have about 5 people planning to come see the rig when we get to Arizona so we want it squeaky clean LOL!! Actually we have the same service wash & wax it each year we are in Casa Grande so it would happen regardless.

We also received a couple more pictures of the progress on the new truck. It looks like the bed has been painted so it will probably be going to assembly petty soon.

The bed will have a spray-in liner applied and a auxiliary fuel tank and the 5th wheel hitch of course. And a spare tire with painted to match cover and stainless steel wrap. It should be sharp.

The bed will have a spray-in liner applied and a auxiliary fuel tank and the 5th wheel hitch of course. And a spare tire with painted to match cover and stainless steel wrap. It should be sharp.

The headache rack and fender trims.

The headache rack and fender trims.

Communication on the new 5th wheel however has been slow. Once we put the deposit down it seems the urgency on their end went away. But to be honest they won’t be actually starting our rig until January 1st (it was scheduled for mid-December) so there isn’t any huge rush but not having to rush is exactly why we committed so far in advance, so there wouldn’t be a need to crunch things towards the end.

We were warned that this might happen and it’s why we tried to get as much nailed down before we actually signed papers and sent any money but we are not worried yet, things will work out.

The plan after leaving Pahrump was to drive to Quartzsite Arizona to spend about 5 days boondocking before moving on to Casa Grande, but after watching the forecast and seeing that the temps were supposed to be in the low 90’s we decided to trim that back to just a couple days and move our reservation up a few days at Casa Grande. We like boondocking when it’s in the 60’s and 70’s, maybe even into the low 80’s but 90’s, nope, too hot to boondock for us. Besides, we are both ready for our stay at Palm Creek.

OK, that’s it for now. We will lift our jacks tomorrow (Saturday 10/27) and mve away from Pahrump once again.

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Winnemucca and Beatty Nevada

Wednesday (10/17) we lifted our jacks and rolled away from Burns and headed 225 miles south to Winnemucca Nevada.

We headed south out of town and drove HWY 78 until we hooked up with HWY 95 which we took the rest of the way to Winnemucca and boy howdy, there isn’t much to see along any of the route. But it was all good 2 lane highway with very little traffic at all, especially HWY 78. In fact 78 is one of those highways you can’t help thing, dang I hope we don’t have any problems out here with no real place to pull off the road, no traffic to wave down and no cell service LOL!! You know those toads.

Once we reached Winnemucca we headed to the New Frontier RV Park where the plan was to spend 2 nights before moving on. And once all set up and after a little lunch we headed out for our usual driving tour of the area.

Winnemucca sits at 4295ft elevation and was named after the 19th-century Chief Winnemucca of the local Northern Paiute tribe, who traditionally lived in this area back in the day and now has a population of around 7800 people.

And a bit of interesting history, on September 19, 1900, Butch Cassidy’s gang robbed the First National Bank of Winnemucca of $32,640.

After our driving tour we headed home and then walked over to Wingers right next to the RV Park for dinner. Dang, two taco’s each and an appetizer of 9 wings and 3 glasses off tea came up to $50!! They must have seen us coming LOL!!

After dinner we headed home and chilled the remainder of the evening with plans of a hike the following day.


Thursday (10/18) after another cold night with temps in the low 20’s we woke to clear blue skies.

While sitting and having my coffee I happened to look out the window and saw a guy walking his dog and then thought, HEY I KNOW THAT GUY!!

It was Gordy, a good friend from Grants Pass that I hadn’t seen for probably 7 years. Gordy and I have gone on a number of “Boy’s Ride’s” and number of casual scooter rides back in the day and have spent a number of evening around a poker table together.

Unfortunately they were leaving that morning but it was nice catching up with him and Sherry the little time we did have to chat. We will see them again down the road I’m sure.

After seeing Gordy and Sherry drive off we kicked back a little while to let the temperature outside go up a little before jumping in the truck and heading out for a hike.

Diane did a little research and found a hike in the Water Canyon Recreational Area that sounded pretty good so we decided to check it out.





Even though the original trail we had hoped to hike was closed we were able to find a very picturesque hike along a nice stream lined with Aspen and Cottonwood trees.

We had no idea just where the trail would take us but just as we started we did bump into a couple coming down that when asked said the trail would literally take you to Utah if you wanted. Hmm, I don’t think we ready for a hike like that LOL!!

But we did hike roughly 1 mile on a steady and gradual uphill trail until we reached the end of the Aspen Tree’s before turning around and heading back to the truck. So not a long hike but we got out a little anyway.

After our short hike we spent a little time just driving around before heading home where we just kicked back the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Not an overly thrilling day but a good day nine the less.

The plan from here was to get up on Friday (10/19) and head south. We didn’t have a plan of just how far south or where we would land for the night, just south and to warmer temps. We had one night to kill before going to Pahrump where we had reservations for a week.


Friday morning (10/19) we got up and around and got a little earlier start to the day (for us) and were on the road at 8:30 with no real destination in mind but figured we would either make it to Tonopah Nevada 259 miles south and deal with one more night in the mid 20’s OR push on another 95 miles to Beatty Nevada where we would find overnight temps in the mid 50’s.

So we jumped on I-80 for about 50 miles before heading south on HWY 305 which connected to HWY 50 for a few miles before jumping on HWY 376 and the HWY 95 until we reached Tonopah.

It was still way early in the day and the draw of warmer weather was pulling on us hard so we opted to continue on HWY 95 until we reached Beatty.

Once we rolled into Beatty we found a nice big gravel pullout just before we reached Denny’s and took advantage of an open space right next to a wash that gave us a nice private patio side and a great view out into the dessert where we could dry camp for the night.



Once set up we headed out for a walk through town in search of a spot to have a late lunch / early dinner. Our choice turned out to be a spot called KC’s Outpost.

We both had French Dips and we both agree they were pretty darn good. Tender meat and fresh bread that they make themselves. It was a good choice.

As we sat eating our meal we couldn’t help notice that once again we came through at the wrong time, if only we would have been a couple weeks later we could have attended the “Bed Races” and a Chili Cook Off. Dang, maybe next time.

On the walk back home we just had to stop in at the Death Valley Nut & Candy Company to pick up something for the sweet tooth.

We stopped in once before and had fun looking at candies we hadn’t seen since our childhoods and this time was no exception. I couldn’t walk more than a couple feet without pointing and having ,,,mmmmmm, come out of my mouth.

Once again it turned out to be a cheat day on the ol diet but they just have to happen now and again.

When we made it home we just chilled until bedtime. In the middle of the night we couldn’t help lay there and giggle as we listened to a few donkeys make their way through our camp. We wanted to get up and try to see them but we were just too comfortable to make the move.


Saturday (10/20) we woke to blue skies and too much warmer temps than we have been accustomed to over the last couple weeks.

While having breakfast looking out over the desert we saw a coyote running along the wash and soon after two dogs took off after it. Not sure who the dogs belonged to but we never saw them come back so we don’t know what ever came of that scenario.

Then it was time to move on. We only had about 75 miles to travel so we were not in a big hurry to get on the road. Our next stop was going to be at the Wine Ridge RV Park in Pahrump Nevada where we planned to spend 1 week.

It seems all roads run through Pahrump for us when we are traveling north and south for some reason, this makes about the 5th time we have stayed in Pahrump and about the 3rd time we have stayed at Wine Ridge.

That’s ok, we don’t mind Pahrump for a week at a time. Wine Ridge has 2 Pickleball courts and an ok gym that keeps me busy some of the time and there are a few nice drives and a couple areas we like to hike while in the area so all is good.

That’s it for now.

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