Our Austin visit part 4. All about food

 In our Austin Part 4 update I think we will just touch on some of the food places we visited. Did we mention that our friends Becky & drew are foodies? Well if not….. THEY ARE FOODIES LOL!! And they know their way around the food joints in the Austin and Lakeway area so we most likely would not have known about or gone to a fraction of these places without their guidance and of course there companionship was the icing on the cake, or the sauce on the BBQ in most cases.  .

 The first place we will talk about is a spot that we visited probably 4 times during our visit in the Austin area called Torchys.

 Torchys has right around 60 locations between Texas, Colorado, Arkansas and Oklahoma with a number of locations slated to be opening soon and I’ll tell you what, if we were going to move to one of those states I would try to pick a town that had a Torchys in it!! 

Becky is lovin it I think.





















Now it may sound funny to say that a Taco joint would have an influence on picking one town or another but if it sounds funny it can only mean one thing, YOU HAVE NOT HAD TACO’s AT A TORCHYS!!!















In fact as I’m thinking about it I think we will check to see if Torchys offers stock on the stock market and if so I know where our Nike stock will be transferred LOL!!!

 Damn, it’s 4:30AM and I want a Torchys Taco. We will supply a link to them so you can check out their menu.  https://torchystacos.com/culture/

** Side note, it seems Torchys is not on the stock market and is privately held (probably smart). But they did team with an equity group in 2018 in order to grow the company. I’ll be watching these guys.


 Ok, another spot we hit, actually on our first night in town was Poodies Roadhouse.

 I think Poodies Roadhouse is probably known more for their music venue and drinks than anything else but we can tell you that they serve a darn good burger as well.

I guess from what we have heard and read a number of well-known musicians like Willie Nelson, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker, Freddy Powers, Asleep at the Wheel, Billy Bob Thornton, and many more.

 It just had a good ol nothing fancy, no bells & whistles Honky Tonk feel. We liked it.

I know we mentioned the Redbud Café in Blanco in a previous update but because we are talking about food joints I figured we would give them another mention.

Redbud isn’t a place that if we were 50 miles away that we would make a special trip to go visit but for being in a town of just over 2000 people it’s a pretty good stop and they offer a darn nice sandwich for the money.

 Then there is the “It’s All Good BBQ” joint we had to check out.

 Now in our blog we say it the way it is and call it the way we see it with no punches pulled so we have to admit that “It’s All Good BBQ” was probably our least favorite spot we ate at during our visit but we also know that any place you eat at can have a bad day so we wouldn’t strike it from our “give it another try” list.

 From what we read about the place they have entered the “Texas’ best BBQ competitions” for the last 20 years or so and have gone up against the best in the business and have walked away with awards for their pit-smoked brisket, ribs, chicken and sausage. So with credentials like that they certainly deserve he benefit of the doubt. Just unfortunately for us they were not a cheap BBQ joint and we caught them on what was probably an off day.

Then there is the “Don Mario Mexican Restaurant”. So for me “Dave” Mexican is towards the bottom of my favorite foods but go figure that it’s at the top of Diane’s so of course we eat at Mexican joints more than any place else LOL!!

As far as Don Mario’s, I like the story more than anything else because they started from a small roadside taqueria operation and then grew to where they were able to open a brick & mortar location in Lakeway with a full service bar and an outdoor patio so they must have done something right.

 And even though Mexican food isn’t my favorite I certainly did enjoy what I had at Don Mario’s as did Diane, Becky & Drew and you have to give them a thumbs up for the value offered during Happy Hour, that’s for sure.

The “Lebowski’s Grill” in another spot we hit one afternoon.

 There are a few Lebowski’s Grills around the country from what we have found out but this particular one was located in a Bowling Alley. So if you’re looking for more of a restaurant atmosphere this might not be the place to go. But on the other hand if you are hungry for a good burger and happen to be in the area like we were it’s a good stop.

 Another good burger stop for us was the “Sandeez Hamburger Hut”.

 We have to admit that the main reason we visited this spot was not only because we heard they had good burgers but also because we heard that the Lakeway Classic Car Club gathered most Friday afternoons here and it’s hard for us to pass up a good gathering of old iron of any sort.

See us tucked in by the sports cars. Hey we fit right in.

We don’t stand out at all.

 So we got there early so we would have a spot to park our big ol truck and watched as it was surrounded by classic cars until we were actually blocked in LOL!!! Hey we didn’t care, the burgers were darn good and there were plenty of cars to check out.

 Ok, now another BBQ joint called “Schmidt Family Barbecue” and without a doubt the best BBQ spot we hit during our visit.

 This is one of those spots that have a pretty good history story and one that we can’t do justice by just typing it out so we will provide a link to click on and check out if you care to, here it is http://www.schmidtfamilybarbecue.com/restaurant

A little peek in the back room where it all happens.

As far as our experience goes it was very apparent that Drew & Becky just MIGHT eat more meals at Schmidt BBQ than they do anywhere else in town because as soon as we walked in they were recognized and addressed and before long after sitting down with our food the Pitmaster came to our table and started holding a conversation like old friends do. And not long after we finished eating we were getting a behind the scenes tour with the pit master which was pretty interesting.

Ok, now on to the “Lighthouse on the Lake”. The main reason we were drawn to this spot on that particular night was to listen to a 2 person band that our friends Drew & Becky knew of and has listened to numerous times at different locations including cruise ships. Heck they are basically groupies of the “2 Country 4 Nashville” duo.


















This was to be the first time for us meeting Jo’el and LeAnne “2 Country 4 Nashville” and as we walked onto a nice patio overlooking the lake we saw that Dew & Becky had our VIP table all ready right on the railing and up front and person with the band where 10 of us ended up enjoying and great evening of music, food and friendship.

 The Lighthouse on the Lake is a family owned business and the owner Robin can be found working on site every day and his wife Samantha can be found on site most days and we enjoy supporting people like thing.

 The food, music and food was very good and the scenery was the icing on the cake.

 Another spot we strapped on the food bag at was “Jack Allen’s Kitchen” and boy did we strap on a BIG feed bag.

Does Drew look happy?? And this was our second round of food that filled the table.




















We went during happy hour and for some reason we thought for the price the portions would be small so we all ordered 1 appy and agreed to share, and we did.

 We shared and shared and shared until we just couldn’t eat any more and had to leave food on the table. It food was amazing and the quantity of food was even more amazing.

This was part of our 1st round of food.



















Now normally we would take to go boxes but that particular night we were headed off to see the Bat’s under the Bridge (which we will talk about in our next update) so we knew any food we took with us would not survive.


















Here is a link to Jack Allen’s in case you care to take a look.  https://jackallenskitchen.com/

 Then there was the “Oasis Restaurant and Bar” which was a fun spot to be either for the food or to see the sunset or to just take in the huge complex itself.

 We actually visited the Oasis twice but went to eat, visit with friends and listen to music one evening. It’s just one of those places to need to check out if you are in the area.

 Unfortunately for us the night we went the sunset was underwhelming but we had a great time none the less.

 Now last but not least let’s have desert at “Gourdough’s”

 How do we explain Gourdough’s? Hmm, donut heaven, sweets gone wild, calories unlimited, sugar high higher than high, donuts that you would never thing existed, or just plain GOOD!! I don’t really know how to explain it to do it justice.

Zoom in on that menu.



















I know one thing, even though we may not be willing to try every concoction on the menu there are enough of them we WOULD try that we would return, and return and return over a long period of time to try them. It would have to stretch out over a long period because a person just can’t have that much good, I mean sugar day after day LOL!!! 

This was Drew’s with bacon

Mine is on the bottom and Diane’s on the top. Hers was WAY sweet.






















































They have two locations so we went to the Airstream Trailer location for the roadside café feel. Here is a link you should check out.  https://gourdoughs.com/

 And of course we can’t forget an evening at Drew & Becky’s where Drew slaved over the BBQ which was followed by a rip roaring game of Mexican Train.

 That’s about all we can say about our food experience during our stay and if we could we would probably need to admit ourselves into some sort of foodie’s anonymous program.

 Ok, our next update will be on some of the other fun stuff we did.

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Our Austin visit part 3

 Here we are on Part 3 of our stay in the Austin area.

During our 1 month stay in the area Diane and I went to the Hamilton Greenbelt Trail system about 3 or 4 times I guessing to squeeze in some exercise and to take in the scenery.

 It’s great when congested big cities maintain areas where a person can get out for some fresh air and exercise in nature instead of just build everything out with concrete. And it was even nicer for us because it was relatively close to our campground.

 I think we read that the main trail is a 5.1 mile out & back but there are several more primitive trail’s that Diane and I mainly found ourselves on as well as a mountain bike trail system that wandered through the Hurst and Yaupon creek areas.

 We found the Hamilton Greenbelt trails very relaxing.

Another spot we made our way to for some hiking was the Canyon Trail System.

The Canyon Trail System is certainly more challenging than the other hikes we did while in the area but far from anything crazy by any means.

But you do have more elevation changes and more uneven grounds to contend with and to be honest it’s not marked as well as it could be so on your first time out you can find yourself second guessing just where the heck you are LOL!!

When you get to the trails system there is a 1/4 mile access trail and then you will reach a hub area if you will that will afford you with options of either the Rim Trail, the Canyon Trail (which also meets up with the Pond Trail) or you can take on the Mt. Lakeway Trail that when reading the description said it would challenge even the most experienced hikers.


















We ended up hiking the Rim Trail, the Canyon Trail and the Pond Trails and found doing those three enough for one day.

 Between all of them we had a nice variety of great overlooks of the canyon as well as some well shaded trails around small ponds and some running water.   

 The Rim Trail was by far the easiest and the Canyon Trail requires greater effort. If we lived in the area we could see ourselves visiting this area often.

 Another spot that Diane and I went to get in a little exercise was at the Pace Bend State Park.


















We wouldn’t call Pace Bend a hiking destination by any means but the trails were perfect for either an easy walk and taking in the different plant life and birds or you could get a pretty good pace going and put on some distance. We did both.


























































And one last spot that we went to a couple times is called the Lakeway City Park.

City Park is a waterfront parkland that was put together in 1992 and looks to be a very popular spot for swimming, fishing & kayaking.




















But for us we just took advantage of the 2 miles worth of walking tail’s that also have exercise station’s scattered about.


















Ok Ok so the photos were pretty much staged shots but you get the idea LOL!!

There had been so much rain that you can see how high the water was by just looking at the park benches under water compared to what they were when we first arrived in the area. It can flat rain in Texas.

 Ok, that’s it for this update. I figure there will be at least 2 more updates to cover our Austin stay, one food related and one for oddball fun stuff so come on back.

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Visting friends in Austin Part 2

In our last update we mentioned that we made our way to the Austin Texas area to visit friends and to check out the Austin and surrounding areas for the next month. Well obviously we are a bit behind on the blog once again and we did so much stuff while in Austin that I think we will abbreviate this update and stick with a few highlights. You’re welcome LOL!!

 In fact we will split up our Austin stay in a few shorter updates to help make them bearable on your end and on ours as far as the writing part goes.

One of those highlights was a drive out to the Pedernales Falls State Park located just 30 miles west of Austin.

The park is on the Pedernales River as you might have guessed and was at one time a working ranch known as the Circle Bar Ranch.



































The state of Texas purchased the land in 1970 and opened the park in 1971. There are some nice hiking trails which we took advantage of but there is a bike trail and of course some good fishing from what we saw.

 We spent a fair amount of time walking some of the trails but spent even more time on the rocks along the river.

 Becky and Drew have been known to cut a rug now and again and at one point Drew put on a display of some pretty fast and fancy footwork so we thought maybe he was showing off some of his dancing skills but it turned out that a snake had got in his way LOL!!

 Once we finished at Pedernales Falls we headed out towards the Blanco State Park to have a look.

Blanco State Park sits on 104 acres along the Blanco River and looks to be a popular place for swimming and tubing and there are some trails as well.






















Most of the early development of the park was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.


















There is camping available also but I’m not so sure it’s very big rig friendly and is a spot we most likely would not attempt in our 5th wheel.

 After a little more driving around in the country side we decided a meal was in order so we stopped in a nice little place called the Redbud Café.

 One thing you will notice while we are doing our updates about our Austin visit is that food was a big part of our visit LOL!!! There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Drew & Becky are foodies and know their way around the food scene in the area.

 It was a great outing day and we were in for many more during our stay.

That’s it for this update.    

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Visiting friends in Austin Part 1

Sunday (5/12) as we mentioned in our last update we lifted our jacks and departed the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort and drove roughly 110 miles to our new home for the next month at the La Hacienda RV Park in Austin Texas.

 The RV Park is right at the outskirts of Austin and served as a great spot to base and visit our friends Becky & Drew who’s house was roughly just 10 miles away.

If you follow our blog you might have seen Becky & Drew’s name & pictures pop up in the past because we met them at the Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande Arizona where we spend our winters and have spent a lot of time together.

 Austin Texas seems to pop up on many lists of “Best cities to live in” in the USA but because it is the 11th largest city in the United States with a population of 931,000 in 2016 and growing leaps & bounds it certainly was not on our (mainly my) list of places to visit. Have I mentioned I hate big city traffic LOL!!!

 Drew & Becky had made mention a few times while we were together in Arizona that we should come visit them but we always sheepishly shook our heads yes while all the time inside I knew there was no way in hell that I was going to deal with Austin traffic and Diane knew just what was going inside of me. BUT when Drew & Becky suggested that we stay at the La Hacienda which was so close to their house and that they would be our personal chauffeurs (within reason) around the city we started to soften on the topic a bit and obviously ultimately decided to go visit. And we are so glad we did.

 Once we checked in and were almost set up we received a text from Drew & Becky asking if we were ready for company to which the answer was YES and before long they were parked in front of our rig.

 After our hello’s and a short tour of our new home we all loaded up in Drew & Becky’s car and headed out for a driving tour and our Austin adventures was underway.


















One of our stops on our driving tour was the Mansfield Dam.

After putting on a number of miles and getting a rough lay of the land we decided a stop at Poodies Roadhouse for a burger, adult beverages and some live music would be a good idea to top off the day.

 After a fun day of catching up and touring we headed home with plans to pick up where we left off the following day.

 That’s it for now.   

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New Horizon Owners Rally

   As we mentioned in our last couple updates the real reason we made the drive to Texas in the middle of tornado season was to attend our very first New Horizons Owners Rally and on Saturday (5/4) it finally started.

 So what do Diane and I do on the first day? Well right after the “Breakfast with the Rally Masters” gathering we head up the very 1st rally event of course LOL!!

You might be asking yourself what the heck could a couple of people fresh out of the motorhome world that were the absolute NEWEST New Horizon owners at the rally and the newest 5th wheel owners period possible  teach a bunch of 5th wheel road warriors, well Pickleball of course LOL!!!

 Yup, a few weeks before the rally we received an email from the Rally Masters asking if we would be willing to do a beginners Pickleball clinic so of course we said yes. Heck we will do what we can to help promote the sport and we sure as heck will do what we can to simply play at all.

 I will admit that when we received the schedule of events for the rally we were a bit surprised to see that the 1st event of the entire rally was our beginning Pickleball to be held at 10:15 on the first day LOL!!

 We figured heck, these people don’t know us and thought there would be a good chance that we just might be the only people that even showed up but to our surprise we ended up with right at 20 people.

 I had met up with a few local guys before or clinic was to start and played for a couple hours and when they saw just how many people showed up a couple of them offered to hang around and help oversee a couple courts and to help mentor. I’m sure they don’t look at our blog but if by chance they do,,, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

 After my initial talk about how the game originated and after going over some of the basic rules and the importance of safety we were able to fill 4 courts with players, some that showed up couldn’t play because they showed up in flip flops or sandals so those people slowly disappeared but because of that we ended up with a perfect number of players for 4 courts.

 So for the next 2 hours roughly Diane oversaw a court, the two local guys oversaw a court each and I oversaw 1 court and every time I would look around at the different players they were all smiling, laughing and having a great time. That was so rewarding. And we only had two falls during that time but had no injuries except for 1 badly broken I-phone LOL!!!

 Over the next few days every day was filled from 8AM until 7:30 PM with everything from educational speakers on topics like Personal Safety on the Road, RV Fire Safety, Internet Security and Connectivity, Heath Care on the Road, RV Security and Monitoring Systems, MorRyde Suspension systems, Boondocking Tips, and others.

 Along with the educational talks there were Craft Sessions, Book Discussions, numerous pot lucks and catered meals, Open Rig Walkthroughs and on and on and on.


















Of course there were a couple outings to places like the Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg for a meal and adult beverages.

And to Mamacita’s with a group for a nice meal.

 There were other little gatherings going on in what little spare time there was but one thing is for sure, we were so busy meeting people and learning stuff that we didn’t take many pictures. And did I mention food? Well we ate more food over that span of time than we needed to for an entire month!!

 Anyway, it was a great time and our hats are off to Jim & Patty and Ed & Lynn for all of their hard work getting the rally organized. I think the final count was 41 rigs in attendance and it’s a lot of work to try and keep that many people occupied, fed and happy.

2019 New Horizons Owners Group Photo

 We will no doubt be attending more of the New Horizon Owners Rallies in the future, if we get invited that is LOL!! In fact I think I saw a notice in the customer lounge at the New Horizon Factory that the next one will be in Creed Colorado and we saw it there before getting a invite any other way. Hmm, maybe we WASN”T going to get an invite. Well won’t they be surprised when we just show up LOL!! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone or they may change the location.

Ok, that’s it from Kerrville, on Sunday (5/12) we lifted our jacks and made a move away from the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort to the La Hacienda RV Resort in Austin Texas where we planned to spend the next month visiting our friends Becky & Drew.

 You will want to come back and check all that out, we had a great time.  

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First few days in Kerrville

In our last update we mentioned that because we arrived at Buckhorn RV Park on the 28th we had a few days to fill before the New Horizon Rally actually started on 5/4. So the first couple days were mainly spent around the rig and actually using it like we will be now that we were set up in a campground.


























But during that time we did make a couple runs to Fredericksburg, first off I just had to visit my favorite hot sauce shop called Rustlin’ Robs Texas Gourmet Foods.

Rustlin Robs probably has the best assortment of hot sauces of any place we have ever been as well as samples of everything they have to offer so I love grazing my way through their shop.

And we had to make a stop at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company for a bite to eat and a adult beverage for Diane.

We also made a stop at Das Peach Haus and bought some hot sauce and a piece of their Peach Cobbler (make that alamode please LOL!!)

Here is a little history of Das Peach House taken from their web site.

The railroad arrived in Fredericksburg in 1913, and as for so many small Texas towns, it meant a new, expanded relationship with the larger world. In response, Lone Star Beer decided to construct a warehouse in Fredericksburg, right beside the railroad tracks for easy delivery, with high ceilings to moderate the high temperatures of Hill Country summers. It served Lone Star in this capacity for a time, until Prohibition ruined the industry, and later as a wholesale grocery warehouse where Mark Wieser’s mother worked as accountant.


Mark finally purchased the historic building in 1976 and had it moved to his family’s land, close to the roadside stand from which they sold peaches. For years, the place carried only produce and that only during the summer. By the 1990s, with the expansion and evolution of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, it stayed open selling our jams, jellies, preserves and sauces all year round. Today, Das Peach Haus is the larger of the company’s two retail stores, the other being Fischer & Wieser on Main.

And of course we did the touristy thing and popped in and out of about every shop along Main Street during our visit.




































On another day we made a road trip to the little town of Comfort, which originally was just going to be a 46 mile round trip road trip but more on that later.

Comfort was established in 1854 by German immigrants and now has a population just shy of 2400 people and it is said that most of the population today is composed of descendants of those original pioneer families of the 1850s and the 1860s





































































It’s also said that the downtown area is possibly one of the most well-preserved historic business districts in Texas. There are well over 100 structures in the area dating back to the 19th century.




































































It didn’t really take long to walk the main street of town but while doing so we stopped in at the High’s Café & Store for some lunch.




















After lunch and as soon as we stepped out onto the sidewalk we couldn’t help notice that the skies had darkened drastically and that there was a start off in the direction we had to go to get home. So I looked at the radar app on the phone and sure enough a strong storm that showed hail was between us and home so we decided to just wait it out before going that direction.

Well wouldn’t you know it, that darn storm decided to branch out and try to hunt us down and it was bringing hail with it!!! To heck with that noise we thought so we headed out of town away from the storm and drove 16 miles southeast to Boerne where we jumped on HWY 46 which met up with HWY 16 ended up taking us to Bandera and under the storm.


















After a short stop in Bandera we drove north and back home. So our little 46 mile road trip turned into 97 mile road trip but it was a pretty drive and we avoided the storm LOL!!

Other than those few things we visited with a few fellow RVers and watched as more and more New Horizon owners pulled in for the rally.

That’s it’s for now.

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Travel day to Kerrville

 Sunday (4/28) we lifted our jacks and started our journey all the way from Fredericksburg to the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort just outside of Kerrville Texas where we planned to attend a New Horizon RV owners rally. A whooping 30 mile travel day.

We actually arrived 1 week early before the rally started but that was by design so we would have a little time to get used to using our new home and if we had any issues or questions about it we knew we would be amongst a bunch of knowledgeable owners that could help us along if needed.

 Plus after such a long stretch of hotels followed by a hectic period of picking up our new home on wheels we figured a little down time might be nice. And of course we wanted to do a little touring.

We ended up having a nice pull-through site ONLY because of the misfortune of a friend (one we have never actually met other than through emails, texts and phone calls) that was supposed to have a brand spanking new New Horizon and also be attending the rally but his new truck was not ready so him and his wife had to cancel.

 We were really looking forward to meeting him and his wife but it sounds as if we will actually get to meet them when we go back up to Kansas to have a few things done to our rig in June.

While setting up in our spot Jim (a fellow New Horizon owner) that was already at the park came by to say hello. Ed & Sharon and Jim & Patty were the Rally Masters for the rally and had been in the area for over a month already making plans and getting things ready. A lot of work goes into having a rally. I mean after all, they have the daunting task of checking out the numerous catering services in the area and tasting all of the food beforehand.

After getting set up we headed out for a little walking tour of the park which is a pretty nice one with 133 full hookup sites that are all nicely manicured. In fact the entire park is well taken care of.

This was a pretty cool sitting area.

Bucket lights

Loved this seat idea.

 The park is set up in 3 parts, the campground section we were in, a small adult only section and then a completely different section that is separated by a bridge over a stream that is filled with small homes with RV ports. No-one can own a lot in the home section unless they actually own a motorhome.

RV park on the left and RV port homes on the right.

 During our walk we ran into a few other New Horizon owners that also arrived early for the rally which was nice and we could tell it was going to be a good time.

They have a few cabins to rent

 After our walk and some toying around with oddball stuff the rest of the day we settled in for the evening. BUT while sitting all of the sudden I heard a familiar sound!!! Why I thought I heard a Pickleball!!! So of course I was out the door in a flash and headed down to the courts and sure enough a game was going on.

A small gym is in that building

 Before long I was chatting it up with the players who happened to live in the homes across the stream we mentioned earlier and I was invited to play the following morning.

 It turned out they gathered every morning at 9 and played at least a couple hours and I found myself down there probably 6 or 7 mornings over the next 2 weeks. During the rally gatherings started at around 9 so I wasn’t able to hit the courts. Hmm, I should have talked to someone about the scheduling LOL!!

 We decided to just hang around home the next couple days and just chill with a short trip into Kerrville tossed in for some grocery shopping and a little driving tour of the town and to fill up with fuel and of course Pickleball in the mornings.

 The weather was pretty shaky pretty much the entire 2 weeks we were in Kerrville with some pretty good thunderstorms rolling through and a number of threats of hail (which luckily never happened) and boy howdy, when it rains hard in Texas it flat rains hard.

 During one of the rains I noticed a little water inside one of our side windows at the rear of the coach and thought then that it needed to be addressed but it was just a little water and not overly alarming so we went on with our day, you know, one of those I need to get to that moments.

 Well at 2am the 1st good ol Texas gully washers rolled through and woke us up it was raining so hard so I figured I would go out and check that window and boy I’m glad I did.

 Water was gushing in so fast at the top of the window that it made it’s way across the roughly 1 ½” space between the window and screen and ran down the screen so fast that it looked like one sheet of water. You know, like some of those fountains you see. Anyway once it reached the bottom of the screen it was going down the wall to a small end table and then cascading off the front like coffee being poured out of a pot into your morning cup.

See the gasket poking up that I’m sure let water in.

 After a short phrase of 4 letter word’s I yelled at Diane to bring out towels loud enough that I’m sure I woke the neighbors.

 Well she came out with one towel which lasted for a few seconds and I told her to bring out all the towels we had it was that bad. I mean we needed to play catch up with all the water that had already reached the floor and was pooled behind the couch as well as try to keep up with what was coming in, not what I wanted to be doing at 2am.

See the hole to the right of the screw that let water in.

 Anyway, after a bit I decided to open the window in hope that some of the water being pushed in at the bottom would be forced outside instead of inside, and it did work some. We used pretty much all the towels we had and was ringing them out in the sink but luckily it wasn’t one of those long term rain events and when it slowed to what I will call a normal rain the gutter was able to do it’s job and kept water away from the window.

 Once we got everything dried the best we could and our fan directed at the floor to help dry things out I just sat in my recliner and checked the radar on  my phone to see if we had any more bad raining coming our way that we would need to battle.

 Luckily the bad part of the storm had gone by so I was able to go back to bed but of course I found myself up checking the window now and again until I finally just stayed up.

 Once it was light outside I grabbed my ladder and headed out for a look to see what the heck the problem was and found that there was a gap on each side of the hinge point at the top of the window that had no gasket material that I could see. One of those shake my head moments. In fact I shook my head hard enough that you could hear it rattle across the park LOL!!

 Luckily Ed & Sharon had some good caulking and some wide tape and I applied to beads of caulking followed by a layer of tape and I’m happy to announce that it held up through the next gully washer and in fact the rest of the rain we experienced from that point forward.

 As you can imagine I contacted New Horizon about that little experience and told them that window needed to be taken out and installed correctly when we returned in June. And when they do I will want them to get their pressure washer out and check it thoroughly.

 Ok, that’s it for this update.        

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