It’s time to leave our winter playground

After 5 month’s at the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort it’s  time to lift our jacks and roll away.

It was tough coming to a resort like this and paying full pop with so so so many events and activities cancelled but we understand why and we probably would not have attended many of the events if they were to happen due to the COVID situation. AND we certainly don’t have anything to complain about compared to so many.

At least we had Pickleball to occupy our time almost every day and we did get to see many of our friends that we only see during this time of year. But it’s unfortunate that so many could not travel for one reason or another that would normally be here as well, maybe next year.

Once we and a few of our friends received our COVID vaccines we at least felt a little better about getting together in very small groups to play a few games and have a couple meals. In the picture above we were playing Quixx, a new game for Diane and me, which was proceeded by a game of Sequence with our friends Drew & Becky.

We reserved a room big enough for 200 people but we felt relatively safe by doing so LOL!!!

In the picture above everyone brought their own meal and we all sat at different tables and ate and then had a Mexican Food desert fest before sliding a couple tables together for a game of Swoop, the first gathering this large we have had this season. It felt good and strange at the same time.

And for our last hoorah a few of us got together and headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings where we grabbed a table outside on the patio and had one last meal together before heading back to the resort where we reserved a big room so we could have a surprise Birthday Cake for our great friend Becky and followed that up with a game of Swoop.

It’s funny because a number of times this season we just felt cheated by not being able to really spend quality time time with fiends but having these last few small gatherings was sort of like playing a horrible round of golf and then getting to the last hole and having a couple great shots and birdieing the hole and thinking, I love this game LOL!!

The last few days of our stay we slowly tossed in a few chores like putting away patio items, checking air pressures in all the rigs and the likes so we didn’t interfere with any social activities we had lined up LOL!! We had to squeeze in everything we could ya know.

On our very last day I went out early to take care of the RV tires while it was cool and so I could go play Pickleball at 9AM one last time before we leave. Diane also went over at 9AM to play with the girls one last time before we roll.

After Pickleball Diane made a stew for us to eat on during our trip to Kansas while I washed Diane’ car and filled it with gas and filled one propane tank and wiped down the truck. I was going to wash the RV but figured we would be a mess by the time we hit Kansas and I’ll just wash it once we get there.

The sad time of saying our see ya down the roads this season has come and we must go but at the same time we are excited about what we have in store for this summer. We have a few great hikes planned, there are a couple towns we plan to stop in that has Pickleball and it’s always fun to play at different places and of course we have some big changes coming during our visit at the New Horizons factory which will be the first business at hand when we roll.

OK, it’s time to roll. We imagine the next update will be coming from the New Horizons parking lot LOL!!!

We will mention again that if you have not checked out our YouTube channel give it a look see. It’s actually growing slowly and the comment section has been pretty active which has been enjoyable. At the time of this update we have reached 300 subscriber’s and the graph showing view’s is steadily going up and we are getting on average 150 to 300+ view’s per day and that number is steadily going up as well as the watched hours and unique viewers. Of course as we add more and more videos all of those things should keep going up which is exciting to me but Diane really want’s nothing to do with it,,,,, so far LOL!!!

Of course our goal is 1000 subscribers so feel free to share the channel with anyone you feel may be interested.

Here is a link to the channel and of course it’s free to subscribe but just by doing so helps support the channel and us. Even if you never go back to watch a video just subsribing helps our channel grow.

Ok, that’s it for this video. We will see ya in Kansas!!!

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4 Responses to It’s time to leave our winter playground

  1. Kansans says:

    Hurm….a NEW 5th wheel ‘casita’…. Man, you’re killing me!

  2. debbiemc14 says:

    Hey you were supposed to reveal a surprise?!

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