We have made a couple moves

Dang, I may have forgotten how to use the WordPress program it’s been so long LOL!!!

In our last update we were in Pagosa Springs Colorado where we stayed for two months, and we had a great time. We did a number of hikes, which we will provide a couple links to videos in our YouTube channel for you to check out if you care to. Once you get there you can find other video’s we have done as well.

After leaving Pagosa Springs we moved over to Cortez Colorado an hung out for 1 month staying at the West View RV Resort on the north edge of town. We will provide a link to a review video on our YouTube channel once it is complete in case you care to check it out also.

During our stay in Cortez we visited the Mesa Verde National Park a few times getting in a number of good walks,

We visited Hovenweep National Monument a few times getting in some nice hikes.

We took in the Canyon of the Ancients.

We made a couple day trips to Durango and visited friends and did a day trip to Telluride to do the touristy stuff and took a gondola ride.

We of course played a bunch of Pickleball while in Cortez as well LOL,,, big surprise I guess.

Video’s to come on our YouTube channel once edited.

After leaving Cortez we headed to Santa Fe New Mexico and spent 10 days. We of course did the touristy stuff once again, ate to much food, took a drive to Taos, Visited the El Rancho de las Golondrinas (a highlight for sure) AND visited the Bandelier National Monument and climbed more ladders than we have over the last 20 years LOL!!! These will make some great video’s that we will share at some point.


We don’t have all of the videos edited and uploaded to our YouTube channel yet but we will share them as we get them published.

After Santa Fe we headed to Albuquerque New Mexico where we will spend two weeks before heading back to Kansas to have our Toppers installed.

I do apologize for not staying on top of this blog, it has been such a big part of our journey since hitting the road but as I mentioned before I just get tired of paying to keep it online. We pay for the basic service and then we pay another $96 to keep the ad’s off of it in order to make it a more pleasant experience for the readers. And then as also mentioned before we just don’t get the comments that we see other blogs get and that has weighed on me.

Our dues are coming up again mid October and I’m battling myself to just let everything lapse and just go away or to pay for one more year and then certainly let it lapse. The only reason we would keep it going one more year is so we could share it with our YouTube followers (almost 1000 of them at this point) and maybe get a little more exposure and share the content with them before it goes away. We feel there is a lot of useful information that we hate to see go away. Just have not made up my mind yet.

As far as our YouTube channel we are right at the 1000 subscriber mark and have had well over 50,000 views so far and numerous comments come in on every single video which has been very enjoyable to me. And there is no cost involved and in fact once we hit the 1000 subscriber mark we have a chance to bring in a couple dollars each month. That never hurts and is a complete opposite of what the blog has provided LOL!!

Ok, that’s it for now. Thanks for sticking around and we really hope to see you over on our YouTube channel.

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13 Responses to We have made a couple moves

  1. rvrrat520 says:

    I’m with ya, Dave. My blog has just been basically a travel photo blog & I don’t relish continuing to pay when I can just follow the crowd & post in Instagram, as long as I don’t get blocked or canceled by Jack or Zuck or whoever…I am going to let mine lapse next September… Happy travels, safe travels, smoke-free travels! (We are currently getting off-n-on smoke from the left coast here in Montana…)

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I hear ya, there have been so many updates that seemed to be just that, a place for us to store a story and pictures and and on our end it almost seemed that no one else was looking, no comments. It’s not really the money part of it obviously but a lot of time and effort goes into a blog and when you see some bloggers getting dozens of comments it’s deflating at times LOL!! I have started removing things from my life that “deflate” me for ne real reason. For example Facebook, I have pretty much taken Facebook out of my life as well. I still comment on others posts but I have stopped posting things myself. Hope all is going well on your end.

  2. Sue says:

    I hate to see your blog go away! You can read a blog that shows up in your email quickly, without having to go to utube. I’m not usually a commenter, but I do enjoy every post!

  3. Helen WIlly says:

    Hey Dave, it’s just an idea but a Canadian couple that started a blog well over decade and nearly half ago TravelWithKevinandRuth.com have an unbelievable amount of views and are making quite the income from their blog. They started about 1 or 2 year ago incorporating ads = sometimes it’s a bit overkill but it really hasn’t affected their growth so wanted to share for you to maybe look into and see. We’ve loved your blog for so many years since you started and especially your annual expenses break down. I do believe there are a lot of us that still like to read rather than youtube always but it’s what makes sense to you for YOUR journey nobody else 😉 Thanks as always for sharing what you have over the years, but like rvrrate520 said “we hear ya”.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Helen, we are happy to hear that you have been with us since the start!!! And thanks for he tip on the ads. Its funny, we paid extra to keep ads off so our followers didn’t have to deal with them LOL!! A few years ago a few were complaining about them so we opted to pay to keep them off. I will ponder that idea however. Hey, we are getting closer to another yearly expense break down!!

  4. debbiemc14 says:

    The Piedra hike was our favorite! Maybe go to the free version of your blog rather than let it go?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I figured you guys would have liked that hike, We would do that again in a heartbeat. The only problem with the free version is they do not supply enough storage space. After almost 9 years of blogging we require a good amount of space. Thanks for the comment!!

  5. Robert L says:

    Keep em coming. Your first Youtube subscriber and have never watched a video.

  6. jimandbarb says:

    That Piedra hike sounds incredible!

  7. David James says:

    Dave, please tell me the distance from your classy chassis bed to your trailer saver hitch. I have a nearly identical setup to yours. I’m having my TSLB mounted very soon.

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