It’s been a while

Ok, it’s been a while since doing a actual update on the blog but I at least wanted to share a couple links to new video’s we have uploaded to our YouTube channel. And I know I know, many of you do not like or even do YouTube and I’m sorry, it’s just where my head has been going lately.

I think because our subscriber count has been steadily growing and the interaction with viewers has been pretty steady and because it’s something new that has my mind working just trying to figure out something new and to be frank it has a possibility of bringing in a small revenue in the future (mad money if you will LOL) it’s just the direction we (well I) hope to go. Time will tell.

Anyway, over time we have had a number of people ask how our Ram 5500 handles our 5th wheel so we did a video of it on Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado and here is a link to that video.

We have also been asked a number times about our Trailer Saver 5th wheel hitch so I did a video about it and here is the link.

And we had a little BooBoo with out truck and 5th wheel do to Classy Chassis mounting our hitch to far up in the bed and here is a link to that.

And we toured the Bridges of Madison County while we were visiting the Knoxville Iowa area and here is a link to that.

There are a few more on our channel already that may be of interest and we have a few more uploaded and scheduled for release (one per week on average and we hope that some of you will head over to check them out and maybe even subscribe.

At this particular time we are hanging out in Colorado to avoid some of the heat that is hampering with so much of the country but actually it’s still pretty darn warm here, just not as bad as many are having it.

Our plan is to hang out here until the 1st of August and then we have choices to make, if our slide toppers arrive at New Horizons (the parts they did not have to complete our unit) then we will certainly head back to Kansas and have them installed (Kansas in August,,, good grief!!).

We also have a Bassett swivel rocker on order and need to swing through Wichita Kansas to pick it up BUT if our parts have not arrived at New Horizons we are considering checking into having the chair shipped someplace where we will be to avoid Kansas in August. We know shipping won’t be cheap but it will probably be less than the fuel it will take to get to Kansas and again, we can avoid Kansas in August. What would we do about the toppers, well we have options there as well I guess and they do not hamper our travels even though we really want them.

The only bad thing about not going to Kansas is New Horizons is holding a Ambassador gathering and we will miss seeing some friends that will be there but we can catch up to them elsewhere I guess.

On a side note we have really been enjoying our new home on wheels, it just fits us so well and is so homey.

Ok, I guess that’s it for this update and as we mentioned before we sure hope more of you will join us on our YouTube channel and subscribe once you get there. Our goal is to exceed 1000 subscribers and we have I think 544 at the time of me finishing this update, It took us a couple years to get this many subscribers on our Blog but only 6 months on our YouTube channel so far.

That’s it!!! Have a great day!!!


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