We spent some time in Kansas City

As you could probably tell in our last update when we toured the Negro Baseball League Museum we were in Kansas City so I thought we better get caught up a little, not completely but a little.

First off we found a place to base from during or visit at the Worlds of Fun RV Park. Large pull through sites and not bad sized side to side either.

We did a video of the park and it can be found on our YouTube channel when it goes live on 5/14. It’s a driving tour video of the park so you might find it interesting. Here is a link to it. https://youtu.be/DE4fiOL1gkY

During our visit we took a tour of Arrowhead Stadium!! As some of you know I’m a huge Chiefs fan so this was a thill for me. Oh, we did a short video of that tour as well and it can be found on our YouTube channel and here is a link to that. https://youtu.be/Qk7g7y5FDZs

We also found a place to play Pickleball 3 mornings per week during our stay called Chicken and Pickle. They have 4 courts outside and 4 indoor courts as well.

We usually played on old fart days which is 55 & older can play for $2 each for 2 hours from 7am until 9am unless no-one has courts reserved after 9 and in that case we could play until the time someone does have the courts reserved. Otherwise they charge $20 per hour per court.

On Sunday after our play a group normally gather for a breakfast at Chicken & Pickle which we joined one morning. Breakfast consisted of Chicken n waffles and oh, a bloody Mary. I might mention that Diane is not normally a chicken fan but she said they the chicken here was the best she had ever had and ate every last bite of hers!!!

Oh, we also did a little video of the Chicken and Pickle in case you care to take a look but it will not go live until May 21st and here is the link to that video. https://youtu.be/N7n4uAjPIF0

As a side note I am trying to line video’s out 1 per week as you might notice, at some point when I get far enough ahead I will start posting 2 per week and might even line them up better with the blog but to be frank, the YouTube channel has taken the front seat because it is getting so much more action comment wise and subscriber wise for my efforts. But the blog will remain live at least until the end of the year.

We also did a tour of the Arabian Steamboat Museum which was very interesting, and yes we did a video of it but I used my GoPro which turns out sucks in low light so I need to work on that video some more and I didn’t take any actual pictures unfortunately. But when I get the video “IF” I get the video worthy we will share that link. OR better yet if you subscribe to the YouTube channel you could be notified when it does go live LOL!!

OH and BBQ!!! I informed Diane that during our stay to be ready for massive BBQ intake. For the record I didn’t hear any complaints when I said that nor did I as we ate our way though the city LOL!!!

We ate BBQ at Jack Stacks:

And they had a FANTASTIC Carrot Cake for desert.

And we ate BBQ at Q39:

And their Carrot Cake was non to shabby either LOL!!!

And we ate BBQ at Joes BBQ, Previously known as Oklahoma Joes. This used to be a gas station “still is actually” a BBQ joint and store so they used to say that Joes was a Hillbillies trifecta LOL!!! A place you could get gas, beer and BBQ all in one place.

Now we have gone and come back to KC at the time of this update so down the road we will be talking about some more BBQ joints here in KC but we will hold off on that until a future update.

For a little break away from BBQ we did drive across town to eat at Torchy’s. If any of you read our blog from our Texas visit you might remember how much we loved Torchy’s Taco’s so it was a no brainer for us to have them again with them so close to where we were staying, well across town close LOL!!

We will have a Iowa visit to update on first and man did we have full week there as well!!

We were also invited over to some friends house that we know from our winter playground that happens to live here in KC and we had a GREAT dinner followed by a couple rip roaring games of SWOOP. Unfortunately we were wrapped up in having a good time and the camera didn’t come out I’m afraid.

We did a few other things like a visit to Cabela’s and a couple other outdoorsy stores and we found and ordered a new swivel rocker from Bassett’s for our home on wheels and of course took a few driving tours which by the way wasn’t my favorite thing to do in a town the size of KC LOL!!!

I should also mention that we are LOVING our new home on wheels, it feels SO MUCH more like a home than our last floorplan that we are just over the top in love with it.

Ok, that’s it for this update. I will mention again that if are considering making a purchase on Amazon to maybe keep us in mind and maybe click on the Amazon link in our sidebar which will take you to Amazon where you can make you purchase like always WITH NO ADDED cost. But because we are Amazon affiliates we could get a slight kickback for the referral and those funds will be used to better our channels. Just give it a thought.

Ok, that’s it for now, be safe and we will see you in the next update. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://cdnjs.buymeacoffee.com/1.0.0/button.prod.min.js&#8221; data-name=”bmc-button” data-slug=”DaveandDiane” data-color=”#FFDD00″ data-emoji=”” data-font=”Cookie” data-text=”Buy me a coffee” data-outline-color=”#000000″ data-font-color=”#000000″ data-coffee-color=”#ffffff” ></script>

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2 Responses to We spent some time in Kansas City

  1. Helen Willy says:

    Oh My, looking at all the yumminess I could feel my blood sugars rising. So glad to see you both still loving life on the road. Followed you since day 1.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL,,, I told Diane that I wasn’t even going to think twice about buying whatever pastries we saw that looked good. We were just going to live it up and (Throw Caution To The Wind) LOL!!! Thanks for the comment and tagging along with us Helen!

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