It’s time for the reveal

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Ok, we had plans on how to build the suspense but to be frank, after the last couple weeks we are pretty drained so we will get right to it. Well in a round about way, come on you know us LOL!!!

In our last update we mentioned we had pulled in at the New Horizons factory and parked in front of the shop to have a couple warranty things taken care of and have a new topper put on our bedroom slide that a small branch managed to slice for us and the guys in the shop did a great job and had us done with those things lickety-split and moved on to the next project of taking out the 8 AGM batteries we had and installing 8 Battle Born Lithium batteries.

OH, so now you are thinking WOW, all of this build up JUST because they are installing lithium in the coach right??? Well let us finish our sentence, They installed the new lithium batteries for the NEW OWNERS. There, does that change things again?

Yup, we sold our home on wheels. We placed an ad in October while we were in Cortez Colorado and within two weeks we had a nice deposit from a nice couple out of Colorado. Part of the deal in the sale was that we had our winter stay planned from November to April and we didn’t want to interrupt that and by the people buying our coach being willing to wait until April to pick it up we offered to take it to the New Horizons factory and have any little things done to it that might need to be done at that time. OH, and we almost forgot, it also gave New Horizons time to build our NEW home on wheels!!! ((We will splatter just a few pictures in this update)).

That’s right, that’s the big reveal, even though the New Horizons we had been living in the last two years was a great coach the floorplan was such that we just never REALLY felt at home. I mean we felt at home but it just didn’t fit our, I don’t know how to word it, it just didn’t fit like a good broken in pair of jeans.

I think our biggest thing was that we just never seemed to be away from the kitchen with that floorplan and with our new floorplan we can sit in our living room and really never even notice the kitchen, there is just great separation and it feels more like a small apartment than it does a RV.

So, We arrived on Friday evening and hung out until Monday and the shop took care of our needs by mid day. At the end of Monday we then parked our old rig outside a bay where our new rig was having some finishing touches done to it, the factory closed down and left the bay door open so we could start moving things in knowing that we were on crunched time for the new owners of our old rig to drive away with it and told us to lock up when we were done. We worked until 9PM before hitting the close button on the shop door that night. That was SO great of them to allow us to get a head start on our move.

Tuesday was our scheduled start day for our orientation on our new coach. When you have New Horizons build you a coach when it comes to delivery time they have a process over a 3 day period you go through which starts with a meeting between you, your sales person, the go between person you communicate with during the build that keeps you up to date on the process and status of your build and any changes you may want to make along the way “of course it’s best if you can avoid that” , Harold who does the 3 day orientation with you to go over every last system in your unit and the gal who you will do your final paperwork with once everything is settled. This starts at around 10am.

While we were in the meeting they pulled our new coach outside and staged it next to our old coach pretty much door to door to make the move easier.

After the meeting we spent the rest of the day with Harald going through everything inside the coach while making a list of ANYTHING you come across right down to a fly laying dead on the floor if that’s something that bothers you and Harold will make a note of it and have a crew come out to take care of anything on the list the following day if not right that second.

Our time with Harold on Tuesday was pretty easy because we owned a New Horizons already so we were familiar with the systems in the coach and because we had accsess to it the night before while moving things in we had already gone through and started a punch list so we were well ahead of the game.

We were happy we did the inside on Tuesday because the weather was wet and chilly outside and once we finished with Harold we started moving things into the new coach again, everything except he basement stuff because I knew I would be doing the outside walk around the following day with Harold and didn’t want to block any of the components in that area and our mattress and bedding.

Once we finished moving everything we could we headed to our old coach to spend our last night in it and called it a day with the plan to meet up with Harold Wednesday morning at 8am to talk about anything new we might have found inside and to start our outside walk.


Wednesday morning Harold showed up at our new coach at 8am sharp as planned, we went over a couple more things we came across while moving our stuff in and by 9am we had a crew of about 4 people in our unit taking care of our punch list items and 2 extra guys that moved our Tempurpedic mattress from our old coach to our new one.

Then it was time for Harold and I to start our outside walk and that’s when Diane excused herself and went into the customer lounge to, well lounge LOL!!! She had no interest in walking around outside in the cool light drizzle we had going on.

And about then the fellow we had scheduled to transfer all of our Dish Network stuff over from the old coach to the new one showed up and he also went right to work. We had dealt with him before and were very comfortable with what he would do so we just let him do his thing.

OH, and the new owners of our old coach showed up a day early and we tried to spend some time with them as well so we were like the juggler at a circus spinning plates on long poles. It really was a crazy crazy day and we were pretty happy when it came to an end LOL!!! But we knew we still had a long road ahead until we would be all done and on the road.


Thursday we pretty much just let the guys in the shop do their thing and work on the punch list with me popping in now and again to see if anyone had any questions but for the most part we spent time with Ed & Karen “the new owners of our old coach” and just tried to stay out of everyone’s way.

At the end of the day we took Ed & Karen to La Fiesta for dinner and drinks and then called it a night. after giving them one more walk through and answered any last questions they had and giving them the title to the coach.


Friday morning as we were having our coffee we say Ed & Karen pull out with their new home on wheels. We sure hope they create some great memories in it.

Then because we were pushed back a bit by punch list items we finally got around to hookup and test drive day. Once again because we had a New Horizons before we were familiar with most everything so Harold mainly just stood back and listened for any unusual sounds or motions of the rig while I hooked up and then we were off towards the grain elevator to get weighed as our first stop. We will do a separate update on weights and a few other things, we just want to go over he basics at this point.

As soon as we left the lot we heard a unfamiliar squeak that we determined was coming from the head of the 5th wheel hitch and king pin which was a bother but after we both walked beside the truck as the other moved forward we decided it was nothing that would stop the test drive so we continued on and that squeak is still a mystery at the time of me writing this update and I have a couple things in mind for when we hook up next to test.

The test drive went well other than the unusual squeak or scraping sound now and again and we headed back to the shop. Once we got back to the shop we developed a issue with the two front jacks on the Bigfoot leveling system and a couple guys worked on that until the end of the day with no positive results so the decision was made to just get us level and they would call Bigfoot Monday morning and attack it again.


As far as the weekend goes Diane and I just puttered around mainly, organizing stuff in drawers, organizing the basement and the likes and I spent a little more time crawling around under the coach checking hoses, brake lines and whatever else I could lay my eyes on. Oh we also made a trip to the town of Manhattan to check out a couple furniture store’s looking for a swivel rocker. We ordered our IMG couch and loveseat from Arizona Leather and had them made in Norway and then shipped to New Horizons but have a area just perfect for a small swivel rocker but we had no luck so we have a lawn chair sitting there now LOL!!!

Oh, and Sunday a fellow came buy to buff a few areas on the coach that needed touching up and man did it turn out nice!!!


Ok, Monday rolled around and about 9AM we had a couple guys out working on the jacks again as well as a small hydraulic leak we found and changed out a shock that had a bent end. The jacks turned out to be a formidable opponent but they finally licked the problem around 2pm. WOW, those guys were itching there heads and Bigfoot gave them some ideas but nothing that really helped so my hats off to them for sticking with it without getting frustrated.

This took us to the completion as far as the pickup process goes so we went in and talked with the lady in charge of doing the paperwork and told her we were ready to finalize things which we scheduled for Tuesday because we had another little project to take care of and would be around anyway.

What Project you ask? Well when we first ordered the coach we ordered it without a generator because with the solar we had on the last coach we hardly ever used the generator and we had plans of adding solar to this unit as well AND we don’t dry camp as much as we did when we first started this fulltime life style so we figured solar and a small 2200 watt Honda portable would be just fine. But then opportunity knocked.

A buddy and fellow New Horizons owner was having weight issues on his coach and was having his 2 year old lightly used generator removed because like us he gets by with the solar he has on his coach. So when we heard this we struck a deal to buy it from him and have the shop here at New Horizons install it in our new coach. He made a easy sale and we saved a bunch of money so it was a win win. The install was scheduled for Tuesday at 7AM.


Tuesday rolled around and we were up and had the slides in by 7am so they could come by with the forklift and drag us to the shop and start work on the generator.

Once they had us in the shop they went right to work and had the job completed by 2PM. The project was much easier because we had the generator prep done during the build just in case something like this was to happen, we just didn’t figure on it happening this fast LOL!!!

Once the generator was done we just had to pay the bill and we were free to roll but because it was late in the day we opted to spend another night in front of the shop.

Ok, that’s a lot for one update and we know it was a bit abbreviated AND we know we didn’t share any completed pictures or details on purpose LOL!!! We want you to come back for more details and the finished pictures once we get settled and write the next update. AND we want the blog update to be live at the same time our walk through video goes live on our YouTube channel. In fact it might go live first, I’m trying my hardest to get everyone to subscribe over there LOL!!!

We also want to mention that we are New Horizons Ambassadors and what that means is that we have volunteered to show our rig to anyone interested in a New Horizons RV but not in the Kansas area and we are willing to talk with people about our experiences either by email or phone. So if you have any questions feel free to ask, we are a open book.

That’s it for now.


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16 Responses to It’s time for the reveal

  1. Kansans says:

    Who’d have thunk…a new rig. No doubt you’re excited – you should be. I’m a bit surprised you’re staying with the fifth wheel as you didn’t seem to be completely sold as best as I could tell. Guess there are pros and cons with the fifth wheel and a motor home. Anyway, Congratulations!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Congratulations, that thing is beautiful!

  3. Congrats guys! Kind of thought this would be your big surprise. 😉

  4. Kelly says:

    Congrats and best wishes in your new home!

  5. Ruth says:

    Congrats on the new rig!! Happy for you guys and glad I could keep a secret this long, can’t wait to see more pictures.

  6. Susan Porter says:

    Geez…keeping us in suspense….I wanna see pics of the new rig!

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