The Petrified Forest National Park part 2

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On our second day of touring the Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert I think our first stop was at the Blue Mesa which is a 3.5 mile looped scenic drive with a few great overlooks and a 1 mile trail that we wanted to hike.





Normally we wouldn’t consider 1 mile much of a “hike” but it was pretty warm AND the trail was down in a bowl so the walk back up had me panting, Diane not so much but she likes uphill stuff a lot more than I do LOL!!

Luckily there was a bench strategically located a little over half way up that I could use for an excuse, I MEAN PROP to get a few pictures before going the rest of the way to the top.

Then we headed to the Crystal Forest that had a nice paved ¾ mile looped trail that was chocked FULL of petrified logs that glimmered with quartz crystals.

Who would have thought we could take so many pictures of petrified logs LOL!!! But trust us when we say you are lucky enough to just see a fraction of the pictures we took.

After the Crystal Forest we headed out to the Long Logs & Agate House trail head.

This trail boasted having the longest and most colorful petrified logs in the park AND a partially reconstructed pueblo that was originally built of petrified wood.

This particular trail was 2.6 miles long IF you walked it correctly but of course we seemed to zig zag a bit so we added a little length to the entire thing, well of course we did LOL!!!

The pueblo was pretty cool and we tried to imagine living there out in the middle of nothing but with the river actually having water in it not all that far away we are sure things would have looked a lot different. But still not a place we would have probably wanted to live.

Once we finished at the pueblo we figured we had had enough for the day and heard back to the car and headed home where we chilled the remainder of the evening. Another pretty darn good day.


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4 Responses to The Petrified Forest National Park part 2

  1. Diana says:

    This place looks so cool! Adding it to my list, thanks for sharing about it.

  2. Wayne Willson says:

    We’ll see this area in October, can’t wait! Thanks for posting

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