Finishing up in Holbrook

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Ok, it’s time to finish up on our stay in Holbrook.  Other than a few pretty uneventful driving tours the only thing we have to mention, which is really very much worth mentioning is getting together with our friends Ruth & Dale who we had no seen in some time. In fact I think the last time we saw them was in the Bend Oregon area in 2019.

Yup, unknown to us when we arrived in Holbrook Ruth & Dale were staying at a campground at the Homolovi State Park just 30 miles down the road so there was no way we were going to leave the area without a visit.

We decided that the campground Dale & Ruth were staying at was a MUCH BETTER place than where we were staying for a visit so on the very last day of our stay we drove out for a great visit. It’s always good to see them and it always seems to be too long between visits but that’s the way the nomadic life style goes at times.

Before we arrived in Holbrook we half way thought we might just see about extending our stay in the area before moving on down to our winter location but after dealing with the dust at the RV park we were in and because we really saw pretty much everything the area had to offer we decided to call ahead and see if we could arrive early at our next stop.

Our reservation was to start November 1st at the spot we spend the winters but because of COVID and the lack of Canadians coming to the United States this winter it was no problem at all to arrive a week early. So on Sunday, (10/25) we lifted our jacks and moved on but we will pick up from here in our next update.


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2 Responses to Finishing up in Holbrook

  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks for coming to visit us at Homolovi, hope the plant Diane left with is doing well this winter!
    Let us know if you decide to visit Tucson for a hike or bike ride, we’re here until the end of March.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      OH YES, that plant start has a home in a nice little pot by our kitchen window and is doing well!!! And yes, we have talked a few times about making a Tucson run to get a hike or ride in with you guys but one thing or another seems to have one o us busy every day LOL!!! We are in the area until the end of March as well. I sort of put it in Diane’s hands.

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