Time is winding down

Our time at our winter playground is sure coming to an end quickly. We now find ourselves scheduling days or at least small blocks of days to get the little things done that we have either put off or that we need to do right before leaving but we schedule things so that it doesn’t interfere with our Pickleball schedules or our social calendar and that can be challenging lol!!!

 We scheduled time to have our taxes done, oh joy, we took a drive out to Maricopa to visit our favorite meat shop in the area called The Meat Box and pretty much filled our freezer, we made one last trip to the Phoenix area for a Costco run AND the big one is we got our COVID Vaccines!!

 We were very fortunate because our time in this area is so short now to have been able to get the J&J vaccine so we could be ONE AND DONE. And we are happy to report that neither of us had any noticeable side effects. 

 We also took part of a day and went out to Skydive Arizona to watch some skydiving. I know we have done updates on Skydive Arizona before and because I was more focused on shooting video for our YouTube channel this visit than I was taking pictures we will provide a link here to that update in case you care to have a look. It’s pretty detailed and probably more detailed than I care to type out again so it’s probably best anyway. Here is the link, https://wp.me/p2Dund-1Ru

 And for those of you that care to check out a short YouTube video it will be aired soon on our YouTube channel and here is a link to our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

 It also seems now that more and more of our friends have gotten the COVID vaccine that we have just started to have a couple small gatherings outside, not the gatherings we have had here in years gone by but some sort of normality none the less. Heck we even ate inside a restaurant with Drew & Becky once LOL!!! We all wanted to try the newer BBQ joint in town called CGQ BBQ and planned to sit out on the patio but it was in full sun and it was a pretty warm day so we broke down and ate inside.


We even got together for a couple games days but of course still opted to play outside and be on the safe side. 

Of course I came in last place like I always do when we play Mexican Train LOL!!! But I’ll take being able to be together and play and be in last place compared to not being able to gather and play at all any day.

 We also got together for smoked ribs at our friend Kathy’s place, just a small group of 5 but again, we were happy to at least have a gathering and the food was great as well. 

 All of us had been vaccinated and even made the coment at the end of our visit as we waddled towards our cars how it almost felt like the old normal even though there were no hugs or physical contact. Hey, we were just happy to be able to gather and feel comfortable about doing so. 

 Ok, that’s it for this update. At the time of this post we have just over a week before we lift our jacks and roll away but before we do we still have a few things to take care of and a couple small gatherings to have.

 We are sad to leave in one way but excited about what is ahead for the summer AND about a huge change of events that will be taking place in just two weeks!!!! This will be something that nobody see’s coming we think. And even though we have left a few bread crumb hints not one person has made any comments about them.  

 Everybody stay safe and well.


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9 Responses to Time is winding down

  1. Kansans says:

    I’ve been dying to find out what’s up but hated to let you know for fear that you would just drag it out longer! ha ha….anyway, I’m pretty darned certain that others feel the same! Come on Dave…what’s up?

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Next time you should partake in the skydiving rather than video taping it. Better yet, partake and video it!

  3. debbiemc14 says:

    Was the BBQ place good? It sure looked delicious! Maybe you’re buying a spot in that park? What a tease! I guess I’ll have to bide my time and wait for your next post to find out the exciting news! Glad you got your shot. We got the same in AZ too.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Actually we stuck with he 1/2 price Happy hour appies and it was ok but not terrific. I have heard that the main course stuff is pretty good but we can’t say. Yup, the other show will drop pretty soon. It might be a jaw dropper yet maybe not LOL!!

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