Fly in Breakfast at the airfield

The first Saturday of each month at the Coolidge Army Airfield they hold a Fly In Breakfast that normally I would attend every month during our winter stay down south but due to COVID I opted to not go until the very last first Saturday of the month came around before we leave the area so we just HAD to go.

  The Coolidge Lions Club starts serving breakfast at 8am and continues until 10am or until they run out of food. For $8 you get all you can eat pancakes, egg’s, bacon, sausage and coffee. Not a bad deal at all!!

 While eating breakfast we get to enjoy watching planes come in for a landing and taxi in and then after we finished eating we walked around the planes parked on the tarmac and you can talk with some of the pilots if you want.

 You just never know what type of planes will show up but in years past we have seen some fantastic warbirds, bi-planes, experimental’s and a variety of other’s.  But this year because of a couple reasons the amount of planes was less than impressive compared to other visit’s we have made but it was fun non the less.

 Between COVID and the forecast of strong wind starting mid morning I think a lot of pilots just decided to not show up, and we get it because once the wind picked up it REALLY picked up and it was a solid line of planes headed out.

 We will insert a link or two to other events we attended in years gone by AND this visit I tended to shoot more video for our new YouTube channel that I did pictures so we will provide a link to that as well in hope you will check it out.  

 Here is a link to a blog update of the Fly-in.

Here is a link to a blog update of a visit.

 I guess thats it for this update and we are sorry for the lack of pictures but I guess I have really been focusing on video lately and have just forgotten to take pictures. I may need to get Diane more involved behind the camera LOL!!




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