Our winter at Palm Creek Part 2

Our time here at Palm Creek is about to come to an end so I guess we had better get in gear and get up to date on the blog before we lift our jacks and start moving again. The good thing about trying to catch up is that we have not really none a lot due to Covid but then on the flip side the bad thing is that we have not done a lot due to Covid so catching up should be pretty easy lol!!!

Of course some of the same things as mentioned in our Palm Creek Part 1 update have continued, we play Pickleball as much as we can but because of a knee injury my time on the courts this year compared to others has been cut back a bunch I an effort to let the knee rest more and heal but Diane has been hitting the courts hard,,, hmmmm,,, maybe to hard and literally LOL!!

  Yup, she came riding her bike home one day and rode right by me on  her bike as I sat in a chair on the patio and then went right in the RV with only a “hi” which I thought was odd. And I thought it was also odd that she was still wearing her “covid” face mask but then it was a bit breezy and she at times says she doesn’t mind wearing it on windy days so I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.

 After a few minutes I also went inside and found her doctoring her lip, chin and knee. Yup, she hit the courts hard that day but with her face LOL!!!! her tooth went part way through her lip, she skinned her chin and knee, hurt her wrist a little and thinks even moved one of her teeth a bit. She took about 3 days off from playing and then was right back out there.

 Our normal Tuesday night Two-for-one wing nights have continued with a very small group of just two or three couples and we always enjoy that. Diane has still been playing Mahjong with 3 other ladies on Wednesday afternoons and she has gone out golfing with them a few times as well AND we went golfing one time outside the resort at the Tierra Grande Golf Club located a few miles outside of town.

 So, even though we haven’t been doing much compared to previous stays in the area we have been able to get out and do a lot more than some that have been stuck on the freezing snow in many parts of the country so we count our blessings.

 We also made another trip up to the Phoenix area to do a little shopping at a fabric shop called “By The Yard” for a upcoming project but we will get into that in a later update LOL!!! Hmmm, furniture stores a couple updates ago and now fabric stores,,,, our shopping habits sure have been odd lately.

  Oh, we did drive down to just outside of Tucson to meet up with our friends Dale & Ruth for a hike followed by a late lunch that was a lot of fun.

 We hiked the Brown Mountain trail that was right at a 5 mile hike ON the hottest day of the season so far LOL!!!

 And then afterwards we went to the Growlers Tap House for drinks and a late lunch / early dinner and enjoyed some more catching up. Always fun to bump into Dale & Ruth.

Oh hey, we have mentioned before that we have started a YouTube channel and we shot some video of our hike on Brown Mountain and posted it there so in case you care to have a look here is a link to that video. https://youtu.be/eUWMaEA5x_w

 The plan is to start shooting more videos of our travels and putting them to YouTube and we really hope that some of you tag along there as well. And if you opt to if you subscribe to our channel it sure would help our channel grow.  

Oh, one last thing. I’ve had a couple comments about my beard lol!!! Back on May 1st 2020 I decided to grow what’s called a “Yeard”. For those of you that don’t know a Year is letting a beard grow for 1 year without trimming it. Well for me not trimming the length anyway, I couldn’t handle not trimming my mustache, I can’t take having it in my mouth.


 I realize that most of the pictures of me with a beard have been outside during activities so not groomed but what say you, stay or go after the one year mark gets here which is May 1st. 

 Ok, that’s it for this update. We have maybe 2 more before we leave here on April 1st so be sure to come back and check them out. Stay well. 


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3 Responses to Our winter at Palm Creek Part 2

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    Poor Diane!! That sounds so painful. Glad you had fun with Ruth snd Dale. Looks like a great hike! Well you’re so close you nay as well go for the year but it’ll be nice to see that handsome face again 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    It was a great hike, really enjoyed the company. I’ve learned about a new hike we’ll have to try next year, 3 crested saguaros in one hike!!!

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