Our winter at Palm Creek part 1

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Ok, it seems the last update turned out OK doing it the new way because of my computer crash. The main reason of the new way is because before I had Microsoft Office installed on my computer and it was that way for years but now everything is turning into a subscription type  deal and I just refuse to do that OR you can do it trough the “cloud” and so far I’m pretty clumsy with that “been toying with it” and can’t say I don’t get frustrated so far every time I use it that way BUT it’s free LOL!!!

Alrighty,,, onward with this update!!! Actually being behind on the blog has turned out pretty well because at least we were able to do a few updates about things BEFORE we arrived at our winter playground because our activities here this year have sure been lacking compared to other years, of course we still paid the high resort fee’s WITHOUT all of the resort activities being available.

In previous years we would normally have a group game night 1 to 2 nights every week, but not this year. In previous years a group of about 12 to 17 people would get together every Tuesday night and head to Buffalo Wild Wings for 2for1 wings,,, but not this year. In previous years I would spend an hour at the gym 4 to 5 days per week,,, but not this year. In previous years the resort would hold movies in the park, dances, plays, concerts, art shows, quilting shows, car shows, balloon glows, food events and on and on and on,,,but not this year. Well you get the idea and I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing so we aren’t telling you anything that you haven’t experienced this season as well.

And even though there are a few things a person could participate in Diane and I have been playing it pretty cautious and picking and choosing just what it is we feel comfortable doing due to COVID, and everything we have done has been outside activities and in a very small circle of people.

Probably the riskiest thing we have been doing is playing Pickleball but there are pretty strict rules in place at the courts, masks are required whenever not on the courts, there are bottles of hand sanitizers all over to use, after every game the ball used gets put in a bucket of soapy water and a clean ball is used and of course when on the court you are normally automatically social distancing but it is also mandatory when off the courts. And everyone wants the courts to remain open so everyone has been sticking to the rules pretty much. Even the COVID non believers are being good because they also want the courts to remain open.

For those of you that have followed the blog you already know that Pickleball is a huge part of our winter activities while here, and actually during the summer as well so if the courts were to shut down we would really struggle with sitting here for 5 months. And there were a few cases of COVID pop up with a couple different pickleball players and each time we thought, oh no, there go the courts but each time they remained open so all was good and those that did come down with COVID survived.

When Thanksgiving came around instead of getting together with friends we just picked up a small turkey and did it in our Breville and had a quiet dinner at home alone.

And when Christmas came and New Years came we picked up a Honey Backed ham and we again spent them quietly at home alone just to be on the safe side but we have never really done much on Christmas or New Years so that wasn’t a big deal for us.

Hmm, I guess we have talked a lot about what we have NOT done but we have still remained petty active. We have still had our traditional 2for1 wing nights every Tuesday “well almost” but we have ordered them to take out with curbside pickup and have brought them back to the resort. Each couple would grab their own table by the softball field for social distancing. This has been mainly with one or two other couples so very small groups.

And we have gathered a couple times outside on someone’s patio for a ice-cream social or maybe a Bloody Mary. But again never more than three couples.

About the only event the resort allowed or put on was a Halloween golf cart parade and heck, even the Wicked Witch from the West and Dracula wore their masks LOL!!!

And during some of our down time we got to watch them spray the field of cotton right behind our site and harvest the cotton which was pretty entertaining. That was the same crop that we watched them plant right before we left last season.

We also made a trip up to Phoenix to check out some furniture, hmmmm what could THAT be all about. Well more on that at a later date.

And the sunsets, oh the Arizona sunsets, how we have been enjoying them.

Ok, that pretty much gets us up to date to New Years anyway so we will call it good for now. In our next update we will be posting our 2020 expenses and then in the next update after that it will be time to wrap up our winter stay and start the reveal of the big change we have eluded to a few times so be sure to come back and check all that out.

OH, and the YouTube channel has been slowing growing so that is something else that has been occupying some of my down time. We have grown to 196 subscribers at the time of this update so thank you to those of you that have helped make that happen, your support is much appreciated.

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