Headed to our winter location

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Well bare with us because after having a complete computer crash I have decided to try something a little different and I’m not sure how it will work out but here goes.

As mentioned in our last update Sunday (10/25) we lifted our jacks and headed towards our winter destination .

We headed south out of Hollbrook on HWY 77 until we reached Show Low and then continued south on HWY 60/77 to Globe and then on through Claypool, Miami and Superior until we reached the HWY 79 turn off. At that point we drove 79 to just shy of Florence and headed west a short distance on W Hunt HWY to Attaway Road where we turned south for a few miles and then turned right on HWY 287  and took it through the town of Coolidge and on through backroads until we crossed over I-10 and into Casa Grande until we found our way to the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort.  Well they have now changed their name to Palm Creek Resort & Residences which I think indicates the direction they plan to head with this place and will I’m sure will eventually push a bunch of us RVers away. But time will tell.


As you can tell and if you have followed our blog very long, we like he backroads and pretty much avoid freeways unless we really want to cover some ground but todays drive was only 150 miles so we sure wasn’t in any hurry.

Once we rolled in we checked in and were lead to our site which was sort of funny because it was appearant that our guide was a little confused and after correcting him twice we just split away from him and made our own way to our site because we knew where we were going. At one point I glanced out the side window and saw our guide stopped a couple streets over just watching us LOL!!!

Once we lined up and started backing into our site he showed up again and just watched which was perfect for us.









With the covid thing going on our stay has certainly been much different from prior years which we fully expected BUT because this is a new way of creating the log due to the computer crash we will get into our stay in our next update. I would hate to create this and figure out that it has turned to crap doing it this way. So keeping it short just seems right, I’m sure you understand.

Ok then, that’s it for this update and if this turns out ok visually we will have out next update posted very soon!!!


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8 Responses to Headed to our winter location

  1. Ingrid says:

    Your blog looks the same. So whatever happened is working out okay.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Great, thanks. I was a little worried.

      • Ingrid says:

        Your next post however did NOT show up!

      • Dave & Diane says:

        Hopefully you see the Palm Creek part 1? And if you received a notice that a update after that one was done it was because of a mistake on my part, I hit publish instead of save draft LOL!!! Once I received a notification and realized my mistake I quickly changed the status back to draft, sorry. BUT thanks for bringing it to my attention. I knew this new way of doing things would cause me some grief.

  2. kyotesue says:

    Not sure what you did differently, but all looks fine on this end

  3. kyotesue says:

    Good morning, Dave. For reasons I cannot even begin to imagine, your last notification for the summary post of your full timing life disappeared. Also for reasons I can’t imagine, I can’t seem to locate the comment box on the actual blog, although when I click comment I get this option. Hopelessly ignorant on all the WordPress versions out there, even though I also have one! kyotesue@gmail.com

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I am SO sorry!!! I have been working on that update for hours and I by mistake hit the publish button instead of the save to draft button and as soon as I realized my mistake I changed the post back to a draft status. It sounds like you and one other happened to catch that update before I correct my error. You have a sneak preview of the uncompleted product LOL!! I apologize.

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