Time to roll away from Cortez Colorado

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October 20th rolled around and it was time to lift our jacks and make a move with mixed emotions. We enjoyed our stay in the Cortez area so much that we hated to leave but there were more things to see before heading down to our winter playground.

Our site

 It was a pretty easy straight forward travel day, we left Cortez at our normal 9am and headed south on HWY 491 about 135 miles until we reached Gallup New Mexico, then we jumped on I40 and drove Southwest another 95 miles until we reached Holbrook Arizona and the OK RV Park where we planned to spend the next week.

 After checking in at the office one of the worker bee’s came out to lead us to our campsite with her golf cart which was fine. BUT as soon as she started moving she was gone like a bat out of hell leaving a huge cloud of dust behind her!!! I’m sure all of the fellow campers just LOVE when she does that, good grief.

 Once we caught up to her she took off again and whipped into a site, jumped out of her cart and waited on us. Hmmm, I bet she was surprised when I just stopped on the street, got out of the truck and stood by the front bumper until she finally got back in her cart and came to me saying, “what’s wrong can’t you make the turn?” To which I answered ”I can make that turn but those limbs are about 10’ high and our rig is 13’ 5” so you need to find us another site if you can.”

 I could tell she was none too happy with me at that point but I was not very worried about how she was feeling. If those limbs had been a little smaller I might have just pulled in but then maybe not because the park was only half full and there were plenty of sites that didn’t have low tree’s that we could fit in. Oh, and there is another GREAT reason that was in my mind but that goes along with the huge change coming we have eluded to a few times so we won’t go into that yet LOL!!!  

 It didn’t take very long for her to return and waved at me to follow her and once again she was off like a rocket leaving a jet stream of dust behind her with us following her like a herd of turtles.

 Once we caught up to her again she waved us into our site, we had a short conversation and she was off again and we set up for our stay.

 Once we were all set up we had a little business to take care of over the phone with New Horizons and Classy Chassis before we could jump in the car and head out on our normal “get the lay of the land” drive about.

 We had been to Holbrook before, not actually staying in Holbrook but drove to Holbrook on a day trip, so the drive was really more of a routine thing to do but we did find a few areas of town we had not seen before and saw things that refreshed our memories of our past visit.

 After our drive about we headed home and chilled until dinner. During our drive about we saw the Mesa Italiana Restaurant just up the road from our campground so we decided that would be a great place to eat and it WAS rated the #1 restaurant in Holbrook so why not. The food was good but far from great and a spot we probably won’t need to eat at again.  

 The main purpose for stopping in Holbrook was to visit the Petrified Forest National Park and because we were still a little early to head to our winter playground we figured it might be a good mid-way stopping point to kill a few days before continuing on. AND as luck would have it we had two sets of friends in the area that we didn’t know were here so it just added to the enjoyment of our stay but we will go into that in our next couple updates so come on back and check it out.

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