Final details on our Cortez visit

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Well, we spent a little over a month in the Cortez area and when we first rolled in we had no idea it was going to be such an enjoyable stay. It started by getting a call from our friends Skip & Gayle from Florida saying they were going to come join us for a week AND THEN we had a call from our friends Bob & Karen from Oregon saying they were going to come visit for 2 weeks!!! It couldn’t have been more perfect if we had tried to plan it ourselves.

 And we are sure from our last few updates you can tell that we stayed pretty active and the time simply flew by. But there are a few more things to talk about before we bring our Cortez stay to an end.

 Of course there was food and even with COVID we were able to find a couple places that offered outdoor seating where we could grab a bite to eat. One of the spots we enjoyed and went to a couple times was the La Casita de Cortez Mexican Restaurant.











Even though Mexican food isn’t high on my list Diane and it seems almost everyone we know loves Mexican food but I will admit, La Casita Cortez had some of the best Mexican food I can remember eating so it was ok. AND they had a great outdoor patio that fit the bill during COVID times which made it even better.

 Another spot we went and enjoyed was The Farm Bistro. And even though it was indoor seating everyone was spaced out very well so we didn’t feel threatened but it did seem odd sitting inside.









And the other place that we went to twice during our stay was the Loungin’ Lizard. They had a very comfortable outdoor patio area that we ate at with Skip & Gayle and when Diane and I went back the second time for a late lunch / early dinner we did eat inside but we were the only people in that half of the restaurant so all was good. And believe it or not it was the Brussels Sprout’s appetizers that brought us back the second time LOL!!!

 We also had to find a ice-cream joint of course and the Moose & More shop fit the bill perfectly.

And then there were a few game nights. There were a few get-togethers for rip roaring games of Mexican Train and Chicken Foot. Every time we get together with Bob & Karen games are involved and a good time is had by all.

 Oh, have we mentioned Pickleball? Well, there were 2 courts at the RV Park we were all camped at so there were mutable mornings that Bob & Karen and us would spend a couple hours playing AND after all of our friends left the area we made our way to the city courts in Cortez for some good play.

 There are 6 very nice courts located in the Centennial Park that had a very friendly group that gathered every day and there was some pretty solid play as well.

And by the time all of our friend left we had pretty much scoured the area and felt good about slowing down a little by playing Pickleball in the mornings and then just tossing whatever else in later in the day and we maintained that routine until we finally left the area.

 Ok, we have one story to tell. When we pulled into the park we couldn’t help see the huge and beefy windmill they had constructed. It looked so good standing tall and all bare metal just waiting to grow old gracefully spinning freely in the wind.

 Then one windy afternoon while we were hunkered down inside after a busy morning we heard a really really loud BANG. Because the RV park is located next to a lumber yard the first thing that came to my mind was that someone had dropped a unit of metal roofing from a forklift or something so other than a comment of something like, DANG what was that, we didn’t give it much more thought.

Well not much more thought until we heard this whoop whoop whoop sound which brought be to my feet to have a look out the rear window. And then I saw that one blade had fallen off of that great looking windmill, bummer.

 Then that whoop whoop whoop turned into a WHOOP WHOOP WHOOPING sound and I knew it was going to fall apart, it just couldn’t withstand that much rotation with the winds being so strong and the blades being so off balance so I headed outside to get a firsthand view.

 And sure enough within minutes the remaining blades started falling off one by one until there was just one single blade remaining, it was sad BUT it was very fortunate that no one was under it because without out a doubt if one of those blades had hit someone it would have caused some serious damage if not death.

 At that point they taped off the area and a truck with a bucket lift was out to take off the last blade. Then within the next few days the remaining top section was completely removed I we fully expected to see the entire structure taken down but because it was still standing when we left the area we are thinking they might just put it all back together. I think if it were mine in a campground like it is I might just count my blessings that we had dodged one bullet and remove it, and maybe they did, we really don’t know but it will be interesting to see the next time we are in the area, and we are almost certain we will be.

 We stayed pretty darn busy during our stay and had a great time with friends but it also felt pretty good to just kick back a couple days before leaving the area.

 We tossed a Tomahawk on the BBQ one night and had a caveman type feast.

 And the sunsets were pretty darn enjoyable as well.

 I guess that sums up our stay in the Cortez area and a good stay it was.


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