A visit to a couple small towns around Cortez Colorado

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During our stay in the Cortez area we took a couple side trips to the small towns of Mancos and Dolores.

 To begin with we heard about a little bakery / sandwich shop in Mancos called Absolute Bakery Café that was to die for so we of course because it was only 18 miles away from our campground had to go check it out.

  To begin with the town of Mancos is located at the base of Mesa Verde National Park and holds the trademark for “Gateway to Mesa Verde” and is surrounded by rangeland and mountains and was founded in 1894 and now has a population of just over 1600.

 I guess there are a few events held in Mancos throughout the year but due to COVID the town was pretty locked up and uneventful during our visit and even the Absolute Bakery Café was running on a limited schedule and menu so we were not able to take full advantage unfortunately.

If we were in the Cortez or Durango area and there was some sort of event going on in Mancos we would probably go check it out, otherwise we probably don’t see a need to revisit.

 There were a couple pieces of old farm equipment and if you have followed the blog you KNOW I can’t pass up rusty of farm pieces so it wasn’t a total loss LOL!!  

Between Cortez and Mancos right along the highway is the McElmo Creek Flume so of course we couldn’t resist a stop to check it out.





















































And there was another little town just up the highway from our campground called Dolores that also had a bakery that was supposed to be the cat’s meow called Three Chicks Bakery and Deli so of course we made a couple trips to it during our stay LOL!!!

 Three Chicks Bakery is a nonprofit bakery with a mission to help women in need and was  started by Alana Connelly and Layce Cates to provide support, employment and housing for women who have been victims of abuse or are dealing with homelessness, depression, divorce, addiction or have just gotten out of jail. So not only did they have some pretty darn tasty things we liked the story behind the place and felt good about supporting them.

 Across from the bakery was a spot called The Railway Express with a funky looking rail car setup that turned out to be called the Galloping Goose of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad.

 We won’t type out a bunch of stuff about the Galloping Goose but you can read the history in this picture. It was more interesting that I thought it was going to be when we first saw it LOL!!


























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