Important message!!!

 We want to take a second to interrupt our normal programing to bring you an important message

 There, did that get your attention LOL!!!!

 Ok in all seriousness we wanted to take a minute to bring something up. We have worked somewhat hard at keeping our blog active for over 8 years now, YES over 8 years, and we hope that it has provided some useful information and even some entertainment. Don’t take us wrong, we (well mainly I) have enjoyed doing it MOST of the time LOL!!!

 Admittingly most of what we put into the blog is time, many hours goes into sorting through pictures and actually typing out our updates, especially when you are technically challenged like we are LOL!! But we do pay a small fee of $71 per year to keep our blog online which we agree is a very small price to pay for our enjoyment of doing it AND to hopefully provide some useful and entertaining content to others.

 BUT with that said I thought it was time to do something we should have done long ago, something that many of the other bloggers have been doing for years, become an Amazon affiliate.

 What does that mean? Well to you probably nothing.

 What it means is that our blog updates COULD contain affiliate links, which means under certain circumstances, if you click on a product link (colored text or picture) and make a purchase we COULD receive a small kickback BUT the price you pay is exactly what you would pay if you went to Amazon by any other means than clicking on the link in our blog.

 We have also added an area to the right side of our blog page that says “Search and buy from Amazon here” and if you click the AMAZON link you will go to Amazon like you would any other time except any purchases you make COULD provide us with a small kickback. And when we say small we are talking around 3% small and many thing offer no kickback at all so it’s not a get rich thing trust us. But if it did nothing other than offset the $71 per year we pay WordPress we would get a kick out of it.

So if you see something like this different colored word and click on it you will be taken to that item on Amazon where IF you make a purchase we COULD be compensated. 

 And we added a list of items that we use ourselves and have had good luck with and if you click on those it will also take you to the item on Amazon and if you make a purchase we could be compensated.  

 We also added a DISCLAIMER area at the top of our page that states we are Amazon Affiliates so that we can be totally above board about this topic. Plus it’s required by anyone that is an affiliate with anyone LOL!!!

 We are also doing the same thing on our YouTube channel which we hope everyone has gone to and checked out and maybe even subscribed to. The YouTube channel will add a little twist to things AND I think could have content show up first before hitting the blog, we will see how this all works out. If we hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube we could also be monetized which again would help in a very small way in keeping our content online.

 Ok that’s our “IMPORTANT MESSAGE” please keep us in mind when making future purchases through Amazon at any time and consider stopping in and using our link. We need to have at least 3 purchases made through our links over the next 180 days to remain on the program and I certain that with the number of readers we have that should not be a problem.

So I have one favor to ask, if by chance you do purchase something with the next week or so could you leave a comment and let us know. I just want to make sure things are set up correctly and clicks and sales are being reported correctly. Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to Important message!!!

  1. Sheila says:

    We’re considering a Berkey and will use your Amazon link if we go ahead. Our mutual friends Drew and Becky Dehennis sent me the link to your YouTube where you talk about it. The water at our home site in Texas is not nice! The water at Palm Creek where we just spend 4 days was yuk! Hence your name came up!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Guys!!! Yes, you guys were setting up camp when we rode our bikes by the other day and chatted with Drew & Becky out front of your rig but you were busy so didn’t get a chance to meet unfortunately. And thanks for considering our affiliate link if you move forward with a Berkey. You saw our video so you already know we are sold on them and recommended them LONG before becoming a affiliate for them, it’s just a good product that give us peace of mind. Travel safe!!

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