A visit to the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

 Welcome back!!! Ok, well let’s talk about another area we visited while in the Cortez area and that’s the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.

 OOpp’s, but first we will mention and toss in a reminder about the YouTube channel we are trying to get off the ground. Since our last update we have had over 200 views on our blog yet only one new person took the time to check out and subscribe to our new channel LOL!!! I would welcome any feedback on why this is, positive OR negative.

 Anyway, here is the link again that will take you to our channel. And thankyou to the one person that did subscribe.


Diane and I actually visited a couple locations of the Canyon of the Ancients twice, once before friends arrived and then again with friends and enjoyed both times, of course it was extra special doing it with our friends Bob & Karen and Skip and Gayle.

 Canyons of the Ancients National Monument takes up 176,000 acres of federal land administered by the Bureau of Land Management and was designated on June 9th 2000 by Presidential Proclamation to protect cultural and natural resources on a landscape scale.

 The visitor center is located just 10 miles outside of Cortez but the different sites that make up the National Monument are spread out of many many miles. Unfortunately the Visitor Center was closed because of COVID but with luck it might be open when we visit the area again and yes, we do plan to visit again.

  We read that the Monument contains the highest known archaeological site density in the United States, with rich, well-preserved evidence of native cultures but we could swear that we have read the same thing about other National Monuments so maybe it sort of like seeing a sign that says “The Best Hamburger is the United States” while visiting Oregon, Nevada and then again on Texas LOL!!! But hey, what do we know.

 We also read that more than 6,355 recorded sites reflect all the physical components of past human life: villages, field houses, check dams, reservoirs, great kivas, cliff dwellings, shrines, sacred springs, agricultural fields, petroglyphs and sweat lodges. Some areas have more than 100 sites per square mile. And the number of sites is estimated to be up to 30,000.

The Monument has been used or inhabited by humans, including the Northern Ancestral Puebloan culture (or Anasazi), for 10,000 years, and hey, we still use it as tourists so it continues to be used by humans today.




It was another great day spent with friends. And if I remember correctly we followed that day up with a BBQ at our place followed up by a batch of Home Made Ice Cream in our new ice cream machine.

Can you find the small structure on the hillside across the canyon? That’s where we were heading.

For being our first batch it was just ok but we didn’t hear any complaints LOL!!! They were good guests and friends for keeping their comments to themselves maybe.



































OK, that’s it for this update. We still have a couple more about the Cortez stay before moving to the next location.

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6 Responses to A visit to the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

  1. katirv says:

    Re your YouTube channel.  I prefer reading to watching. Even when I am reading the different News feeds I skip any videos- I’ll google a news story to find it told in writing to avoid watching a video. I’m a fast reader and find videos slow. Plus if I’m only sorta interested, I can skim read, slowing if I wish. Good luck with your YouTube. Please don’t give up on your written blog. I enjoy reading about your adventures, especially now with Covid and some other health issues keeping us holed up in cold Northern Michigan! Happy Christmas!Kathleen 

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  2. katirv says:

    I did follow your link to YouTube but I wasn’t able to view your video without subscribing. So I backed out and didn’t view. Kathleen 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  3. R Loar says:

    Just subscribed to help you out. Like already stated I prefer to read rather than watch. Keep writing I really enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with the videos.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I can’t tell you how happy that makes me and thank you so much for your support. Don’t worry, we plan to keep the blog going for those that like the written word better. But I HAVE been trying to think of something extra I can offer on the YouTube side to entice more people to check it out and subscribe. Thanks again!!

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