Day trip to Telluride

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OK, now on with our catching up on the blog LOL!!!

 On one of our very pretty sunny days Bob & Karen and us decided to jump in our rigs and take a drive to Telluride.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

 From our campground it was a beautiful 72 mile drive up highway HWY 145 to Telluride and part of the reason we decided to take the drive was not only to spend the day in Telluridebut to take in the colors during the drive. The leaves on the trees hadn’t fully turned colors yet but they were well on their way.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

 It has been a few years since Diane and I had been to Telluride, in fact it was on a motorcycle ride roughly 12 years ago and man have things changed, we barely even recognized it, if it wasn’t before it certainly is a full blown tourist town now so even though the population is only booked at around 2500 people the place is hopping, oh and expensive LOL!!

A roadside stop for photo’s.

A roadside stop for photo’s.

Just a small town along he ride that caught our eye.

 The first thing we wanted to do was find a place to park and walk downtown, well it didn’t take long to figure out that finding a free spot to park was out of the question so we ended up using the downtown parking garage which put us in the heart of things so it worked out well.

 Once parked and we found ourselves soaking up the sun on the sidewalk we decided it would be best to go find the Gondola.

Headed back down to Telluride.

 Unlike most gondola’s you find around the country this one operates year around and is really a big part of the public transportation system that connects historic Telluride to the town of Mountain Village, and it’s free. Oh, and when the gondola is down for service a free bus service is provided so I guess the tax money is being used wisely because they say it costs $3.5 million dollars and requires 82,000 man hours annually.

The Gondola stops on top of Coonskin Ridge and this is looking down over a small airport on the Mountain Village side.

Headed down into Telluride

Looking down into Telluride from the top of Coonskin Ridge.

Looking down into Telluride from the top of Coonskin Ridge.

 Oh, Mountain Village has a population of around 1500 people and sits at an elevation of 9540ft and the town of Telluride sits at an elevation of 8750ft but the gondola goes up and over the 10,500-foot Coonskin Ridge and provides some great views of the San Juan Mountains as you travel between the two towns during the ride.

We only took our masks off for the quick photo during the ride.

Headed back down to Telluride.

 After our ride to the top of Coonskin Ridge and some walking around we continued to Mountain Village for a little more strolling around and then rode back up and over to Telluride for,,, yup you guessed it, more walking around on the downtown streets of telluride.

Sitting along the street in Telluride.

This was taken while walking around the Mountain Village area.

This was taken while walking around the Mountain Village area.

 Then after a nice lunch we started our trek home. BUT WAIT!!! What’s that over in that clearing??!! Well it’s a herd of elk, quick,,, pull over!

 We stood around for probably close to half an hour taking pictures and watching the herd before continued on.
























































On our way home we stopped in at an old abandoned mine that we saw on the way up and took advantage of the lighting and old structures to play around with our cameras and kicked back and just chilled in the sun a while before making our way home.







































Another great day that ended around the fire with friends.

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2 Responses to Day trip to Telluride

  1. Ed says:

    Spent this past whole summer in Ironton, between Ouray and Silverton, just east over Black Bear jeep trail from Telluride. Been coming to the area for many years. Good luck with your YouTube channel.

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