We are going to try something a little new.

 Ok, I think we will break the chain of updates as we play catch up and toss in this real quick note on something old and something new.

Because we lived and traveled fulltime 6 ½ years in a couple different Class A’s and then switched to a 5th wheel 1 ½ years ago we find ourselves answering the question of “which we like best” often and figured it would be a great time to re-visit a video we did some time back. This is the something old part, sort of.

As far as the something new we, well I, figured it would be a good time to launch something new to us that I have thought about for some time, probably close to two years, and to be honest have some very mixed emotions about, a YouTube channel.

 First off there are a number of good YouTube channels out there that are already entrenched and well known but because we have actually lived in both a Class A AND a 5th wheel I thought we could really offer a different twist compared to some. And because we have been on the road for over 8 years we have a number of experiences to draw from and share compared to some of the newer people on the road.

 Now for the negative side, talking into a camera is not natural for me and as far as Diane goes, well you will probably never see her in a video unless she is unaware that I’m videoing her LOL!!! So compared to other YouTube channels I will not be the “Character” that some can provide. Maybe that will change over time or maybe this won’t even get off the ground, it depends totally on how many subscribers we pick up along the way. So hey, be sure to subscribe if you want to see me struggle through this LOL!!!

 My vision is to of course talk about things pertaining to the differences of living in a motorhome compared to a 5th wheel. We also plan to talk about things like systems and components, do campground reviews, talk about the costs over the last 8 years, talk about different apps and programs we use for everything from finding campgrounds to places to eat and things to do, talk about our truck that we use to tow our home, how we deal with mail, heck we hope to cover everything over time right down to how we carry our bicycles when we travel. And if you think of something you would like covered just ask.

 Ok, to begin with we will supply you with a link to the one video we have on our new channel where I talk about our last class A and where you can hit the subscribe and like button if you see fit, we hope you do.

Here is the link to the channel and first video.   https://youtu.be/Ifa3sxEWCkA

Side note, once you click on the link and go to the video if you then click on the “Dave and Diane Throwing Caution to the Wind” on the title of the video it will show you the other video’s available as they show up. 

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2 Responses to We are going to try something a little new.

  1. Mike Gold says:

    This is Mike from CA. We spoke a couple of times . You can count on me to subscribe and watch your you tube videos. Always learn a ton from you when we talk. Look forward to your videos!!!

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