Time to make a move and Head to Cortez Colorado

 Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

Well, we had a pretty darn good time during our stay in Creede but once Sunday 9/13 rolled around it was time to lift our jacks, say our see ya down the roads to the few that remained and make a move.

 We drove HWY 149 from Creede to South Fork where we jumped on HWY 160 and headed up over Wolf Creek Pass and on to Pagosa Springs. Then straight through Pagosa Springs and through Durango and stayed on HWY 160 until we reached the east side of Cortez. Once we reached Cortez we headed north on HWY 145 for roughly 5 miles until we reached our destination at the Westview RV Resort. A pretty easy 168 mile day.

Our site

Our site

 This was our first visit to Westview RV Resort and Cortez but we can tell you with some certainty that it won’t be our last. We won’t give away anything about all the great outing’s we were able to do during our stay, you will need to come back a few times to catch all the updates about the numerous things that occupied our time, but between them and the park being pretty darn nice and the town of Cortez having most everything we needed and Durango being a short distance away it was a great stop for us.

 We booked a month and even extended another week if that gives you any idea of what we thought about the park and area.

 In this update we will just talk a little about the park. Every site is a pull through, every site is very spacious and there is plenty of well-manicured green grass everywhere.

They have a very large outdoor patio and offer music a few times a month and food. We did not attend any of those events because of the COVID situation but in different times we sure would have.

You can see Diane waiting by the courts.

Looking from the Pickleball courts towards the clubhouse.

They have 2 Pickleball courts that are none too shabby even though not heavily used while we were there except by us and a handful of others. Oh, and we had some fiends stop in and we all played but that will come in another update. OH, there are 8 outdoor courts in the town of Cortez but again more on them later.

 And they have a full bar inside the clubhouse as well as a full blown beauty salon. And the restrooms and laundry were top notch as well but once again we used none of them.

 They have a nice dog park but no grass.

AND they are expanding. You can see the expansion in these pictures but by the time we left the streets had been asphalted and heck, maybe being used by now.

The new section. Again all pull throughs.

 And to top it all off the owners were super super nice and every person we had any contact with right to the grounds keepers were as nice as nice could be.

 In fact when we decided to stay an extra week the owner figured out what our daily average was for the month and gave us that daily rate for the additional week, when is the last time you had that happen!!!

Ok, we will cut this update short BUT boy do we have a lot to talk about in future updates about this area. We had two sets of friends come in to spend a week and two weeks, lots of driving tours and hiking, lots of food, trips into Durango to visit old friends and on and on. This really was a great stop. But again, you will need to come back to check all that out.

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