ATV day around Creede

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In our last update we mentioned that after the New Horizons Rally a few of us stuck around a few more days for a little more fun. Well one of the things our Rally Master Ron had set up was a discount price with the local ATV outfit called Creede Adventure Rentals so of course when our good friends Skip & Gayle brought up the idea of us going in together on a 4 seater we were all in.

 There was a pretty good group of people that originally signed up for rentals but when the unexpected cold and snow rolled in some decided to cancel, we on the other hand decided to push our rental day back a couple days to when the weather was supposed to break and supply us with some sunshine again and it worked out perfectly.

 As it turned out our friends Greg and Mary “fellow New Horizons owns” from Texas also stuck around a little longer and have ridden ATV’s often in the Creede area so they offered to be our tour guides which afforded us the opportunity to branch off in a couple areas we might not have seen had we simply followed the map and directions of the ATV rental agency who of course has safety in mind, read into that what you will LOL!!!

 So, after picking up our 4 seat Kawasaki Terex ATV the night before everyone packed up lunches and headed out for a day of fun.

 We had 3 rigs in our little group, Greg & Mary “our tour guides” Rich and Allison “friends and fellow New Horizons owners and their four legged kid Gracie” and of course Skip & Gayle and Diane and I.






















































































We all met in town and I think we ended up hitting the trail about 9am if we remember correctly.





















The main trail we would be on and around was the historic Bachelor Loop through the historic mining district above Creede which we have done in the past in our old Jeep “and we will provide a link to that update in case you care to have a peak” but this time we would also be branching out onto some trails we didn’t see before thanks to Greg & Mary’s experience in the area.

 Here is a link we mentioned above.

 Ok, I think this will be one of those updates where we will let the pictures do most of the talking but not all, You’re welcome LOL!!!

 Our day started at around 8850’ and topped out at over 10,000’ so even though it was a nice sunny day it did get a bit chilly up top but we didn’t heard any complaining.

 And because of the snowfall it created some very pretty views and just enough had melted to supply us with some mud along the way.

 I think we finally got down from the trails about 5PM, returned our ATV and relaxed the rest of the day. We had a fun filled day with friends that will be forever remembered.

 Well this pretty much sums up our final days in Creede. After our day with the ATV’s we spend one more day just chilling with friends and then said our see ya down the roads and wondered off. You will need to come back to see where we went next but rest assured, we had a BUNCH of adventures there to talk about and you won’t want to miss any of it!!

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4 Responses to ATV day around Creede

  1. Allison says:

    We had a wonderful time on Bachelor loop. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Very cool, always nice to get out on the ATV’s and it looks like your trip and scenery was well worth it!

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