Killing time in Creede before the rally

 Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.

The main reason we headed to Creede this year was to attend a New Horizons Owners Rally and see some friends we had not seen for a while BUT because we rolled in a few days early we had a couple days to fill.

 Of course because the RV Park is so attractive we took a few strolls to see what had changed since our last visit and plenty had.

 The park has expanded and each time we have stayed it always temps us to look at lots here because it’s such a wonderful part of the country but to many things push us away from pulling the trigger, too far away from any real hospitals, a short season window and of course no Pickleball. Unless you are content hiking and doing the ATV thing I think a person would get bored too fast. But that’s just us, it sure is a nice park however and the surrounding area is beautiful and we do like to visit.

 We of course took a couple runs into town to do some popping in and out of shops except this time we didn’t really pop in and out, we did more window shopping in order to stay away from people more with the COVID thing going on.

 BUT we did pop into Square Peg Brewery for an adult beverage and stopped into Kips Grill a couple times with friends for beverages and a bite to eat.

 We may have stopped into the ice-cream shop as well but I don’t think there were any pictures to prove that so it must not have happened LOL!!!

 Because we were at a rally and we wanted our rig to look its best we also made an appointment with the only RV Wash outfit in the area.

 Normally we only have our coach washed by someone else one time per year and we take care of it the rest of the time but we gave in due to peer pressure LOL!!!

 Every time we visit we like to take the drive over the mountain on HWY 149 to Lake City because it’s such a pretty drive and if you catch it at the right time of year the colors are fantastic. Unfortunately we were just a little early this time but enjoyed the drive none the less.

 On the way over we stopped at North Clear Creek Falls to have a look see.

 The falls is only ½ mile off the highway and the parking lot is right next to the falls so it’s an easy and worthwhile stop.  

 After the falls we continued to Lake City which is yet another old mining town that now survives mainly from tourism.


















Once we reached Lake City it didn’t take our eyes to focus on a park filled with BBQ grills and smokers!!! There was BBQ contest going on!!!!! Perfect!!!!

 It seems we hit it just right for a BBQ contest, how great was that!!!! Well not that great actually because due to the COVID crap they were not allowed to sell food or give out samples. What the hell kind of deal is that, they just teased us!!!!

 Oh well, we still found a good spot, actually there were only two restaurants open in town, to have some lunch. We ate at the “Packer Saloon and Cannibal Grill. The name of course is directed at the story of Alferd Packer, a gold and silver prospector back in the mid 1800’s who also served as a guide who was convicted of cannibalizing 5 people during a very harsh winter in 1873-74.

 Anyway they had a huge outdoor patio which made it the perfect spot to have lunch AND maintain good social distancing. We would return for certain, good food and great service.

 And every time we are in the Lake City area we take a run out on 20 which is a pretty well maintained gravel road that is mainly used by ATV’s but the CRV did fine, well until you get way up in there, then things get a little sketchy.

 The road runs along the Henson Creek and through the old Hard Tack Mine and the Ute-Ulay mine.

(Copied from their web site) – More than 100 years old, the Hard Tack Mine was originally intended to be an underground transport tunnel for the Hidden Treasure Mining Company’s ore production located more than a quarter mile up the mountain. The Hidden Treasure and Hard Tack Mines supported a small, bustling community from the 1890’s until 1930. The mines in this area produced more than a million and a half dollars in silver ore. The present location had a mill, mine offices, bank, boarding houses, and commissary. One mile up the road at the Ute-Ulay Lake City Mines was a one room schoolhouse for the miners children. With the decline of metal ore production, especially silver in the 1930’s, the mines and surrounding community died out. Another part of the Hinsdale County Galena Mining District was gone.





















The Ute-Ulay mine sit’s a 9200ft and its main money makers were Silver, Gold, Lead, Zinc. (Copied from web site) In 1876 the Ute-Ulay began to undergo industrial-scale mining by the Crooke Brothers, and operated under a variety of owners through 1903, when complex ores were encountered that defied profitable separation. Once new technologies were developed in dealing with these complex ores, a new mill was completed in 1930 and the mine and mill operated on a commercial scale again into the middle 1940s. Thereafter, mining and milling was conducted sporadically in the early 1950s and the mid-1960s. The community of Henson grew up around the mine and mill beginning in 1876 and lasting until 1903. The prosperity of the mine and mill operation was the prime economic force that resulted in the establishment and growth of nearby Lake City.

 There are a number of nice spots to get out and chill by the creek and of course stopping to check out the mine is a must so it makes for a nice drive, well if the roads aren’t too packed with ATV’s because they certainly drive the road a lot faster than we do in the car but I figure they need to deal with us because it is a county road and not a ATV trail.

 By the time you drive over the mountain, check out the town and have some lunch, do a driving tour and drive back over the mountain it makes for a nice full day especially if you stop off at a few spots while driving over the mountain like we tend to do to take in the views.

 Along with what we mentioned in this update we enjoyed watching old friends roll in for the rally as well as friends we just hadn’t met yet roll in so we stayed pretty occupied until the rally actually started.

 We won’t go into the rally stuff yet, we will wait for the next update, OH and the fun times we had after the rally are yet to come!!!

 Hope you all have a great Holiday Season!!          

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