Another Oakley Kansas stop

 Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.

In our last update we mentioned that the New Horizons Ambassador’s Rally had come to an end and it was time to make another move, so Sunday morning we rolled away and drove 220 miles west and landed at the High Plains RV Park in Oakley. Yup, you have heard us talk about that spot 2 or 3 times in the past.

 It seems that every time we are headed to New Horizons, Oakley is a good stopping point to allow for an easy and short travel day before rolling in. And it seems every time we leave New Horizons Oakley is a good stopping point before jumping to the backroads that we like to travel when continuing west. Of course raveling from or to the east is an entirely different story.

 Normally our stopover in Oakley is just one or two nights but this time because we didn’t really have any plans until the New Horizons Owners Rally in Creede Colorado which we planned to roll into on September 3rd we had some time to kill so we decided why not hang around for a few extra days and check out the area more thoroughly.

AND to sweeten the pot for our stay our friends and fellow New Horizon owners Skip & Gayle planned to stop in for a night before moving on to their next destination between now and the Creede rally. In fact they rolled into the campground just an hour or so after we did. Life is good!!

 Unfortunately a night didn’t leave much time to really do anything other than get together and dive into the next little town up the road and have dinner and head back to the campground where we visited well into the evening before calling it a day.

 Then the next morning we said our “see ya down the road’s” they lifted jacks and were gone like the wind. Well ok a light breeze because they don’t move very fast in the mornings LOL!!! But we would be seeing them again in just a few short weeks at the rally.

 And just like that we were all alone. But don’t feel sorry for us because we had a couple things to check out during our stay that turned out to be pretty interesting. BUT, you will need to come back to see what they were.  

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