New Horizons Ambassador Rally

 Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.

As we said in our last update, hanging around in a parking lot waiting for the New Horizons Ambassador event to start was a pretty easy thing and we stayed very occupied doing so with fellow New Horizon owners and friends rolling in.

 Almost every night there was some sort of gathering, either sitting around in the parking lot having drinks or breaking away with small groups and going out to dinner. There was always something going on.

 Then came the Ambassador event. The first two days New Horizons reserved a conference room at a local hotel which worked out well this year and allowed for great spacing with the COVID issue lingering in everyone’s mind.

 During these group sessions we get to hear some of the things that have been going on behind the scenes with New Horizons and what things are coming in the future.  We also get to voice any issues we may have come across with our rigs and talk about possible solutions AND talk about new ideas as owners that we feel could make New Horizons even better.

 Many of the things that we remember talking about in last year’s Ambassador’s event have been implemented and there were a number of good ideas voiced again at this event, a couple of those ideas were committed to right there and then. It sure is nice to be involved with a company as a customer that really does listen to their customers and actually reacts instead of just give lip service.  Hey, if they plan to remain one of the top rated 5th wheel manufactures in the United States this is the type of thing that will help them achieve that and they are smart enough to realize it.

 We will also mention that New Horizons had a number of their department leads attend these meetings so that we could address them directly and they could hear it straight from the customers instead of getting a filtered second hand version. Another sign that they take these comments seriously.

 Another thing we all did in small groups was tour the manufacturing plant, something that we have done 3 times now but you know me, I love this stuff so I will always jump at any chance I get to tour a plant LOL!!


We toured everything starting in the frame shop (if you notice the iron is stamped USA).

Right through every single station ending in the cabinet shop and then toured a couple recently completed units.

 Unlike so many other tours we have done the employees were able to take time and chat with and answer any questions we might have as we went through their department and it was easy to tell that they took great pride in what they were doing.

 With the employees in mind on one day we had open house’s where fellow New Horizons owners could tour the other owner’s rigs and the New Horizon employees were also allowed to do so if the owners were ok with it, and we certainly were.

 As the employee’s toured they had a chance to see how what they were building was being used by the owners and as I spoke with them they seemed genuinely interested in how we used the coach and I think I could see the cogs turning in some of their minds on things they may not have thought of before and how what they do effects the end users like us, again fun and great to see.

 On another day we had a seminar on HDT’s “heavy duty trucks” which I found interesting even though I don’t think a HDT’s would ever be in our game plan. But again, I enjoy that stuff so it was interesting to check out some of the trucks.

 While mostly the guys were doing the HDT thing a bunch of the girls were doing a craft project and drinking Mimosa’s. When I went in to use the restroom I got the impression there was more Mimosa drinking going on than crafting.

 There were a couple outings involved during the rally but I think we will talk about them in a separate update so this one doesn’t drag on BUT at the end of the rally New Horizons fed us one last meal before it was all over. They fed us well during the entire rally, that’s for sure.

 They catered in a great BBQ meal this year and had plenty of drinks flowing and music playing and the festivities went well into the evening.

 Oh, Austin brought one of his snakes to the event and as you can see Diane had to get involved. I would have but someone had to take pictures LOL!!! That’s my story!!

 OK, we will call it good for this update but come on back to check out what other fun things New Horizons put together for us to do.

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1 Response to New Horizons Ambassador Rally

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like a great and informative time although I could do without the snake!

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