Finishing up in Pagosa Springs

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Ok, we have to finish up on our Pagosa Springs stay so we will bunch a lot in this update so we can move on.

When we first got to our campground in Pagosa Springs we were given one site which you see in this picture.

That was the site we had the first couple weeks before we had to move over just 1 site to the right..

But after a little over a week we had to move over just one site, don’t you hate that? Especially when we saw 3 or 4 people come and go in the site we had first after we moved, couldn’t they have just had them stay in the site we moved to? Oh well, I suppose they might have requested that site and then THEY would have had something to gripe about LOL!!!

The empty spot to the left was our first site we had for a couple weeks then we had to move over 1 site LOL!!

The view out our rear window in the second site we had.

Both sites were good so it didn’t really matter, it’s just the having to move thing.

Between all of the hikes we talked about already in the last few updates we played Pickleball probably 3 or 4 mornings a week which was great.

A visit with our friends Bob & Dawn. Pickleball courts in Pagosa Springs.

It amazes us how Pagosa Springs is obviously not a struggling town yet they have poor Pickleball courts compared to many towns we have come across that obviously are struggling far more than Pagosa Springs. Don’t towns realize how much of a growing sport Pickleball is and how many people traveling look for it?

We took a day trip to Durango to hit the Farmers Market and to check out the new location of the Pickleball Courts in town.

Pickleball courts in Durango

Pickleball courts in Durango

Farmers Market in Durango

And we had lunch at one of our favorite spots in town (Jean Pierre Bakery & Wine Bar) that we felt pretty safe in with the COVID thing going on. We were introduced to this spot by our friends Tom & Dianne.

Jean Pierre Bakery &; Wine Bar

Jean Pierre Bakery & Wine Bar

Jean Pierre Bakery & Wine Bar

Speaking of Tom & Dianne we took a drive to Bayfield to pay them a visit one day. They also full-timed for a number of years but have now settled down on a nice little chunk of land and have done the place up very nice. And I can’t believe that we didn’t take any pictures during our visit. We must be slipping LOL!!

During our visit with our friends Tom & Dianne. I can’t believe we didn’t get any other pictures!

And of course we couldn’t drive by the Malt Shoppe or the Bakery in Pagosa Springs without at least stopping once LOL!!

And yes, another bakery!!

Of course we had to have a burger and a shake

And when there is a Farmers Market in the area we can’t resist.

Farmers Market in Pagosa Springs

Even though we were a little reluctant we did make a trip downtown one time to walk the streets and pop in and out of a few shops and were very pleased that every one of them were requiring masks which at least made us feel a little more comfortable.

Downtown Pagosa Springs

Downtown Pagosa Springs

Downtown Pagosa Springs

And we had a number of visits from Aria and Pagosa. They had a great time playing and it was fun to watch how they handled the size differences, Pagosa with her great speed and Aria with his height advantage LOL!!

Aria and Pagosa having a little fun

Aria and Pagosa having a little fun

We also had a great visit with our friends Bob & Dawn at their house in Pagosa and they gave us some great hiking ideas. Even though we think they were trying to kill us because a few were at some high altitudes LOL!!!

A visit with our friends Bob & Dawn.

We hope to see Bob & Dawn this winter in Arizona if they decide to get out of the snow and travel with the COVID situation.

There were a number of other things we did during our stay but like we said, if we don’t finish up blogging about Pagosa Springs we will be so far behind that we may NEVER catch up LOL!!!

Williams Creek Reservoir

Williams Creek Reservoir






































It must be obvious that we like Pagosa Springs, in fact we like it enough and know of so many hikes that we want to do but just didn’t have time for that we have already made reservations for next summer. Wow, that’s not like us!!

That’s it for now, be sure to come back to check out our next move.

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3 Responses to Finishing up in Pagosa Springs

  1. Robbie or Alice Simons says:

    Wow, we learned a lot about the area from your blog about our new home town in Pagosa Springs. We are in contract to buy a house and the closing is October 7,

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Yes, we had heard about your new place!!! Congrats!! That will be exciting. Maybe next time through we can get together for a visit.

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