A day trip over Wolf Creek Pass

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On one of our days in the Pagosa Springs area we decided to take a break from hikes and Pickleball and take a drive up and over Wolf Creek Pass and have a look at a few spots of interest.

Our first stop was at the peak where we pulled off the main road and headed up to the Lobo Pass Overlook at an altitude of 11,760ft where we took in some great views of the Continental Divide.





















We putzed around up there for a while and actually headed out on one of the trails but didn’t really go very far, and hadn’t intended to but we probably walked a mile maybe which was plenty at that altitude LOL!!

We then headed down the other side of the mountain and stopped at Pass Creek Lake to have a look see and to walk along the shoreline a bit.






















































There were a number of people spread out fishing so I’m guessing it’s a good spot but we didn’t bother asking anyone and we didn’t see anyone pull anything in so maybe it’s just a nice pretty spot so toss a line in and relax, heck we don’t know.

After Pass Creek Lake we kept going down but within a mile we turned off onto Pass Creek Road and drove it until we reached the Tucker Ponds.

The ponds sit at an elevation of 9700ft and we read that they are stocked with Rainbow Trout and during our visit we did see a few reeled in and a number of nice sized fish on stringers.

There is a campground up by the ponds but the gate was closed so we didn’t check it out however there were a few dispersed sites scattered around on our drive to the lakes.

The Tucker Ponds are only about 14 miles from the town of South Fork so I’m guessing they are a popular hangout and why not, it’s darn pretty in that area.

We spend a good amount of time at the two ponds walking along the shorelines and watching a few people fish before continuing on down the mountain until we reached the town of South Fork where we basically just turned around and headed back up the mountain until we reached the turnoff to Big Meadows Reservoir which of course we took.

Big Meadows sits at an altitude of 9250ft and is pretty good sized at 600 acres and is a no-wake lake. Motorboats are allowed, but cannot create excessive wakes. So it says.

Once again we did a good amount of walking around and watched some people fish and we saw a good amount of fish being drug in and on stringers, even more so than Tucker Ponds.

There is a pretty good sized campground at the reservoir also and is set up in a tiered fashion which allows for some pretty darn nice views. There are a few sites we would attempt getting into but for smaller rigs it would be a good spot for those that enjoy fishing for sure.

After Big Meadows Reservoir we continued up and over Wolf Creek and on the way down we pulled into the Wolf Creek Pass Overlook to, well, have a look of course LOL!!

Then we were homeward bound. All in all it made for roughly a 100 mile road trip and we saw some very pretty country so it was a great day once again.

Ok, we are slowly catching up, be sure to check back in!!

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6 Responses to A day trip over Wolf Creek Pass

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I find it incredible how the trees can grow right out of that rock like the one was in that selfie of you.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I actually took a number of pictures of trees and bushes growing out of rock but and to thin down the pictures in the blog update and they didn’t make the cut LOL!! I figured “just how many pictures of that would a person want to see”.

  2. debbiemc14 says:

    Nice pictures and what pretty lakes! Did you notice if there was cell reception? I’ll have to save those campgrounds for future spots!

  3. Dave & Diane says:

    If I remember correctly there was cell service, in fact I remember doing a live Facebook Feed from a couple of those spots. But be sure to check that before just going.

  4. Dave R. says:

    What an awesome place! Great pics, easy to understand why you want to spend time in that area. Beauty spot.

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