Piedra Falls hike

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

I guess we have been so busy that this “catching up” thing on the blog isn’t going so well LOL!!! But then as I look at what we have REALLY done since leaving Pagosa Springs we REALLY have not done much news worthy so I guess I should just be happy that I have the “catching up” to do. Does that make ANY sense at all?

Anyway, on one of our hike days we did two hikes in one day and we will cover each hike in separate updates.

The first hike of the day was Piedra Falls, a very short hike (walk) but scenic and made even better because we were able to do it with our new friends Carolyn and Jimmy who were our neighbors at the RV park AND Pickleball players.






































This was a pretty straight forward hike that total was just over a mile on a pretty well marked trail along a river and if you were just driving out to do this hike the drive would actually take longer than the hike to the falls takes LOL!! But as we said, we planned another more involved hike to do after Piedra Falls so it worked out great.

I think Diane was leaning over to get a better look at the falls and was about to topple over.

Jimmy & Caroline & Rocky

I should give up on this type of picture taking LOL!!


































































Once we finished at the falls we all jumped in our separate rigs and Diane and I headed to our second hike of the day to check out some Ice Caves so that will be out next update, come on back!!

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7 Responses to Piedra Falls hike

  1. tchesh49@gmail.com says:

    Nice area for a hike. Really picturesque. Except for the half Dude pic.😄 Dave, you take great pics. Thanks, Tom

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well thanks!!! Yup, it’s those darn “Half Dude” selfie shots that get me. I don’t know how some people can throw together a group of 8 or 10 people, turn around with the phone in hand and snap a shot with ease and have everyone in it LOL!!! I keep thinking I’m missing some magic setting on the camera.

  2. Helen says:

    What a gorgeous companion Rocky looks to be! Love waterfalls, as always thanks for sharing.

  3. Susan Porter says:

    Very busy hike when we were there, had to wait for a spot to sit and take a picture 😳

  4. Diane Azar says:

    Oops. Dave must have been thinking of our friends dog Rocky. Caroline and Jimmy’s dog is Pagossa. And what a sweetheart she is.

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