Headed to Pagosa Springs Colorado

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

July 4th rolled around and it was once again time to lift our jacks and make another move, this time just 100 miles north-east to Pagosa Springs Colorado where we had a little over a month booked.

Hooked up and ready to roll.

It was an easy backroads travel day as we drove HWY 170 north until it turned into HWY 140 that we continued on until we reached the HWY 141 turn off. We then followed 141 until we switched to HWY 210 that took us by Lake Nighthorse and finally spit us out on the east side of Durango on HWY 160 which we stay on for about 60 miles until we reached the west side of Pagosa Springs and headed north on HWY 600 for a few hundred yard where we found our new home for the coming month.

This was our first site during our stay. We had to move over 1 site after 2 weeks.

This was our first site during our stay. We had to move over 1 site after 2 weeks.

We rolling into Pagosa Springs on July 4th and are scheduled to leave on August 6th so you can see we are behind on the blog but we stayed so active while in the area that I just fell behind so beware, the next few updates are going to be jammed full of scenic pictures because we did a number of hikes and scenic drives and it’s such a beautiful area that it’s hard not to take tons of pictures.

This was our first site during our stay. We had to move over 1 site after 2 weeks.

This was our first site during our stay. We had to move over 1 site after 2 weeks.

The bad thing is that we will probably fall even farther behind because as you can see it’s August 5th that I’m doing this update and we leave the 6th, headed to Kansas for some warrantee work and it’s no doubt that with the 3 solid days of tavel just to get there and then the goings on of sitting in a shop parking lot during the work we will not have a bunch of time to post updates so bear with us.

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12 Responses to Headed to Pagosa Springs Colorado

  1. Relocated Kansans says:

    Hopefully you’ll find time to run over to Topeka to check out Evel Knievel.
    Stay safe out there.

  2. Helen says:

    No Excuse Dave on the updates coming every few days!! You’ll have tons of spare time LOL. Seriously so appreciate your sharing and caring write ups all these years as we’ve virtually travelled through you and Diane from when you first started the blog. Even your time at Lazy Days!!! That info was priceless for us making decisions on rig brands and dealerships moving forwards etc. Keep on keeping on, but honestly, totally understand you also need to experience the moments from not being always behind a lens!

    Waiting with baited breath on the photos and write up on PS. Colorado is one of my all time favourite states as well the NW of Montana. Guess I’m drawn to mountains, hence when we emigrated back in the early 90’s from the UK, we moved within 9 weeks from Ontario first landing to Alberta LOL.

  3. Dave Roche says:

    Look forward to all the pictures you care to share. Never had the chance to see the area so it’s great to be able to sneak a peek. Your RV makes the truck look small even though I know it isn’t!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well we are sure you will LOVE some of the pictures from a few of the hikes, I could have pitched a tent and looked at some of those views for days,,,,, BUT,,,, we don’t tent camp any more LOL!!

  4. We’ve been (unofficially) following your blog and all of your posts (that we can find) since discovering that we are on a very similar path! Although you are well ahead us, we are also working to move from a MH to a NH 5’ver (for many of the reasons you’ve discussed).

    First, thank you very much for all of the time and effort you put into your posts! We really appreciate the valuable resource that you are providing for us (and many others)!

    Second, we are very interested to hear your impressions regarding performance/comfort and your satisfaction with your new Ram 5500 TV. That specific TV is at the top of our list. Because it is a substantial purchase in and of itself, we’re very interested in any insights you might be willing to share. Are you planning any TV posts in the near term?

    Thanks much, Darrell ‘n Chris

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi guys!!! I’m happy to hear that you enjoy our blog and can gather some helpful information from it, makes me happy.
      For us moving from a MH to a 5th wheel was a big journey full of research which I’m sure you have been doing as well, heck that’s half the fun. And if at any time you have any questions about New Horizon feel free to reach out, we are in fact in the New Horizon Parking lot right now!!
      Yup, the Ram 5500 was another long thought out journey and I feel we made the right choice, it has done a great job with our 23,000lbs of home behind us. I did a pretty extensive write up about the truck shortly after getting it and putting it through some tests, did you see that one? If you didn’t you might want to find that and if you did and have more questions I’d be happy to chat with you over he phone and maybe doing another blog post about it AND the 5th wheel experience might also be a good idea.
      I have had I bet 4 guys contact me via phone conversations about the truck and countless in person conversations.
      Thanks for the comments and have fun with the journey!

  5. Hey, I found your Ram 5500 post! Honestly, I had tried searching your blog before ever writing to you, but obviously I made some kind of mistake. After you confirmed that you had made a post, I tried searching again and it popped right up. Geez, I have no idea what I did wrong, but all is well that ends well!

    It was a great post with lots of good information, just like every other post I’ve seen from you! I knew the 5500 turning radius was tighter than a standard pickup, but had no idea that differences were so significant. I’m really looking forward to having a hauler bed, especially after reading your description, but not nearly so excited about the $$$! I also share your concerns about de-tuning that is designed into all cab/chassis trucks. So your real world experience, with known weights on a well-known grade (who hasn’t heard all about Earl hauling chickens over 37 miles of hell???), was particularly valuable. If I understand correctly, your guess was your MH cleared the summit about 10 mph faster than the Ram. Do you remember the actual speed? How did your speed compare with the tractor/trailer traffic? (I’ll live with de-tuning I suppose but I really don’t want VW bugs passing me!)

    Darrell ‘n Chris

    PS. I believe you are now a NH Ambassador, and I understand this is Ambassador Week. Is that why you are in JC?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Oh good!!!, I’m glad you found that update because I really tried to make it full of useful information.
      As far as compared to truck traffic, well I have yet to come across Earl but we didn’t ZIP by any trucks either, nor did any trucks zip by us. I may have actually kept notes on our first run over Wolf Creek in the truck but I would have to find them, in fact I know I kept notes on tranny temps and general temps (which were VERY uneventful but speed’s probably not, wasn’t really worried about speed. If I just shoot from the hip I would say the average speed going up in the truck with 5th wheel was 35 and with the motorhome 40 to 45. Those would be close numbers. The key is that trips over passes like Wolf Creek don’t happen a lot in our travels.
      And yes, we came to JC to have some warrantee things done and it is Ambassador week, in fact we sat in meetings most of the day talking about changes that have happened over the last year and upcoming changes as well as us owners made suggestions on changes we feel would be good. Then we went for a tour of a mansion and went out for a great dinner so there was some fun.
      Tomorrow we tour the plant and see the new things and get to drill the department heads on how and why they do certain things which will be fun.
      I think Cole said you might have a tour planned as well?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Darrell, curious how your meeting went with Cole? Hope all is well!!

  6. Hi Dave & Diane. The meeting with Cole went well. There are a couple of design issues to resolve, but it looks like a “go” if we can reach an agreement. Thanks for asking! I still wish we could have connected in Junction City, but, hopefully, we’ll do it down the road! Happy Trails!

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