And the changes just keep coming

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.

We are coming up on 8 years of being on the road and for a few of those years we had no idea where we would lower our jacks next until maybe 2 or 3 days before we left whatever area we were at but I think we can honestly say we are the most confused of what comes next now than we have ever been before. And that’s crazy because if you would have asked us what our plans were just 4 months ago we could have told you every stop from April 1st until November 1st, more or less.

We ordered take out Mexican, drove in separate cars and then gathered for a Cinco de Mayo meal. That jug of tea is actually a batch of margarita that Drew made up. We made the best of things while still social distancing.

We are not alone in this new to us world of indecision, there probably isn’t a fulltime RVer out there that hasn’t made changes to their summer travel plans and I think we have changed ours about 3 different times.

Yup, you have probably guessed it, we have changed our plans yet again and this time we blew up every reservation we had made all the way to September and changed course completely. So no west coast and Yellowstone for us this summer.

I thought for a minute they were going to cross in the crosswalk, that would have been so much better.

We decided to contact New Horizon’s to see if we could move our appointment up from the end of September to the beginning of August and if they could accommodate that we would adjust our summer travels around that, and they were able to, so we did LOL!

For now all we know is that we have reservations here at Casa Grande Arizona until the end of May and we have reservations in Pagosa Springs Colorado from July 13th through August 6th and our appointment at New Horizon in Junction City Kansas starts on Monday the 10th..

Main pool

Main pool

It’s roughly 650 miles from Pagosa Springs to New Horizons so we will probably break the travel up into 3 easy days and roll in on the weekend so we will be all ready for them to start bright and early Monday morning.

As far as getting from Arizona to Pagosa Springs, well that’s only 550 miles depending on the route we take and we will have 43 days to do it in LOL!!! We asked the park in Pagosa Springs to let us know if they had any cancelations that would allow us to come in a week early so we will keep our fingers crossed for that because we could then get a monthly rate.

This is the small pool and hot tub just down the road from us.

We have a few options to kill time between Casa Grande and Pagosa Springs and because the swimming pools, dog parks, golf course and Pickleball courts are scheduled to open up this next week here at the resort we may even keep an eye on the weather for the first week or two of June and just hang around. After all we have survived the last 2 weeks with temperatures in the 106 degree range with no problems at all so if it shows that it will be in the 90’s or lower we just might do that. Hey, we are just trying to kill time this summer now and we know what we have here at this resort and if we can play a little Pickleball in the mornings and golf in the evenings we will be just fine. We are not pool people but we just might even ponder that mid-day but I bet not.

There is another small pool here by the softball field and pickleball courts where people play water volleyball.

Even though we are not fans of hot weather even on the days temps reached 106 or 108 we got out early “around 6:30 is the best I could get Diane to do LOL!!” and stayed active until about 11, then hunkered down inside until after diner and ventured back outside for a bike ride and it was very pleasant all evening after say 6PM. So it would be very doable for a couple extra weeks with the state of affairs we have in the country.

The Pickleball courts and the softball diamond. You can see the batch of Palm Tree’s out by right field of the softball diamond where the small pool is where they play volleyball.

And we are very happy with how cool we have been able to stay inside our home on wheels so as long as it doesn’t get crazy and temps start climbing much above what we have already experienced we won’t worry much about that part of it. But we have read that the monsoons start in June so that has to be taken into consideration as well, we don’t want to be here when all of that starts happening.

Even though the temps have been in the100’s it’s nice after 6PM for a bike ride and whatever each evening.

Oh, after we finish at New Horizon we will fill some time until the beginning of September when we plan to be in Creede Colorado for a New Horizon Owners Rally as long as it doesn’t get cancelled.

I guess that’s it for now, we will just roll with the punches and figure it out as we go. Stay safe!!

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2 Responses to And the changes just keep coming

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    So far our summer plans have not changed while we wait for the Canadian border to open. We are scheduled to cross in mid June. We have a back up plan just in case but we are still hoping to make it to Alaska!

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