Our new normal “coronavirus” routine

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

A couple updates ago we mentioned that some of our summer plans had changed and that we had extended out stay here at Casa Grande and cancelled our stay in Grants Pass and one of our stops in Washington and that we still had reservations starting April 30th in Eugene but that has also now changed.

Yup, we received notice that our 2 week stay at the county park in Coburg, just outside of Eugene, had been cancelled. Something that a lot of RVers have been hearing lately.

So as it stands now our first reservation will be in the Bend / Redmond area mid-May if it continues to stand. It is also at a county ran park so we are actually a little surprised that it hasn’t been cancelled yet but I sent them an email and it in fact is still honoring previously made reservations at this time.

To be honest with everything going on in the country, well world actually, we wouldn’t be to upset if our reservations in Redmond / Bend cancelled. That would free our schedule all the way through May and into early June and even though we don’t cherish the idea of being here in Arizona as it gets hotter, staying in one place does sound safer and has its advantages.

We have never been in Arizona any later than April 1st so we can’t speak to being here in the heat of April and May but we are guessing we would be hunkered inside during mid-days. One thing seems certain, we will at least experience April in Arizona at this point.

As I have mentioned before Diane is pretty foot loose and fancy free and just floats along whichever way the breeze blows her and isn’t too concerned about what goes on this summer which makes it nice for me in some ways, except it’s left up to me to figure out where we will, or should I say CAN be LOL!!!

Our original route had us going in a clockwise circle and at this time the reservations that have been effected are all on the left side of the clock face so I guess if that pattern continues our route will morph into a half circle or maybe even just a pie shape, who knows.

There is one chain of events that we have planned that we are really watching, we have 3 weeks reserved on the west side of Yellowstone, 1 week just north of Yellowstone and then another week in Cody on the east side of Yellowstone. If any of those things become effected or if for some reason we don’t feel comfortable going to those areas when the time comes that we leave Arizona we will just blow up our entire summer plan’s and just wing it this year and attempt to recreate this year’s entire route next summer. And to be honest that sounds good to me right now.

And it may be what I just make that happen and not worry about it anymore. I think we will decide all of that by the end of April. We are not due to be in the Yellowstone area until mid-July and a lot can happen by then.

The other thing we have planned is a New Horizon Rally in Creede Colorado followed by some warranty work at the New Horizon factory in Kansas but that’s not until September so I’m pretty sure that will still happen.

But for now we are just going to kick back and enjoy what we have going on at the present the best we can.

Just what have we been doing? Well a basic day now seems to be a mixture of these things and some days ALL of these. After a casual morning we usually make our way to the Pickleball courts to do drills for an hour or so followed by a couple games of singles before heading back home.

The courts are still very active here at the resort and even though there have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus in the area we have decided to play it safe and just play alone, the two of us for at least a while.

After our drills we like to go do a perimeter walk around the resort which equals 3 miles, that isn’t all that far but enough to get some exercise anyway.

Even the statues here at Palm Creek try to remain safe.

There are a number of cactus scattered throughout that park that we make a point to pay attention to as they share their beauty.








































































And outside the park there are a few burrowing owls to be found in a vacant field just across the street from the entrance to the resort that are pretty neat to check on.

Another fun thing we were told about is a hummingbird nest located right behind our friends Bill & Debi’s place that has a couple babies in it. Again, pretty cool to check out.

After our walks I can usually still talk Diane into a bike ride but not always and there have been a couple days, especially if the wind is blowing, that we might forgo the walk and just do a bike ride but regardless we try to get a few hours of exercise each day.

We have recently tossed golf in our mix of activities. So far we have gone out in the late afternoons and just played 9 holes. Once with our friends Drew & Becky, once with our friends Kara & Chuck and the other times just the two of us.

Golf is another sport that can be played and still practice good social distancing and you only touch your own equipment, we don’t even pull the flag when putting to avoid that unnecessary contact.











I think Diane and I have decided to try and get at least 4 or 5 rounds of golf in each week the remainder of our stay. Oh by the way, Golf is free now that everything in the resort is closed down and unmanned. And it is private to the resort, no outside players allowed on the golf course OR Pickleball courts.

Even though our group Tuesday nights out for wings has gone to the weigh side because of the Coronavirus we do still try to get together at least once per week “safely” but the look is certainly different.

Like in most parts of the country Take Out food has taken the place of eating inside restaurants so everyone takes their own car to whatever restaurant they choose to order from and we get together at the pavilion by the softball field, we each get our very own table which keeps every family at least 6’or more away from the other and we eat & visit for an hour or so before heading in our different directions.

We of course try to keep this group to no more than 10 to stay within the “no large gathering’s” guidelines. We are not hoodlums after all LOL!!!

I guess that’s it for now. Everyone stay safe!

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9 Responses to Our new normal “coronavirus” routine

  1. Ingrid says:

    There are worse places to be stuck! Love the statues with the masks. The saguaros should start blooming later in the month and into May and I always love seeing them in bloom which is why we usually don’t leave Phoenix until May sometime. I’m hoping to hit the road to cooler temps come June … fingers crossed for all of us!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      You are so right, we are very lucky compared to many. GREAT IDEA, I don’t think we have ever seen the saguaros in bloom, that in itself is something to look forward to. Stay safe.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    We have friends who are “stuck” in your park and are taking advantage of the golf as well. If you make it out to SD and need a place to park let us know!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well we hope we don’t hold your friends up if they end up playing behind us LOL!! And thanks for the offer, some day in the future I’m sure we might take you p on that. Would love to see you guys again and your new digs!!

  3. aelkins1 says:

    We are in a similar boat. We finish our Tucson reservation tomorrow and are hightailing it to a small park in southwest Colorado for at least a month, possibly two – who knows?? Our original plans were to slowly boondock slowly our way north with friends, that had to be scrapped while we all scramble. We, too, have reservations to see Glacier & Yellowstone in July, and some time in Idaho for a rally. I haven’t cancelled yet but have penciled the “cancel-by”dates into my calendar. 😦

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We hope everything works out for you guys this summer. And your idea of heading to Colorado is probably better at least heat wise than out staying in Arizona LOL!!

  4. debbiemc14 says:

    Great that you have nice weather to be in! Can you imagine those in the NE? Like you wed go nuts if we can’t get outside. While Monterey is beautiful it’s still cool rainy and windy here. Only nice on those few sunny days. If we end up here at the Elks until this ends it’ll be ok. Unfortunately we can’t see our new grandson anymore with the new rules. It’s too hilly to ride our bikes so we have to be content with walks around the area. Luckily it is pretty and surrounded by gorgeous homes and landscape. Hang in there!

    • debbiemc14 says:

      And the plus dude to bring in AZ during April are those gorgeous cactus blooms!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      It has to be killing you to not spend time with the new grandbaby. Yup, like you if we have to hunker down here we will be ok, could be worse like you said. We are supposed to get a little rain 1 day later this week, if that happens we will be headed to the desert to check out the blooms that are bound to bust loose. You guys stay safe!!

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