Keeping our eyes open for the right exit strategy

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link.

First off we don’t really see an end it sight as far as our fulltime lifestyle goes but at some point in reality we know it will for one reason or another so we have always kept our eye’s and minds open to possibilities and when either one of us say “I could see ourselves having a place here” we have to at least think about it. And Diane made that comment just the other day.

It seems that we have found our winter happy place “at least for now” here at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort and have returned here the last 5 years, 1 week in 2015, 1 month in 2016, 3 months in 2017, and 5 month’s during the winters of 2018 and 2019 and from what we can tell right now we will probably return for 5 months again for the 2020 season, so obviously we enjoy it here.

And it’s easy to point out why we enjoy it here so much, #1 even though not perfect all the time the weather during the winter months is none too shabby and allows us to enjoy the outside activities we like, #2 we have made dozens of friends that we enjoy being around and look forward to seeing each year, #3 this place has so many activities that if a person gets bored it’s their own fault, #4 Casa Grande has a population of around 55,000 making it just about the right size for us yet less than an hour’s drive to larger cities like the Phoenix area to the north and Tucson to the south.

Probably the only thing lacking in this area is eateries, even though there are plenty of places to eat there just isn’t much in the extraordinary category but that’s ok.

Now, as far as the Palm Creek RV Resort itself how we can explain it, well ok I will put it this way. We have often said that other than having to go to the store for groceries we could spend the entire 5 months we stay here without leaving the resort at all and not feel deprived. We would probably feel more “guilty” than deprived because not going out and about just isn’t what people do right. Hmm feeling guilty for not going out and about because of the way it would look to others, that’s crazy.

Of course we are just talking about the 5 months we stay here because I’m sure it’s a completely different beast during the summer months and I’m pretty darn sure we wouldn’t want to be here when the temps are soaring into the 100’s. But then there just aren’t many places we would want to be year around so we think as long as our health holds out we will always have at least 2 places to be during the year.

So what would buying a place here at Palm Creek mean for us? Well there are a number of options,

#1 a person could just commit to a lease on a RV site and have a shed to store things while we are not here and of course to use while here and maybe have a full sized freezer and a washer & dryer inside. And maybe do some extended landscaping if we wanted.

A basic shed setup.



The resort always runs some sort of 2 or 3 year guaranteed price special to set the hook but eventually you will pay the going rate which at this point is $7548 per year for a standard site, $7956 for a Premium site or $8280 for a Large Lot.

A nice simple shed setup with a small patio area at the rear.

A nice site with a shed and pavers. I would do away with the block planter but otherwise very nice.

Our friends Chuck & Kara’s site with a shed and a nice covered area.

A nice clean shed and covered patio setup.

We are on a large lot now at a 5 month rate which will cost us $5203 for the 2020/2021 season. (Oh, we paid $5041 this season so next year there is just over a 3% increase and we have seen a 3 to 5% increase each year we have come here).

The way I look at leasing a lot is at the 2020/2021 season rate we pay will pay $1040.60 per month (not including the stupid additional fee’s) so if we paid a annual fee of $8280 and divided it by the $1040.60 so we would even just break even we would need to stay here just under 8 months and that just isn’t going to happen. 5 months no problem, 6 months would be doable but 8, nope, not just to have a shed.

Or #2 we could lease a lot and build a “Coach House” on it which could also have a full bathroom and still have room for a nice area to entertain or chill in during the evenings and also do some extended landscaping outside. “This option has always peaked our interest because between the RV and coach house you could really have some space to work and play with”.

This is a coach house with a full bathroom, washer drier area and a living room. This was for sale last winter and was tempting but it would have been tight with our truck now.

Doing this option you would have the cost of building the coach house itself unless you found one already built to buy but you would then have the same lot payments as mentioned above.

Or #3 we could buy a house and lease a lot to put it on and there are a number of options when it comes to having a house. You can find an older and smaller Park Model with metal siding and maybe some sort of patio and car port starting anywhere from $25,000 up to roughly $40,000.

A couple metal sided units but they do sit on the golf course with nice patios on the rear.

Or you could find something a little newer with wood siding and a little more modern in the $45,000 to $50,000.

Or go to a house with a couple bedrooms and bathrooms with a shed and some sort of patio ranging from $55,000 up to close to the $130,000 range.

There are streets of nice homes that give a neighborhood feel but no space around them.

Or you could purchase one of the brand new floorplans being offered that range in size from 898 sqft for a starting price of $104,000 to 1280 sqft with a starting price of $150,000 and have them put on a lot of your choice and maybe even have room for a garage or maybe room to park your RV but you would of course have to have a Large Lot to make that happen and you would have the ongoing site cost mentioned above.

A newer home with RV parking.

One of the newer homes with covered parking and room for a RV.

This place has covered parking, a nice side out building and a nice patio.

Look at the patio space or extra parking space here.

To us the “buying” part is the easy part but it’s the ongoing and uncontrolled site cost that scares us (well me more than Diane). After coming here for the last few years as mentioned we have witnessed the price increases of 3 to 5% and once you buy a home and put it on a chunk of land that someone else owns you are at their mercy. And I will tell you that our retirement income is not going up 3 to 5% per year and we are not wealthy people so eventually it could catch up to us.

There are some nice spots on the golf course but the site costs are higher than other sites.

There are some nice spots on the golf course but the site costs are higher than other sites.

And IF it did catch up to us I would be afraid that the site costs would be so high that it just MIGHT scare away potential buyers which could put us in a bind.

Plus we would have to keep in mind if we bought a house we would have some sort of added electric bill even if we were away AND property taxes and insurance on top of everything else. Plus if there wasn’t room for the RV we would have the extra cost of storage while we were in the area. But that would be the case regardless of where we bought.

In a nut shell I guess if we were going to stay year around and not RV any longer we could consider buying a place here but certainly not as long as we want to travel. And I think there are “active” communities where we could buy a home and have much lower HOA dues if we ever so desire but then I’m sure the upfront cost of a home would or could be higher.

So for now we will just keep rolling around like a couple tumbleweed’s and come back for a few months per year until we find something else that strikes our fancy, we are in no hurry.

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8 Responses to Keeping our eyes open for the right exit strategy

  1. Ruth says:

    Great post. You know we just went through some very similar math ourselves about a month ago after we drove around several different parks. We keep talking about Tucson being a place we could stay for maybe half the year. Amazingly we came to the same conclusion, we’re just going to keep moving down the road.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    So many options and weighing the pros and cons you are probably doing the right thing. Or…. you could buy 63 acres in South Dakota!

  3. gt350ed says:

    Okay! Let me say it before you do. Quartile IS NOT for everyone. But after ownership here for two years, we love it. It suits us. For comparison, we have a quarter acre, perimeter walled and gated, with a RV Cool Kover and built-in Casiita with kitchenette and full bath. Also with sewer and multiple hook-ups. Two sheds. You’ve been here, so you’ve seen it. Great residential street and neighbors. Here’s the financials…We paid $65,000. Put $25,000 down and financed $40,000 with the seller, amortized for 30 years, due in 7 years. Although the payment is $215 per month, we add an additional $200 per month. This way, we’ll owe less than $15,000 when the note comes due. Taxes are about $350 per year. Water and sewer is about $60 per month year round. Electrical is $11 per month off season, about $95 per month during off season (5 months). We don’t do pickleball, but we have a Jeep, a Honda Goldwing and about to buy a side x side. We travel 5-6 months per year in our motorhome. Life is good, God willing and the creek don’t rise. 😀

    • gt350ed says:

      Not “Quartile”…Quartzsite.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yup, you have a nice setup there Ed and enjoyed our visit and tour by the way. And even though we do enjoy boondocking in Q it just wouldn’t be a place for us I’m afraid for various reasons and none of them bad, just not enough of what WE like to do on a regular basis available. But the numbers are attractive LOL!!

      • gt350ed says:

        Ya, we knew Q was not your cup of tea. The numbers and “comparison” we’re for your followers to consider in addition to the valuable info you provided.

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