We have gone beyond the half way point of our winter stay

Just a quick reminder, we have started a YouTube channel. It’s certainly in its infancy stage for sure and will be going through some growing pains but go check it out and we would appreciate it if you would subscribe while there. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqRmO1rO4cu3rFANF1iG6Q

It’s time for another quick update.

First off I guess it goes without saying that we are still playing Pickleball every day, well every day except Sundays. We normally have not been playing on Sundays and spend it watching football mainly with a walk and bike ride tossed in for good measure. Besides, it gives the old body a day to recover a little.

But with football season coming to an end who knows what Sundays will bring,,,, GO CHIEFS!!!!

Just one of the MANY pretty sunrises we see out our back window.

We have a Hummingbird feeder on our back window that supplies us with some entertainment every day.

Most Saturday nights we still gather with a group of friends for some casual “friendly” Pickleball followed by some time around a fire.

I forget what was going on this night but just a small Saturday night gathering at the courts on this particular night.

A typical Saturday night after Pickleball.

Drew is pouring some cheer!!

The size of the Saturday night crowd is effected by what other events might be going on in the park like dances or concerts but as a rule we range from 8 to 24 people and play for a couple hours and then spend an hour or so by the fire.

Our Tuesday nights of going out for wings is still going strong and as a rule we have over a dozen of us that get together at 5:30 at Buffalo Wild Wings.

14 of us on this particular night.

13 of us on this night

14 again on this night.

Diane is still working a couple shifts each week at the members Pickleball Welcome Table with our friend Becky.

Diane and Becky working the welcome tent.

And she is still playing Mahjong 1 day a week and Mexican Train 1 day a week with a bunch of her lady friends.

We also went to the Edward Twins show here at the park that was a hoot. The brothers, Anthony and Eddie Edwards, are Celebrity Illusionists that put on one hell of a show. And thats coming from a guy that’s not really a show goer.




















































When they come out on stage dressed up as Sonny & Cher, Billy Joel, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Tom Jones, and many more I tell you what, they make you believe that you are actually watching the real thing.





































Not only are they good singers but they are pretty funny as well. Anyway, like I said, I’m not normally into this stuff but we would go watch them again. Oh, here is a link that leads you to their web site if you care to take a peak. https://theedwardstwins.com/

We also attended a show put on by a husband and wife duo called “2 Country 4Nashville”.


















This show wasn’t put on by the park, our friends Drew & Becky met them the first time on a cruise ship and since then have seen them a number of times either on cruise ships or at different venues around the country and have become good friends with them. In fact they are borderline groupies I would say LOL!!! And in fact we saw them twice while visiting Drew & Becky in Texas last summer.

Jo-el and LeAnne

Jo-el and LeAnne (2Country 4Nashville) were passing through the area to play in the Phoenix area this year so Drew & Becky reserved a room here at the park and talked them into stopping in for a performance for a bunch of friends which they were more than happy to do as it turned out.

Everything fell together pretty well and roughly 150 of us gathered for an evening of good music and fun. Jo-el and LeAnne played for tips only but from the looks of the tip bucket I think they did ok AND a few of the parks staff attended and maybe it could turn out to be bigger PAID gig for them in the future.

Let’s see, we have also gone to a couple movies which may not sound like a big thing but for me I guess it is LOL!!! As I have said before, I’m more of an active guy and my idea of entertainment isn’t necessarily sitting in front of a movie screen, in fact we have been on the road 7 years and up until now I have only gone to 1 movie theater if that gives you any idea and now we have gone to TWO just this season.

The two show we saw were “Ferrari vs Ford” and “1917” and I have to admit that we enjoyed them both. But now that I have gone to TWO movies in such a short time I should be off the hook for many years to come LOL!!!

Let’s see, oh the park had the annual Welcome Back Party that brought in a live band called “Grooved Merchants” and also a slew of food trucks which of course is always a hit.

Some of the food trucks lined up.

People lined up at the beer garden

Fried catfish and shrimp

Diane and I once again opted for the fried Catfish and shrimp combo followed up by a crepe and ate way too much.

One of our friends works the refreshment tent and if I remember correctly she said the crowd drained 5 kegs of beer, over 20 bottes of wine, 5 huge jugs of Margaritas and a few bottle’s of rum, Canadian Mist and vodka in a 3 our period. I’m thinking a few naps were had after the event.

I guess that’s it for now. We have gone well beyond the halfway point of our winter stay but to be honest the most active part is yet to come. The weather will start getting even better now and I have 4 Pickleball tournaments coming up to play in, starting this next Saturday when my partner and I will drive to Tucson to play in the 2020 Tucson Senior Olympics Festival that has 372 registered players.

Then just 2 days later I play in the Palm Creek Members tournament in both the men’s and mixed. Then at the beginning of March my male partner and I play in a HUGE tournament “Duel in the Desert” that brings in players from all over the country. And then mid-March we will play in our last tournament for the season “2020 Robson Ranch Desert Slam”. Then 2 weeks later we will be on the road again.

Toss the tournaments in with our other normal activities and the time will fly by and it will be time to head north before we know it.

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4 Responses to We have gone beyond the half way point of our winter stay

  1. Bruce Overbay says:

    Looks like you folks are having a great winter. Where, again, are you and would you return next year to the same place?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Bruce!! We are Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande Arizona and yup, we will probably be back next year. We stayed here 1 week in 2015, 1 month in 2016, 3 months in 2017 and 5 months in 2018 and the 2019 season. And I’m pretty sure we will reserve for next winter before we leave this year. If a person likes activities this place is among the best I would think.

      • Bruce Overbay says:

        Based on your history, I guess you will be back. Why fix something if it ain’t broke. BTW, how is the new rig holding up? I assume you are still happy with your decision to switch from RV to 5th Wheel?

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    YUP, I think we will return again next season and probably for 5 months. The new rig is holding up well, not perfect but well LOL!! But what’s perfect.

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