Headed to our winter location.

While sitting out in Quartzsite we found ourselves with an option, hang around in our little piece of peace & quiet in the middle of the desert for another few days until our already made reservation date of November 1st rolled around for our winter location OR see if we could get into our site a few days early.

Two factors came into play in our decision making, #1 it was staying pretty warm with temperatures trying very hard to reach 90 each day and while boon-docking that’s just a little too warm for us, and #2 slowly people were starting to invade our piece and quite as they started to roll in for the season. In fact we had one group of about 10 rigs set up camp about ¼ mile away and they were running one of those god awful job site generators in the evening and with that came the loud voices needed to talk over the scream of those generators. That’s when Diane said “It’s time to move on!”

Diane’s words prompted me to make a call to our next destination to see if by chance our site might be vacant and to see if we could arrive early which as luck would have it, it was and we could.

So Sunday (10/27) we rolled away from our little chunk of desert and headed to our next destination 5 days ahead of our original reservations.

Normally from Quartzsite we would head east on I-10 until we reached HWY 85 and head south to Gila Bend, then catch I-8 east until we could connect with I-10 again just south of Casa Grande, then north a few miles until we reached Casa Grande. This route has us avoiding going through Phoenix and is the way we have gone a few times, but not this time LOL!!

This time because it was Sunday I figured what the heck, let’s just go right through Phoenix, cut off about 25 miles and save a little time as well, BOY WAS I WRONG!!

As it turned out there was a huge section of I-10 completely closed, yes ALL LANES. So we ended up going on a very slow roll going from off ramp then back on and driving on the side of the freeway single file to the next off ramp then back on and driving single file to the next off ramp and then, well you get the picture.

We played the off ramp game for some time until we were finally routed through a business district which made things pretty interesting for a while until we FINALLY made our way back to the freeway where we of course were in a bunch of traffic with those that had just gone through the same ordeal and were doing whatever they could to break away from the pack LOL!!

This type of stuff is exactly why for the last 7 years that we have been doing this blog I have said dozens of times that I hate and avoid big cities. This is what happens when you break away from what your gut tells you.

Anyway, enough of that. Eventually we were spit out on the south side of Phoenix and we were on a nice mellow roll the rest of the way to Casa Grande.

At about noon we rolled into our new home, were led to our site by a park ranger and did just a partial setup outside because we had an appointment the following morning to have our coach washed and waxed. No reason to set up and then move everything out of the way the following day.

Once our partial set up was completed we jumped on our bikes and did a ride around the park to see what had changed since last winter and to see who might be around that we knew and we hadn’t gone more than a couple hundred yards before the first “HEY Dave & Diane” was shouted out as we rode by the Pickleball courts.

Coming back to Palm Creek for us is like walking through the front door of Cheers is “or was” for Norm.

It won’t take us long before we have a normal routine in place like we do each winter during our stay here and I’m sure it will consist of a heavy dose of Pickleball for both of us, lots of bike rides and walks, Mahjong for Diane, hopefully some weekly game nights for us both, no doubt many Tuesday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings with the gang, a few days per week at the gym for me, some golf and many gatherings with friends “old and new”.

Well that’s it for now!! Thanks for stopping in.

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