Headed back to New Horizon

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 As we mentioned in our last update, Sunday (6/9) we rolled on to the New Horizon lot and parked next to a fellow names Al who was there picking up his new New Horizon and just one rig away from Skip & Gayle who we mentioned some time back in an update. We have been communication with Skip over the last few months by text and phone calls and we were finally going to get a chance to meet them. And we did before ever getting backed into our spot.

Skip & Gayle


Anyway, Monday morning rolled around and we woke a little extra early (well I woke Diane up early, I was already up) because we knew the guys at New Horizon started work early and we were to be looked at first thing.

 By 7:30 our home was backed into a slot inside and a swarm of workers were doing their thing as soon as it was parked.

 We had a list of things to be done and figured it would take a couple days to do all the work but because of the “swarm of workers” they had almost everything completed by the end of the day.

 Our list of items were something like this,

#1 remove and replace the rear window with a new design. You might remember that we were not content with the original window design and New Horizon agreed to replace it with one more to our liking.

In this picture you can see the new rear window has been installed and you can see the display area above it, it was huge!

#2, repair the rear side window that had the bad leak. They ended up simply replacing the window with a new on entirely. We have been in some pretty god downpours since the new window was put in with no more leaks.

#3, to install the rear window awning that was not in stock when we first picked up our new home. After the install it was obvious that the pull cord needed to be replaced so they ordered a new one that would keep us around a couple more days until it showed up but as it turned out we stayed for more reasons than just the cord LOL, more on that to come.

#4, to remove the cloth’s washer that stopped working and replace it with a brand new unit that was supplied by Whirlpool.

#5, re-wire the front cap accent lights so they could be turned on and off AND dimmed from inside the coach. The way it was wired originally meant that the light could only be turned on by a switch located outside in a front electrical compartment which was completely non-user friendly. And the light was so bright that there was no way we would ever use it while in a campground, whatever neighbor we might have across the street would hate us LOL!!

 When they finished the light was connected to our Fire Fly system the way I think it should have been done from the start and in a way I hope they adopt for future builds.

#6, to re-build the closet rod system in the bedroom cloth’s closet. You might remember that the rod pulled loose and fell to the floor on our very first travel day with our new home. They have now beefed up the design, something we are surprised hadn’t happened long ago but to be honest I don’t think people were communicating the problem because as soon as I sent pictures and made mention of it they committed to the design change and have carried through with it in the new units.

#7, add doors to cover the rear display area over our couch. We thought we would like a display case there but in the new 2020 design the area got much bigger than in the 2019 model we saw while researching New Horizon and we just couldn’t see ourselves displaying that much stuff, we are not Knick knack people. Adding doors gave us more usable storage space. And I personally like it better.

In this picture you can see the new rear window has been installed and you can see the display area above it, it was huge!

This picture shew the doors covering up the original display area as well as the new rear window.

We still have a display case on the passenger side and that’s enough.

#8, add a pull our storage draw to our pantry. The pantry had 5 so we added a 6th. We still have room to add one more on the upper half if we wanted but I think this will work just fine for us.

#9, New Horizon has purchased the equipment necessary to do laser alignments on the axles on the 5th wheels they build. This service started right after our build so we were offered a free alignment with is great because we were going to pay to have it done once we reach Oregon.


As it turned out we were within all tolerances so no real adjustments were needed.

#10, Diane wanted to have a “foot shelf” added to our shower stall. A spot for her to rest her leg while shaving them, so of course we had that done.

#11, we had a soap dispenser added by the kitchen sink.

That pretty much takes care of the things we KNEW we were going to have done. Then there were the things we decided to have done.

 #1, I tend to ask Diane how she like certain things with our new home compared to our last motorhome and one of those question’s was how making the bed in the 5th wheel compared to the motorhome to which her answer was “I have a little more room around the bed in the 5th wheel to work BUT it hurt’s my back more”. Huh, how can that be I asked, she said “it’s lower”.

 Well that’s easily fixed I figured so I talked with the appropriate people and Chris (the cabinet guru) asked a few questions, took a few measurements, cut up and stained some wood and raised the bed 4”. Problem solved, Diane’s back is happy, I like the feel of getting in and out of bed more PLUS we have a little more storage under the bed.

#2, We changed our Breville oven cabinet design. Do you remember Skip & Gail, the two that we mentioned earlier? I thought we were going to like those two but it turns out they are just plain trouble!

 You might remember that I came up with a cabinet design that implemented two doors mounted on sliding hinges like you would find on an entertainment center that would open and slide in to allow full access to the oven when we wanted to use it yet slide out and close to hide the oven when not in use. Well that design looked and worked well until, until that darn Skip & Gayle came into the picture LOL!!

This is the original design and you can see the doors slid back into the cabinets

You can see what the cabinet looked like closed and hiding the oven.

When Skip & Gayle saw our oven and cabinet design and heard us talk about how much we like and use the Beville over having a RV propane oven they decided they wanted to do the same thing EXCEPT when they went out to buy their Breville they bought the biggest baddest unit Breville had to offer. In turn it would not fit in the cabinet under their cooktop and allow for the doors to slide in next to it safely, you need air space around the oven for safety.

 So this meant they had to either abandon the Breville idea or come up with another cabinet design, which after putting their heads together with Chris (the cabinet shop foreman) they did, and it worked and look great.

 I was pretty happy for them until Diane saw it and decided that we should also have the newer, bigger, badder oven!!! Well I was quick to remind her that he bigger oven was not going to fit in our cabinet with the sliding doors and that our almost new (well six year old) oven was still working perfectly and that if she wanted to make the change she would be in charge of talking to the proper people to make it happen. You see, I thought that would put an end to it right there.

 Well about then Skip told Diane that he had to go talk with (cabinet foreman) Chris about something and suggested that she should tag along, to which I chuckled about thinking he was just joking. As it turned out he wasn’t and the next thing I knew (cabinet foreman) Chris was at our front door to take measurements.

 Long story short we now have a newly designed oven cabinet and a new Breville oven, hence the Skip & Gail being pure trouble comment LOL!!!

And #3, we decided to have an automatic water softener system installed in our basement which would alleviate the need of hauling around, setting up and taking down the water softener we have been using the last 5 years.

 The “On the Go” softener worked fine but it did get a little old dealing with it on every move and I will admit that I was probably a little lax in doing the proper regenerations when needed for one reason or another. With the new system it is more of a set it and let it do I’s thing, other than maintaining the salt in the brine tank which might be a 1 or 2 time a year thing.

 At the time of this update we have only had the system in place for a few weeks so in a few more weeks I will do an update just on the water softener itself to give a better idea of how it’s working but so far I think we will love it.

 For the record we purchased the softener from Jim, the developer of the system and co-owner of Motor Coach Water Filtration. Here is a link in case you are interested. www.motorcoachwaterfiltration.com. *** Side note, we don’t get a single penny by recommending them but we did work out a deal that if you mention us when talking with them they will offer special pricing and save you a couple hundred dollars***.

New Horizon had asked us to join the New Horizon Ambassadors program for the company and to attend a Ambassador gathering that was going to be held June 24th and 25th but to be honest we thought we would have our stuff taken care of and long gone by that time so we originally graciously declined. But because of a few factors we started rethinking our decision and ultimately did stay and are glad we did.

 We won’t go into the Ambassador Rally in the update because it’s already getting pretty long but we will mention the reasons that made us change our minds about staying.

#1, of course was because by the time we ended up having everything completed we were pretty close to the event time.

#2, when researching the New Horizon product it was very hard to actually see a New Horizon unit without driving all the way to Kansas UNLESS you were lucky enough to happen across one at a campground (which is hard because they only make 30 units per year so there are not a lot of them on the road) or you happened to be in the area of a New Horizon Ambassador (which is someone signed up with New Horizon that is willing to show and talk about their RV).

And #3, after the way New Horizon took care of us during our stay we decided to step up and show our appreciation by becoming Ambassador’s ourselves. This would serve 2 purposes, help New Horizon show their product around the country and to help those researching the New Horizon product see and talk about a unit without traveling to Kansas.

 So yes, WE ARE NEW HORIZON AMBASSADOR’S!! If you or someone you know is in the market for a 5th wheel and New Horizon is on your radar feel free to reach out, either by contacting New Horizon who in turn can set up a meeting with us or just reach out through the blog.

 Ok, that’s it for now, we will talk about the actual Ambassador Rally in our next update as well as a update about a couple other little gadgets we have added like a Berkey water filter and a Fridge Saver (a great little gadget to keep your refer closed on travel days.

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2 Responses to Headed back to New Horizon

  1. Chloe Derian says:

    I love your blog & have gotten tons of info along the way. Only p/timers for now but who knows right? My question is about your Breville oven. Is this new one have the air fry option? Do u use any special plates or pans with it? I have been thinking about something like this for sometime now but haven’t run across anyone who actually has one and some of the reviews are mixed as to how well they hold up. Any first hand info u can give me will b helpful. Thx Chloe aka cactusblossum@live.com

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Chloe, first off we are happy to hear that you enjoy the blog. As far as the Breville it IS the one that has the air fry option but because we have only had it for a couple weeks and during that time we were being treated by New Horizon to meals and eating out a lot we have not really had a chance to dig into all of the features yet, sorry. But we will!!

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