Time for our first travel day with our new home

 On Friday (4/26) we hooked up to our new home for real, waved so long to the New Horizon factory and resumed our travels in our new home on wheels.

The day we pulled away from the factory

 As much as we dislike traveling on freeways we decided that because this was our first real pull with our 5th wheel it might be smart to stick to the more major roads and not take the back country route which is what we would normally do, so we headed south out of Junction City on HWY 77 until we reached Wichita Falls where we jumped on I-35.

 Once on I-35 we stayed on it until we switched over to I-44 in an effort to cut off some of drive through Oklahoma City and even though it was probably a better route it was still jam packed with traffic. Is this where we say (I hate big cities) LOL!!

Once we cleared Oklahoma City we made our way to Lawton Oklahoma and found a nice spot in a lightly used truck lot next to the Comanche Nation Casino after a 356 mile travel day.

The casino actually offers 2 or 3 hookup sites on their property but they are more suited to small trailers or maybe a Class C, certainly not for rigs our size.

** Our 1st glitch with our new home, during our travels today the closet rod came loose and we found all of our cloth’s in a heap on the floor. After a closer look I found that the center support bracket was help by 2 screws that went into nothing more than paneling. It seems someone didn’t do their job at the factory and install the backing piece for the screws to go into. One of those shake your head moments. Really!!***

 (For the record I have communicated this issue to New Horizon and they have now changed the entire way the rods and supports will be mounted from this point forward AND we were told that our closet would be fitted with the new system. IN fact they even switched to a more robust rod. We will report on that when we have it switched out.)

 We figured this to be just a one night stopover but after having our leftover’s type dinner in the rig and spending a short evening in the casino and getting a good night’s sleep we decided heck, we have a nice quiet spot overlooking some grass and a nice field so why not just spend another night, we were not in any big hurry.

 Plus this would give us a chance to see how well our solar panels and batteries would hold up and to use things from battery power more than we had a chance to while at the factory.

 So we broke out our chairs and just chilled a good chunk of the day with a good brisk walk mixed in followed by a pretty good Catfish dinner at the casino and another good night’s sleep.

 We didn’t even unhook the truck, one advantage of having 140 gallons of fuel on board, no need to find fuel for our next day’s travel.

 Saturday (4/27) we pulled away from Lawton and continued south on 44 for a ways but eventually wound our way on a few different roads south until we pulled into the Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg Texas, a 350 mile travel day.

 To begin with we have never been fond of long travel days but to have our first two travel days pulling a 5th wheel be over 350 mile days when we have been used to traveling in a Class A motorhome for so long, well that wasn’t planned out so well LOL!!

 I was informed by Diane after our first leg of this trip from Junction City to Lawton that long travel days in the cab of the truck didn’t hold a candle to riding in the motorhome and that we should not plan for many of them. So what do we do, well have another 350 plus mile travel day of course LOL!!!

 We were lucky enough to get a pretty long pull-through site so because we were only going to spend 1 night once again we didn’t need to unhitch the truck. And we still didn’t need any fuel so all was good.

 We did figure out while setting up that the location of the 50 amp cord real on the 5th wheel being at the rear of the coach caused issues when the electrical pedestal is located more towards the front of a RV site, I was juuuust able to pull forward far enough to hook up and still keep the nose of the truck out of the road. Another 2 feet and I would have had to unhook. I guess carrying an extension cord might be in order. (we have in fact bought a 15’ extension now).

 After getting set up we took off on foot for a short ¼ mile walk to the La Tequila Tex-Mex Restaurant for a bite to eat and then returned home for showers and an evening in front of the TV.

 We spent a week in Fredericksburg a few years back plus we were going to be spending the next 2 weeks in Kerrville just a short 20 miles down the road so we didn’t feel the need to do any exploring after our long travel day.

 Did I just mention that our next location was just 20 miles down the road? Yup, it was time to make up for those 2 long 350 plus mile travel days to Diane with a nice short one LOL!! We will get into that and the rally we were attending in our next update.         

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3 Responses to Time for our first travel day with our new home

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    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi guys, yup there are 5th wheels and then there are 5th wheels LOL!! Not really any different than the motorhome sector. It all comes with a price tag however.

  2. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    Other than the closet glitch nice to see your inaugural trip is going well.
    Safe travels!

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