A little golf cart parade

 Boy, it sure feels like its colder here is Arizona this year than in previous winters but in reality I think we are just getting less and less accustomed to the cold. Regardless of the reason we find ourselves running the heat in the mornings more and even some late evenings and I find myself wearing sweat pants and a jacket on my bike ride to the Pickleball courts in the morning where I remember just being in shorts and a tee-shirt (maybe a light pull over) last year.

 But we are not complaining too much, it still warms up to shorts and Tee-shirt temps quickly and there is no white stuff in any forecasts. As of late the night time lows have been in the mid 40’s (with a couple dipping into the high 30’s) and daytime highs have been between 68 and 75 with mostly sunny days.

 Even on the coldest mornings all we have to do is take a look at some of our friends Facebook pages or look at the national weather around the country and we are ginning ear to ear almost immediately. Grinning because some people just plain like those winter conditions but mainly because we are not in them LOL!!

It’s been pretty mellow since our last update with our normal routine in place. For me it’s Pickleball almost every morning for 3 hours or so followed by about 30 minutes on the Elliptical followed by maybe a bike ride or couple mile walk with Diane and then whatever else pops up. And for Diane its reading, playing Mexican Train and Mah Jong with a bike ride or walk tossed in and of course exercises to help free up that shoulder of hers then whatever else pops up.

I have had more flat tires on this bike than any other one I have owned LoL!!

I have had more flat tires on this bike than any other one I have owned LoL!!

 What pops up you ask? Well it’s not uncommon to get together with friends for a meal out and of course almost every Tuesday night is two-for –one wing night with Drew & Becky. This last week we went to the Thirsty Donkey with 2 other couples for dinner & drinks. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures from our evening at the Thirsty Donkey.

 What else pops up? Well how about a Christmas Golf Cart Parade!!

Getting ready to line up.

Getting ready to line up.

 There are two Golf Cart Christmas Parades scheduled this year. A bunch of people decorate their golf carts with Christmas lights and ornaments then gather for hot chocolate and cookies and typically get judged before lining up and driving a pre-determined route through the resort spreading Christmas cheer.

Santa directing people to the hot coco and cookies.

Santa directing people to the hot coco and cookies.

This cart won 1st place.

This cart won 1st place.

Our friends Jack & John with their wives safely seated in the back. Hmm, safe with Jack at the wheel, maybe not LOL!!

Our friends Jack & John with their wives safely seated in the back. Hmm, safe with Jack at the wheel, maybe not LOL!!

 We like to go down to the gathering spot so we can grab a cup of hot chocolate and see all of the carts together but I think most people gather along the route in groups and have a happy hour while watching the parade go by.

This cart took 2nd place. We felt it should have gotten 1st but what do we know.

This cart took 2nd place. We felt it should have gotten 1st but what do we know.

See the foot prints on the roof. Nice attention to detail.

See the foot prints on the roof. Nice attention to detail.

 Even though it’s still a little over 3 months away we have started to make a conscious effort to start using up things we have on hand before we turn over possession of our current home and head out with all of our stuff in a U-Haul trailer behind the pickup.

 Just like when we had a sticks & bricks home we still “like many of you I’m sure”  have stuff in our freezer and cupboards that we just sort of forgot we had or just ignore having that never gets used up. Well because of that we are planning meals around what we have and trying to get a jump on not getting into a crunch time situation and have to simply throw things away at the last minute. In an odd way I find it sort of fun, I don’t know why but I just do. Diane on the other hand seems to be totally indifferent about the task. Maybe because I have taken it on.

 It is very likely that once we turn over possession of our motorhome that we will be living out of a hotel room for maybe close to two weeks between driving to Kansas and then to Indiana and back to Kansas so having things that need refrigeration or need to be kept frozen is just not an option. And there is no reason to pack any more stuff into boxes than absolutely necessary. This might be another good time to make a drop at the local Good Will, in fact I know it is.

 As far as our new home on wheels, well the last I knew was that we had been moved up on the production schedule which I think we talked about in a previous update and our rig was going to hit the frame shop this week. BUT when I called New Horizon to remind them that we wanted the EZ Lube axle setup instead of the Never-lube they normally install the comment we got back was “thanks for the reminder, I will check with the girl that does our ordering to check stock”. WHAT!! In my mind if we have already given them around $50K to get our rig going and we are scheduled to be in the frame shop and the suspension certainly has to be installed while in the frame shop all of the darn parts should have been sitting ready by now.

 We have read and were warned by almost every New Horizon owner we have talked with to stay on top of New Horizon and make sure everything was on paper and every I was dotted and every T was crossed because things had a way of being forgotten during the process and to take the build time frame with a grain of salt because they almost never meet a deadline and I hate to think that we are already going to experience that before even the first weld has been done.

 You know how they say a doctor makes the worst patient, well I worked far too many years in a customer service related line of work to be a good customer if basic customer service procedures are not followed. But it might be a little premature to start barking just yet LOL!! But rest assured, we will give a true and honest report as we go along. If we are going to fork out money for one of the highest priced 5th wheels on the market today it damn well better come along with good service, and I’m not talking lip service.

 Along those same lines of thoughts we have to give a shout out to Tom at Classy Chassis who built our new truck, they stayed on top of every little detail and stayed true to the build schedule almost to a T, in fact they finished a little ahead of schedule AND they kept us up to date with photos and progress reports.

 Although it’s true we have not seen the truck in person and we still need to hold out on our final opinion we feel very good about the way things went and have very little doubt we will be very happy with the outcome.

 That’s it for now.                      

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3 Responses to A little golf cart parade

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, some people really went all out on their golf carts! We love the Thirsty Donkey and have yet to find anything else like it in our travels. Must have something to do with the liquor laws in other states as it is a great concept.

  2. gt350ed says:

    No worries. When our favorite Phaeton is gone, and New Horizon sticks to its slow-ass completion and delivery reputation AND your looking at moteling it for 3-6 months…
    we have an extra trailer here in Quartzite which we purchased for another purpose. It’s sitting unoccupied. Sorry, no Pickleball.

    Just kidding of course. We’re sure all will work out. But the trailer IS available if needed.

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