Things are coming together yet still in turmoil

 Time for another update.

 Things have calmed down a little from our last update yet we still have not been able to get into the routine we had envisioned like we did last year.

 Starting with me, my bout with vertigo has seemed to have gone away and so far is staying away.

 We read and have talked with people that had reoccurring episodes with vertigo for sometimes a couple months before it totally went away so even though I don’t feel lucky that I had to deal with it at all I do feel fortunate that compared to many my experience did not linger, so far at least.

 So, I’m pretty much back to my old routine of Pickleball every day (well almost, we have had a couple interruptions and most of them worthwhile which we will touch on in a bit), bike rides, walks and whatever else pops up. One thing I have not gotten back into yet is hitting the gym on a regular basis but my plan is to start that right after a Pickleball Tournament I’m signed up for in Tucson on December 8th. I don’t want to start working muscles that may not be used to being worked that might hamper my play, I’m hampered enough as it is..


















Diane on the other hand is still dealing with pain daily, well all the time as far as that goes, with her arm / shoulder ordeal.

 In our last update we left off described how the suggested visit to a neurologist went and that Diane decided to heck with that and made another appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon to inform him she wanted to bypass any testing with the neurologist and to take care of the known bone spur issue first and go from there instead of chasing possible ghosts. We have this appointment scheduled on Wednesday (12/5)

 On to another subject, here is where we stand in the selling process of our current motorhome. First off before we reached Casa Grande I placed an ad on Facebook and we had a number of hits on it but as you can imagine by us being a moving target as we bounced around every week it made it hard for anyone to really have a look. Plus we advertised that we wanted to maintain possession until April 1st so I’m sure that turned a few off as well.

 Once we reached Casa Grande we placed an ad on and as well as on Craigslist in the Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson Arizona areas.

 From our experience the Facebook ad certainly got a lot of attention and a lot of requests for more information and pictures but nothing solid ever came from them mainly because people were from all over the country and not necessarily near us at all. But exposure is exposure and you just never know. And of course it was fun to have that “glimmer of hope” moment now and again LOL!! and each generated a couple leads but nothing that seemed very solid but no doubt both were to be credited with the call’s we started getting from a few RV dealers around the country wanting to take it off our hands for a “fare” price LOL!!! Of course we are being facetious.

 Even though the numbers they were throwing around were not overly attractive a couple of them were not downright horrible and were numbers that IF we found ourselves in need of selling it when it came down to the wire of picking up our new 5th wheel, we could live with. Even though we could buy the new truck and 5th wheel and put the motorhome on consignment somewhere it’s not something we cherished the thought of.

 Craigslist on the other hand generated more local leads and leads that turned out to be much more solid, even though a couple turned out to be flaky as well of course.

 One lead in particular turned out to be a pretty good one, Jack and Lisa initially contacted us through Craigslist which turned into a couple emails which turned into a phone conversation which turned into 2 visits to tour our coach (each visit roughly 3 to 4 hours, (these are the worthwhile things we talked about that took us away from Pickleball and our normal routine lol) and to haggle on just what would come with it and price and then a 3rd visit after we agreed on a price for an actual test drive and to drop off a deposit check.

Whew, this selling stuff while full-timing is a hassle. Now I remember why we just did the trade-in thing when we bought this coach. I sure wish New Horizon would have taken it as trade because it certainly would have been much easier.

 Because we will keep possession and live in the motorhome until close to the 1st of April we will not be totally cashed out so now it’s just a moving money game to pay the timed out installment’s for the new 5th wheel during the build process and to pay for the new truck sitting in Indiana which has to be paid for by the end of the year. We probably have our financial advisor climbing the walls about now LOL!!! But everything is penciled out and has gone as planned so far so we are just rolling with the flow and he will need to as well.

 Oh, did I mention truck, well I guess that’s a perfect lead in to talk about where we are on it right now.

 Because this entire truck purchase and build out has been done completely over the phone and internet Tom, the owner of Classy Chassis, has done a great job supplying pictures and keeping us up to date on how things have been progressing.

 Buying a truck and having all of the things done to it that we are without ever seeing or touching it in person is completely out of character for me and I myself can’t believe we are doing it but Diane on the other hand was ok with it from the get go and she has kept be from going bonkers a few times.

 We had done a ton of research before going through with it and with all of the research and all of the people that we have talked to either in person, over the phone or via e-mail not one of them had one single negative thing to say about Tom, Classy Chassis or the product they put out which also was a huge deciding factor for us to move forward like this.

 Anyway, the truck and conversion is basically completed at this point and we just have to fork over the remaining balance by mid-December and Tom has agreed to keep it safe & sound for us until we go pick it up in April. LOL!! A new truck and conversion totally paid for sitting 1800 miles away that we have not even seen or touched in person, are we flippin crazy!!! Well our moto is “Throwing Caution to the Wind” after all LOL!! I think we are still living up to that.  

 That’s it for now, we have been here in our winter spot for just over a month and still have 4 months remaining before moving on (probably with all of our worldly possessions in a U-Haul trailer behind the pickup LOL!!) Truly homeless.

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8 Responses to Things are coming together yet still in turmoil

  1. exploRVistas says:

    That really IS throwing caution to the wind! 😊 No doubt it will all work out for you two, as it seems to be lining up nicely. Are you going to do more Midwestern/East Coast touring when you pick up the rig? It might be nice to do a little shakedown tour before getting too far away from New Horizons. Truck looks sweet! Glad you didn’t get the grill with the nostrils.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We are still pondering where we might go. As soon as we leave New Horizon we will head to Texas for a New Horizon Rally and sort of figure we will end up back at New Horizon after that month long trek to take care of those issues that always show up in a new rig. From there we will either head towards Michigan that we loved so much or head over to Oregon and Washington for the summer.

  2. Robbie and Alice says:

    You guys are busy! Going to make it to Q?

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Congrats on getting your motorhome under contract, hope everything works out. Glad to hear that the vertigo has not come back. Fingers crossed it is gone for good!

  4. katirv says:

    Hi first time visiting your blog. Your new truck looks like a beauty! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Hope Dianne is on the mend soon. We are house bound in sticks and bricks , Northeastern Michigan. Your winter abode looks very inviting. We part time RV.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We are glad you stumbled across our blog!!! Thanks for the comment on the truck, and we are heading to Phoenix today to get a 2nd opinion on Diane’s arm issue, sure hope to hear something positive for a change.
      Michigan, oh we loved Michigan, maybe not this time of year however LOL!!!

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