Rough sea’s

 OK, we will try to stay on point and not get to wordy in this update but we have had a rocky start to our stay down south this year and I’m afraid I can’t promise not getting wordy LOL!!

 We will start with the basic & fun stuff, I of course have been playing as much Pickleball as I can (but there have been some interruptions which we will be talking about), Diane has been playing some Mexican Train and Mah Jong with the girls a couple days a week and she has been volunteering at the New Member sign up desk one day per week, we have been getting some walks and bike rides in and we have attended a couple Happy Hours and a Solo Cup event that the RV park put on.

 The Solo Cup event was pretty darn good, we paid $5 and for that we were given a Sloppy Joe sandwich, fried pickles, a small potato salad, bag of chips, a brownie and a water (adult beverages were available to buy).

 The event was held out in a nice green grassy park and live music was provided. In fact this particular band was probably the best entertainment we have heard here at Palm Creek since coming here, they were flat good!! The band’s name was “Hillbilly Deluxe”

 One of the other gatherings was a Thanksgiving Pot Luck. We didn’t know over half of the people that showed up but it was a good time to meet some new people and of course eat some great food.

 I’m guessing about 25 people showed up and we had all the Thanksgiving fixing’s you could want, and more.

 It was a great Thanksgiving, Pickleball in the morning followed by a great meal followed by football. Life is good.

 Ok, life is good but not that good all the time I’m afraid. We have said this before, just because we live what some would look at and say a (vacation lifestyle) we are not exempt from issues.

 The next little bit of this update will not necessarily be in chronographic order but it will be easier to talk about and follow by keeping it to one topic at a time I think.

 Let’s start with Diane’s arm & shoulder issue we have talked about in prior updates. In our last update we mentioned that Diane had an x-ray of her arm done and had a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon but he wasn’t able to determine what the problem was from just an x-ray so of course he wanted a MRI scheduled.

 We scheduled the MRI and had it performed which ended up being about 10 days after the meeting with the orthopedic surgeon. Diane’s a pretty tough old bird but because of the way they had to extend her arm during the MRI she was pretty red eyed when she finally finished up from the pain it caused, poor girl.

 After the MRI we of course had another appointment scheduled with the orthopedic surgeon to go over the results and that appointment was 7 days after having the MRI done, dang, things just seem to be stretching out.

 In the 2nd meeting with the Dr. he said that Diane has a couple bone spurs in her shoulder area that are pressing on muscle and that even though she has no torn tenens they do show some wear and inflammation no doubt caused by the bone spurs.

On top of the bone spur issue he thinks that some of the shooting pain she is experiencing may be caused by possible nerve damage and wanted her to make an appointment with a neurologist to have things checked out. Crap, the neurologist must be yet another family member needing work kicked his way.

 When trying to make a appointment with the neurologist we were told that he was booked out over 3 month’s but she could get in to see his nurse practitioner for a preliminary appointment in just a few days so of course we jumped on that, anything to help move things along even though we didn’t expect a lot of help to be had from that visit.

 When we had the meeting with the neurologist’s nurse practitioner we could tell by her facial expressions that she wasn’t thinking the pain Diane was describing necessarily matched up with nerve damage and said so but of course started talking about a few tests they could run to make sure.

 It started out something like this, we can get you in for another MRI and also run some lad tests. Then we would stick needles into your muscles to help measure the muscle response. And then we would do a test (I forgot the name) to electrically stimulate your nerves so we can measure response. HOLD THE BUS!!!

 About then we both looked at each other and could see getting wrapped up in the medical whirlwind chasing something that might not and probably is not even a problem when we know for certain (well we didn’t actually see the MRI showing the bone spurs but I would hope we could trust the Dr.) that she has bone spurs that are a problem and could possibly take care of all of the problems.

 At that point after a short discussion with the nurse practitioner we decided to go make another appointment with the shoulder Dr. and let him know that Diane wants to move forward with the bone spur issue and IF there is any other issues remaining after that she would address them. We figured if he didn’t want to perform the procedure we would just move on to a clinic we were told about in the Phoenix area.

 It’s no wonder this country has such high insurance costs, doctors working with doctors to run tests and rack up bills for things that probably are not even a problem. Take care of known problems and then see if there really are more issues.

 At one point while talking with the practitioner and after she mentioned all of the tests they would want to perform and we started to obviously fade away she started removing tests one by one that we could start with as if to take items off the menu to find a level we would bite into to. I hate being so untrusting and Diane gives me a hard time now and again for being so but I’m sorry, I can’t help it.

 We have our next appointment with the orthopedic surgeon next week.


 Ok, now on to another stretch of rough road aside from Diane’s issues. One day after playing Pickleball during the morning for a couple hours I headed home to lend a hand doing some cleaning in the coach, because of Diane’s issues it’s hard for her to do some things.

 After everything was all done and we were just about to walk down to take the garbage and go out for an extended walk I had a funning feeling in my head and about the time I thought, hmm what the heck was that, the room started spinning and I was more or less just thrown into the closest chair I could find. It turned out that I spent about the next 9 hours in that chair unable to focus on anything and even just trying to lift my head off the headrest sent me into heaving convulsions, thank goodness we keep a small bucket handy inside the coach because it sure came in handy that night.

 After the 9 hours in the chair I mentioned before with Diane’s help I made it to our half bath so I could relieve myself (but trust me I thought long and hard about just using that darn bucket because it took me over a half hour just to get set up straight long enough without vomiting to even attempt standing up).

 Once I made it to the bathroom every time I would look down do make sure my aim was good (sorry ladies) it would cause me to vomit. Luckily the half bath is somewhat small and I had walls close by to lean on because things could have gotten pretty ugly pretty darn fast LOL!!

Once I made it back to my chair I spent the remainder of the night there with Diane sleeping on the couch to keep tabs on me and I stayed in that chair with my head spinning the remainder of that night and the entire next day.

 Now granted about 15 hours after the start of this episode the spinning slowed down enough that I could at least focus on an object but I was still very effected any time I tried to stand or even move my head side to side very quickly at all. And I had trouble off and on to varying degrees for the next couple days. In total this episode pretty much controlled my life for 3 solid and almost 4 days.

 It turns out from what we can tell I had my very first run in with Vertigo and holy crap I hope I never experience it again.

 I won’t go on and on about my little issue but will pass on what friends on social media shared with me about a couple exercises you can do if you ever have a run in with Vertigo that actually helped me, mainly after my initial bout and when I was having the recurring bouts over the next couple days because I’m not sure I could have made myself even do them the first night to be honest.

 The 1st exercise is called the “Epley Maneuver”. ((The Epley maneuver or repositioning maneuver is a maneuver used by medical professionals to treat one common cause of vertigo, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo of the posterior or anterior canals of the ear. It works by allowing free-floating particles from the affected semicircular canal to be relocated, using gravity, back into the utricle, where they can no longer stimulate the cupula, therefore relieving the patient of bothersome vertigo)).

 The 2nd exercise is called the “Brandt-Daroff Exercise” and is the one that I found to be easiest and one that you could use if you had a bout while out and about, heck during my recovery time I actually dropped the tailgate of the truck and did this in a parking lot while Diane was in for her MRI when I was having a relapse. Aren’t we a pathetic pair LOL!!

 I won’t go into how to do these exercises but we will provide a link to a page that will describe the exercises and even a couple others in case you are interested. If nothing else at least make a mental note of these in case you or someone you know ever encounters a bout of Vertigo and pass on the information like it was passed on to me, they really do help and will probably be what a Dr. will do for you if you go in for a visit.

 Here is the link


















Ok, this update is starting to get a little lengthy (and maybe depressing) so we will stop now even though we have some other new stuff to talk about like the progress on the truck, where we are with the build of our new 5th wheel and the progress with selling our current motorhome (we have had a couple showings) and so on but we will get into that in our next update.  

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13 Responses to Rough sea’s

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve had Vertigo – it is so bad! I spent a week once on our couch near our half bath – so I could crawl to it! It’s no fun at all!
    Have you considered a sports medicine doc for Diane’s shoulder? I’ve known people to have better luck with them, verses a regular orthopedic. I’m not sure the difference, but worth a try.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      The orthopedic guy she is seeing was listed under sports medicine. He actually had some very good review and works in the big city 4 days a week and 1 day per week here in Casa Grande. We will see what he has to say when we see him on this coming Wednesday.

  2. Susan Anderson says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the state of medical care in this country. Unfortunately I feel that too many people “fall” for all that extra tests stuff due to putting too much “trust” in medical professionals hands. I’m like you, I’ve learned to say “thanks but no thanks” to a lot that is offered by my doctors, ie flu shot, pneumonia shot, shingles shot, blah blah blah….it’s all about money!

  3. Ray and Deb Kyle says:

    Glad you got your vertigo under control. Never had it myself but my mother-in-law did and it was awful. Hope you get Diane’s arm sorted out sooner than later. I agree with you regarding all the tests they want to give you, just cashing in. You are wise to do some research yourself and handle one problem at a time, ie the bone spurs. Sending good luck your way.

  4. Ruth says:

    Wishing Diane the best of luck and hopefully quick healing once the bone spurs are treated. So sorry for all the ailments, but thankful you are in one place for a while to try to get these addressed.

  5. Dave & Diane says:

    Thanks, and yes, even though it’s a bummer for Diane not to be able to be as active as planned while here it certainly is easier trying to get stuff taken care of when we don’t have a move planned for a while.

  6. Sorry to hear life is sending you down a little rough patch… We call them character builders;-(( Hope it all gets resolved and you can get back to ‘normal’!! As I type this, we are sitting in a parking lot next to a shell station building character as well. Got 6 new tires and the tech must not have tighten the back left lug nuts. Almost lost the tire at 60mph!!! This lifestyle has so many up sides, but the downs can really BUILD CHARACTER!!! Hope you get back on the UP SIDE real soon!!!

    PS… We tried Pickleball and LOVE IT!!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Nancy, great hearing from you!! Yup, character builders, I use that same phrase, especially after our stay at Lazy Day’s LOL!!
      I’m happy to hear you guys tried Pickleball, as active as you two are it’s a perfect fit. Just wait, you will be addicted before you know it.

  7. Jim and Barb says:

    Boy, you two are a mess! For those have never had or known someone who has vertigo you would never know how debilitating it is. Hope yours is gone for good! Hope all goes well with Diane and she is back on the court soon!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yes we are a mess LOL!! I don’t know if I should be happy that we were a mess at the same time so it didn’t stretch out the messy times or not. But you are right about one thing, that vertigo stuff stops the world as you know it while going through it.

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