Finishing up our stay in La Pine

 Tuesday (6/5) was going to be our last day mooch docking at Bob & Karen’s and we had a few things planned for the day.

 After breakfast we loaded our bikes on the truck and Bob & Karen loaded theirs on their Jeep and we headed to Bend to have our free annual checkup done at the “Let it Ride” Pedego shop where we all bought our bikes.

 When you buy a bike at “Let it Ride” they offer a once a year checkup as long as you own the bike and will make any adjustments needed and of course it’s a good time to have anything fixed. Diane needed a new bell on her bike and I needed a new rear tire and a new cable cover for my shifter cable.

 When we bought our bikes the first thing we did was change out the tires to a more aggressive trail tire and unfortunately they did not stock tires like that so I needed to have them order one in and bring it back which wasn’t really a big deal due to the fact we were going to only be 20 miles away at our next stop after leaving Bob & Karen’s.

 I know, it’s just a bike tire so why not just change it myself. Well I certainly can do that but a Pedego rear wheel setup is a bit different than a normal bike because of the motor system and is a bit of a burger to deal with so if I don’t have to mess with it I won’t.

 We got to the shop at 10AM right when they opened and were told it would take about 3 hours for all of the bikes to be serviced so we decided to find someplace to take a walk along the river and have a little lunch.

 We ended up at a nice table outside at “Greg’s Grill on the Deschutes” which was a great setting on a nice warm sunny day.

 While having lunch we got a call from the bike shop informing us that they were done and ready to be picked up. GREAT, they were done faster than we thought and we had plenty of time to get them and still get in a good ride!!

 After picking up the bikes we headed to Lava Lands between Bend and La Pine where we unloaded the bikes and hit the trails.

 We have ridden this area few times and have enjoyed it each and every time. There is a paved bike path that connects the Lava Lands Visitor Center with Sun River Resort which is probably about a 4 mile ride and in the middle of that ride is a turnoff you can take that is about a 3 mile ride to the Benham Falls day use area along the Deschutes River.

 Of course once you reach either of those areas there are miles of trails you can venture out on, and we have in the past but this time we were a bit limited on time because Bob & Karen left Buddy (their dog) home and we needed to get back for him.

 So, keeping Buddy in mind we opted to just ride into Sun River, of course a ride into Sun River is not complete without a stop at Goodies Ice-Cream! Bob & I opted to not have ice-cream to help maintain our figures but that didn’t seem to stop the girls LOL!!

 After Diane & Karen finished their ice-creams we rode back to the rigs, loaded up and headed back home where after dinner we finished up the day with another rip roaring game of Chicken Foot.

 Wednesday (6/6) rolled around and it was time to lift our jacks, say our see ya down the roads to Bob & Karen and roll out. It was another very enjoyable visit with great friends, something we will look forward to again in the future. But I’m sure we will run into them again on the road before we are back in this area, we hope so anyway.    

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2 Responses to Finishing up our stay in La Pine

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like a great place to moochdock, isn’t great to have friends scattered across the country that you look forward to visiting?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Why yes it is. And what’s you address again LOL!!! In all seriousness we have been talking that when we find a place to hunker down that we would want a spot where we could have 1 extra RV site that we could share with others.

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