Jacks Landing RV Resort, Grants Pass Oregon

 In a couple of our previous updates we talked about how Jacks Landing RV Resort where we usually stay during our visits to Grants Pass has done us wrong so I figured this would be a good time to vent about that and share our most recent experience.

 I don’t think in the almost 6 years of doing this blog and 243 stops at campgrounds across the country we have ever done an update just on a RV park in a negative fashion, hmm like they say, there’s always a 1st.

 We have given our business to Jacks Landing numerous times over the years, we stayed here once for a couple months while building one of our houses until we had the property to a stage we could move the RV to it and stay, and right before I retired and after we sold our last house we stayed here for roughly 2 months while getting another piece of land to the stage that we could put our RV on it until I actually retired and we left the area.

 After hitting the road fulltime we have returned to Grants Pass every year to take care of our “real life stuff” and have always stayed at Jacks Landing and reserved our site a year in advance and last year when we left Grants Pass on June 1st 2017 we picked a site and made reservations for a 1 month stay for May of 2018 at Jacks Landing RV Resort like we have done the last 5 years.

 Now for the kick in the gonads, about 3 weeks prior to our reservation date of May 1st we received a call asking if we still planned to be there the month of May and to inform us that they no longer can give discounts for 1 month stays during the summer months, and to top it off we cannot get into the site we had reserved and will be going to a pull through where all of the nightly’s go.

 Worse yet we were told that we would not be getting a monthly rate (we have always paid roughly $450 per month plus electric) and would be charged $240 per week (after a Good Sam discount), that’s $969 per month!!!

 So let’s recap, we were informed just 3 weeks prior to our arrival that we are getting bumped from the site we reserved a year ago AND that we will be charged more than twice the price for a site. BULLSHIT!! Pure greed!! And a Holiday weekend is during the timeframe we are staying so the option of just going anywhere else is pretty much out of the question. 

In my mind the proper thing would have been to fulfill the reservation as agreed and then inform us (and others that this has happened to) that they can no longer do this in upcoming years instead of giving just 3 weeks’ notice, in a holiday month.

In our mind’s this is a cheap blow so we figured we would pass along how this particular campground (Jacks Landing in Grants Pass Oregon) has chosen to do business and how they have chosen to treat repeat customers with anyone that cares to listen.

 We have Dr. appointments the first week of May and the last week of May with other appointments throughout the month or we would have cut our stay short and moved on but you can bet next year they will NOT be getting our repeat business or money.

 Its piss poor customer service and I come from a customer service background which makes me a pure asshole when I don’t receive good customer service, period!!

 To add insult it’s not like they are no longer doing monthly discounts at all, in fact they have even installed a big bank of mailboxes for people that “just live” in the park so they could have easily honored our agreement for a month stay at a monthly rate. In fact, not unlike many parks around the country this park is really turning into a park full of stationary people living in their RV’s and some of the sites are sure looking the part.

 Well there, I have vented. Now let’s just sum up Jacks Landing. We have always said that we have stayed at Jacks Landing out of convenience because of its location compared to our doctors and other places we end up having appointments while doing our “real life” stuff and that it’s probably the nosiest campground we stay at each year being just 50 yards from a busy freeway.

 In fact it’s noisy enough that for the first few days and nights it really bugs us and we hardly sleep but after a few days we get used to it. Heck our first night here this time I actually tensed up at one point laying in bed thinking I heard something come so close that it was going to run into us but it turned out to be an extra loud set of tires on a truck going down the freeway LOL!!











Jacks Landing is also the only campground we have had any issue with theft since hitting the road and we have now stayed at 243 campgrounds across the country since hitting the road.




Jacks Landing is yet another RV Park that uses the term resort in their name yet instead of offering things that a true resort offers they have in fact taken things away. They used to have a very small not so great gym but at least did have one but it has been removed. And they used to allow you to wash your RV but now that has been taken away as well. They also had a small putting green and Horseshoe’s but they have also been eliminated. Offering less and charging more, yup, that makes perfect sense.

 Ok, if I were you I might be thinking about now that the words we are speaking are out of spite but you can do a search of our blog and read where we have made comments about this being the noisiest park we have stayed at each year and you can find where we wrote about the theft issues as well.

 I won’t lie and say that I only hope we can detour people away from Jacks Landing just because I feel they don’t deserve to be patronized in my mind but hey, I’m only human right. And I think we are doing you a favor at the same time.  

 So I guess if we are trying to detour people away from Jacks Landing we better offer other options. Well, if you don’t have to be in Grants Pass and are coming from the north we would strongly suggest Seven Feathers RV Resort in Canyonville which is just 42 miles up the freeway and is also located by the Seven Feathers Casino. There is also a good dry camping lot for just an overnighter or even a few days. We actually really like Seven Feathers but it’s just a bit far away from Grants Pass for us to stay and drive to Grants Pass for appointments or we would go there hands down.  

 Another good spot is the Valley of the Rogue State Park that is just 13 miles south of Grants Pass. They have a couple loops with full hookups and then there is F loop that we like that has electric & water.

 One more new spot is the Southern Oregon RV Park in Central Point that we stayed at for 4 nights this year before coming to Jacks Landing. Southern Oregon RV Park is just 25 miles south of Grants Pass and is basically connected to Medford which has about anything a person could need.

 For us in the future we will try to get all of our appointments more bunched together and probably start spending less time in the area each year to begin with. And we will probably mix our time between Southern Oregon RV Park and the Valley of the Rogue State Park because they both have a 14 day limit.

 As far as more long term, I would imagine that within a couple years we will find a spot that we know we will spend 2 or 3 months at each year and then move our “real life” stuff to that location and just hit Grants Pass to visit what friends we have left in the area, and the pool of friends is thinning out due to people moving away.

 OK, it’s time to step down off our soapbox, thanks for letting us rant and we promise that we will keep this type of negative updates to a minimum LOL!! ….

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14 Responses to Jacks Landing RV Resort, Grants Pass Oregon

  1. rvrrat520 says:

    Thanx for the info, Dave. It’s always good to hear about the bad, as well as the good. We will certainly avoid Jack’s Landing in our travels. By the way, howdy from Guaranty RV Park in Junction City. We are here to get some minor fixes at Elite RV in Harrisburg.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hey, you guys are on the move, last I saw you were still in Ca. Yup, I hate negativity but just could not resist doing this update. I tossed an extra cable around the bikes and cabled up our camp stove while staying here just because of our past experience just to make it harder for the bad guys LOL!!.

      • rvrrat520 says:

        Yeah, we’re slowly heading toward southern ID with eyes open for possible landing zones for when we decide to settle down, no decisions made and no tentative date(s). Still fun being mobile…

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    We plan to hit some of Idaho again this year but it won’t be until August probably. Travel safe and let us know if you find the perfect spot.

  3. John Winston says:

    Dave, how about a 15 foot high fence around your spot…

    See you guys at Palm Creek…we arrive in November…we left there April 20th and mss the Pickleball and folks!!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We will arrive November 1st as well, see ya then and travel safe!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hey, speaking of Pickleball, we have been getting some play in about every day here in Grants Pass. There is a tournament in Peoria Arizona just outside of Phoenix towards the end of October that I was thinking about trying to sign up for, where will you guys be about then? Looking for a partner.

  4. Tom Cheshire says:

    Sounds to me like their making that RV Resort a full time rental space RV Park. I believe we could boondocking our way through all the appointments before paying those picks anymore that reserved price. New Ownership is another reason for cost increase and no amenities. Good luck. Passing this information on to other ft’s.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yes, it’s pretty obvious they are leaning towards a permanent’s park. The office hours even show it, open at 9 then close from 12 to 1 for lunch and close for the night at 3, closed all together on Sundays. 3PM is a very popular time for people to get off the road but that does not seem to matter. Same owners as last year, not sure about before that, I know the people that own it bought it within the last 3 years at least.

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Thanks for sharing. Barb has relatives in Grants Pass and is a regular stop on our west coast trips.

  6. Judy says:

    We have gone to Grants Pass for many years since I spent many years growing up there. My husband and I had basically some of the same problems you did with Jax Landing so we don’t stay there anymore but we do stay at Tim the Rogue Valley overnighters which is on 6th Street and is very close to many many fast food places LOL. Let me know if you’ve ever tried that one it’s not that fancy but it’s okay

  7. Judy says:

    We have gone to Grants Pass for many years since I spent many years growing up there. My husband and I had basically some of the same problems you did with Jax Landing so we don’t stay there anymore but we do stay at Tim the Rogue Valley overnighters which is on 6th Street and is very close to many many fast food places LOL. Let me know if you’ve ever tried that one it’s not that fancy but it’s okay

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We have not stayed at the Overnighter but we have driven through it and the pull throughs by the office would work just fine and we have talked about using them in the future. They certainly have their own section with people that stay their fulltime but the section by the office looks fine and it’s farther away from the freeway than Jacks Landing for sure. We would not hesitate to jive them a try.

  8. Judy says:

    Sorry, the name of the park is Rouge Valley Overnighter RV park. Also the email address does not have a capital J just all lower case

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