Still hanging out in Arizona

 Wow, we have completed 3 (almost) of our 4 month stay here at Palm Creek and other than a couple slow days because of windy days, time has flown by and at this rate I think we will be longing for more when it’s time to lift our jacks and make a move. Hmm, it seems strange to even think that.

 To be honest I think it would be easy for us to commit to one of the sites in the new area of the resort that will allow a small home plus have room to park an RV next to it and call this home for 5 or 6 months a year but I just can’t wrap my head around (but I think Diane can) buying a nice modular home to the tune of maybe $140,000 then add some more money for landscaping and upgrades and have it sitting on a chunk of land we don’t own that we would have to pay anywhere from $7700 to $8700 per year to lease. PLUS the resort is known for raising rates every year which in turn would no doubt force us to stay here for longer periods of time and cut into our travels and eventually force us out because of cost. Then I worry that the annual costs would be so high that it might detour buyers and make it hard to sell and throw us into a tailspin that could be disaster for us in our older years.

 Nope, I think we will just keep our checkbook in our pocket as far as making a huge commitment to Palm Creek and just keep renting a site a few months per year until we tire of the place or it become so ridiculously overpriced (for us) that we decide to find somewhere else to hang our hats during the winter months. But for now we sure enjoy it and are planning to return at least one more time next winter.

 Otherwise we have been doing a lot of the same since our last update, Pickleball pretty much every day, bike rides, walks, a few Happy Hours, visiting with friends, golf, Mahjong and oh, did we mention Pickleball LOL!!

Diane getting ready to head to the golf course. The bottle she has in her had is "Birdie juice". Or better known as Pomegranate Schnapps. Every time anyone gets a birdie (or even close) everyone takes a shot LOL!!

Diane getting ready to head to the golf course. The bottle she has in her had is “Birdie juice”. Or better known as Pomegranate Schnapps. Every time anyone gets a birdie (or even close) everyone takes a shot LOL!!

 Speaking of Pickleball we will make brief mention that we both signed up to play in our first Pickleball tournament coming up in February. Yup, Diane is going to play in the Women’s Doubles and I will play in the Men’s Doubles and the Mixed Doubles so no doubt we will comment more on this when the time comes but it should be interesting and fun.

Getting a little Ping-Pong in.

Getting a little Ping-Pong in.

 Our friends Jim & Barb who we met a couple years ago in Quartzsite also stopped in for a visit. We have kept in contact through Facebook and through both of our blogs but haven’t physically bumped into each other since Quartzsite.

Barb & Jim

Barb & Jim

 They were only in town for a couple nights and have other friends staying in the area as well so they were pretty busy during their short stay so we were happy they spent a little time with us to catch up.

 And we had a fun & interesting evening over at one of our new friends place “Tommy” and his girlfriend Diann along with our friends Drew & Becky experimenting with Tommy’s new Reciette cheese maker and griddle device.

Diann, Tommy Drew, Becky and Diane. I'm the empty chair.

Diann, Tommy Drew, Becky and Diane. I’m the empty chair.

 Tommy & Diann had just returned from a European vacation and sort of got hooked on the Reciette cheese thing and just had to buy a contraption so they could continue enjoying it at home.

Dave, Diane, Drew & Becky

Dave, Diane, Drew & Becky

 We had never heard of Raclette before but as it turns out it was mentioned back in medieval writings in texts from Swiss-German convents dating from as early as 1291 and was originally consumed by peasants in the mountainous Alpine regions of Valais (Switzerland), Savoie and Haute-Savoie (France). It was then known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as Bratchäs, or “roasted cheese”. Traditionally, cow herders carried cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evening, the cheese would be placed next to a campfire for softening and scraped onto bread.

 The modern way of serving Raclette involves an electric table-top grill with small pans, known as coupelles, that you melt slices of Raclette cheese in. Generally the grill also has a hot plate or griddle on top to heat things like, well whatever you want to eat or cover with cheese LOL!!

The cheese is brought to the table sliced to fit into the coupelles to be melted accompanied by boiled or steamed potatoes and other vegetables and meats that you can then pour or scrape the cheese over. The emphasis in Raclette dining is on relaxed and sociable eating and drinking which I think we had the hang of.

You can see the cheese under the griddle.

You can see the cheese under the griddle.

 Tommy & Diann are foodies so we had everything from mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini, a couple different types of sausages, garlic, sliced ham and other things that I know I’m forgetting but you get the idea. Plus they had a bunch of hors d’oeuvres that hardly got touched because there was so much food. Other than the cheese it really was a healthy meal and it was fun experimenting with their new toy and spending the evening with friends.  

I think this was Tommy's plate, he had it down to an art.

I think this was Tommy’s plate, he had it down to an art.

   Well, we only have a little over a month left of our stay here in Casa Grande and it’s going to go fast. Our friends Drew and Becky will be leaving on February 1st so a bunch of us have plans to spend an evening at some Honky Tonk pub for a fish fry and some music and dancing (Diane and I don’t dance so friends, fish & music it will be LOL) and we have 3 sets of friends from our old home town due to hit the area at different times before we leave which will be great, there is another Fly In & Breakfast to be had the 1st Saturday in February, we have 3 days of the Pickleball Tournament happening, we have a Pickleball Dance to attend (again it will just be music & friends for us, no dancing), we will probably spend a day at the Annual Electric Fly In event by Mesa (a huge electric RC Airplane event), and our old RC Airplane Club here at the park has a big Pizza Party planned so toss in all of our regular activities and time will be flying by and it will be time to move on before we know it.

 That’s it for now, stay tuned, we will be back!!!                 

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5 Responses to Still hanging out in Arizona

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, that looks like an awesome dinner! It was great seeing you guys and getting a taste for the park. I can see how you could become addicted to the activities there, you even got us talking about it! Good luck in the tournament!

  2. Steven says:

    Aw, the pickleball dance. I said no dancing either, but with either alcohol………just sayin’.

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