Still hanging out in Arizona

 We are well over 2 months into our 4 month stay here at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Arizona and still going strong and time is flying by.

 Diane has found a good rhythm by playing Mahjong 1 day per week and it sounds like that will be going to 2 days, playing golf 1 or 2 days per week and playing Pickleball 4 or 5 times per week along with some down time for reading, a bike ride or two and a couple Happy Hours tossed in for good measure.

A Happy Hour with our friends Dave & Jenny across the street from our site.

A Happy Hour with our friends Dave & Jenny across the street from our site.

A Happy Hour gathering at our friends and neighbors across the street, Dave & Jenny

A Happy Hour gathering at our friends and neighbors across the street, Dave & Jenny

 I on the other hand have gotten into a Pickelball rut this year. It seems I play between 3 and 6 hours almost every single day and I think if my body would hold up I would play more LOL!!

 I’m almost disappointed in myself that I have not branched out more this year as far as activities are concerned but with the RC airfield change it has really effected how I spend my days compared to our last couple stays here.

 But like Diane other than Pickleball I get in a few bike rides and walks and have snuck in a Happy Hour or two but I’m still (pretty much) staying away from alcohol for now and have managed to lose 20lbs since getting here. So I may be in a rut but a healthy one. I would be happy if I lost 5 more before we leave but REAL happy if I could lose 10 more.

The Lions club cooking up some good food

The Lions club cooking up some good food


















I made it out to the Pancake Breakfast & Fly-In at the Coolidge airport for the 2nd time this season as well. I got there just before 8am, had a good breakfast and saw some nice planes which is always a great way to start any day. And once again Diane opted to stay and play a round of golf with the girls.

I'm guessing the pilot had a pucker moment. Check out the prop.

I’m guessing the pilot had a pucker moment. Check out the prop.

The crowd grew much bigger as time went on but I took this pretty early.

The crowd grew much bigger as time went on but I took this pretty early.

 After the Fly-in I drove over to the Florence Aero Modelers RC airfield to see what was going on, but there were only a couple guys out there so after getting a tip from a couple other RC pilots I continued on to the Sun Lakes RC Club facilities just north of Coolidge to have a look.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find about 20 guys milling around. A few got involved with a pylon race which was fun to watch and a few others were getting into some good acrobatic flying which is what I enjoy (but I think I could like the pylon racing to if I gave it a chance LOL!!).

Sun Lakes RC Club

Sun Lakes RC Club

 After chatting with one of the board members and the president of the club a bit and watching the other guys fly one of the guys yelled out “HEY, let’s get the cars out” and about 10 guys grabbed their RC cars & trucks and headed to the racetrack they also have carved in at the facility.

 I stood around and got a few good laughs in watching them tear up the track (and their toys) for a while before getting back in the truck and heading home thinking, I think I found the place I will join for next season. I probably should join now so I can fly some this season because their membership runs from January to December but I’m afraid I will want an RC Car if I do that. Hmm, I better open up the basement doors of the motorhome and see what I can do to create some more space LOL!!



A batch of ladies getting ready to play a Round Robin

A batch of ladies getting ready to play a Round Robin

Diane is in that bunch of ladies getting ready to play a morning Round Robin.

Diane is in that bunch of ladies getting ready to play a morning Round Robin.

Diane and Becky. They played a bunch of Pickelball together

Diane and Becky. They played a bunch of Pickelball together

Our friends Pam & Red and Dianne & Steve popped into the area for a short time, Red & Pam for a very short 2 day visit and Diane & Steve for 2 weeks so we didn’t get to see much of them during their stay but we did manage to squeeze in a couple meals together.

Steve & Diane getting a "how to pour" at the Thirsty Donkey. A self serve bar!!

Steve & Diane getting a “how to pour” at the Thirsty Donkey. A self serve bar!!

Dianne, Steve, Me (Dave), Red, Pam and Diane

Dianne, Steve, Me (Dave), Red, Pam and Diane

 We will hopefully see Steve & Dianne for a couple days in Quartzsite right after we leave Casa Grande in March and will be spending a week with Red & Pam at a RV Dreams Rally in Nevada at the end of March so with luck we can do some more catching up.

 Something else worth mentioning is that I finally got around to experimenting with making Greek Yogurt in our Instant-Pot, something I have been wanting to do for some time now.

 We have been buying the Chobani Greek Yogurt in the 5.3oz containers to the tune of roughly $1 each for years and eat it for lunch along with some type of fruit for lunch many times a week. We also buy it in the larger container now and again because I like it for breakfast with some granola mixed in once and a while and when I’m trying to be good (like now) I will even have it as a snack in the evening instead of reaching for chips or a bowl of ice-cream so we can go through a fair amount of yogurt in a months’ time.

 So with the above in mind and because I have been trying to lose a few pounds it just made perfect sense to give it a try now and we are both so happy I did. And it’s so much easier to make than I imagined plus after a couple experimental batches we feel it is every bit as good as the store bought yogurt and much cheaper, win win.

 Normally we would go through the process you need to go through here on the blog but because there are so many video’s on You Tube and so much information available on the Instant-Pot sections of Facebook about making yogurt I don’t think we really need to go into detail. But we will say that when we first tried making yogurt we just used stuff we had on hand (a colander and some cheese cloth) to drain our yogurt and that worked just fine but because we figure making our own yogurt will be an ongoing thing we did splurge and buy a Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt strainer from Amazon to the tune of $18.20 to make our yogurt making easier by not having to continuously by Cheese Cloth which in turn will make it pay for itself in very little time.

 Speaking of paying for itself, let me do a rough example of the savings we expect to have by making our own yogurt. And I mean rough example because many things can be factored in to the cost depending on how you like to eat yogurt, plain or with a little granola mixed in, or maybe some fresh fruit or even canned fruit, or maybe just a little honey mixed in. And of course what you buy at the store may cost more or less than what we buy and it depends on how much milk costs in your area. But for us this is a close enough comparison.

 Let’s just use 1 gallon (128oz) for comparing to make it easy. To begin with like we mentioned we buy the 5.3oz containers of Chobani for $1 so it takes 24.15 containers to make a gallon, we will round it o 24 for ease so lest say $24 per gallon.

 Now to make a gallon of homemade yogurt it cost us $1.88 for our last gallon of milk and it takes 2 tablespoons of starter yogurt which you can actually use from your own home made yogurt but I buy a small container of Fague so my 2 tablespoons cost “roughly” 20 cents. So $2.08 to make a gallon of plain yogurt.

 Keep in mind that if you are making Greek Yogurt you will drain away some liquid called “whey” which in turn will reduce your beginning 1 gallon (128oz) a little and I have not taken the time to get down to the gnats ass of exactly how much we end up with from a gallon of milk so let’s just reduce the 128oz a little and say we get 120oz. So that would mean that it costs us “roughly” ) just under 2 cents per oz (.017) which means $2.04 for our 120oz’s of plain homemade yogurt compared to the $22.64 it would cost us to buy 120oz of the Chobani the way we buy it from the store.

 Keep one more thing in mind, after we make our yogurt we always put something in it, either fruit or granola so that that adds a little to the cost but just pennies and I don’t really know what number to use to make it fare in comparing so to stay in tune with our “rough” theme let’s say you double the cost and use $4.08 for your 120oz of homemade yogurt, that’s still a $18.56 cent savings.

 What does that mean for us, well we have easily been eating 5 of the 5.3 oz containers of Chobani EACH per week so a total of roughly 40 per month (201.2oz per month) to the tune of $40. Now by making our own it will cost us “roughly” $6.84 for the same 201.2oz saving us “roughly” $33.16 per month!!


















We will tell you one more thing making our own yogurt means to us, we will be eating more of it. We both like eating yogurt for breakfast and I even like having it for an evening snack but hated paying the price at the store so we have normally just ate it as a lunch thing for the most part but now I eat yogurt most mornings instead of cereal and reach for it in the evenings instead of that bag of chips so it helps us eat a little bit healthier.


















Hey, is this where I go even farther and say that by reaching for yogurt which is cheaper than chips we save even more money per month and because yogurt is better for us we might be healthier and in turn maybe save money in health related costs in the future and…….. OH STOP IT!!!!! This is what I get from waking up at 4am with an overly active mind LOL!!!

 Well dang, what I thought was going to be a short update has turned into a rambling on session so we will call it good for now.           

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11 Responses to Still hanging out in Arizona

  1. Bill says:

    Hello my new friends We will be going full time this spring. We are trying to figure out how you average 25-30 a day for a camping rv site. Please explain⁣

    Sent from BlueMail ​

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Bill, first off congrats on taking the leap into the fulltime life style!! As far as our average for RV sites it’s just that, an average. Keep in mind that since hitting the road we have roughly 290 days with 0, zero campground fee’s by boondocking or maybe spending time in a service center parking lot. And what part of the country you RV in makes a huge difference as well, if you are east of the Mississippi I would think it would be almost impossible to get down that low, but on the west side of the country it is certainly much easier. I would also recommend Passport America which get’s you 1/2 priced camping and many parks in the country.

  2. crpeine says:

    I may rethink my original thought, I’ll never use the instapot to make yogurt. I buy yogurt now and have it almost daily…. so what a savings that should be in a year!!
    Thanks for giving details on the cost.
    Do you make a gallon batch every time? How long does that last you?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Here is what works for us. we buy milk by the gallon but make the yogurt 1/2 gallon at a time and the 1/2 gallon lasts about 5 days for us. This keeps us in fresh yogurt and fresh milk.
      If you eat yogurt every day I would certainly recommend giving it a try. I just finished my morning bowl with granola mixed in LOL!!

  3. Just think, with all of the savings my making your own yogurt, you’ll have more money to spend on pickleball paddles. Way to go Dave!

  4. Pam says:

    With the money saved by making yogurt, you’ll probably have enough for a RC car now!

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Great seeing you guys yesterday and showing us how the other 1/2 lives! You two certainly take advantage of all the amenities at Palm Creek. You even got Barb and I discussing staying at a place like that one of these upcoming winters.

  6. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    It was great seeing you guys and The Thirsty Donkey was a hit! Next time I hope to join you for the pancake breakfast.

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