I spent a little time at a Fly-in

Things have been pretty much status quo since our last update. About the only thing that has changed is that I made my way to the Fly In & Breakfast at the Coolidge Municipal Airport the other day.

 The Fly In is held the 1st Saturday of each month through the winter and for $8 you can have an all you can eat breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon & eggs and coffee.

 I rolled in about 7:30 and was one of the first few there and they were already serving breakfast so I grabbed a plate, found a spot at a picnic table and watched about 30 planes land while eating.

 After eating I walked out onto the tarmac to get a close up view of the planes while more planes kept landing one after the other until roughly 60 planes had flew in for the short event. The scheduled time is 8 to 10:30 but a few planes fly in a little early and of course a few hang around longer but for the most part you can go out, have some breakfast, watch planes land, get a close up view of some pretty nice planes, shoot the bull with like-minded people, watch some planes take off and still have most of the day free to do whatever else.

 Diane opted to not go with me to the fly-in and went golfing with 3 friends at 9:30 and then played Pickleball in the afternoon. Once we finally got together that day we had a light dinner and then headed to the courts to practice a couple particular shots for about an hour before heading home for showers and some relaxation. Another great day.

 In our last update I mentioned that we got off to a slow start this year here at Palm Creek but it seems we have both fallen into a pretty full schedule now with Diane’s Pickleball and taking up Mahjong and golfing one day (talking about 2) days per week.

 It’s sort of funny, we normally always go grocery shopping together but now that our schedules have filled up and our activities are almost always at different times when we need a few things from the store we have a hard time finding time to go together.

 Well maybe it’s not that funny but it was to us when we found ourselves looking at our calendars together to find a time slot suited for shopping and we ended deciding we would just have to make do with what was in our cupboards for the next couple days LOL!! OR become late night Walmart shoppers.

 On another note we have 2 sets of friends that have sent us there travel itineraries for 2018 so that in case we are in the same areas we can get together, heck one even has the travel time between each stop figured out along with check-in and checkout times. They both asked what our year looks like and we just don’t have the heart to tell them we have not even scheduled our next trip to the grocery store not alone any travel plans for 2018 LOL!!! I guess we should at least start talking about what part of the country we want to hang out in this summer.

 I have done a little research about where I have been wanting to spend the winter in Texas (Mission Texas) but have found that there is very little Pickleball there. Now it may sound funny that we let Pickleball dictate where we go but we have mentioned in previous updates that in spots we plan to spend any length of time we want to have activities (physical activities) like Pickleball available to occupy our time because if you stay put for say 3 months there are only so many trails to hike and sights to see and we don’t want to feel like we have to be out and about every day, yet sitting on our asses at home does not work for us either LOL!! So with that said I think we have crossed spending next winter in Texas off the list for now unless we come across new information that changes our minds. That puts Arizona back at the top of the list for our winter stay again next year, and that’s ok. Where in Arizona we have not figured out yet.

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4 Responses to I spent a little time at a Fly-in

  1. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    Now that’s my kind of breakfast! Some beautiful birds there.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Your post brought back memories of going to fly-ins with my dad as a younger lad. He had a couple of planes and we used to both fly-in and drive into some of these events. Of course back then I never appreciated them but seeing some of these planes now are very cool.

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