Which way do we go!!

Ahhhhh, what a summer!!! We traveled and camped in 18 different states and stayed at 52 different campgrounds and we covered more miles this year than any single year since hitting the road in late 2012. We said early on that we were going to treat 2017 like a vacation and in our minds we sure did, we saw some great country and picked a few things off our bucket lists for sure!!

 Now that the years travels are pretty much done we need to kick back and give some thought to what 2018 will bring. While we were leaving Michigan (which we loved) we were freely and openly talking about returning again next summer but after working our way all the way back down to Arizona (in a zig zag fashion) for the winter I started having second thoughts, not because of Michigan but because of the travel involved in getting from Arizona to Oregon and then all the way back over to Michigan for the summer months and then all the way back to Arizona where it seems we like to spend winters.

 It’s not just the distance even though it is a bunch of miles and a bunch of fuel but it really involves having travel days that are FAR longer than we like to travel in a day. We had days that were pushing 400 miles this year when for the first 4 years on the road we averaged more like 80 to 150 miles per travel day which was perfect in my mind, we didn’t just drive by things. And we had a lot more 3 and 4 day stays this year instead of the 7 day stays we have grown accustomed to and like.

 We have a few thoughts flying around in our heads like just stop thinking about it and make the loop with a different route across the top of the US over to Michigan, or taking Oregon out of the mix and just angle up to Michigan from Arizona which would save a bunch of miles and maybe even head to southern Texas after Michigan and avoiding Arizona for the 2018/2019 winter months (southern Texas is on my bucket list anyway but not Diane’s so much) or say to heck with it and just hang around the west coast and do a short loop (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and back to Arizona) this year slowing the pace a little which sounds like the best idea to me right now (only because I’m still dragging a little from this year’s venture but after a couple months of rest and sitting in one spot I’m sure my feeling s will change).

 The down side to taking Oregon out of the loop is that we have a bunch of great friends we would miss seeing and our “real life” stuff like doctors, financial advisor, buying larger ticket items without sales tax (lol), and a few other odd ball things are all in Oregon. But our thoughts are that doctors could be skipped a year and the other stuff we would just deal with over the phone.

 On the other hand the down side to staying on the west coast this year is that my driver’s license needs to be renewed in Feb. of 2019 so we need to hang around the west coast next year which would mean 2 years in a row out west, not that that’s a horrible thing either. I’m glad that renewing drivers licenses in Oregon is a once every 8 year thing. 

 So as you can probably tell, we have some thinking to do and at this point we have no clue what we will do in 2018 and have decided to give ourselves until December to figure it out because if we decided on Michigan we will need to start making reservations right after New Year’s and I’m guessing the same would be true if we decide on certain parts of Texas.  

 Decisions decisions, who said this life style is so easy LOL!! We are so fortunate that we are in a position that we CAN make these type of choices in our life.     

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6 Responses to Which way do we go!!

  1. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    You guys have certainly had a great adventure in the last few months. Don’t forget north of the border, and your dollar goes a long way. Safe travels!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    What a dilemma you two have! The way I look at it, no matter what decision you make you cannot go wrong, all of those areas are spectacular!

  3. Bruce and Melissa says:

    First, thank you for taking the time to share your adventures with us. Your write-ups and pictures are a great read. As for 2018, decisions, decisions, decisions. What ever you choose we will no doubt enjoy sharing your adventures with you. BTW, have you done the East Coast yet, particularly places like VT, NH, ME and then down along the spine of the Appalachians? I ask because we loved New England, particularly ME and we just drove through the Smookies again this weekend. It is hard to find the words to describe the beauty of the Smookies. Just a thought. We look forward to going back through your 2017 posts as many of the states you visited are states we plan to visit in 2018. Thanks, again, for sharing your adventures with us.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks guys, glad you have enjoyed the blog. We have only made it as far north on the east coast as Hershey Pennsylvania but we certainly plan to make it to the areas you mentioned like VT, NH & ME. In fact the year we met you guys in Florida we had just came down from Hershey. Heck, maybe that’s what we should think about this coming summer LOL!!! One never knows.

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