Time for the change in plans we have been referring to.

Ok, we have been toying with hints and innuendo’s about our summer travel plans changing for the last few updates so I guess it’s time to get up to speed with what we have been referring to.

Some of you may or may not remember or even know about the hoopla we went through in Florida when we bought this coach in 2014 but to make a long story VERY short (compared to the whole ordeal) we drove away with a few very small items left on our punch list of repairs unfinished and of course during the first year of ownership a couple more very small things popped up. None of them earth shattering or any that hampered our use of the coach but issues that needed to be addressed none the less at some point.

We communicated to Tiffin that we probably were not going to be anywhere near the factory within our 1st year of ownership and we really felt having the issues we did have taken care of at the factory was something we wanted to do. And of course them knowing what we went through with our original purchase they told us they would keep the list of issues on file and would honor the repairs under warranty at any time in the future convenient to us which was all we could ask for.

As time went on we actually fixed a couple things ourselves that was on the list and never really worried about the other items until about 6 months ago when we had an electrical failure on part of our heated floor, we have 2 zones for the heated floor and the zone that control’s the front half from the bedroom forward failed.

We normally stay in warmer climates so not having the front heated floor wasn’t a big deal but the idea that it was an electrical issue bothered me and soon after we experienced the problem a recall was issued so we knew what to expect as far as repairs go. So I just cut the power to that zone and we carried on with life. Again, nothing earth shattering, except that failure could have really gone bad fast.

What our map looks like for our travels since Jan. 1st. 2017

What our map looks like for our travels since Jan. 1st. 2017

Then a little over a month ago during one of our travel days on the wonderful roads in Michigan (roads in Michigan are among some of the worst we have traveled on since hitting the road) we heard a loud POP but nothing was obviously wrong from our seats. However once we reached our destination Diane realized during setup that a tile had cracked right in front of our refer, we figured that was the pop we heard. Well bummer!

We carry a couple spare tiles with us and normally I would just replace the tile myself but as mentioned before, we have heated floors and I’m not all that familiar with just how the heated floors in the motorhome are constructed so I decided doing this repair was something I would leave for someone else. I didn’t want to be responsible for really screwing up the heating portion of the floor. If a shop screws it up THEY can fix it on their dime.

Even though a cracked tile would be hard to describe as earth shattering it was something that would bug us more than any of the other little items on our punch list so it started us thinking and our thoughts went something like this.

We are in Michigan which is about as close to Alabama as we may be for maybe another year so if we cut out time short in Michigan by just a couple weeks but do a few longer day trips while still in the area to at least see a little of the towns we originally planned to spend time in (we are referring to the long day trips to Holland and Ludington a couple updates back) and then bee-line it to Alabama so we can get all of our repairs done and out of our hair and still make it to Casa Grande Arizona for our November 1st reservations it would be a good thing. Whew, was that one long ass sentence full of poor grammar or what!!!! LOL!!!

All of that thinking happened while we were in the Traverse City area which set us up for our stop in Stanwood which was about as centrally located to Holland and Ludington and a couple other spots we wanted to visit and put us on a direct line to Shipshewana Indiana which would be the starting point for the real change in our summer plans, going to Red Bay Alabama.

Our original plans were to spend a little more time in Michigan, then drop out the bottom and angle over to Kansas City and tour Arrowhead stadium before continuing on through some of Colorado and on down to Arizona. But like most of us Fulltime RVers say, our plans are made in Jell-O and can change shape at any time. One thing we have learned to do in this life style is  be flexibility.

So, like we mentioned in our last update we woke up on Friday (9/15), lifted our jacks and hit the road with only one thing on our minds, and that was to drive the 640 miles in 2 days and get to Red Bay on Saturday.

Why the push to get to the factory on a Saturday when no one would even see us until Monday you ask, darn good question. The answer is you can’t make appointments at Tiffin and it’s a first come first serve type of setup, like it or not.

Anyway, after leaving Shipshewana we drove 430 miles (a new record for us for miles traveled in one day since hitting the road and one I hope stands for a darn long time) and spent the night in Goodlettsville Tennessee just north of Nashville.

Saturday morning we woke and hit the road at 7am again and drove the remaining 210 miles to Red Bay Alabama, checked in at the office, turned in our list of items needing attention and started the wait.

The next stage would be waiting for a tech to make his rounds Monday morning meeting everyone that checked in between closing on Friday and the opening on Monday to verify their list so they could be put in the Que.

Keep in mind that there are still lots of rigs still sitting from the week before still needing attention and even rigs from the week prior or maybe even the week prior so the waiting game can be pretty intense if you let it be. At this point we will just kick back and make the best of it.

All of these rigs are here for some type of repairs. It's just one big Tiffin Rally,,,, not really. We are on the right hand row about the 8th rig from the bottom of the long row of motorhomes.

All of these rigs are here for some type of repairs. It’s just one big Tiffin Rally,,,, not really. We are on the right hand row about the 8th rig from the bottom of the long row of motorhomes.

OH, to top it off Red Bay is in a dry county!!!! Why the heck are there dry counties anyway!!!??? And it’s hot and humid, dang we went from temps in the mid 70’s most of the time for the last couple months to high 80’s and high humidity in the blink of an eye. I’m not so sure we have our heads screwed on right LOL.

We will just let it be at this and will go into how things are going, or went at Red Bay in our next update. We are hoping that we get out of here in a timely manner and if we do we plan to head North West to tour the New Horizons 5th wheel plant in Junction City Kansas before angling down to Arizona for the winter.

Wish us luck.


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10 Responses to Time for the change in plans we have been referring to.

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Good luck and hope you get back on the road on timer. Love reading all you stories.

  2. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    Wow, that’s quite the waiting que to get serviced! We may see you in Casa Grande around Xmas time.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, now you guys are traveling like us. Get an idea in your head and travel like crazy to get there! Good luck with the repairs, hope to see you sometime this winter!

  4. Robbie or Alice Simons says:

    We’ve been to Red Bay…..enjoy the Coon Dog Cemetery!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Aw yes, the Coon Dog Cemetery. Because of the schedule we have been keeping this week we have not had the liberty to get away much and as it looks now we won’t. But I’d rather have it this way than have down days which would mean a longer stay.

  5. John Winston says:

    Dave, have Ricky Johnson wash and wax the Coach!
    I was down there two weeks ago and he made my Allegro Bus looking new again.
    See you in Casa Grande mid January!

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