A tour of Lambeau Field and the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay

Tuesday (7/26) I will admit I woke up feeling still a little tired after our full day at the airshow. In reality I’m sure it was from our active schedule we had been keeping overall this summer catching up. This retirement stuff can take a toll after a while,,,, POOR US !!! LOL!!!

In fact as I checked the weather and looked at the radar on my phone app and saw a big ol wet patch headed our way I will admit all I really saw was an excuse to hunker down and chill for a day.

With that being said there really isn’t much to say about this day unless you want to hear about a trip to Walmart and what TV shows we watched, I didn’t think so LOL!!


Wednesday (7/27) was our last day in the area and because of the down day due to weather we had 2 things left on our “to do” list that we had to cram into just this one day so we got an early start and headed towards Lambeau Field to do a stadium tour.

Anyone that has been reading our blog long knows that I’m a Chiefs fan and Diane is a ,,, well a,,, OK a Patriots fan (but I still love her) but you just have to admire the Green Bay story with it being the 3rd oldest franchise in the NFL and the only publicly owned team in American professional sports.

The players walk down this alley to practice. Some get on bikes that belong to kids along the way and ride them. That must be a lot of fun for the kids.

The players walk down this alley to practice. Some get on bikes that belong to kids along the way and ride them. That must be a lot of fun for the kids.

And of course there record demands at least a little respect as well. The Packers have won 4 Super Bowls, 9 NFL Championships, 8 Conference Championships and 14 Division Championships. I think I’m right on those numbers but we know of at least 1 ultimate Packers fan that will speak up and correct me if I’m wrong LOL!!

And who doesn’t respect the Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi stories.




































It so happened that this was the first day of practice for the season so we were able to watch them for a while before our tour time. Now it may be a little early to make predictions but we can say it looked like they were having a good time at least.

There are 4 different tours you can take of the stadium, the Classic Tour, Champions Tour, Legendary Tour and the Alumni Tour, each showing just a little more of the stadium than the other.

Diane is pointing to a brick with our friends Roger & Lynn's name on it outside of the stadium.

Diane is pointing to a brick with our friends Roger & Lynn’s name on it outside of the stadium.

The Classic starts in the Atrium, takes you into the Premium Seating Areas on the East Side of Lambeau Field, lets you experience the players tunnel and walk alongside the field. We opted to take the Champions Tour which shows everything that the Classic does but also takes you to the South End Zone and a couple other premium levels with some of the best views of Lambeau Field. Tickets were $33 each.

























Our particular tour lasted about 90 minutes and our guide was outstanding. As we listened and learned about the history of the Packers we couldn’t help feel the spirit and energy that everyone must feel when here enjoying a game.

And after seeing and sitting in some of the premium seats that are hidden behind the glass that we normally only see while watching a game on TV it makes me want to attend a game. I know I know, real fans sit on the 18” of aluminum that is provided down closer to the field where you can deal with the elements in the middle of December or January. Well we are talking Green Bay Wisconsin in December or January so do you know what we have to say to that??? We will keep it clean and leave it at that LOL!!

A pep talk before running down the tunnel to the field.

A pep talk before running down the tunnel to the field.

Running down the tunnel, can you hear the crowd??

Running down the tunnel, can you hear the crowd??

At the end of the tunnel and headed to the field

At the end of the tunnel and headed to the field

We enjoyed the tour and would recommend it if you are in the area and it makes me want to put Kansas City in our route on our way south so we can tour Arrowhead Stadium, and who knows, maybe catch a game!!

The tunnel the Packers run out of

The tunnel the Packers run out of







































After Lambeau Field we drove a short distance to our next thing on our “to do” list, The National Railroad Museum.

After watching a short video and walking through the doors of the museum the first thing you see is the Transportation China Collection Exhibit that features hundreds of pieces of china from Jay Christopher’s collection.






































The exhibit includes silver, service plates, prominent patterns and china used on railroads, steamships, and airlines. The exhibit discusses the rise and fall of fine transportation dining back when you got more than a bag of peanuts.




















This museum has the only A4 Class locomotive in the United States. It’s a British made locomotive that was renamed for Dwight D. Eisenhower after World War II. Along with this engine are two London and North Eastern Railroad cars that were converted for Eisenhower’s use during the war




















Then of course there is the Big Boy display, the world’s largest steam locomotive weighing in at 1.1 million pounds and measuring nearly half a football field in length. The Big Boy locomotives were designed to haul heavy freight for the Union Pacific railroad over the mountainous regions of Utah and Wyoming.

They also have a GG-1, which some say was America’s most famous electric locomotive. First built in 1932, and has had its streamlined body featured on a U.S. postage stamp, as a Lionel toy train and in dozens of paintings over the years.

Mail car

Mail car











































































































After touring the inside and outside displays we decided to take a 25 minute ride on a vintage, full-size train that made a loop around the museum grounds. During the ride the conductor described various rolling stock sitting around and talked about the hobo culture. The train ride is pulled by a diesel locomotive.

We have done a few train museums around the country and I feel safe saying we have seen some of the best the country has to offer so it’s hard for smaller museums to get me overly excited. So even though we enjoyed our tour I can’t honestly say that this one is something you shouldn’t miss if in the area. But if you have nothing to compare it to by all means check it out.

What’s the best Railroad Museum we have seen you ask? Well the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg has to be one of the best if not the best we have toured. And here is a link to that update in case you are interested, https://daveanddiane.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/the-pennsylvania-train-museum/

Well that pretty much sums up our stay here and in Wisconsin all together. Friday (7/28) we lifted our jacks and made a move 185 miles north into Michigan and our next stop in Munising. In fact by the time we get this update posted we will be almost done with our stay in Munising and ready to make another move, but bear with us, we will get caught us sooner or later.

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  1. exploRVistas says:

    That field is pristine, Dave! It certainly won’t look that good after the first game. 🙂

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