Door County

 We have been thinking for years that we would enjoy visiting the Great Lakes area in Wisconsin and Michigan and so far we have been right!!


 We mentioned in our last update that we made it to Egg Harbor in Door County Wisconsin and we have loved our 1 week stay.

 Door County is on a Peninsula and has a population of 27,785 people that are spread out over 2,370 sq. miles. Now that’s the type of areas we like to travel in instead of places like Milwaukee Wisconsin that has 595,000 people squeezed into 59 square miles LOL!!




































Don’t get me wrong, it can still get packed during an event or on a nice weekend, for example when we drove in Egg Harbor was wall to wall people and cars because of a Triathlon even that was being held. And one day there was a large event happening on Washington Island and cars were lined up for a couple miles waiting to get on the ferry. Somehow that traffic just feels different.


 One cool thing about being on a Peninsula is you can watch the sunrise on one shoreline and watch it set on another without even leaving the county.




 Door County is known as “The Cape Cod of the Midwest” and with 300 miles of shoreline and if you didn’t know any better you would swear you were on an ocean coastline with the breeze coming over the water, rolling like waves, sandy beaches and rock outcroppings with pounding waters (and fresh water to boot, no salt!!).


















And there was more than enough to keep us hopping for the week we were here but I think we did a pretty good job scouring the area, 2 weeks would have been about perfect. But there is that planning in advance getting in the way again this summer.

 I think we mentioned that we stayed at Egg Harbor Campground at the edge of Egg Harbor and the owners couldn’t be any nicer, the sites range from covered in with tree’s and gravel sites to a pretty open area with young tree’s that provide no shade with nice large concrete pads.

 We had a back in gravel site lined with trees and bushes that provided great privacy and shade yet we were able to lock in with our satellite for good TV. And it’s a great spot to base from to explore the area.



















The west side of the peninsula is more of the “happening side” with smaller towns like Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Ellison Bay and Gills Rock with  Sister Bay, Ephraim and Fish Creek being the most active and most touristy.

 The east side seems much more mellow but it still had some cool little towns with Baileys Harbor probably being the most active, and some great places to enjoy the shoreline.

 Ok, I’m not even sure if many people actually read all the crap I take the time to write or if they more or less just check out the pictures so I think I will just highlight from here LOL!!

 Let’s see, what would we consider highlights, touring the Cana Island Lighthouse. We even had to ride in a wagon behind a tractor to get to it because of the high water.









































































































And the Baileys Harbor Range Light lighthouses were pretty unique because sailors have to line up the lights on the front and rear lighthouses to be in the right path.


















Eating breakfast at the White Gull was fantastic. In fact the cream cheese French toast with cherries was without a doubt the best French toast either of us have eaten. In fact it was featured on the TV show Good Morning America at one time.

 All the Bay’s and marinas were just so scenic and relaxing, we just loved walking and relaxing around them.

 We ate at the Wild Tomato that was rated very very high with Trip Advisor but we were not impressed at all. That’s one of the few times Trip Advisor has led us astray.

 There are Farmers Market stores scattered around and the 2 or 3 that we stopped at were fun with all the different samples and variety of goods. I remember telling people that we ate our way through Louisiana when touring that part of the country and now we are saying the same thing about this area LOL!!


 On our last day in the area we drove to Sister Bay and went to their farmers market and picked up some tasty Cherry Honey bread, mmmmm.




























And after the market headed to an Antique Tractor and Engine show (certainly high on the highlight list for me!!).



They had some good food rolling out as well as a few crafters booths, live music and of course tractors and hit & miss engines. I just love this stuff.





































They had an old John Deere B like I used to use back on the farm growing up and an Allis Chalmers like the one we had and was dad’s favorite.

 A guy named Dave owned the John Deere B and it just so happened he was hanging out and saw us admiring it so he came over and we had a great long chat. He loved that tractor and we loved hearing him talk about it.

 All of the attendees were able to vote for their favorite tractor and favorite display so I just had to vote for the Al

lis Chalmers because of the great memories I have of my dad and me on that thing and Diane voted for the John Deere B because it was my tractor of choice on the farm LOL!!

 Well I could really go a lot deeper about all the things we saw and experienced but I don’t think we will take the time needed. Hopefully the pictures will do most of the talking for us.

 Sunday (7/23) we will lift our jacks and drop south to a little town just below Green Bay where we will spend 5 days and catch some of the world famous Oshkosh Air Show as well as tour Green Bay.  

 Oh hey, did you know that one of the little pleasures a blogger gets is receiving comments. It’s like getting to the tootsie roll inside a Tootsie pop without chewing, it doesn’t happen very often but it’s sort of special when it does.

AND have you cleaned your air-conditioner filters lately? Just thought I’d toss that in LOL!!

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15 Responses to Door County

  1. exploRVistas says:

    Wow! You two really did a nice job of covering that area! It never seems like there is enough time, that’s for sure. 😊

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We didn’t do a boil in Egg Harbor. Diane isn’t that much into them but I plan to do one while over here. And we didn’t do Washington Island, should have done it as soon as we got there. The day we headed towards the ferry there was something going on on the island and traffic was backed up over a mile to get across so we turned around. Why am I not surprised you got your Bitters certificate LOL!!

  2. Roger Rempe says:

    Fish boil…did you do the fish boil? And biking on Washington Island? There’s an old bar there that managed to stay open during Prohibition by serving shots of 100 proof “bitters”. The owner was a pharmacist so he was able to “prescribe” it for what ailed ya! They still do and if you do one they give you a certificate of “Bitters Club Membership”…got mine!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We didn’t do a boil in Egg Harbor. Diane isn’t that much into them but I plan to do one while over here. And we didn’t do Washington Island, should have done it as soon as we got there. The day we headed towards the ferry there was something going on on the island and traffic was backed up over a mile to get across so we turned around. Why am I not surprised you got your Bitters certificate LOL!!

  3. crpeine says:

    I really enjoyed this post as it brought memories of our visit to this area about this time last year. We spent time near Egg Harbor and loved our time there. We would love to go back and spend 1-2 weeks exploring more of the area. We did take the ferry to Washington Island. We enjoyed the tour we took there but next time we’d like to take our truck over so we can explore more and allow more time at various stops. We also stayed at high cliff state park on the east side of lake Winnebago where we were able to view some of the planes flying over during the Oshkosh air show. What fun!!

  4. Lar says:

    The old tractor/engine display would have made my day. Many of them identical to ones I grew up with and spent many days on. Amazing how many of those old work horses still around. Thanks Dave. That Great Lakes area sure has my interest.

  5. Dennis Maloney says:

    What an awesome job!!!!! Your descriptions and pictures are getting better and better. Keep up the good work, there are a lot of people that enjoy reading your posts, as do I. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  6. Jim and Barb says:

    Having lived in Wisconsin most of our lives we find Door County and its spectacular scenery a great place to visit…. in the off season! You are right it is a destination for not only Milwaukee but also Madison and Chicago tourists as well.

  7. Kansans says:

    I laughed when you said people probably didn’t read your posts but only looked at your photos. We wintered in Rockport, Tx. and after we sold our motor home I came across your blog and began to read – I went BACK to your FIRST post (BEFORE you hit the road) and read every single word. I still look forward to your posts and, yes, I have read every word since day one. I was sad when you said a while back that you weren’t going to be posting much (and you didn’t) but was elated once you picked up and began to post again. I read your blog, report to my husband, and also read a blog from a hiker who has hiked the AT, the PCT, and is on the CDT now (Boundless Romad, Kyle Rohrig) where he takes his blog through the wilderness. Praying for you and Diane (and my hiker-guy Kyle) as you continue your journeys. God bless.
    By the way – Topeka, Ks. is the home of a brand new Evel Knievel museum (it’s a really BIG deal) and we are anxious to visit once the ‘newness’ wears off and it will be less crowded.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Wow!! Thanks for sharing that with us, you don’t know how big of a smile that brought to my face. And I’m very very happy that you enjoy the blog.
      It sounds like we need to see Topeka Ks LOL!!! And I know we have to visit southern Texas. I have had Mission Texas on my radar for almost 5 years but still have not gone down to spend a winter. In fact we just yesterday talked about maybe doing that next winter instead of Arizona, how funny is that.

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