Headed to Egg Harbor Wisconsin

 Ahh, Sunday (7/16) and our last scheduled day in Milwaukee Wisconsin and what did we decide to do with our day you might ask,,,,, travel is the answer.

 Yup, I got up around 6am and at 7 I woke Diane up and said “get ready, we are leaving today!!”.  We saw what we came to see and even though I’m sure we could have found something else to explore I had enough of the traffic and figured driving out of Milwaukee on a Sunday would be much better than driving out on a Monday morning with the added traffic of commuters heading to work.

 And yes, we could have just sat around home but why sit around fiddling our thumbs in a concrete parking lot where a few of the fellow rvers I’m sure never heard anything about etiquette. If they did the sure didn’t reflect it. And how does the old saying go while living the RV life style?? It says if you don’t like your neighbors just pick up and move on. And after just shy of 5 years on the road fulltime we finally decided to do just that.  (For the record our neighbors on each side of us were just fine).

 To be totally up front I tossed the idea of leaving out to Diane the day before and she was totally on board so it wasn’t like I just barked that out, out of the blue and we did call our next campground and asked (“IF we decided to come in early would we be able to get a site”. To which the answer was yes but we might have to be in one site overnight and then move to our reserved site and to let them know if that’s what we decided to do, which I was totally ok with in this scenario”).

 Ya know, I am ALWAYS asking Diane if there is anyplace she wants to go but 99% of the time I pick the locations we go to, the routes that we drive and the campgrounds that we stay at which sounds pretty good for me doesn’t it? Well yes and now, first off it’s a lot of work doing that which I’m ok with but the worst part is that when I pick a place to go and a spot like I did in Milwaukee I have no one else to blame but myself!!!! And that sucks LOL!!! Hmmm, maybe that’s why Diane just goes with the flow like she does, smart girl.























Anyway, we lifted our jacks and hooked up the truck at 9am and were on our way 178 miles north to our new home in Egg Harbor Wisconsin indoor County.

 Once we rolled in to the Egg Harbor Rv Park we were told that the people camping in the site we were originally booked for had to leave a day early so we could move right into it instead of spending  1 night in a site and then moving again, things were looking up!!

 By the time of this update we have been in Egg Harbor for 5 days and have driven the entire loop of Door County, eaten at a few great restaurants, had a brew or two at a couple pubs, have stopped into a number of quaint little towns, hit a couple fantastic cheese markets, walked along miles of shoreline and have seen many many harbors filled with boats and toured a couple light houses. I guess you can say we are continuing the vacation mode we have been on this summer and enjoying it a bunch, this is a GREAT area.


 And for the most part it has been sunny and in the upper 70’s with a couple showers in the evening. No complaints here!!

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